or will i end up being a complete failure

When @conejito-de-la-luna encourages you to draw but you remember you could never draw bodies so you start by drawing faces… And I tried doing what I felt should have happened in chapter 52.

Drawing is difficult, I guess I’ll just go back to writing and translating lol

Mika was supposed to be looking cool and I don’t know how he ended up being this cute, it’s no fair

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I noticed that ever since the Boom games, more and more people have been defending Sonic 2006.

Well, Sonic 2006 is ten years old at this point. That in itself can transform one’s viewpoint on a game, especially one with such a legacy as being that level of embarrassment.

It’s all about the perspective you go in to something with, right? If you brace yourself for the worst, and it doesn’t live up to your expectations as “the worst,” then I can see how that would soften somebody’s view on it.

That doesn’t mean they’re right, however. It just means they have a different perspective, and it’s one where a game like Sonic Boom ends up being more relevant and in some ways, a much greater failure because it comes with such a complete and total upheaval of literally every single thing that has defined the Sonic franchise before or since.

But as somebody who has been through both things, I can definitively say that Sonic 2006 was a lot worse. Correction: is a lot worse. At least you can finish Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric with relative ease. Sonic 2006 threatens to just outright stop working at certain points – I remember in Kingdom Valley during Shadow’s story, one of the three keys you have to find as Rouge is on a wall (as I recall).

That wall just so happens to be one of those walls that you can attach to, but not easily detach from. My first time through Sonic 2006, I legitimately expected that’s where the game would end for me. I’d climb this wall as Rouge, not be able to get off because of the glitch, and the game would be unfinishable.

(The trick, of course, was to restart the level and very intentionally save that key for last.)

Sonic Boom doesn’t have anything like that. It has all kinds of problems, but they’re mostly rough edges. There aren’t too many actual legitimate bugs in the game – and by that I mean places where the game outright breaks and you have to figure out a way to circumvent the part that’s broken. You’ll get weird lighting, or a funky animation, or questionable collision detection, or a typo in the subtitle, but the game still technically works.

Sonic 2006 on the other hand will let you soft lock the game if Silver grabs you the wrong way during his boss fight.