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David Tennant being as modest as ever signing the door of Wyndham’s Theatre under Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen [x]

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Share some GOTG headcannons?


jeez okay uh,,, im That Guy most definitely so here goes

i have one (1) – that Mentioned Scene which infused me with life eternally where peter told gamora the david hasslehoff story whilst drunk (iconic, i love them, i would die for them, they are so bad at feelings but theyre in love okay u guys) also involved:

- peter lying down on the floor at some point and refusing to move (”my bed is r’ly hard g’mora” “that’s the floor” “huh …. ‘kay, i l’v here now i guess”)

- gamora gently but awkwardly draping a blanket over him and then happily taking his bed, bc captain’s quarters obviously has the biggest bed, lit

- at some point (probably before he lies face down on the floor) peter gives gamora a hug, bc he is super duper drunk, and she nearly misses the fact that he mutters “you smell real pretty” bc she’s mentally going through a list of reasons why his hug most certainly does not make her feel safe

- that’s ridiculous. he smells a little weird. he’s drunk. that’s ridiculous. shut up, gamora, you’re a highly trained assassin. you’re not going all warm and fuzzy because a drunk idiot is hugging you. you’re not

- (i mean objectively peter gives great hugs but thats just my opinion. im sure gamora agrees)

- peter also probably says something like “you’re like my bestest friend in the universe” in a slurred voice from the floor, Post-David Hasslehoff Story (bc gamora had listened so intently and seriously and told him in a very genuine voice that she would like to hear more of his stories later, and fiercely squeezed his arm to prove her point – the squeeze was a little bit hard and may or may not be a little sore the next morning but peter doesn’t care, it’s the sentiment of the thing) – to which gamora finally eases up a bit and says “you’re mine as well” in a v soft voice

- ????? idk?????? peter probably tries to teach gamora the lyrics to hooked on a feeling after waking up at two in the morning that same night. it turns into an annoying sleepover (hes that kid who;s like “do pigeons have feelings?” in the middle of the night u feel) and she throws the comforter from the bed over his head on the floor to muffle his voice bc the room is warm anyway and it’s bad for her health to have to keep telling herself that his idiot half-incoherent ramblings are not in any way endearing

- who even came up with that word anyway, it’s useless and horrible

- (gamora falls asleep again smiling anyway)

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You signed yourself up for this when you added that comment. Do you have any recommendations on hurt/comfort aus pertaining Snape and Dumbles? With that specific "I've been found out" scenario? Even just one? Because I suddenly have a mighty need.

Oh yes absolutely! I have way more than one lol. I thought I had a lot more saved than I do, but I guess I forgot to bookmark some. The one I have bookmarked is The Price We Pay by Ilmare2, who has another one like that called To Consort With the Devil. The Half Mad Muggle (also known as SS19) has one series that I remember about him being found out and captured called the To Break series, (To Break, Breaking, Broken) though they have about 4 or 5 other fics that are similar to that. SS19 writes many interpretations of Snape and Dumbledore’s relationship, so they’re a good place to go for both caring Dumbledore and Snape fics and manipulative Dumbledore and Snape fics.

I’ll add more if i find them. And jsyk, the fics can be pretty explicit with torture and violence, I think they have adequate warnings beforehand, but in case they don’t I’m warning you here. 

        ( hey guess who decided to actually finish a Decent™ design of pre-Entity’s Realm Sally? 8) )

I just found?? A 100% completed outline?? For an angsty superfamily fic just hanging out on my computer including:

  • morphing Richard and Mary Parker’s backstory into the MCU
  • a plausible way for Steve and Tony to get Peter
  • Steve and Tony raising Peter from infancy
  • Peter becoming Spider-Man
  • Norman Osborn
  • Steve and Tony discovering Peter is Spider-Man
  • Supervillain backstory
  • Venom??!?
  • Supervillains ft. Venom going after Peter
  • Ending

Like literally, there is a whole plot line written out for like a multi-chaptered superfamily fic just sitting in my hard drive and I have no idea how long it’s been there??? What should I do with you?? Where did you come from?? When did I write you?? This is wild.

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I have a Very Important Question about you and writegowrite... Who does the ironing?!

@writegowrite of course!

Nothing says “I’m bada$$ sexy Sith Lord Darth Angstius.” like a freshly starched and pressed ensemble. 

In fact, wrinkles are Lily Conrad’s one great weakness. Legends say that if you wave a wrinkled shirt in her direction, the angst levels in her next chapter go down by 12%, depending on whether or not you land a critical hit and what kind of gear tier Lily is at on that particular day. 

Thanks for the excellent question, Nony!

okay the thing i want to know is this: what does Anti want? i know Darkiplier wants to manipulate people, to have them under his control. knowing what a character wants is the foundation of it all. so what does Anti want? does he want to kill people? does he want attention? does he want to kill Jack? WHAT DOES HE WANT???