or whatevah

Noah fence but do kaisoo shippers have nothing to do but mess up the chansoo tag? Like are y'all really that threatened by our ship that you NEED to tag and mention it when you make a post about your ship??? Chill bros it’s not our fault just love your ship and leave us alone GDI

I can’t simply depart from my male sona lol he’s just too cool (and gay) :> but I don’t like him pfffttt oh yeah I changed a little his clothes, to make look more “manly”??? whatevah~

Family pic!! Chu~

All stars 2 dream cast

-India’s breast plate
-Ru’s season 2 beat up titty
-Laganjas lost nail
-Gia Gunn’s hula hoop purse
-Season 1 ladder
-Sasha fierce portrayed by Kenya Michaels
-Manilas real porcupine or whatevah’
-Serena Cha Cha’s soft sculpture college professor
-Ivy’s stilts
-Miss Fame and Henrietta as a tag team
-Lil poundcake
-Phi Phi’s angry neck vein
-Santinos no drag knowledge mouth
-Latrices one pair of black boots

Sooo… I wanted to see how Yusei looked like with short hair o3o actually, I didn’t expect this at all. Plus, he’s in an armor because I was watching How to train your dragon 2 and I heard the word “knight” so many times I started fantasizing -3-” …ignore me lol https://instagram.com/p/7JbkMWj530/


draw the squad ft. the revolutionary crew


If she says yes, the people here will be cared for. Her father will be cared for, and not left alone. If she says no, there is no telling how the Commander will retaliate.

If she says yes —

bang, bang (my baby shot me down), a jyn/krennic fic by @wendy-daahling

I’ve been listening to RHCP’s “The Getaway” a ton lately and their song “Go Robot” is so catchy so here’s a GIF I made from that song! One line, with a pen.

(Anthony Kiedis! I am an artist from Michigan! Show me some love ;)! 💜 @chilipeppers )

@redhotchilipeppers (I know these are fan blogs but whatevah)


Cute dorks being cute <33

I had no idea what to do and this idea came up so i thought Why the hell not?

So here it is, hope you guys like it <3

Roy, he’s sniffing your nose, obviously, what else would he do???