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Are you a sucker for  Sap? Do you love a good happy ending? Do you love that tingly feeling you get when you get the feels?!

The perfect kiss. A calming comfort. A requited love. A Family Tradition. A long lost love. A realized Desire. 

Smut had it’s day. Angst had it’s day. A/B/O is having it’s day. I think its about DAMN TIME Fluff had her day! Everyone loves a good, fluffy story. 

September 22nd we want to flood Tumblr with LOVE AND HAPPINESS. We want everyone to be filled with the happiness that we are filled with. We want you to understand the warmth of love and FLUFF. 

If you love LOVE, this day is specifically calling to you. Whether you write drabbles, gif blurbs, one shots, series, make aesthetics, fanart, videos, WHATEVER! 


I want the SPN Family to be OVERWHELMED with joy and fluff.

If you are an artist you can make:




Whatever your FULL heart desires

If you are a writer you can write:



One Shots


Whatever your FULL heart desires

There are only a few rules:

Use the # SPN Fluff Appreciation Day 2017 - This helps us FIND all the love.

Post your happiness on September 22nd. Don’t worry about timezones. 

Do us all a favor and use the Keep Reading feature for anything above 500 words.

All pairings, ships, reader inserts, OCs are welcome - it has to be for the SPN Fandom though.



No sign-ups. All are free to join. We would greatly appreciate a reblog of this post though - Ya know for signal boost :D

Wondering about Something?

The lovely and beautiful @supernatural-jackles and crazy and goofy @bringmesomepie56 are at the ready. 

Let’s Overwhelm people with the feels. It’ll be the BEST DAY EVER!

Spread the word, peeps!

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OMG, you are so puritan!!! Of course a guy can be feminist, a nice person, and sleep with millions of women, and for me this is totally right. If Harry wants sex with a lady and she wants sex with him, and everything is clear between them, what's wrong? A woman can sleep with millions of guys if she wants, this doesn't make someone a bad person. He was upset by these questions bc he felt like people said he doesn't care a shit about others feelings (women in this case).

Of all the things I have come to expect to be called, both on the internet and in real life, “puritan” didn’t even make the long list. 

Seriously though…you do know that my url is Sex at Oxbridge, right? (Not Sex on a Bridge…and even if it was, it still has “sex” in the name.)

I even wrote a book called Be A Slut: Do Whatever You Want (available at beaslut.com) which is based entirely off my experiences in life, many of which include sleeping with a lot of people. 

There is literally nothing wrong with sleepin around. Life’s a party, rock your body. 

However, I say be a slut, do whatever you want, because I don’t mean it maliciously. It’s something that I call myself and have absolutely no issues with. 

What I was pointing out in this post is that Harry Styles has repeatedly denied that he is a womaniser. The way in which people use the word “womaniser” is to implicate that Harry Styles not only sleeps with hundreds of women, but that he does so in a way that has very misogynistic undertones and belittles these women to fleeting objects of desire. 

If Harry Styles was out there picking up “Shagger of the Year” awards and actually demonstrating any kind of behaviour that would suggest that he doesn’t care about that image I wouldn’t say anything about it. But the fact that they took a sixteen year-old boy and tried to build this image around him is disgusting and something that clearly makes Harry uncomfortable. This is the actual thing his face did when he was called a womaniser:

He was even badgered into talking about how many people he’s slept with in the most inappropriate way possible, but even then he refused to identify with any kind of womanising stereotype

So, to recap: I don’t give a baker’s fuck how many people anyone sleeps with. I do, however, get heated when people bring up an image of Harry that was forced upon him when he was practically a child and that he has clearly demonstrated no desire to be associated with. 

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do you do the 2p!nyos? and if so can you do 2p!prussia gf headcanons if that's ok? (you don't need to do like 39843982498 headcanons like you did for the bf headcanons if you don't want to, just whatever you feel like!!!)


also the fandom has a shit ton of different interpretations for 2P!Fem!Prussia’s name, so I’ll just call her Mitzi since that seems to be a largely accepted one next to Maria

2P!Nyo!Prussia GF HC’s:

  • okay so y’girl Mitzi here is a bit of a cling on/helicopter girlfriend
  • NOT THAT IT’S THE BAD KIND, NO NO, it’s actually pretty endearing
  • she always wants to make sure you’re safe and sound, so the poor girl is kinda just milling about behind you, probably wringing her hands in discomfort if you’re in a social situation together
  • her hair used to be really long until she let her sister chop it off one day
    - sometime she feels ghost-strands and will reach her hand back to move her hair
    - you will hear her frustrated groans at that
  • I also really like the headcanons that her and Gilen have a metal right arm, so she probably has a prosthetic
    - she is more comfortable with herself than Gilen, but insecurities are buried within her protective guise
  • I don’t hc her as nearly as shy as Gilen, more like a calm stoic attitude?
  • she is your knight in shining armour <3
  • like she will legit produce a sword from no where if you need her to
  • if your hair is long she will always be trying to braid it, but it’s difficult when you only have full control of one hand
    - she will huff in frustration
    - she is often frustrated
  • I HC her as selective mute as well and her voice is raspy and lower, but in a light way??
    - it’s so harmonic and she will speak to you a little every once and a while when she’s up for it ((ps as a person who is/was physically mute (and then selectively mute), when you write mute!reader inserts pl e ase don’t say how the reader will only speak for that person they’re dating, that’s not how it works 90% of the time :,) ))
  • she really likes to people watch, and most of the time she will drift off into another dimension
  • she has a particular method of communication - make it as difficult as possible
    - she will literally just glare (she’s not angry that’s just her face) until someone leaves her alone
    - if she wants to she will write something down, or sign (which is her less-preffered method)
    - she isn’t that picky with you or the other people she’s close with, they understand she prefers to just watch and listen
  • she’s super fucking chivalrous like damn
  • get u a gal like her
  • she likes to wear those cropped hoodies and muscle tanks
  • if you wear hoodies you don’t anymore sorry they’re gone forever ://
  • probably doodles a lot and will draw you cute little things
    - one time she was super tired an accidentally drew an exact replica of your eye what the heck Mitz go to sleep
  • she’s a lot like Matt actually
  • likes to doodle on her prosthetic too because it’s metal and she has a lot of expo markers she never used in school
  • Monika (Germany) is going to become a problem bc she is single forever and is in your relationship now rip
  • okay I don’t know what else to write for her I’m sorry :,))
  • she loves stargazing !!

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Heey, hope you are well! Can I have (scenarios/headcanons - whatever you want) for Mihawk, Shanks, Ace and Marco reacting upon being called 'daddy' the first time by their child?

I hope you like!

• Mihawk smiles.
• he gets a warm feeling in his chest and hugs his child.
• he wishes that his child would say it again.
• he smiles so much.

• he runs up and hugs his kid.
• he is close to tears because he’s so happy.
• he smiles so much.
• he tells the whole crew about being called daddy.

• ace smiles and runs up, hugging his child.
• he laughs so much, and kisses his kid.
• he runs and tells his partner and all the crew.
• ace runs everywhere and tells everyone.

• he smiled and hugs his child.
• he is so happy, he’s a daddy.
• he gets a rush of happiness.
• tells everyone, whitebeard first.

Why is it that there can be no alternative to Neo-Liberalism but Communism in the eyes of many Conservatives? If you find a clear fault in Capitalism, then the litany of accusations begins. Socialist. Liberal. Communist. Progressive.

How, exactly, would a standard criticism such as “Capitalism cannot protect jobs as seen with the rise of automation” or a statement such as “Germany is better off now with universal healthcare and still manages to maintain a free market” qualify a person as a Communist?

What strikes me as most ironic in these people is that, for the most part, they’re not social Conservatives. Gay marriage? Who cares? Transgender teenager’s? More then a few apathetic to the issue. But any hint of criticism towards the Infallible Free Market™? Democrat Progressive Liberal Socialist Nazi, or whatever list of contradictory political ideologies they want to call you.

Plus, many of these are Christians. I find it so confusing that a Christian can support Neo-Liberalism even though, in its wake arrived increased secularism, along with the fact that it can’t even have basic support from the scripture.

I can’t understand anything about this ideology. It’s neither Conservatism nor Liberalism, just an annoying tumour on American politics which refuses to die out.

Anyways guys I’m gonna peace out and watch some youtube and then actually head to sleep. I have no idea where I’ll go next in this crazy atmosphere that’s tumblr dot com but I just want to say thank you to you all one last time. Thank you if you’ve followed me for whatever reason and thank you if you’ve opened up your arms and invited me into your life, no matter if we talked once or more than that. And most of all, thank you if you’ve send me love and positivity when my life was dark and not so full of light. You guys within the fandom that I’ve got the opportunity to talk and know is what I call home. 💛

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Soooo I went on Pinterest and it turns out that most of your texts are from other ppl... like damn, try to be creative. Honestly, I used to love your work and then I saw that you copied/stole/whatever someone else's texts. Bitch what? Smh..

to be honest, the first few set of imagines that i made on here were inspired or whatever from the works I had seen on Pinterest, not gonna lie. But that was maybe 3-4 months ago? and since then i’ve been using my own imagines and making my own stuff because it was truly not my work and I didn’t like it. I mean sure you can call me a bitch or whatever you want but honestly if you’ve checked out any of my recent posts then you’d definitely see the difference between the old and new texts. Soooo uh, yeah also i deleted and replaced the old ones for this very reason. anon thank you for setting me straight even though, I was already in the process of getting them off my blog.

my bitch ass cringes to hell and back because i even posted them but I’ve since deleted and don’t claim them/never will as my content

obstreperousnoise  asked:

If Jillian is Jillz,then are you Hillz?So many questions,so little answers.

Haha you can call me whatever you want but I have a few friends that call me Halz. So like JILLian is Jillz, HALey is Halz. Yeah? Ya know? Maybe?? The ship name is Jillykinz and that’s all I really keep up with name wise because everyone calls me something different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here are some of the OVW pairings that I ship:

Mcyatta (I just think that they’d make a cute couple, is all)
Widowhanzo (or Hanzomaker, whatever you wanna call it)
Whatever the ship name for Mercy x Zenyatta is
Probably McGenyatta or McGency
Widowhanyatta (one of my own pairings)
Look, I really want some of the rarepairs to get some attention, okay?

Um this isn’t a fandom blog or any kind of blog really but I had this conversation with fellow fannibal @franicie about murder husbands on social media and I. I had to. And then she suggested I put it on here, so. Just a little sketch thing, used references but drew it quickly so excuse my lazy handwriting/general sloppiness!!

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Since it is currently Robrae week, can you just write something with that pairing please?!

I’m a little late on RobRae week, but here’s this:

It all started with a toothbrush.

It had been a late night, Dick didn’t want to go home, and Raven kept an unused toothbrush in her medicine cabinet for an emergency. So, she gave it to him. She wasn’t using it, and it was the same shade of blue as his uniform, it just seemed fitting.

[more under the cut]

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Who do you think you are? Hahaha, bless your soul. You really think you’re in control?

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If you ever want someone's attention, send them this-

It’s summer of 2001; Joe meets Patrick and he’s like “Yo, I know about music.” and Patrick’s like “Yo, I know more about music” “That’s impossible. Do you wanna start a band?” And Patrick’s like “…Yeah… That’s cool.” And then he’s like “Yo, this is a book store, it’s not a music store!”

And then they met at Patrick’s house. And Patrick’s wearing shorts and socks and a hat. Patrick is playin’ drums for some fuckin’ reason! And Pete’s there, for some reason! They start playin’ music together. And there like “Oh, let’s play some fuckin’ covers from some other bands!” It was like, Green Day and fuckin’ Misfits and fuckin’ Ramones! Pete said to Joe “Yo, we gotta change this shit up! Yo we’ve played all these bands; let’s play shit from Fall Out Boy.” And so Pete and Patrick are like “Yo, that’s dope. But we need a fuckin’ drummer!” Because Patrick’s playin’ drums and he’s a singer! And he’s like “Yo! I got a soul voice!” And there like “Wait, how do you have a soul voice!?!” And he’s like “Yo watch this! Yeah!” and they’re like “Oh my god! That sounds like soul!” So they put it in the song and it was like “WHERE IS YOUR BOY TONIGHT!”

And then they’re like “Yo, this is fuckin’ perfect. This is Fall Out Boy.” And they made records like, Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend. its called Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend, everybody loves it. Its called Eating Out Your Girlfriend, and its real and it doesn’t matter. And Pete talked to Patrick and Joe and he was like “Yo, what the fuck! Yo this is gonna be fuckin’ dope!” So they made a record, and it was called take this to your grave. They made it without a drummer! And they had like three, four drummers come in. The four drummers they had come in were like… Josh Freese, Neil Peart, the dude from Toto… The fourth one was like the guy from papa roach or something. And they were like, “yo, we need Andy Hurley. Andy Hurley. Take this to your grave. Fuckin’ record it.” And he did it, and he killed it. He was like,Bigadigadigalalululapssshhhh! Killing the skins! Tapping the skins! Tapping the rims! Playing the shit! Killing these bitches! Wrapping it out!

“We should get signed, to Fueled by Ramen. ‘Cause these guys know what the fuck is going on.” And they were like “Yo, if you can make our scene any bigger than it is, which is not fuckin’ hard. We will sign you guys.” Pete was like ”Yo! We got this record that’s fuckin’ dope dude! It’s called Take This To Your Grave.“ Hey, its gonna be called From Under The Cork Tree, its gonna be fuckin’ huge. And then Patrick’s like “I gotta keep it real, I gotta keep it artistic. These are three songs that are gonna make the album and its called… This is called Thanks for the Memories, 20 Dollar Nosebleed, and Sugar We’re Going Down..” And they made this record that was fucking dope and it fucking hit on the charts.

Like one, two, three! Three, two one! Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! TEN TO ONE! From Under The Cork Tree sold like, four million records! Ten million records! Fifteen million records! And Brendon Urie had nothing to do with the entire record. And Patrick was like “That’s good!” Pete was like “Yo, fuck you! I can do whatever I want!” Joe was like “Yeah, it’s cool man, whatever… I don’t give a shit.” And then Andy was like “Eh… Cool!” And Pete was like "Makeup is fuckin’ great for a guy. Because it makes a guy look beautiful. Which a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful. And I wanna change that.I wanna make sure everybody thinks that guys are beautiful.”

Pete was like “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed about this dick pic!” And then I saw the dick pic, and I was like “Eh, it’s not bad. It’s not a bad dick. Let’s be real.” Panic! At The Disco made Rolling Stone one issue before Fall Out Boy. And Fall Out Boy made the issue right after Panic! And they were so pissed! They were like “Yo, fuck you guys!” They were like “Yo! Panic has the cover of Rolling Stone!?! Yo, fuck these dudes, were gonna go fucking miles above! We’re gonna hit every fucking continent there is known to man!” But they didn’t! Because they missed a second of time, apparently. They were like “Oh, shit we got every continent.” And they didn’t actually hit it. Dude, Pete was like “What the fuck!” oh you didn’t fuckin’ make the continent. It’s like, fuck you!

So From Under The Cork Tree happens, we fuckin’ have three, four years of awesomeness! Like people are cumming on themselves it’s so big! So Fall Out Boy was like, so Patrick’s like “Yo, we’re gonna name this record 'From Under The Cork Tree’ and From Infinity In High.” Pete was like “Yo, folie a deux means, the theatric of two.” Fall Out Boy was like “Yo, we gotta take a break” meaning, Pete was like “Yo, we gotta take a break bro” and Patrick’s like, “Y need time for my music! Yeah!” And Joe’s like “Yo, I need time to find the fuckin’ art dude I gotta find some fuckin’ meau-metal.” And Andy’s like “I’m just gonna play with some fuckin’ metal bands.”

And they were like, “Alright, this breaks been like three years long. Two years long. Three years long. Three and a half. We gotta fuckin’ come back man. We gotta come back STRONG! We gotta make this shit legit. It’s gonna be fuckin dope. It’s gonna go fuckin sky high. We’re gonna make a fuckin’ record that sails the skies. We’re gonna call this record… Save Rock And Roll.” So they made Alone Together, Light 'Em Up, Alone Together, Phoenix. And everyone’s like “What the fuck? You’re working with this guy who fuckin’ recorded Avril Lavigne and P!nk!” Pete was like “Yo, were gonna end up on the tour with Panic! At The Disco and Twenty Pilots.” And that’s all. And that’s all that matters. And that’s how the fucking story goes.

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What all instances of flirting, like I missed so many lmao


  • :16 dan is acting out what they’re like in these bomb videos and immediately seizes the opportunity to playfully punch phil’s arm repeatedly. phil, for his part, just sits there and looks adorably bemused while dan is yelling. love it
  • :33 dan does some sort of sketchy fist gesture, phil immediately reacts to it even though it was generally benign, in a blatant subversion of their normal roles w making innuendos/sexual jokes. they both giggle
  • :47 phil goes into a whiny voice to say how he really wanted to do an exotic bomb and then hums the generic vlog music they always use. dan tries to look annoyed but just giggles some more
  • :56 dan’s like ‘so i reckon we need to actually beat more than one in this section’ and leans in all close to phil and phil’s like ‘alright! okay!’ in the flirtiest voice ever i wanna die
  • 1:16 ‘so I’m gonna bomb first, i think you should read first,’ says phil and the ensuing exchange where he’s just cheekily giggling while dan is acting all exasperated is just so cute … and uh, i can’t be the only one who thought there was a pretty blatant sexual undertone to phil saying ‘just tell me what to do. i’m your putty. mold me into whatever shape you want.’ … and dan’s eyes go momentarily wide while he says it. nice
  • 1:52 dan calling phil ‘felipe’ lmao what even
  • 5:32 when they’re epically failing and they’re about to lose, phil does his instinctual pat of dan’s arm to tell him they have fifteen seconds left and it’s cute
  • 5:50 the look they share immediately upon losing, before phil just breaks into giggles
  • 6:14 phil going ‘what is something that flops like more than anything else in the world’ with an utterly impassive poker face purely to wind dan up and see him laugh is one of the most simultaneously adorable, hilarious, and impressive things i have ever witnessed
  • 6:36 thIS WHOL E EXCHANGE w dan asking if phil thinks it’s his (dan’s) fault that they didn’t do well that round and saying ‘you can be honest’ with wide puppy eyes, and then phil saying yes, he thinks dan was pretty bad that time, and then dan trying to look shocked n appalled while still grinning:
  • and then screeching that phil is supposed to lie!!!!! and phil just consolingly being like ‘well you were flustered …’ like trying to be a bit reassuring,, honestly fucking end me, that was one of the cutest bits in this whole vid, they’re just so comfortable w each other and I’m dying
  • 9:33 onwards when dan is retaliating by telling phil he should be able to decode this morse code thing just bc he litro can’t let phil’s criticism go. he is a child. i love it
  • 9:53 when phil says it’s too hard, dan’s all ‘NO WE CAN DO THIS PHIL’ and slams his hands on the table and leans into phil’s space just to grab the manual and its all v cute
  • 10:27 ‘shut up rat’ omg i lost it at this. and then a few seconds later ‘shut up turd.’ dan is really top notch at verbally abusing his partner
  • 10:53 phil v abruptly shush-ing dan in order to cut off what was sure to be a long and hysteric rant about how unfair the last round was. i love how instinctual that was for phil, like he just knows dan’s about to go off and neither of them have time for it, and then dan immediately complies when phil tells him to shush hahah
  • 13:25ish during the really stressful new one that they didn’t really understand i noticed that they kept bumping arms until they just decided to keep their arms touching for basically the rest of the time until the bomb goes off and it struck me as maybe being a way for them to subtly kinda be like ‘we’re all right it’s all good’ and ground each other. cute
  • 14:04 the look they share AGAIN when they lose
  • and the whole exchange up until like 14:35 where they’re debriefing and just talking to each other, sort of forgetting the camera exists. I LOVED watching that even though the v obvious jumpcut suggests they cut a bunch of it out bc it was just dan walking phil through the instructions for the new module and phil just leans in all close and lets dan guide him and i loved their facial expressions during that part AHHH it was just so comfy n GOOD
  • 15:35 dan telling phil about the new module they’ve never done before by singing it, i felt like this was yet another example of him trying to keep the energy light and non-stressful so that phil would stay calm and it’s cute that these videos have so many instances of them trying to look out for each other like that (but then dan is actually kind of bad at this and spends a lot of time screaming when he’s doing the bomb and i cried laughing at the bit at 18:11 when he’s jst high pitched squealing for a few seconds)
  • 18:26 the looks they share!!! YET!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! when they lose!!!!! (partially obscured by the explosion effect lol):
  • 18:51 dan proudly proclaiming that they probs have above average communication skills when they’re not stressed or trying to be entertaining bc apparently they are unable to do one of these vids without mentioning or alluding to their psychic connection and best friend mind meld

ahhhh watching them work together in this game is the fucking best and they were just so happy in this one, it was so palpable and hilarious and fun to watch, as though all the fun they have together is actually contagious. i love them and this video series so fuckin much :((

(keep talking and no one explodes #3


An ambitious performer who, so far, has made the right moves in order to make his dreams come true.

Being the main choreographer and leader of an unit sounds like an exhausting combination, specially when those two things involve leading twelve people to pull many different choreographies that will be seen by everyone around the world; but despite the huge responsibility those two titles have, you’ve carry them all perfectly to the point of receiving lots of praise both from outsiders who see the value of your work and from the industry itself, who even rewarded you and your members’ efforts with a World Performer Award which was widely acknowledged by your own group members as a major prop of yours. Plus, all this previously mentioned is topped with your joyful personality and your contagious laugh, always accompanied with that bright smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Hoshi, may your many talents keep blooming as the time goes. Thank you for being a wonderful person who inspires both the people around you and Carats as well 🌟 #PRINCEHOSHIDAY #호시왕댯님_탄신일 입니다

bakery au (oldie but a goodie)

Part 1

“He hates me,” Bitty moaned, flopping on his couch. Holster was raiding his kitchen, listening to his rant about Jack Zimmermann.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong! Maybe it was because I told him that he played a hard game last night the first time he came into the bakery? All he does is glare at me and say stuff like ‘Eric, the coffee is too sweet,’ or ‘Eric, you need more protein.’”

“Brah, maybe Zimmermann just has a total resting bitch face,” said Holster as he pulled out a leftover pie from Bitty’s fridge. “Guy seems fucking intense. At least he’s good for business.”

“He keeps on glaring at me! And he comes in, like, three times a week. Orders a coffee and just drinks it in his corner, ignores my attempts at conversation even though, mind you, he has already said some pretty rude stuff!”

“The guy’s a celebrity, he probably has his head so far in his ass and doesn’t care about shit, and also just wants some privacy. Bits, you haven’t been taking pictures of him and posting it on twitter have you?” Holster asked, alarmed.

Bitty gasped, “Adam Birkholtz! I would never!”

“Then just treat him like an antisocial customer, he can’t be the only one going to the bakery who doesn’t want conversation and just wants service and food,” Holster said, dropping down next to Bitty on the couch with two tins of pie.

“I know,” Bitty sighs. “He’s just…so handsome. And he was so nice to Nursey when that fool tripped. And he tips generously. And he’s just so gorgeous, even when he’s glaring at me and speaking in grunts whenever I ask him how his day has been. I just want him to like me!”

Holster navigated the TV to a rerun of Golden Girls and handed Bitty one of the pie tins. “I think that’s your problem. You’re an amazing person, Bits, but maybe you can be a bit too friendly for resting bitch face robozoid Zimmermann. Maybe stop asking him about his day and just let him chill.”

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