or whatever her name now is!


Armor Mashup: SC Witch of the Wilds + Lind’s Marksmage Garb (featuring Shocky’s Tumblr Gift)

Because I 1) wanted to roll a new witch character and 2) recently downloaded the UNPC body, so naturally I went hunting for UNPC mods and figured out these two mix n’ match nicely. I did recolor the scarf, though.

I made her as a quick test character using a Seranaholic facegen mesh as a base but I’m kinda attached to her now. Had named her Jenny because the first thing I thought of was “Jenny O’ the Woods” for whatever reason, lol.

Okay so I’ve been thinking. We all’ve been assuming that this is Kara being worried about Lena buuut when you take a second glance, you realize Kara looks almost nervous or scared. I think that this is because Lena is opening up to her about (Jack or whatever the love interest name is), and how he is douchey. How he is just another person in her life who has manipulated her, betrayed her, and hasn’t been honest. Now mind you Kara and Lena are “bezzie mates” at this point so they’re pretty close, I can only imagine how much harder it is becoming to keep her identity from Lena. Are you starting to catch what I’m throwin peeps? Okay so in this scene Lena is talking about douche guy and then she’s all, “except for you Kara. You’re the only person in my life who has ever been 100% honest and true to me.” And Cue Kara’s “oh crap” face. As she’s conflicted between finally dropping that last hint of doubt in the back of her mind, risking their fragile friendship, and telling Lena everything. Or continuing to lie to Lena and gaining more and more of her trust and heart while the guilt eats away at her. Which is why I also think Lena will learn the truth one way or another this episode as we see in the promo, right after the screen talking about finding out the truth, we see a cut of Kara’s shirt burned through the middle so you see the House of El crest under it. Idk dudes…. Idk.

Translation: ‘Religion’ - 29.11

Text from Isak’s father

Isak! That’s enough! I’ve tried to get ahold of you for days.
I know you’re angry with me and that you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. I hope you’ll understand that one day.
I’m doing the best I can.

(Isak scrolls through all the messages from his father)

Isak replies:

Fine. I’ll join you for the Christmas concert. Bringing my new boyfriend, his name is Even. That’s a boys’ name.

Don’t quite understand if you’re making a joke right now?
It’s very nice if you have a boyfriend, Isak, I really want to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed easily.

(Isak starting to type a reply)


(He puts the phone down without sending)

Sana: Hey.

Isak: Hey.

Sana: Forgot about the essay?

Isak: Yep.

Sana: Did you see the link that I sent you?

Isak: Um, no? What was is?

Sana: It was just a link to an article.

Isak: Okay, what’s it about?

Sana: Just about some research about…evolution. And homosexuality.

(Isak looks at Sana, then continues to work on his computer)

Sana: I was just thinking about that discussion we had a while back, and uh, I rarely get things wrong, but it turns out I was wrong. In that discussion. Because homosexuality has been a..well, had a natural function in evolution. And there’s…lots of new and interesting research about it. So uh…I was wrong.

Isak: What..about Islam, then? Anything new and interesting to report, or is it still the same?

Sana: Islam says what it always say: That all people in this world are equal and that no person should experience people talking behind their back, that no offence should be made against them, that they should not be judged, or made into a laughingstock. So if you hear anybody use religion to legitimise their hate, then don’t listen to them. Because hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher (off screen)
We’ll start the class by you handing in your essays to my email.

Sorry guys, I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time; i know that some of the sentences might sound a bit weird.


EDIT Also one thing.. In the translation, I use the word boyfriend, but in Norwegian we use this word ‘kjæreste’ (meaning: loved one/dearest) and it’s a gender neutral term for a lover. That’s why Isak’s being extra snarky by emphasising that Even is a boys’ name, when writing to his dad.

My final words on the Lauren Zuke drama

I’m already starting to see “go die” comments directed at Lauren, tagged ship hate, etc. so I felt this to be necessary.

Real life person > fictional characters and ships

All she said was “I don’t speak for my coworkers, but this is what I intended. Ship whatever you want”. That’s it.

I am an animator, myself. I can tell you all, right now: Storyboards, and everything else on a show, have to get approval. Not just by people working on the show, but by producers, censors, etc. The lapidot and amedot stuff did not get slipped in “unnoticed”. The rest of the crewniverse knew, and animated it, and sent it to air.

Also, Zuke isn’t the only person to draw Amedot/Lapidot.

If there’s lapidot or amedot hints in future non-Zuke episodes, are y’all still going to send her death threats? Call her names? If you want to analyze a show on your own blog, go for it. But once you start dragging in real life people, insulting them, telling them to “go die”, you need to take a step back and calm the hell down. And tagging your ship hate has always been stupid, regardless of fandom.

If you value fictional characters over real life people, unfollow me.

Cassian: *doesn’t want to trust Jyn but allows her to keep the gun anyway*

Cassian: *shouts Jyn’s name whenever she puts herself in danger’s way*

Cassian: *looks impressed when Jyn takes down the stormtroopers by herself*

Cassian: *tries to convince himself that Jyn is now expendable so he can now leave her*

Cassian: *goes to find Jyn first before leaving when Jedha’s bombed even though he already told himself she was expendable*

Cassian: *tells Jyn she can’t go with him and Bodhi because she’s the messenger and she shouldn’t be harmed (sure, Cassian, whatever you say)*

Cassian: *plans to shoot Galen Erso but hesitates*

Cassian: *sees Jyn through his telescope* *panics*

Cassian: *tells the Rebel Alliance not to bomb the base*

Cassian: *when the base is bombed, only one word escapes his lips: Jyn*

Cassian: *goes to save Jyn even though it’s highly dangerous and he might be killed*

Cassian: *tries to tell himself that the reason he’s attached to Jyn is based on logic and pragmatism (sure)*

Cassian: *can’t stop thinking about Jyn though*


Me: *sips drink, eats fries* Oh Cassian dear…

You know what, I’m getting fuckign tired of this 

Lets come up with some hypothetical scenario. Say I wanted to make a gender bend, say I wanted to turn Lance Mcclain from a user of he/him pronouns, to a user of she/her pronouns. Lance as a boy, looks like this

So, I’m gonna genderbend this character, ready? The picture of Lance below is now Lance Mcclain but now they will be a girl

Are you surprised? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, since common genderbends usually make that character into stereotypes for that gender

When you genderbend a character you are implying that

  • All people fit on the gender binary
  • All characters are cisgendered
  • Someone who uses she/her pronouns must look traditionally feminine while a user of he/him pronouns must look traditionally masculine
  • And when you Change Lance’s name to Laura or Lily or whatever the fuck, your implying that names have to change with your gender identity

So artists, your art is amazing and lovely and you have great skills! But when your idea of a gender-bend is turning a teen aged boy into a character with big boobs and an hourglass figure, guess what, that is harmful! 

I know making art is hard and it’s very time consuming and I’m greatful artists with such great skills wanna draw for our fandoms! Your amazing! But you have to know your media will spread and when someone who’s young sees that art and starts thinking that in order to be a girl you must look ‘feminine’, that affects how they view the world! And they take those stereotypes with them.

You want proof? You don’t believe me? I used to be that child! I was young and impressionable and I saw these amazing drawings and for a while I thought that in order for me to be a girl I had to look like those girls in the pictures! And when I looked at the girls section of the clothes store and I didn’t want to wear anything that was there, It did tremendous damage on my self confidence! 


I was going through reblogs and reading tags and @occultgoths brought to my attention that genderbends are also intersexist! Since the implication that in order to belong to a certain identity, you have to have a certain pair of genitals or ‘look like’ that certain identity is also harmful to intersex people! Thank you to that person for bringing this to my attention! 


- Your local demigirl

  • (Reaper is in view of the camera, his eye super close to the lens; you can barely see from his nose to his hairline)
  • Reaper: Hey, you there! Can you see us? Why aren’t you answering? Yes you, the dumb-looking bastard in the monitor!
  • (Reaper pulls back with a wicked grin; you can now see his mouth just barely in view of the camera)
  • Reaper: Well, whatever.
  • (Reaper bows slightly to the camera. You can now see Widowmaker polishing her rifle and Sombra on a computer in the background.)
  • Reaper: This is an advanced military crime organization. Let me introduce the strike members. First, Talon member 001; The founder and vile mastermind... Reaper...
  • Widowmaker: 'Gabey' sounds cuter though...
  • Reaper: Silence! 'Reaper' is simply my cover name. Next, Talon member 002; Costume designer, and the only sniper in the group, Widowmaker!
  • (Reaper points to her dramatically, prompting Widowmaker to stand and wave)
  • Widowmaker: Hello.
  • Reaper: And finally, Talon member 003; The super hacka, Sombra!
  • (He moves to the side, pointing to Sombra, who turns her head from her computer to talk to him)
  • Sombra: It’s 'hacker', not 'hacka', chorra.
  • (Reaper then pushes his face into the camera lens again)
  • Reaper: Those three are the only members.
  • Submitted by NordinTheLich

things may seem dreary but now we get to see…

1) jealous maggie

listen my dudes. this is going to be so great. imagine when things blow over and alex is confiding in maggie about this lovely new girl she met. maggie is trying to be a good friend but she’s SO AGITATED. why does alex keep talking about this girl? is she trying to antagonize her? of course alex was going to find someone but… she didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. she wants to change the subject but alex is grinning and babbling on about whatever-her-name-is. she begrudgingly listens. 

2) salty kara 

some police chick broke her sister’s heart and she is NOT pleased. passive aggression ensues. she refuses to learn her name. “hey sanders you forgot to bag this evidence” “he got away again! nice going somers…” 

3) alex danvers kissing multiple! women!! and exploring her sexuality!!! on prime television!!!! I AM SO ALIVE. 

Trump supporters launch #TrumpCup as a protest against Starbucks
Trump supporters have started asking for their Starbucks drinks under Trump's name as a movement against the coffee giant.
By Alex Leininger, CNN

Conservatives love to pretend like its liberals who are thin skinned, whiny little snowflakes. But really? Look at this shit. 

Some asshole gets filmed screaming at a barista and calling her “trash” and “garbage” in between rants about Trump and how he won and whatever. And because what? He got filmed being a dick, conservatives are now taking it out on baristas by “making them say trumps name”?

Bitches. We’ve been calling out “Mrs Beiber” for years now. This shit aint gonna phase us. The only embarrassment we’re gonna feel is secondhand. 

Lady Antebellum would like Taylor Swift to write a song for them, too

Mesfin Fekadu , The Associated Press 
Published Monday, February 6, 2017 8:57AM EST 

HOUSTON – Taylor Swift has written hit songs for herself for years, but she recently lent her talent to others, from former boyfriend Calvin Harris to country act Little Big Town.

And now Grammy-winning country group Lady Antebellum wants the Swift-song treatment.

“I mean honestly Taylor, call us,” Hillary Scott said in an interview Sunday. “Like, we’re up for whatever,” she added with a laugh. “Let’s go.”

Swift wrote “Better Man” for Little Big Town, and the tune topped the Billboard Hot country songs chart this month – bringing Swift’s name back to the country charts after launching her powerhouse pop career in 2014.

After short hiatus, Lady Antebellum is back with new music

Charles Kelley of Lady A said they would maybe want Swift to write “a nostalgic song … we like nostalgic songs.”

And Kelley said there’s something else they want: a No.1 smash.

“I hope it would be No.1. That’s all I want,” he said. “It better go No. 1 though. If we cut a song and it goes like No.2, I’m going to be so disappointed.”

Swift performed “Better Man” and “This Is What You Came For” at a pre-Super Bowl concert this past weekend. The Harris track, which earned Swift a writing credit under alias Nils Sjoberg, features Rihanna. It peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100, giving Harris his highest placement on the chart.

About Isabella’s last name...

Remember that awkward moment in 3x08 when Ed saw Kringle’s vision in the mirror? Well the most interesting thing was those pills in Isabella’s mirror when Ed opened it. We can see her full name on them, I believe it’s ISABELLA FLINT or something what starts with “FL”, maybe FLYNN or whatever. But what is more intersting it’s a pills themselves. I can’t read a title but I know that she is definetely nuts right? I doubt that sane person will keep something like probably-prescribed-by-a-psychologist-pills on his/her locker. 

But I suppose it doesn’t matter now when she is dead. 

But still the main question is. Why. Ed. Didn’t. Attach. His. Attention? He’s acting like a goddamn Sherlock Holmes when he wants to. But what’s wrong with him in all that Isabella-Kringle crap? He knew her only for a week right? And didnt’t even investigate something about her past?  The point is that relationship between Ed and Isabella is far more sick than Penguin’s obsession with Ed.

Well in that case Penguin did him a favor. I mean romance with that woman never could end well. 

anonymous asked:

How did Fin lose his arm? (You've probably already gotten this before but I haven't seen it.)

In the Continuation War…

((Finland’s map used to look like this in 1920-1940. Notice how it sort of looks like a lady in a skirt with her arms raised? (That’s the Finnish Maiden yo. Though we all know hetalia’s personification is a dude but whatever.)))

((This map marks the areas that Finland ceded to the Soviet Union after the Continuation war. The most noticeable change is the now missing other “arm”. Great fuel for fucked up headcanons.))

Nomi Ryder


So that girl Khadjizah or whatever the fuck her name is isn’t missing. I had a feeling she wasn’t which is why I didn’t reblog those damn posts. She’s the chick who got caught with nudes of minors and was either selling them or about to sell them to some sugar daddies or whoever the fuck. I’ve seen her selfies and shit all on tumblr with ppl gawking over her and for w/e reason just seeing her ass just irked me and now I know why. She’s a fucking scammer and apparently okay with selling child porn according to folks on twitter. That’s why some ppl think she went hiding

Day Twenty

-An old woman purchased an umbrella due to the sudden rain we had today. She asked me to teach her how to use it. It was a normal umbrella. She was so grateful and I have never been happier to help someone.

-A skeleton head that repeats whatever you say to it has been floating around the registers. I have chosen him as my best friend. His name is Skully. I am saddened when he is taken from me.

-Now that it is fall, my festive summer-themed stickers have been replaced. This was to be expected. I did not expect them to be replaced with easter-themed stickers. I consider this both a personal affront and I sign for me to bring in my Christmas themed stickers the second it becomes October.

-A four year old boy left the store with his family. His family walked out silently. He walked out, bow-legged, clutching his rear end, quietly chanting “shake your booty”. I now consider this the only way to make an exit.

-The woman who purchased a large box of WWE trading cards for herself returned today. She purchased nothing but five additional WWE packs. I admire anyone this passionate about a hobby. I wonder about how this became hers.

-A little girl was purchasing a doll with her grandmother. I asked her how she was. She told me that she had two good things happen today and two bad things. After she finished listing them, I handed her a sticker, to which she gleefully informed me that she now had more good than bad. I might as well turn in my two-weeks’ notice now, because my work here is done.

-I asked a small child if he would like a sticker. He bluntly told me, “No.” I do not know how to handle this kind of rejection.

-I heard tales from two guests about a friend of theirs who became anxious when spending too much money and would sprint from the checkout line to the back of the store to get a cheaper package of plates at the advice of the cashier. They seemed to find this funny, but I consider this the only way to shop.

-Skully was returned to me. Unfortunately, his stay was not long. He began repeating every beep and click of the register, driving my fellow cashier mad. It’s fine, though. Me and him are taking a break, but I expect us to make amends soon enough.

-A man asked a woman if she drinks coffee in hopes of chatting her up. This occurred inside Starbucks, with a woman drinking a large coffee. It was a safe question, but I feel he could have tried a little harder.

-I witnessed Cat Lady leave the store as surreptitiously as one with such a reputation can. She did not go through the checkout lanes, and she had her hand suspiciously inside of her coat. I am worried that she has turned to a criminal life and will move on from Cat Lady to become Cat Burglar.

-A woman offered to sell me one of her children before exchanging any of the normal pleasantries one would. Unfortunately, she was talked out of it before I was able to make an offer.

-Two men approach. One hands his card to the other and walks away. The remaining man attempted to check out, before taking a look at the prompt on the card reader. He sadly looked up and whispered, “My buddy’s turding and I don’t know his pin.” This poor man cannot catch a break. 

-I am beginning to feel guilty about the amount of baby-sized fedoras I let people buy. By ringing them up, I am a part of the problem.

-A guest insisted that I was to blame for Target charging her twice for an item she purchased across the country several years ago. While I did not appreciate her manners, I was very flattered by her estimation of the power I had.