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I was tagged by @headbanger98tv to post a screenshot of my lockscreen, home screen, the last song I listened to, and a selfie (as well as being tagged for a selfie by @missionlars) thank you both!💚
(Bonus points if you recognize my lock screen… it’s the part of the album cover for “Jehovah’s Hitlist” by Bender)

Idk who to tag, so whoever sees this and wants to do it, feel free!

Listen…. it’s not okay when straight people make “gay” jokes because when LGBT people joke about fitting the stereotypes and whatever it’s about empowerment because we’re standing there and saying yeah I’m gay and I love it and it’s good, but when straight people do it it dismisses us and makes it even harder for us to be taken seriously. I don’t care if you’re an ally or you “don’t mean it that way” it’s still hurtful and I’m surprised at how common it still is

reasons to watch parks and recreation

  • funniest show you will ever watch but no laughing tracks
  • said the word bisexual how many shows have done that
  • amy poehler
  • pre guardians of the galaxy chris pratt looks like a stage one pokemon
  • treat yo self
  • you will feel better about yourself because at least you didn’t cause your home town to go broke at 18
  • jean-ralphio
  • just watch it
  • you will thank me later

My etsy shop is live! I only have two designs so far (tryin to sell all my fall ones), but they’re double sided so they’re dual purpose. ;~) I’ll put up Christmas/Hanukkah ones soon too! 

Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RusticalPaws?ref=hdr_shop_menu


the actual reason is enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac thought it was cool back in like, 8th grade, and it just kind of. .. . stuck.

(the “EVERYONE’S JUST NAMED JEAN” idea is my favorite fandom theory.)


and most things inbetween…

Please consider Cass Cain using those things you put on a pencil to help you hold it correctly.

And like. Steph probably buys her cute ones shaped like animals and stuff? And then she decides that they’re too cute to go on a regular pencil so she buys Cass a bunch of colorful, patterned pencils too, and then just for the heck of it she buys her some of those erasers that are shaped like food and animals and junk.

But Cass ends up treasuring that shit like nothing else. She absolutely has an entire compartment in her utility belt for all the pencils and erasers, and Steph thinks it’s adorable. Black Bat (or Batgirl, whoever Cass is at the time idk) uses them whenever possible, and pretty soon the whole batfam knows about her pencil/grip/eraser collection.

So it ends up being a Thing. Dick buys her erasers literally every time he sees them at the store, Dami gets her a set shaped like cats, Tim finds her a ballet slipper eraser and even Jason chips in and gets her one that looks like a gun (it’s one of the ones that comes apart too, so it has a barrel that comes out and everything.)

And then of course Bruce has to one up everyone and literally has WE start producing superhero erasers. There’s one for everyone in the justice league, and one for all the bats, so Cass ends up with eraser versions of herself, and her family. She keeps them lined up on her window sill, and the Black Bat and Spoiler ones are set so they look like they’re holding hands :)

And that is how Cass Cain ended up with a eraser collection :D