or why its so weird

I have this weird headcanon that the way SM picks new people to be in NCT is that they let all the trainees compete in a race of who can escape the basement the fastest. Whoever makes it out first gets to debut.


Klance (?) ft. Moana’s beautiful expressions for @crustysheith

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Hello! Hope you're having a wonderful day😋 can you do one where SHINee is at a formal family dinner?? (Whether it's with each other's family or just them together)

i hope you’re having an amazing day/night anon! omg this made me wonder if shinee and their families have ever sat down together to have a huge barbeque or something (bc korean families do that after big events so imagine after their debut they ALL just sat down together for dinner!!) but that’s a lot of moving parts so for now we shall see just shinee in a nice restaurant


  • why did he wear a white shirt and order something with red sauce
  • oh boy this is going to be a struggle
  • his water: *sweats* / onew: same
  • in a cruel twist of fate his entree is the smolest out of everyone’s
  • his life is hard but mccdonald’s delivers so
  • proposes a toast: “let’s go for a long long time shinee!!”
  • when they clink glasses he has the sunniest smile he’s so proud of them


  • staring at the menu for a really really long time (onew: you good?? / jong: i can’t read english)  
  • honestly not sure what he ordered
  • there are too many forks/spoons/knives he just wants to eat (*looks at key and lifts a slightly larger fork* / key: *shakes his head* / *points at smaller fork* / key: *nods*)
  • cuts up all his food into small bite-sized pieces
  • lowkey making dinosaur grumbling noises (minho: *elbows him in the side* / jong: *indignant dinosaur sounds*)
  • maybe it’s being in a fancy place that makes him want to act out more


  • befriends the sommelier
  • orders everyone wine in french (shinee: wow~ kibum oppa so cool~)
  • has to take off all his rings in order to use silverware properly (they’re in a little pile next to his plate)
  • runs back in flustered later bc he forgot them
  • swirls wine in glass and smells it (jong: aigoo this pretentious act / key: omg you’re supposed to do this you UNCULTURED SWINE)


  • his back is ramrod straight
  • can probably stack books on his head rn
  • excited af for his lava cake
  • keeps showing how red his steak is to the other members
  • someone is kicking his shins and he’s trying to kick them back with a pleasant smile on his face
  • the lava cake came with basil ice cream and dude it’s weird


  • goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come back for a long time
  • doesn’t want to say but he couldn’t find their table in the dim lighting and that he was too embarrassed to ask a waiter/tress for help so he waited in the bathroom for a lil bit
  • his wine glass keeps refilling itself and he is getting pinker 6///6
  • lowkey drunk at the end of the night
  • very happily stealing minho’s dessert
  • “can we say it’s my birthday to get another cake”
  • he does it and claps the entire time the staff sings

Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0


#Bellamy-I don’t dance and still look sexy with a huge preschool backpack-Blake (via @parapluiepliant)

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