or when he'd ever see them again

full-onrainstorm  asked:

I have a question, but I am not sure if it falls under the category of spoiler, extra-canonical info, or in-depth analysis of ur novels and its characters that ur not willing to go into. But here I am asking the question anyway: is Whelk in any way a reflection on an aspect of Gansey's character and ambitions? Meaning, is Whelk almost a foil for what Gansey could have been if he'd chosen a different path or had a different reason for wanting to find Glendower?

Dear full-onrainstorm,

Here are three facts about Barrington Whelk:

1) he is named after a realtor who I thought I would never see again after I named a villain after him. 

1b) sadly I was wrong.

2) Barrington Whelk is what happens to young white men with incredibly ridiculous names when they are given absolutely everything they desire with no consequences and are told they can be do have anything without ever having to fail break lose anything to show them how life really works. 

2b) only he never gets stung to death by insects which is the #1 top-selling way of getting set on a new path that has potential for depth of personality and production of empathy

3) so the answer to your question is yes so long as we lean hard on that almost and don’t think too hard about that realtor.



Falling in love at first sight:
  • Makoto: When he sees them he might stop and gawk at them for a moment, and when he regains his composure he'd be a bit of a blushing stuttering mess. He might embarrass himself at the first meeting, because he'd be so nervous, and he'd really want to make a good impression but the nerves might get to him that he'd get tongue-tide and clumsy.
  • Haruka: He wouldn't really be able to process what is happening to him, he'd have a strange feeling in his chest and he might just end up staring at the person the whole time. When he sees them he wouldn't know what to do and he'd go to Makoto so he can make things right since he'd think he's sick. When he finally meets the person he'd be really quiet and might come off as a bit rude, but he'd just be shy and awkward.
  • Rin: He might not react immediately, because he'd definitely be debating whether he should go right up to them or have a friend do it for him. As romantic as Rin might be considered, flirting and romance wouldn't be his strongest points. After mustering up the courage he'd go up to them and chat them up a bit and get their number, he'd be quite flustered while doing so, but after he gets their number and quite possibly a date no one would be able to wipe the triumphant grin that snakes it's way onto his face.
  • Nagisa: When Nagisa falls in love at first sight, he'd get a little excited at first seeing as 'Wow! it really does happen!' might be his reaction. He'd confidently walk up to them and introduce himself with the biggest warmest smile he could muster up, and the cheesiest pick-up line he could think of.
  • Rei: When Rei falls in love at first sight he'd have no idea what to do. He's not one to believe in the concept of love, but he's definitely seen things like it on dramas and movies, still he'd never expect it to happen to him. He'd be at a complete loss at what to do, and he'd end up calling Nagisa which might not be the best option, but who'd still get the job done.
  • Nitori: When he first sees them he'd be at a loss of words and might just stand there gaping like a fish, so much that his new crush might notice and ask him if he's okay, in which he'd snap out of his little trance and honestly tell them what he thinks of them. Even if it might be sudden and quite involuntary, his surprise confession might just work out well for him.
  • Seijuro: He's not as intense as his little brother, but when a Mikoshiba sees something, or in this case someone they like they are not afraid to go right up to them and tell them. He'd compliment his crush and ask them out, he'd start chatting them up and he'd try to be as pleasant as he possibly can.
  • Momotarou: The second he lays eyes on them he'll go right up to them and try to recite to them his complete autobiography, including blood-type, hour of birth, his great-grandparents zodiac signs and also try to pick the wedding cake at the same time. He's a bit overwhelming and intense, but when he feels a sudden connection to somebody he won't ever deny it.
  • Sosuke: He wouldn't beat around the bush. If he sees someone that suddenly interests him, he'd go up to them and meet them. He wouldn't know when he would see them again so he wouldn't want to waste time and possibly lose someone who could someday mean the world t him.
  • Kou: When Kou falls in love at first sight she wouldn't stall what she wants, she'd be very straightforward and honest about her feelings. She'd go up to that person and politely introduce herself, she'd invite them out for something to drink or eat, all the while being as cute and charming as she can be, which is quite a lot.