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“You also notice that the sky above you? Is deep, dark grey clouds. It’s as if there is a perpetual eclipse placed above this ground. You just look in all directions and you see this roiling, grey cloud cluster that encompasses the entirety of the sky above you. What should be midmorning or mid-day…it’s blotted out by the storm.”

-Matthew Mercer, Critical Role e109

“It was dark and dim all day. From the sunless dawn until evening the heavy shadow had deepened, and all hearts in the City were oppressed. Far above a great cloud streamed slowly westward from the Black Land, devouring light, borne upon a wind of war; but below the air was still and breathless, as if all the Vale of Anduin waited for the onset of a ruinous storm.“

-JRR Tolkien, The Return of the King

this is your daily reminder that Matthew Mercer is a fucking nerd and we, lads and gentlewomen and others, have reached the Siege of Minas Tirith.

mai-valentine  asked:

timed fic: DnD backgroundshipping HAHA GET GOIN

Pfff, of course. Here you go! Poor Bakura. Thanks for the request!

(those of you reading this: the rule was to write a fic in 10 minutes staring as soon as you see the prompt and then post it immediately so go easy on me :v)

“Why can’t I just-”

“Because you have to roll for that! Otogi understands!”

“Kind of? I understand dice!”

Bakura took a deep breath. “Listen, just… roll Acrobatics, Honda. Please.”

A clatter of dice. “Is that good enough?”

Bakura picked up Honda’s sheet and glanced at it. “… yeah sure. Go ahead. You squeeze through the tiny space in the wall and come out on the other side, where-”

“Is there something to fight yet?” asked Honda.

“I am trying to set the scene, okay?”

“Will there be?”


“Um, am I still… on the other side?” asked Otogi, tugging at a strand of his hair.

“Oh yeah. You are. You can roll Acrobatics as well.”

“… 4?”

“… oh. Uh. That’s… not going to do it.”

“Damn. Can’t I cast a spell for this?”

“I don’t think you took any relevant- oh, wait. There is something you can do.”

“… Reduce Person?” asked Otogi, scanning his list of spells.

“You got it.”

“… ehh…”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just… you know… that’s not really my style. I’m playing an elf, you know? Not one of those tiny fake elves. A real elf.”

“O-Otogi, this is all fake.”

“I’m gonna find another way in.”

“… can I fight something yet?”

Me, the motherfucker with so many AUs: AND ANOTHER THING!

Lmao but to be fair, this one is an actual p5 AU not a crossover au. I can’t write a fic for it but I’ll post the summary maybe next weekend? All I can say for now is that it involves the non-party member social links and it was supposed to be just an idea but somehow I’m expanding it? Wild.

I’ll also finally post two self indulgent p5 ship fics along with it so look forward to that (cause you might not get any more new content from me.)

I’m still debating on if I should start posting the shumako shorts I’ve been writing on the side (aiming for weekly update) but I only have like 5 out of 20 ready and maybe I need a larger buffer…

But yeah! Actual p5 content from me next week!


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”


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