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A Wonderful Life

A short one-shot featuring a now-uncursed Killian, Alice, and Robin as they prepare for Christmas on his houseboat. Yeah, I’m on board with the headcanon that cursed Killian had a houseboat in Seattle. Part of the now super behind 25 Days of Wish Hook. 

“I don’t understand why you don’t let me use the stove.”

“Because the last two times I did, you set the kitchen on fire, love.”

Robin sat back as she watched father and daughter bicker, the sounds of It’s a Wonderful Life providing a comforting background noise.

“I was thirteen the last time I set it on fire!” protested Alice, her nose wrinkling in that little rabbit way she had, faint lines crinkling between her eyes. Robin loved those little bunny lines. They were just so Alice.

“You were thirteen last time I caught you,” replied Killian, his complementary crow’s feet decorating his eyes. “Besides, wouldn’t you rather mash the potatoes? Or, perhaps more accurately, pummel them to all hell.”

A mischievous glint passed over Alice, and Robin knew he’d won. She took a deep breath, letting all the sounds and smells around them wash over her. Water lapped rhythmically around Killian’s houseboat while George Bailey danced the Charleston on TV. Warm bread, nutmeg-scented sweet potato casserole, and a glazed ham sat on the table, tantalizing her senses. Home, she realized. It all just felt so much like home.

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  • Vegeta: I was suggested to have surpassed the strength of Goku in SSJ3 just because I got mad that Bulma got slapped and also was handed the ability to use God Ki without the need for the ritual because I needed to be kept relevant.
  • Fandom: Omg you're so amazing such a great character never give up senpai!
  • Trunks: I was able to, depending on the version, either alter the multiplier of SSJ2 to be on the same level as a god ki-infused Goku at SSJ3 or use a spirit bomb as a sword that formed at random.
  • Fandom: Oh wow Trunks so great you're so underrated!
  • Gohan: I chose to forgo my training for years to be a family man and work a full-time job, but after finding myself so weak I could barely remember how to go SSJ I chose to start training a bit on my downtime and found myself able to take on someone nearing Buu's levels of power while poisoned and blinded in a short time.
  • Fandom: ...that's great and all but why aren't you "Mystic" or whatever we're calling it now? Oh well, good job on doing the thing!
  • Krillin: I fought PTSD and depression for years and had recently given up on being a martial artist to be a police officer, but due to the urging of my family and desire to make them proud, I agreed to start training seriously again and found myself in a mystical forest that taught me how to remove my mental blocks, overcome my fear, and opened me up to a level of power I'd not seen in years. I kept training for several months after, even sparring with Goku. And I just now managed to show I have a tactical mind and have some new moves when I managed to ring-out Gohan and showed some improved strength when I fought Goku and even pushed back against his Kamehameha, even though I know he was holding back. But hey, I'm not so bad after all I guess!
  • some person in Witcher 3 suddenly calling you out: you murdered my son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother! I will never forgive you!!!
  • me: I have no idea who the fuck you are but they probably deserved it

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Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young


kim’s parents buy her a car.  it’s supposed to make her Care Again About Important Things.  mostly it makes her grumble because it means they can make her do the grocery shopping.  so instead she tells her parents she’s going camping for a weekend, rounds up the others, and sets off on a road trip.

whatever, it’s summer break.  they can do whatever they want.

zack: uncontrollable ball of worry about his mom, even though she and billy’s mom are legitimate bffs now and she’s staying with mrs cranston while they’re away.  he calls to check in every hour.

jason: PACK MOM.  makes everyone go to the bathroom when they stop for gas.  reminds billy to drink water.  tries to start rousing games of eye spy.  regulates the snack trade to make sure kim and trini don’t hoard all of the fruit by the foot.

billy: navigator, trivia whore, overall bundle of joy.  coordinates karaoke for all of their terrible voices.  accidentally almost gets in a fight with a bunch of bikers at a gas station by telling one of them his forearm tattoo has a typo in it.

trini: cool dad ™ to jason’s pack mom.  sneaks extra snacks to people. throws things at jason when he’s being too serious. knows more trivia than billy and is very bored by all of it.  

kim: vodka mom.  insists that as car owner she never has to be car driver and spends the whole time drinking vodka cranberries in the back seat with her feet up in jason’s lap and head in trini’s.  makes fun of everyone and gets sloppy affectionate by the fourth hour.

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Tarjei is SO going to fall off the face of the Earth once Skam ends. I don't even mean that in a nasty way. But the guy doesn't use social media, only takes Norwegian (no English) acting roles, and he seems to dropout of problematic productions too as we saw with Westside/Eastside. Like, calling it now, we're never going to hear from him again after this year.

Hi there!

Yeah, I feel you in that we as international fans might not hear much from him outside Norway but is his choice and whatever he do, he’ll do great.

Lemme tell you about some other actor with no social media and who doesn’t take roles outside his country but is doing great.

The one, Colin Morgan.

Originally posted by colinmorfan

Tarjei reminds me a lot of Colin, especially because he keeps his distance from any social interaction - “I think there are pros and cons to social networking, but on a social, personal level, it’s just not for me” - and bury himself in work like not joke… he would take 3 projects at the same time and make brilliance out of them.

You have to take downtime to see friends and family but my passion is acting, pursuing those scary, challenging characters and working with passionate people x

Colin also was never interested in fame, he just loves acting, it’s his passion and he’ll study hard to be the best actor and even if he’s not famous, he’s definitely well known within the actors circle. 

Also, Tarjei pulling out of a production like that means he’s also well advised and instinctive himself. Pulling out of a project and specially a problematic one implies a lot of thinking, i think him rejecting that project was probably the smartest decision. Is not being picky, is being smart.

You don’t need to have your name pulled on gold letters in Hollywood to be one of the greatest actors, there are plenty of actors not known world wide with an amazing talent and whatever Tarjei decides to pursue for the future I fully support him, he’s talented we’ve seen, he’s studied, he’s kind and more important he still a child and he’s barely starting.

“thank you for sharing these past 5 years together with us in our small apartment here in London. we’ve had a great time running up and down the 47 stairsteps everyday and walking into our beloved kitchen glass door every now and then. but now it’s finally time to say goodbye to this apartment which we will no longer call our home and move on. so let’s share 5 more years together at our new place, in our new home”

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Hey, THB? I don't know what you did to Lucas, but whatever it was has seriously thrown off us off here in the science department. We're quite used to calling him whenever we screw up. While he wasn't super useful in FIXING said screw up, hearing whatever weird project he was working on blow up in the background made us feel a bit better about ourselves. So now we're not really sure what to do. -Cece


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i kind of feel like the fact that Sana and Even knew each other and pretended not to is gonna hurt Isak more than whatever happened at bakka .. it's one thing to not be told an incident from the past but actively being lied to by your friend and boyfriend, that's gotta sting. also: we got to know sana as a no bullshit kinda gal, her immediate reaction to the possibility of W having a new gf was to tell Noora so kudos to her for respecting Evens wish to keep whatever happened a secret for so long

if you think this would’ve played out differently when this would’ve been a season about even…. it wouldn’t have

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lmao @ Jace stans calling Alec a bad brother and person for not being there for Jace? How is he supposed to know Jace needs him when all Jace does is lie? If we're calling anyone a bad brother and person it's the idiot that decides lying about him dying and coming back and now being manipulated by Jonathan? Jace doesn't mention that to the person bound to him who could also be affected? To his BOSS responsible for the whole NY Institute that could be at risk? Who's the bad brother/person here?

Oh, tea…. 🍵🍵🍵

Hey, Tumblr, friendly reminder that just because someone is a minority doesn’t mean they are/have to be absolutely perfect or put on a platform above someone who isn’t? And it’s really, really harmful for people on here to keep acting like, for example, if a creator makes a minority character do something bad, then they’re somehow against that minority?

Like, literally it would be great if y’all would just ,, treat everyone equally instead of acting like, just because someone is a minority, they have to be presented as perfect and angelic and they can never do wrong.

For example, as a trans/genderqueer person, I’d love to be treated the same as cis people, instead of put on some special platform in media where anyone like me has to be perfect. We’re not. No one is. And in media, it is totally fine for that to be shown. It’s not the creator being transphobic, it’s literally them just showing us as being, yknow, human.

It’s great to see representation. I love seeing myself being shown, because when done right it still brings about education our existence, even if it’s not always the hero. If a character is demonized for it, then my all means call out the creator on their transphobia/racism/ableism/etc., but stop acting like it is always that case, because it really isn’t.

What if Young Peter Quill was into Pokemon?
  • Star-Lord: To protect the galaxy from devastation
  • Gamora: And take sticks out of people's butts, because it is cruel.
  • Star-Lord: Guys, hold on. We're not rhyming.
  • Drax the Destroyer: We do not need to. Those are metaphors.
  • Rocket: Team Rocket (nice ring to it)
  • Star-Lord: We're called the Guardians of the Galaxy!
  • Rocket: Whatever, we're a bunch of jackasses standing in a circle...
  • Gamora: ...and we're blasting off at faster than the speed of light.
  • Drax the Destroyer: Surrender now or prepare to engage us in painful combat.
  • Groot: I am Groot.

I am so bored of people disrespecting Real Madrid and Madridistas on this website and you can come at me and say oh it aint that deep or whatever but it’s fucking annoying. Like all we wanna do is celebrate our wins and the fact that we are so close to winning la liga for the first time in YEARS, but we end up with essays and posts calling us ugly and other disrespectful shit. You can dislike the team, there is no problem in that, I dislike several teams but I don’t go writing posts insulting cules and barca every time they win a game.

I know it’s only a select few but it’s just getting on my nerves now.

Marianas Trench || Astoria Sentence Starters
  • "I'm warning you."
  • "Don't remind me what the price is when I'm left to my own devices."
  • "What happened to never say die?"
  • "Whatever doesn't make me stronger kills me."
  • "It's gonna be a long year."
  • "Tell me I survive."
  • "What's another bridge burned?"
  • "You came alone, all dressed up in bad news."
  • "You can lay with me while you think of him."
  • "Might as well say fuck it."
  • "Is it bad enough to call it off?"
  • "I can't help but want you, too."
  • "Sometimes you can't yell loud enough."
  • "Sometimes a whisper's just too much."
  • "Don't say you don't miss me that much."
  • "I guess we're even now."
  • "Lately, I've been looking good."
  • "Don't you want to kiss me someday?"
  • "Tomorrow's a day away."
  • "By tomorrow, this will be yesterday."
  • "I'm fixing to change my luck."
  • "Just come back to bed."
  • "I thought you might be here."
  • "What if the one true love's the only one that you get?"
  • "I get so attached."
  • "What if there was still a way of taking care of this?"
  • "So nice to see you here."
  • "Fill me in on how you've been."
  • "I hate to admit it, but I miss the war."
  • "I'd rather be a riot than indifferent."
  • "This means war."
  • "I don't shake because I'm never even rattled."
  • "I just wish you'd open fire on me."
  • "You should come over."
  • "And then there were none."
  • "We'll toast what could have been."
  • "All of my plans have depended on you."
  • "We can laugh at the doom."
  • "There's no place like home."
  • "I wanna throw them out, but I'm just not able."
  • "I can sing, but I can't dance."
  • "Shut up and kiss me."
  • "You should stay away from me."
  • "I miss the way that you saw me, or maybe the way that I saw myself."
  • "There's nothing left to lose."
  • "I won't come back to you broken."
  • "I know where you are."
  • "That's a nice way to say I'm alone."
  • "I thought we got each other's hearts?"
  • "I thought you got yourself a way out?"
  • "I've been lying and I don't know why I do."
  • "This should be the time of our lives."
  • "I've been so lost without you."
  • "What's lost is never gone."
  • "I'm not ready for what's to come."
  • "I will help you, my friend."
  • "You're not quite here, but you're not quite gone."
  • "I can't try if you won't."
  • "I'm coming for you."
  • "I'll never be taken alive."
  • "Every start begins with saying goodbye to you."
  • "This never was the man I hoped to be by now."
  • "How did we survive?"
  • "Can you find forgiveness for a dear old friend?"
  • "I'm in over my head."
  • "I hope your heart can still be mended."
3. Random Drarry Convo
  • Draco: I bet I can run faster than you.
  • Harry: Erm, okay. what makes you think that? *sips butterbeer*
  • Draco: Well last night you seemed pretty put out after our...little race.
  • Harry: *chokes*
  • Draco: yeh, I've got more stamina than you.
  • Harry: Draco. That was definitely you.
  • Draco: but we were role playing. Duh.
  • Harry: but now we're not. I'm not dressed in Slytherin robes am I? I'm not squeaking, and bent over. My c-
  • Draco: Potter!! *blushes furiously* We. Are. In. Public!!
  • Harry: it's not my fault you're a girl.
  • Draco: riiiiight, okay. Says the one wearing a thong.
  • Harry: Draco, we talked about this. It's not. A thong...
  • Draco: *rolls his eyes* Then what is it?
  • Harry: *blushes* It's a..well, if you must know I call it-
  • Draco: a thong. Harry, it's a thong.
  • Harry: Whatever. Eat your pie before I shove it in your pointy face. *butterbeer*
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...*smiles*
  • Harry: *glances at the blonde*
  • Draco: *bursts out laughing*
  • Harry: Draco, I swear!
  • Draco: What? *giggles like a kid*
  • Harry: is it that funny? Really? I told you. It's NOT.
  • Draco: just...*deep breath & stern face* can I say it? One more time?
  • Harry: *about to explode*
  • Draco: *clears his throat*
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...thong.
  • Harry: MALFOY!!

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I just...Trump literally still thinks vaccines cause autism and he called us an epidemic as if we're some kind of plague on society that needs to be eradicated. With a republican president, house, and senate (and probably soon-to-be judicial branch I mean it's only a matter of time) it's going to be easier than ever for them to treat us like animals and abuse us and take our rights away. I'm scared.

There is a lot of anti-Trump sentiment around right now, and so many people are ready to stand up and fight for our rights if need be. Whatever they do to people, there will always be resistance, there will always be communities ready to rise up against him and fight for their basic human rights. Take comfort in that, if nothing else. Take care, anon. 

  • *in bed, at 221B*
  • Sherlock: *softly* ...then there's 42. MO, Molybdenum. The free element, a silvery metal with a gray cast in appearance, has the sixth-highest melting point of any element. Molybdenum-containing enzymes are by far the most common catalysts used by some bacteria to break the chemical bond in atmospheric molecular nitrogen, allowing biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: That *gently prods Molly's stomach* my darling, will be your first word. Molybdenum. Not just because your mother's name is in there. Sort of.
  • Baby Holmes: *kicks*
  • Sherlock: Oh, I know. She'll have you saying something like 'metatarsus' or 'coccygeal vertebrae'. I'll save you from that one, don't you worry.
  • Molly: *sleepy* In that case, I'm rescuing her from 'roentgenium'.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *giggles* You were talking to her.
  • Sherlock: *swallows* No, that would be ridiculous. She's a foetus.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; yawns* Whatever.
  • Sherlock: *smoothing Molly's bump* I suppose I can settle for Daddy.
  • Molly: *smiles* Good *pauses* We're still not calling her 'Holmium'.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Fine.
  • daisy: so you’re saying there’s a nasa astronaut who was stranded on an alien planet for fourteen years, who managed to survive “death” even when all his friends went insane and died, who just happened to find jemma, held her hostage in a cage, then they worked together to try and get home, and they lived together for months, and they fell in love and had space sex, and jemma didn’t even mention him for days after we rescued her, but now she wants to rebuild the evil monolith and go back for him?
  • fitz: yeah pretty much
  • daisy: ....
  • daisy: k cool whatever sounds v legit to me when do we start