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this wasn’t requested. (sidenote: do i even answer requests anymore?? i’m a terrible person…) i just saw a post and wanted to write something out of it.



a/n: roses are my favorite so. i hope you guys like this one!

To say it had been a rough few weeks would be an understatement. 

Your homework had piled on top of itself, your mother was riding your ass about what your plans were after college, you had hardly slept, you had had a headache for the entire week, and to make it all worse, Shawn was touring. You were alone.

How’s it going, love?

You read the message on your phone, contemplating how you wanted to respond. You could either reply honestly and distract him from whatever it was he was doing, or you could lie.

Just great, baby. How’s tour?

Naturally, you choose the latter. There’s no point in bothering him or making him worry about you. You send the response and put down your phone, sinking into the couch and taking a sip of your tea. The mountain of work sitting on your desk is calling your name, a haunting shriek reminding you of your current unproductive state. But you can’t right this second, exhaustion has officially set in, and even the thought of moving from the silence of your living room is too much to handle.

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How did you know that your husband was the man God planned for you to be with? Were there any signs?

Hi friend,

I didn’t really know at first. I did, however, know that Matthew was the first man that I ever trusted right away. I just felt comfortable around him. I trusted him. Right away. Which was very unusual for me as I tend to be extremely uneasy around men and it takes a lot for me to fully trust them. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he was a genuinely good person. I knew that he was willing to do whatever it took to make me happy. He put me and my wants before himself and his wants. He brought me closer to God. He made me want to be a better person. He made me want to talk to God and read His Word and love others like never before. He wasn’t like other guys who had been interested in me. He wasn’t of the world. He didn’t text me inappropriate things or tell me inappropriate things. He wasn’t just in it for my body. He was in it for me. He loved me. Fully. No matter what. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he loved me (like it says for husbands to in Ephesians 25-33), and I knew that he loved Jesus. 

All my love,


I’m extremely curious about what Gideon has planned though.  Whatever it is, he specifically needs Killian to be out of Storybrooke.  Does this mean that Killian could somehow be the key to stopping whatever it is he’s trying to do?  Is Killian the only one who can save Emma?  What if we get a TLK out of this, guys??  What if it’s a curse of some kind that for some reason Henry isn’t able to break?  Oooooh this is getting me excited…

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Do you think kaneki is pushing off his conversation with touka because he's just afraid of what she might see in him? Like he's afraid she'll be able to tell his real intention. Do you think he's afraid that his emotions for touka will make it harder for him to do whatever it is he's planning?

Kaneki is always afraid of Touka’s honesty because she’s basically one of the few people who really know who he is (she told him that in the bridge, that she knows him better than he knows himself). She scared the shit out of him in chapter 72 just by being there minutes before his “suicide”, he knows that she has the power to change things in him, so talking to her is always a huge inner battle for Kaneki. I’m not sure if he’s pushing off the conversation, many important things were happening like Akira waking up, Amon coming back… but he’s isolating himself again (everyone were like “ohh where’s Kaneki? I haven’t seen him in all day”) and when Takizawa found him he was alone staring at the city. So you could say he’s kinda running away or just wanting to spend time alone, so I think Touka could be the one to remind him that they have to talk, I’m not sure if Kaneki will go to her and give the first step. 


Whatever Barry is doing, he’s not allowed to kill anyone…

Oh my god, is he here to break Ross out? I hope not, because Ross taking part in a jailbreak would only make her seem even more guilty.



Also, Barry expressed keen interest in Xing, so that is very interesting to me.

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Could I request how the chocobros would spend time with their future children? Thanks hun x

Oooh, this was so cute to imagine!!!

Noctis knows what it’s like to be a lonely only child, especially when their father is the King. He’d make sure that he was there to meet them after school, help them with their homework and spend as much time as possible with them, he doesn’t want them to suffer a lonely childhood so he’d practically do whatever they asked of him.

Prompto would definitely do a mini photoshoot with his child, be it them wanting to be a princess or a knight, a wizard, anything, he’d make sure that they’d find the perfect backdrop for their shoot and take as many photos as possible. Afterwards, he’d have the best ones put on display in his house.

Gladio would be the sort to allow his kid to draw all over him, they’ve seen the tattoos that he has over his arms and torso - he remembers laughing for a good while the first time they asked when the pictures would appear on their body. If it’s not drawing on Gladio, it’s make up. He’s happy to have his nails painted or to wind up with glitter in his beard from it, on the condition that his child is happy, he’d do anything for them.

Ignis has come up with a lot of recipes over the years, so you can be sure that he’d spend time teaching his child how to cook a variety of different dishes - not to mention helping them develop their own skills. Another thing he likes to do is pretend to be a food critique after they make a dish for the first time and gives an over the top reaction to how good the food is.

Having kids with Dean Would Include...

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Requested by @bladeambrose10

👪 Dean is a fantastic parent 

👪 He is so keen to do things with your children 

👪 He doesn’t mind sitting on the floor and colouring with your son/daughter

👪 Wanting to do fun things with your children all the time 

👪 He records all of your children’s first so he can look back at them when he’s on the road 

👪 Being a very chilled Dad 

👪 But boy he’s protective 

👪 If you have a Daughter then she’s definitely a Daddy’s girl 

👪 If you have a son then he’s definitely Dean’s biggest fan 

👪Taking the kids to Smackdown as much as a possible 

👪 Taking the kids out on outings 

👪 To the park 

👪 To the cinema 

👪 To the funfair 

👪 Schooling is important to Dean, he wants his children to be able to do whatever they want in their life. 

👪 Helping them with their homework when he can 

👪 Going to parents evening 

👪 Video chatting with his children every day right before they go to bed no matter what time zone he’s in 

👪 Dean knowing how to cheer your children up in an instant 

👪 Dean being a calm yet fair Father

👪 He doesn’t like telling your children off but when he has to he does 

👪 Always making up with your children afterwards.

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BTOB: falling in love at first sight

Eunkwang: I feel like he wouldn’t really belive in these kinda things, so when he actually experiences it, he’s totally dumbfounded. He’ll try and play it off but he’s completely lost staring at you and anticipating your every move.

Minhyuk: he’s totally a hopeless romantic and will try to talk to you if it’s possible. He’ll try and get near to you in hopes of starting a conversation and to low key just see you from up close. He wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you and he’ll do whatever he can to see you again.

Changsub: also not the type to be into those cheesy romantic things at first, but you’ve totally caught him off guard and he’s completely smitten at this point. Might try to get one of his friends to get you to talk to him, or he might get a burst of confidence and talk to you.

Hyunsik: omg this puppy will keep shyly smiling at you, and that’s all the encouragement you need to approach him first. He won’t stop blushing and smiling, even though he might play it cool and not make a fool of himself.

Peniel: low key always hoped he’d meet the love of his life at first sight. When you two locked eyes, it would feel like nothing else existed but the two of you. He’d try his best to gather his courage and come up to you to start a conversation.

Ilhoon: despite his usual cool and calm exterior, he’ll be freaking out. He might break a sweat just to work up the courage to approach you. He’s the human version of a heart eyes emoji, basically.

Sungjae: I could totally see him being calm and approach the situation tactfully. He knows he’s handsome, and you’re hella attractive, so what could go wrong? He’ll woo you with his charms and you’ll be in the palm of his hand.

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Can i get some headcanons for rohan, jotaro, kakyoin, and josuke with a s/o that really loves plants

I hope these are okay!

☆ Rohan ☆

  • He’s not particularly interested in plants; he’s had to do a bit of research on them for his manga, but all around he’s neutral. If it what makes his s/o happy, then whatever; he won’t do too much arguing if his s/o starts decorating the house or tending a garden.
  • Admittedly, he thinks it’s kind of cute how they talk to the flowers in the windowsill; he’d never say anything about it though, and may occasionally snark at them for their habits.

  • He eventually grows fond of all the plants; they give him something to sketch absentmindedly when his s/o isn’t around, and he didn’t quite realize how much they’d brighten up his home. He may begin adding a few plants to his s/o’s increasing collection- but if they mention it, he’ll get prickly.

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Surprisingly, Jotaro knows a decent amount about plants and flowers. His parents have always been into gardening, so it’s just kind of something he picked up without realizing it.
  • He doesn’t particularly care either way, but when his mother learns that his s/o likes plants, she won’t leave them alone. Nearly every week she’s telling Jotaro to give his s/o this flower bulb, or maybe this new bag of soil, or a few new flower pots; normally he’d argue, but these gifts make his s/o happy, so he just rolls with it.

  • On occasion, he may surprise his s/o by taking them to a local flower festival as a date. He pretends it’s a hassle, but he’s clearly enjoying himself.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin’s equally interested in plant life, so he enjoys having an s/o he can share that with. He finds gardening relaxing; he’s set up a space in his backyard filled with nothing but his favorite flowers, and he’s more than willing to share that with his s/o, planting their favorite flowers there too.
  • He’s also very good at flower arranging, so if his s/o knows anything about flower meanings, he’ll enjoy putting together bouquets for them to see if they can figure out what each one means.

  • He also thinks it’s cute how excited his s/o gets around new flowers or trees; since he loves seeing their face light up, he may want to bring them along next time his family takes a trip, so they can see the local plant life firsthand.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Josuke knows very little about plants, so he won’t quite understand why his s/o likes them so much, but he’ll do his best to enjoy them too. He’ll probably ask the same few questions over and over, but at least he’s trying to learn.
  • Whenever he sees a new kind of flower, he’s picking it or buying it to take home and show his s/o, to see if they know what it is and if they like it. His mom gets jealous, so he starts bringing her random flowers too.
  • He helps his s/o keep their plants alive a bit longer than usual by using Crazy Diamond; this seems to have some odd side effects though, so he might have to stop that eventually.

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Hi ;D I'm looking for some good fanfics where Merlin is seriously injured. For instance, he gets blind or losing his memory and Arthur is doing whatever he can to help him, to comfort him in any possible way. Merthur's required. Will you help? <3

Whuuu Patri~ this is a tough one :D I know that there is a work from the current reverse bang that includes exactly what you described. As soon it gets released I will send it to you ❤ so for now, I haven’t read a lot of fics with this topic yet but there are two I would gladly recommend you!

Saving Merlin by @arthur-the-cute/WordsAreTrulyBeautiful
I have no idea how often I read this one. I’ve lost count. It’s such a lovely fanfiction I would always recommend *throws kudos at the author*

Summary: A prompt given to me via my ask box on Tumblr: Season one, The Poisoned Chalice. Arthur is in the room when he thinks Merlin has died and instead of Gwen kissing Merlin, Arthur does. Challenge accepted. (Words: 22794)

Every Inch of Stone by significantowl
This is probably not what you asked for but I would like every Merlin fan to read this one. It’s a Brolin fanfiction in which Bradley is worried about Colin (while they are filming in Pierrefonds) and tries to help him as good as he can. Ohh it’s just brilliant!
Summary: Inspired by the video diaries from the first series. Pierrefonds is full of history, and history is full of very strange things. Trust the very strange Colin Morgan to get thoroughly mixed up in them - and bring Bradley right along with him. (Words: 25168)

I hope you like them just as much as I do ❤

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Nova would you get jelly jelly if Connor dates an other girl

Nova; psst, no why would i get jelly? there’s no reason to get jelly. none what so every, Connor can do whatever he wants. jelly. psst, yeah right. haha i laugh at that. LAUGH HAHAHA……he….he’s not right?

Small dog owners are so fucking annoying and stupid letting their little dogs run around off leash like literally what the fuck is wrong with you it’s your responsibility to control your dog and keep it out of trouble and when your dumb fuck ass lets it off leash and it runs over to my dog (who is 110 lbs and really does not like other dogs) literally what the fuck am I supposed to do he’s on a leash like he should be meanwhile your little dog just doing whatever the fuck he wants bc you’re a moron who shouldn’t own an animal. This literally happened to my mom today and not only could the smaller dog have gotten hurt but so could she bc Ronan is really strong and he can knock either one of us down if he really wanted to and when there’s a tiny yappy dog running up to him provoking him he’s gonna get pissed and pull really hard on the leash lmao like god I’m so fucking mad this is why there is such a stigma around big dog breeds being “dangerous”

Odette’s First Composition

So as we’ve previously mentioned, Viktor decides to keep on his career with coaching after Yuuri’s retirement. First it’s Yurio (who was in need of a coach after Yakov himself finally retires), but it eventually becomes more. His star students are always the two Yuris’ and Mirai though. 

Due to this the case often is that Viktor can do whatever he wants during the summer (this family have the best vacations together) but the winter often gets pretty busy and involves a lot of travelling. 

This doesn’t really phase Yuuri, Misha, and Mirai. They’re all professional athletes. Travelling all the time is just part of the drill. 

One person who does not like this drill, however, is Odette. She is one of those children who feels somewhat uncomfortable when her entire family is not at home for an extended period of time. It’s become some kind of a tradition that if Viktor has a night or early morning flight, he will put Odette to bed, even when she’s old enough to herself. 

Odette isn’t always the best at talking about her feelings, so she expresses it in this case by cuddling up to Viktor as close as she possibly can. The octopus-like cuddles are probably the one thing she does get from her Papa. Every time this happens, Odette will fall asleep to Viktor humming some made up tune. 

In one instance, Viktor has to be away for two weeks due to competitions in quick succession. It’s the longest Odette has ever gone without seeing her Papa. Whilst she’s definitely closer to Yuuri most of the time, there’s still something missing. So, when she’s not at school that week, Odette spends most of her time in her room experimenting on her piano. 

Yuuri’s actually pretty surprised when Odette asks if they can pick Viktor up from Pulkovo Airport. It’s not something they’d usually do just because these trips happen quite a lot. However, it’s also been the longest time in a while for Yuuri, Misha, and Mirai too. They’ve seen him on TV of course and Skype but it’s just not the same. There’s no argument. 

So Yuuri plus three kids plus their dog Pontik are waiting in their airport mid-afternoon. Surprisingly, it’s Odette who spots him first, and she nearly knocks Viktor to his feet with the force of her hug. He’s pretty surprised at this, because Odette is usually so shy and timid. Viktor really is knocked over once Misha and Mirai have also caught wind of this, and at 16 and 14, they’re a lot heavier than their little sister. The kids are so happy to see him that they don’t even react to their parents kissing 

Once they’re home, Yuuri starts making katsudon, though Viktor does mutter that technically he wasnt the one who actually won the competition. 

Whilst they’re waiting, Odette shyly tugs Viktor into her bedroom and sits at her piano. Viktor feels his heart pump because Odette rarely lets anybody watch her play piano, even Yuuri. It takes him a moment, but he recognises it as the tune he hums to her sometimes. He nearly finds himself crying, especially with the beauty that Odette plays with. (Note: I was imagining this piece

Yuuri comes in to announce that dinner is ready, to find the two hugging each other. He figures dinner can wait another five minutes. 

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What do you think of John's "thoughts" about what he might do for work? I think he'd be great, I don't think he gives himself enough credit.

John will excel at whatever he decides to do.  He’s extraordinary.


ur a filthy sweetheart


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time