or white pants

An AU where Tony is dragged to a baseball game by Rhodey and Pepper so he can finally spend a day out of his workshop. He’s so reluctant to go because there are several projects that he needs to finish, it’s boiling hot outside and he doesn’t even like baseball that much. But he ends up seated in the stands, wearing a baseball hat and frowning like this the worst thing in the world. 

The game starts and he’s seated right in between the two who scream and shout along with the rest of the crowd. Rhodey, who spots the sulking Tony, nudges him and grins at him while telling him to have fun. Tony is about to tell her how on earth he can enjoy himself but he stops mid-sentence when he sees a certain baseball player run out onto the field. 

He’s tall with a strong build, broad shoulders and a narrow waist with an ass that looks so firm and round that it’s lethal, especially in those white pants. They’re sitting close enough for Tony to make out the little bit of blond hair that peeks out from underneath his cap and eyes that look so very blue, it’s insane. 

And as if they’re in some cliche romantic film, the baseball player looks up and Tony almost kicks himself when their eyes meet. He repress the deep urge to groan when the man suddenly smiles, almost shyly, and waves. Then he goes back to concentrating on the game but Tony can’t stop the weird feeling in his stomach, a type of feeling that all warm and tingling and that he hasn’t had in such a long time. 

“See someone you like?” Pepper asks, lips curving into a knowing smile.

Tony, trying to play it cool and willing for the heat in his cheeks to go down, fakes a cough and is suddenly finding the seat in front of him very interesting. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about it.” He replies, only getting a snort from Rhodey and a laugh from Pepper for his troubles. 

(I need Tony and professional baseball player!Steve meeting and falling in love).