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mentions of #pedophilia #child abuse

So here’s the thing. Call out culture has always been and continues to be dangerous and all sorts of fucked up when done on social media, where the situation can spiral out of control at the hands of thousands of people who will 1. Believe anything they read 2. Not bother to fact check 3. Escalate situations to astronomical proportions according to their personal ethical values, sense of justice, and moral absolutism.

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ultimatenumber1gamer  asked:

I am creating a website called Under-Net and I would love to feature a few pieces of your art! I will link whatever you request (Deviantart, tumblr, speed art exetera.) Some of them will not be up right away but instead will be in a list for up coming featured art as they change every Friday! Take your time to think this over if you have doubts, I understand you might think im trying to plagiarise or steal your art, but i am not. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

If you want to post any of my art anywhere (other than in a personal art gallery like Deviantart) go ahead and post my artwork, :D all I ask if please credit me (as you have said you’d do) and please leave a link to my youtube channel. :> 

(the only thing I don’t want you to do with my work is post my videos, and or sell my artwork. So you’re good. :>) 


I am sad because I know I will be too busy for the next month to take the dogs to noseworks.

I will do it at home still

Work on Thistle’s enthusiasm for scent (very much humouring me) and Thyme’s destruction-while-indicating (disqualified!)

but still

am sad

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But the Kanye font isn't even derogatory is it? It's not even his "font," I believe alot of hip-hop artists have used that font, like Nas. As for themes, yeah, it's completely normal to call out haters and certain people, but when you keep doing that style for every single album, it becomes one dimensional...whatever they're calling out. As for the single, how do you scrunch 9 min into 4 min radio edit w/o leaving key parts out of a song? Hey Jude was a little over 7 min and it was unedited.

I don’t see it as a Kanye font - it’s the New York Times headline  EDIT: masthead font:

here’s Kanye’s, which I admit is close enough for people to talk:

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Is there anything Jared gets REAALY pissed / defensive about?

- I mean, you’ve seen him
- he’s pretty defensive about everything
- but especially his teeth
- god bless him
- you find out when you’re just poking fun at eachother
- and you call him bugs (like as in bugs bunny)
- and he goes REAL quiet
- you look at him “…Jared?”
- he just shrugs
- “Jared?” “Whatever. Forget it.”
- you don’t forget it
- you don’t push it either
- one day you ask him about and he clams up again
- so you actually don’t ask anymore
- deciding at its just going to be an unspoken thi you don’t make fun of
- because you don’t always need a heartfelt moment
- they’re hard to get with Jared in the first place
- you just know that’s line you don’t cross, and you don’t have to know why
- one time you hear some asshole making fun of his teeth
- and you shrug “I don’t know, they feel pretty good against my skin.”
- “have you ever been bitten by them? Drives you fucking wild.”
- Jared just goes bright red but he looks so happy
- you kiss him
- he’s so cute
- love this emotionally broken kid

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Why do you think its the right way to respond sarcastically to someone you dont know irl? What if they're sensitive about it? Thats why people call you immature. You dont think twice before you speak. You just say whatever comes in to your mouth. You dont care how your respond effect other peoples feelings. And your sarcasm sounds may sound rude other people, because you sound kinda rude. It may sound ok to you but you can never guess what others will think about it. Just a reminder.

God you’ve sent this twice already and I’ve blocked you twice. Take a hint.

Jasper: “I can and I will! She spent everyday with you! Whole weeks she didn’t eat dinner with our family just so she could stray around with you doin’ illegal and perverted stuff-”

Murphy: “What the hell?! Do you really think I’m a criminal? And bullshit, Bambi!”

Jasper: “Don’t call me Bambi.”

Murphy: “You call me a criminal, I call you whatever I want, blondie! Faye always cancelled our plans after 7pm because she had to be at your family’s beloved family dinner! I never was able to spent the whole night with her! Only thing she would talk about was worrying there wouldn’t be enough time for you and your snob-ass parents!”

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for someone who wanted to start reading spiderman comics, where would you guys recommend to begin? and what are your faves and recommendations?


If you’re looking for a very easy entrance to Spidey from his teenage years, you could start with Spidey (2015) which is a retelling of his origin story but also canonical OR you could read Ultimate Spider-Man from about 16 years back which is very similar to Homecoming and heavily features the Avengers (Ultimates, whatever.)

For his adult life, Dan Slott has written Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man into a billionaire character so it’s immediately very different from Teen Pete™ - there’s also been stuff recently about him working with SHIELD? It’s a whole deal. I personally don’t like his writing very much but everyone has their own opinion.

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, there’s a new series by Chip Zdarsky called Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man which is written more comedic and Johnny Storm is featured a lot.


Parts of Me (part 8)

-A Leonard McCoy x reader mini-series-

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

ISD: Internal System Display

Father?” You hissed. 

“What did they tell you?”

Your closed your mouth with a click and set your jaw.  Suddenly a hand wrapped around your jaw and your face was wrenched towards your father’s. 

“Humans, they lie, Ripple, they lie for their own benefit.  Whatever they told you, it is not true." 

You knew he was using your nickname, ‘Ripple’, against you.  He called you that because he said when you were little you would take jugs of water from the house, pour them on the dirt until they formed a puddle, and drop stones in them to watch the ripples.  He said you did that all day long sometimes.  

"You know you can trust me.” His face was inches from your own, but you couldn’t feel the warmth like you remember you felt when you were next to Leonard, next to Scotty. 

Exhaling stiffly through your nose, you spoke. “They said I’m human.  They said you probably kidnapped me and put the ISD inside of me.  As an experiment.”

Your words rang out in the otherwise silent hall.  The hand fell from your jaw.  

“I was afraid of this.” His back was suddenly turned to you, and you watched as he paced a few steps back and forth. 

Your eyes widened and your jaw ached. “So it’s true?" 

He turned back towards you, his finger on his chin thoughtfully.  But it was his posture that told you everything.  Defensive.  Planning.  Thinking of the next move. 

"It is true.” The words dropped from your lips like sparks from a fire. 

Your father remained silent, his eyes scanning the ground, back and forth.  You decided to risk something then.  You reached out with your display, with your connection to him, and entered his ISD.  

The action sent a sharp shot of pain through your spine, but still you pushed forward, deeper into his system, reaching for his thoughts.  Your vision was flooded with greens and whites as you navigated.  “System Overload” flashed in your vision, red and blaring.  Still you persisted.  You needed to find something out, the truth, or… someway to stop him.

“Tell me.” You weren’t sure if you said the words or projected them into his system. 

“Very well.” His eyes met yours and the world exploded into a world of colour. 

You might have screamed, you might not have, but your thoughts were quickly overwhelmed with images.  Images that you recognized as you as a child, tiny, terrified, huddled in a corner of a… house… as people who looked human approached you.  You could feel the fear of the tiny version of you.  You didn’t know these people.  These people had hurt your parents.  The strangers reached for you and you screamed.

Then, the images switched to a hospital room, a form under white sheets, tiny compared to the large bed.  A wide bandage circled her head.  Your head.  

“The procedure, it was successful." A bodyless voice said. 

Excellent.“ It was the voice of your father. "Prepare for phase 2.”

The world swished sideways again to the familiar image of your metal house, where a slightly older version of you with cropped hair was in the corner, humming a song and cradling a crumpled bedsheet as you would a baby. 

“Ripple, what are you doing?” Your father’s voice snapped and your own head flicked up, dropping the blankets instantly. 

“Nothing, father.” A tiny voice squeaked. 

“You know I do not condone this type of behaviour.”

“Yes, father.” The little girl’s head hung. 

“Now, get back to practicing.”

Pain spreading through your skull woke you from these images, tore them out of your head.  Memories. You realized.  Your father’s memories.  

You couldn’t open your eyes, the pain was so immense, but your display blinked red even behind closed eyes.  You were going to blackout.  

A hand wrapped around your jaw again and forced your face up.  You squeezed your eyes open, gasping for breath as you looked into the stone-cold eyes of your father.  

“I always knew you were not strong enough, Ripple.  I always knew you would disappoint me.” His words cut into you like a knife.

The world went black before you even hit the ground. 

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Funny tho how everyone was posting the snake emoji on Taylor’s social media as like kinda a joke or whatever and ye actual 🐍 looks totally non threatening and now Taylor’s like u gna call me a snake I’m gna show you what a real fucking snake does then which I am HERE FOR

The Middle of the World Chapter 5, a call the midwife fanfic | FanFiction
A rewrite of the Turner family's journey through series 6, with bits of Shelagh's past written in to go along with it.

She looked up at him. “I hate being upset with you, I always feel terrible afterwards.”

He smiled. “Every time one of us is cross at the other we should make silly faces.” He stuck his tongue out at her.

Shelagh chuckled. “Why?”

“Because then we’ll realize that whatever we’re about to quarrel over isn’t ever as serious as it seems.”

She stuck her tongue out at him.

A nice long chapter! Please review or send me a message to let me know what you think! Thanks to everyone who reads! <3 You guys keep me going.

St. Paisios said to a theologian who felt he needed to “tell the truth” to a woman and crushed her:

“Look, you may be tossing golden crowns studded with diamonds to other people, but the way you throw them can smash heads, not only the sensitive ones, but the sound ones also.

Let’s not stone our fellow-man in a so-called “Christian manner.” The person who – in the presence of others – checks someone for having sinned (or speaks in an impassioned manner about a certain person), is not moved by the Spirit of God; he is moved by another spirit.

The way of the Church is LOVE; it differs from the way of the legalists. The Church sees everything with tolerance and seeks to help each person, whatever he may have done, however sinful he may be.

A truly humble person never behaves like a teacher; he will listen, and, whenever his opinion is requested, he responds humbly. In other words, he replies like a student. He who believes that he is capable of correcting others is filled with egotism.”

I cannot stand a man like that. I cannot stand people who just can’t admit they are human and wanted to reach out 2 someone who they used to love and spend all their time with. It’s very natural to wonder about and have moments where you miss an ex lover. My moment was when I heard a particular album being played on my street while I was watching the solar eclipse and I admitted that in an extensive email about how thankful I was for the memories we shared that were kind and beautiful and happy. His response is to call me in the middle of night which is totally okay but when I didn’t pick up cos I was sleeping and too tired to understand that an ex who hasn’t spoken to me in years was calling me, he doesn’t wanna just be a grown ass adult and say “ yeah I wanted to talk to you and see if you’re doing good” or like whatever ya know? I’m not here 4 the bullshit and my email was just a little piece of my nostalgic heart that was dedicated 2 him and in a weird way, I wanted to give back 2 him so he could have it himself. I had memories to get off my chest. I forget others can’t own up to their own feelings tho so….that’s where this ends.


Repost, not reblog! Tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done!

Name: Wanita

Nickname: Wan-Wan, Wanick, family nicknames you dont get to use, wani, whatever you want so long as you don’t call me late for dinner. 

Age: 29

Faceclaim: Llama

Originally posted by huiro

Pronouns:  Idc. 

Height: 5′5

Birthday: Aug. 12th

Aesthetic: Purple, Blue, Black, autumn, pumpkin spice, pumpkin candles, books, the smell of leather and paper, 

Last song you listened to:  Irresistible - Fall Out Boy. 

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written: 

Nita, honestly if you’ve been following me for awhile some of you may know that Nita started out as a self insert on my original blog. Which is why she has my name, it makes it a little weird now that she’s her own character for her to have my name but she refuses to be called anything else so thats where we are now. Honestly I can’t see her with a different name either, but moving on. 

Nita is my favourite oc, and not just because she’s the most dominant/loudest of my muses. This blog started out as her’s after all. But she’s been through so much change, she went from being this half baked idea, to becoming and developing a personality. She’s brash, loud and obnoxious but underneath it all she’s vulnerable, soft and kind. I love her for her complexity, she was different months ago until I had to re-vamp her completely because of a situation that happened that left me unsure if I even wanted to continue to roleplay.

But after a rocky little while, she came back full force when I re-wrote her history. Even now she still surprises me, with her actions and just in general being her. I still have her original design that I feel is still her, but I switched to Krysten Ritter because I feel like she is the perfect fit for my character.

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):

Honestly? I’m not sure, when I first created Nita she was going to be a blogsona something that was a stand in for my old blog, I know i know I’m just repeating what I said in the above paragraphs. But she was well and truly a blank slate, then I ended up slowly being pulled back into roleplaying bit by bit. I started to put more thought into her, a chat I was in helped me develop and shape her personality. 

I think she still has some parts of my personality that I put into her, I know I gave her my anger. I have a very very bad temper, unlike Nita it takes a long while to get me to my boiling point. I also feel she got my resentment towards my father for never being there, but honestly I just really love writing her. She feels so much more complex and darker than any character i’ve written before.

I also love the fact that I’ve made her a half-angel, but you wont see the usual depiction of angels with her. I love the idea of eldritch creatures, of creatures whose beauty is both overwhelming and terrible. I have had so little to work with regarding the Nephillim, the bible makes little to no mention of them. So i’ve basically had to make it up as I go, which I feel helps me as a writer.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:

I love a shit ton about Nita, but lets narrow it down. I love the fact that she’s only willing to go above and beyond for people who have earned it. If she feels a connection to someone, Nita will help them or hell even if it’s something different or new. Nita at her core doesn’t change no matter which au I put her in.

There are few things of me left in her, but she is flawed and that is in my opinion the best part of any muse. Nita kills without a second thought, no remorse or guilt at her very core she is a survivor and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. 

Nita is petulant and childish, often believing she is in the right even when it’s obviously her in the wrong.

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:

Depends, usually music that reminds me of my muses.

Favourite types of threads:

I have a lot, but top 3.
Angst, Smut, and Romantic threads (which tie into the first two)

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:

managing her damn threads… I’m kidding but can you imagine? Nita wants new things all the time which means she’s always constantly seeking out new characters and new experiences. Not to mention she has this strange fascination with characters who are stronger than her and could possibly beat her to death.

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Name: Mitchell

Nickname: Mitch ( I guess, was only called by it once :D)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 5″7

Sexual orientation: Straight (but can admit if someone’s smocking hot :D Looking at you Zig!)

Ethnicity: German

Favorite fruit: Strawberries

Favorite book series: A Song of Ice and Fire

Favorite fictional characters: Becca( <3), Bigby Wolf, Obiwan Kenobi

Favorite flower: Roses (much classic huh, :D)

Favorite scents: freshly baked cookies, rainy days

Favorite color: dark blue

Favorite animal: Wolf

Favorite bands: Don’t really have favorites :D

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate ftw! After that tea

Average hours of sleep: 8 beautiful hours :D

Number of blankets: 1

Dream trip: LA, would love to live there <3

Last thing I googled: R+L=J

How many blogs am I following: 21

Number of followers: 17 ( I really don’t know how, because I’m boring as hell but appreciate all of you, thank you!)

What do I post: Nothing? Just posted a Face claim for Becca(<3) once :D

Do I get asks regularly: Nope!

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