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Ask Vs. Submit

While sorting everything coming in, I realized that many of you aren’t sure what goes in through where. So, here’s a handy little list for ya.

Ask Box: General questions/concerns

  • Joining clubs
  • Something on the website is broken
  • Not sure where to find something
  • Alternative blog/contact listing
  • Clarification about the club/podcast systems

Submission Box: Ideas, applications, artwork

  • Creating a club
  • Signing up for a Lorekeeper position
  • Wanting to share lore ideas not on elsewhere-university
  • Submitting a logo design
  • Fanart

I think that’s all, but I might add to this if something comes up.

Edit: If you have already submitted something previously through the wrong thing, don’t worry! You don’t have to send it in again unless you want to add things (especially Club descriptions, which I totally forgot to put in the original Clubs post, whoops, went ahead and added that).

My thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

SPOILERS (im on mobile so i can’t put it under a cut, im sorry)

So first of all, the beginning: Warner Bros logo + Hedwig’s Theme. I cried.

Then newspaper headings. Throwback to HP films which did that all the time.

Newt. AKA cutest cinnamon roll ever. You have to smile every time he is on screen.

The beasts. Holy fucking shit. Newt taking care of them. Double the fucking shit.

The actual plot: good, new, had some unexpected plot twists but didn’t fuck with your mind as much as Cursed Child (thank god). Also good connection to original HP story but also completely new.

All the characters. I’m not listing them all but they were all genius.

The MACUSA. New location. Not as awesome as the ministry but still pretty fucking awesome.

Kowalski. Finally a No-Maj/Muggle that played a bigger and good role. He’s my son dont hurt him.

Death penalty is a thing?! But magical holy crap.

Did I mention the beasts? They’re fucking amazing.

Had some comedy scenes and they were on point. Also good for children maybe?


His Hufflepuff scarf. Him being a Hufflepuff. Him being the most Hufflepuff-ish Hufflepuff to ever exist. Shoot me.

Kowalski’s bakery.

All the emotional scenes. They had me in tears.

Ok let’s be real. The whole film had me in tears.

I’m sorry this post is such a mess, these are just my post-cinema thoughts and i probably forgot some important aspect.


Be careful Vetblr

Everybody loves a picture of a cute dog or cat, but if those animals have owners you need to get their permission to post on social media, including Tumblr.

You can get into professional and legal trouble posting a picture of someone else’s pet without consent if they can identify that animal.

Posting close up pics of anatomy or pathology are usually fine, so long as someone who knows the animal can’t identify them, and posting strays, wildlife or otherwise unowned pets is usually safe too, but think very, very carefully about owned animals.

Any tags, names, logo or phone numbers in the image? What about on an Xray?

What’s going to happen if the owner of that animal sees your picture? Complain to your work? To your university?

Where is THAT going to lead? You’re not as anonymous as you think you are.

Be careful Vetblr, and play it safe. You are or will be professionals. Imagine it was your doctor putting pictures of their patients up and you came across one of you by chance, how would you feel?

Always have permission if the patient is identifiable.

anonymous asked:

Do you or anyone else know where I can find the Arthur font?? I've been looking and can't find it. My brother had an imaginary friend named "Clarthur" as a kid so I wanna make a "Clarthur" Arthur logo and put it on a shirt for him hahaa

oh man that’d be rad, hahah. I DON’T KNOW where you can find the font, unfortch! i haven’t had much luck myself. i’d probably just look at various arthur book titles and try to cobble something together from that :0 

also clarthur is the best name i’ve ever heard good lord 

the one with the tea

Shopping for groceries in the 21st century is completely overwhelming for someone who was quite literally transplanted from a time where food was rationed and there wasn’t as much variety on the shelves. That is, until Margaret Carter comes across the aisle 13 and she sees her beloved PG Tips amongst other brands of teas and coffee. Though the logo has changed and she’s not entirely certain it’ll taste the same - nothing else seems to and they are in America - the familiarity of it is enough for Peggy to put a box in her basket. 

Due to Steve’s eating habits, his kitchen was never fully stocked for too long, but with the recent addition of Peggy staying with him, his shelves were now almost completely bare. They had originally planned to do the food shop together, but a phone call from Maria Hill at 4am that morning altered their plans. He had apologised to her way too many times whilst getting dressed before she finally silenced him with a kiss and an “I’ll be fine, darling. It’s only the grocer’s.” 

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So someone mentioned the idea of having a new Noble class for your MC and this happened…and ofc I drew my avatar Nari (instead of the default female design) in the outfit because why not? ALSO, please feel free to draw your Fates avatar in this outfit (and pls tag me so I can see them)!!!

This is also on twitter! (x) 

More info about the class is below the cut! Warning for Revelations spoilers.

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Music Tag

Tagged by: @danbog ! (Thank you, I love finding and sharing music!)

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up, then tag 10 people.

Alle Farben - Bad Ideas
Elle King - Can’t Be Loved
Moana Soundtrack - Where You Are
Moana Soundtrack - Logo Te Pate
Moana Soundtrack - I am Moana
Mark Forster - Chöre
OneRepublic - Let’s Hurt Tonight
Marina & The Diamonds - Oh No
Major Lazer - Light It Up
Jasmine Thompson - Sun Goes Down (Acoustic)

… I have been more into upbeat music lately, I haven’t been able to find much “obscure” music that I usually love and listen to a lot!

tagging (if you want):
@literalliterature @indigoair @bill-door @radonhnhaketon @beamthechao @symphoniclolita @realm-of-spells @skeleton-kohai @caraya

(probably totally off base) Headcanon that Virgil was originally a PR core, meant to help promote Aperture and impress investors by being GOOD with PEOPLE. Which is why he’s so human (kinda like Wheatley except nicer), able to communicate with Mel pretty easily, he had a very pretty core with one of the old aperture logos as an optic…. he had WiFi (Wheatley and even GLaDOS had to be plugged in to do stuff) and a bit of a sense of humor.

He was actually trustworthy, which from all the other games (including mods, glares at Nigel) I was NOT!!! expecting. 

So yeah, Public Relations Core Virgil, with added accent to make him more interesting.

When people stopped being a ‘thing’ at aperture, he was put into maintenance, instead. Where…. he obviously fell off his rail. (lets be honest, why would he look so adorable with his flowers and his red if he wasn’t super special haha)

maybe this isn’t right, but it’s my headcanon now. :’D I just love this game and the characters so much.


@thehauntedreader is not the only one wearing a beret, introducing myself, a French field agent of the foundation.

This clipboard has documents about a SCP-008 outbreach near where I live in it, also little incident reports coupons.

The SCP logo on the beret was just printed and glued on a piece of cardboard and I put tape on it to protect it, Also I wear this beret all the time and I don’t want to bother removing the logo everytime I go out.

Just a reminder to peeps never to do design contests where they only offer you several hundred dollars as a prize. I’ve seen contests where a big name company, nationally known held a rebranding/logo contest to college students and would have only paid them 500$. 

Thats what you would make -before taxes- working one full week at $12.50 an hour.

Stuff like that is what companies would normally pay thousands of dollars for minimum to rebrand, so don’t settle. Always read the fine print. Most contests I’ve seen, the artist gets shafted to some degree. Always consider the hours you need to put in, the value of the work you’re doing, and the value of the company (based on their size is the pay they’re offering stingy or reasonable?), and if you win or submit your work if they’ll get all copyright to it to do whatever they want with it. 

WINGS short film #2 LIE theory

In my opinion the main idea of this short film was pretty clear and the title says it all. IT’S ABOUT LIVING A LIE. It is definitely the continuation on Demian theme.

Namjoon narrates in the beginning: 

My parents’ house made up one realm. This realm was familiar to me in almost every way – mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior, and school.

It describes the expectations they are having from their family and society, to be the perfect child, perfect student. But that is not what everyone wants. In the beginning Jimin is shown a picture of the first short film’s logo which symbolises his true self, his passion. And you can see him smiling and dancing. But after he’s shown the second logo, the bitten apple, his expression darkens and he tries choking himself and is put into a hospital. The apple symbolises what is expected of him, his reality. The road sign shown means ‘wildflower arboretum’ where he is basically put and living, for others to see but not for himself. Which also can be the painting of a forest/trees shown in the beginning and the end.

The gunshot can be heard and his inner self is dead. He drops the apple in water but drowns himself instead. The lines from ‘Run’ and ‘Save me’ both note how trapped and dead he feels inside. And he is shown in the painting/arboretum. Finally he gives in and bites into an apple (obviously with a pure look of disgust and despair) and continues on living the lie. 

Note: there were obviously much more things to notice. But this is the main idea I’ve got. And I personally enjoyed this film much more than yesterday’s and think that even as a stand alone short film it’s a pretty good one.

In a scene around halfway through the film, Affleck’s character is in an airport when he sees a picture of himself in the news and then pulls a baseball cap over his eyes to hide his face.

The thing was, the cap he was supposed to wear was a New York Yankees cap. Affleck is a massive Red Sox fan, to the point where putting the Yankees logo anywhere on his body would apparently cause him to burst into spectacular flames, like a vampire that put on a hat made of crosses.

So, Affleck refused to do the scene with that hat. And if he really felt that strongly about it, you would think it would be a simple enough thing for some intern to run across the road to Sears and pick up a cheap Red Sox cap. But, Fincher wasn’t about to take any of Affleck’s team loyalty bullshit – he was adamant that the character Affleck was portraying was a Yankees fan. Goddammit, he had a vision, and he wasn’t about to compromise on it.

Affleck’s argument was that being seen wearing a Yankees cap, even in character, would pretty much ruin his life, as his Red Sox-loving friends would never let him hear the end of it. Fincher called Affleck’s behavior “unprofessional,” but, considering his own refusal to back down over such a nonissue was equally ridiculous, it isn’t easy to take sides here.

6 Behind The Scenes Disputes That Almost Killed Huge Movies


Here’s the progress of the gun I made for my MacCready cosplay. It’s not an “official” design from Fallout, but honestly all the guns from that game looks like a bunch of scrap nailed together.

Here’s the step by step on how I did everything

1) that’s the original gun with the magazine thrown away

2) I extended the barrel with a nerf barrel and put two party favor telescopes together and modified the original scope. Everything is held together with paper clay.

3) painted the entire gun with black acrylic paint

4) used matte modge podge, painted certain parts brown and some parts grey and the areas with paper clay I painted grey as well and modge podged it again

5) then I added duc tape, mostly because I needed to cover the nerf logo and the hole where the magazine is supposed to go

6) for weathering, I mixed green, black, brown, and grey paint together, took a scraggly brush and stabbed the entire gun with the paint (lightly, you would want it to look lightly splattered like nicely dusted).

Overall this came out a lot better than I expected and I seriously love how the weathering paint looks like dried mud, I just friggin love it!

It was all a trap!
Now “A” has Spencer’s, Aria’s, and Emily’s fingerprints.

The whole “moving laptop” thing was a set up!

The old ice cream shop where Spencer, Aria, and Emily went to find the laptop- is the SAME place that the person in the black hoodie was at- at the end looking at the handprints on the door.

The door that lead into the room where “A” moved all of Mona’s stuff.

The door is the same!

The same logo..

The handprints that “A”, or the person in the black hoodie, was looking at..

Spencer’s on the door handle..

Aria’s on the small window..

And then the ones on the side are Emily’s and Spencer’s..

So.. yeah.

Just thought I would point it out incase no one else put it all together.

How to make a tragic update hilarious, by Andrew Hussie
  1. Take a fight scene where all of the main characters are either brutally injured or banished into oblivion
  2. Replace your drawings of those characters with tiny clay puppets
  3. Erase your background and put in a stage in your basement
  4. That epic music? Throw it out and use a shitty 6 second loop from a child’s Casio
  5. Instead of sound effects, go “pew pew” with your mouth
  6. Toss in a social media logo because why not? 
  7. Finally, instead of fluid animation, make them jittery and loop endlessly
  8. Remember: DO NOT change any of the characters getting bludgeoned, stomped on, or de-souled

There, now your Flash that would normally reduce the fandom to tears now has them laughing their ass off

Dear Tumblr Staff & Friends

staff you know how you do the cute little thing near the tumblr logo about pointless bullshit such as national pancake day or national donut day? yes well it’s Black History month so where is the logo for that? What facts do you have to put up about that? Because I’m pretty sure as soon as February 14 at 00:01 hit’s, you’re going to put up a logo for how even tho some people are lonely you still appreciate them or some other cheesy bullshit you come up with, so if you could do that why can’t you add little fun facts about lesser known Black Heroes in america? I mean, it’s the least you can do right, since you cant seem to delete accounts who promote racism against poc

hey you know I just though of something about the old logo.
it’s just a nice thought and no where near true because Tyler just made this with mark out of nowhere and didn’t put much thought behind it but…
I like to think of it as Josh is the blue line.
standing tall and full of happiness.
Tyler is the red line.
and little sideways and weird but that’s how we like him.
full of hope and spirit.
And we.
we are the white line.
in the middle holding it all together.
keeping the band in place.
making sure that this band sticks together no matter what.
we are the backbone.
Tyler once said that it’s not the famous people that matter the most, it’s the people who are not famous that keep everything together.
and I like to think that’s what the logo represents.
“we are twenty one pilots and so are you”

With great power comes a ton of weird crap (closed starter)

Lucas stepped towards the Avengers briefing room, he was a SHIELD intelligence agent and also avenger, at one time he had been an assassin and the avengers had been sent to bring him in due to unnatural shooting ability paired with one or two small nuclear devices.
Fury was walking with him, Shield had called the meeting due to some disturbing information,for the moment only Lucas and Fury were aware.

Fury stood by the door and Lucas walked to the front of the room where a screen was, on the screen was the Shield logo.
Lucas put a large dossier on the table then looked at each of the members sat before him.
“Any questions before we begin?”

The night before there had been a terrorist attack in Moscow, 334 dead in several explosions.