that was fucking scary: the firetruck just stopped in front of our house and they wanted to get in, so i rushed to the door before they’d like, start pounding on it or whatever, heart in my throat because if something fucking burning and i didn’t notice?!, but it appears they got the address wrong

(it’s the house two numbers down that has a burning chimney, again)

I want Ichabod to say these words while cradling her face in his hands: “My heart belongs to you, Abbie. It has been yours for quite some time. Know this - as long as it takes, whatever you need, rest assured, I shall be by your side. And when the time comes when you are ready to give your heart to me, I shall treasure it and keep it safe for all time, for it is the most precious gift I could ever receive.”

Reading Policies, Agreements & Guidelines

Ideally before a client even pays you for a reading, they should have a good idea of what to expect from the reading and what you’ll expect from them. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to have a document handy detailing these things for them to read and agree to.

Here is a template to follow if you’re not sure where to start!

[Brief Overview of Your Reading Philosophy]

Why do you offer this service? What do you think the purpose of it is? What do you ultimately hope to offer your client? 

[Subjects You Will and Won’t Read For]

I, for example, am happy to do love readings, and to read for third parties. I don’t like to do health readings, or legal readings. I won’t tell you if I see death in the cards. I will only take deity readings on a case by case basis, so you need to ask me first.


This should include both how much you charge for readings and the ways you’re willing to accept that payment (paypal, credit card, cash, gift card, whatever), and if you take equivalent trades. You should also mention if you charge by the minute, by the spread, or through some other method.

If you offer a certain number of follow up questions or clarifier cards, you may want to mention that here, if going over that amount will lead to the need for a new payment for a new reading. Some people offer discounted follow up readings, and that could go here as well.

[Card and Reading Options]

This could be something as simple as “I do tarot, Lenormand, and Unicorn card readings” or “I offer divination through cards, water or stone scrying, or trance.”

You can also mention specific decks you work with here, and what their strengths are, but if this is a long list I personally suggest having that available separately.

If the client is supposed to pick the deck, or if you choose for them, this a good place to mention that, and you can also follow this up with specific spreads you offer (which, again, may be included on another page if this is a long section).

[Client Responsibilities & Rights]

Is the client allowed to ask questions during the reading, or should they wait until you’re finished? I tell my clients that they should take their own notes on the reading, because I’m not going to be able to do so while giving them the reading, and when I’m done I’m not likely to remember what I’ve told them.

I also make sure that my clients know they’re allowed to give me as much or as little information that they’re comfortable with, although I may ask them to stop if I feel like they’re giving me things I don’t want or need to know. But also, if I ask them a question and they don’t feel comfortable answering that, then they don’t have to.

Whatever a client needs to know about their behavior during a reading would ideally go here.

[Reader’s Responsibilities & Rights]

If you didn’t mention things that you’re not willing to talk about under an earlier heading, you could throw that in here. 

If you have a “stop” card protocol, mention that here, as well as if there are any other reasons you may choose to end the reading early, up to and including, “I don’t want to do this.”

Also include things like any time limits you may have both on yourself (turn around times on delivering email readings for example) and the client (”I won’t spend more than an hour and a half with you on this reading and once the clock runs out, we’re finished and I can leave.”).

As a witch, I have a special notice here about curses. I will read for you and tell you if the cards say you’re cursed, but if the answer is yes, that puts me in an awkward position if you then want to hire me as a witch to help you take care of it, due to the infamous curse & candle scam. 

Remember that it’s important for readers to have good boundaries with their clients, so don’t be afraid to make them policy.


If you offer refunds, detail when a reading is eligible for one and when it isn’t. It’s definitely best to be clear about this upfront so that no one comes away justifiably disappointed with the situation.

There’s definitely more information you could include, but this should be enough to get one started!