or whatever we're calling it now

  • some person in Witcher 3 suddenly calling you out: you murdered my son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother! I will never forgive you!!!
  • me: I have no idea who the fuck you are but they probably deserved it

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CALL OUT to everyone here who keeps feeding the fucking void fish shit they want to forget, you're inoculated already, you're not going to forget Merle fucking those plants anytime soon or whatever bullshit you keep sneaking in. Y'all the Void Fish needs to be put on a diet now, Johan is having to figure out how to write /diet/ music. I hope you're all happy, I can't get much sleep now because poor Johan is pretty much ripping out his hair trying to figure this shit out at three AM.

( My design for Colin is still under process, but meanwhile, I’ll be using whaling-void’s design when I do actually draw him. )

Anyway, here’s a shitty sketch for the Colin Fanclub, ‘cause I honestly love Colin so much, lol. Thanks to whaling-void for making me realize what I ever needed in life.

Trott, what have you done…

When we talk of Beth’s return we have theories upon theories and I know many are hoping for a mid-season final return.  This may not be the case, but it would be a really great decision if it is. 

Now this isn’t just great because my TD self wants her to return (though I desperately do), I’m talking great as a storytelling device.  I think it’s pretty obvious that Carl’s losing his eye (stupid Ron) in the MSF.

Showing Beth’s survival  would be a great juxtaposition and a way to tell the audience that Carl can survive this.  While comic book fans know what happens with Carl, the general audience may not.  If you have the closing scene being Carl getting shot through the eye and collapsing, especially if it’s the end scene, it will leave the audience definitely upset and thinking he’s dead.  However, if they follow it up with a Coda scene of Beth being alive (running through the woods with Edwards possibly) it automatically indicates to the audience that getting shot in the head is survivable and a good Doctor is out there for them to use.  

 This allows for a double whammy of tragedy/shock/excitement all in one go. It’d be a double holy shit moment for the audience and would cause excitement and discussion for the audience over the break. Anyone with the internet will know Carl survives the shooting, but everyone will discuss how the hell Beth is alive and how she got where she is. 

Last season was hope followed by disaster and tragedy, they need to flip the script.