or whatevah


If she says yes, the people here will be cared for. Her father will be cared for, and not left alone. If she says no, there is no telling how the Commander will retaliate.

If she says yes —

bang, bang (my baby shot me down), a jyn/krennic fic by @wendy-daahling

All stars 2 dream cast

-India’s breast plate
-Ru’s season 2 beat up titty
-Laganjas lost nail
-Gia Gunn’s hula hoop purse
-Season 1 ladder
-Sasha fierce portrayed by Kenya Michaels
-Manilas real porcupine or whatevah’
-Serena Cha Cha’s soft sculpture college professor
-Ivy’s stilts
-Miss Fame and Henrietta as a tag team
-Lil poundcake
-Phi Phi’s angry neck vein
-Santinos no drag knowledge mouth
-Latrices one pair of black boots

Jyurio post-canon relationship headcanons:

actually i didnt want to post this bcs this may end up being nonsensical if they make a second season but u know what, whatevah

+they have bonded over being the pettiest lil shits towards each other.
+absolute competitive rivals and awkward non-friends at the same time.
+most time people can’t tell if they actually hate each other or are acting like an old married couple.
+even if they don’t want to admit it most the time (especially Yurio), they really respect and admire each other.
+JJ feelings towards him are so deep and meaningful that he can’t help but keep questioning if they are platonic or romantic all the time (someone save this poor bi kid from himself(?).
+on the other hand, Yurio never thought too much about it.
+when they were younger (around canon ages) people used to say to JJ that “it’s a bit pathetic for you to mock the poor kid all the time”.
+one time Yurio heard it and got so pissed off about it he stomped over the foot of the person who said it.
+after that, instead of ignoring him, he started to give comebacks and mock him too.
+that set the startpoint for the pettiest payback war of the history.
+one time JJ changed Yurio’s skates for a leopard printed ones half as a joke, half as gift.
+Yurio was so happy about it, JJ couldn’t dare to say it was him who changed them because he knew it would ruin his mood.
+Yurio started to use them for practice, sometimes even carry them as a lucky charm as well (even when people told him it was a bit ridiculous to use them for that).
+when they ended up breaking, JJ bought him a new pair, this time under his name (and clarifing that he had bought the last ones too).
+Yurio didn’t want to accept them as first, since it would be two times in a row that he bought them for him, but he insisted.
+JJ joked that if the wanted to pay it back so much, all he had to do is cheer for him as low as he could.
+for his surprise, Yurio actually did it; on a loud, insultive and not cute at all way, but JJ enjoyed every single moment of it.
+after that Yurio got really pissed about it, since JJ winned him the first place in the podium again.

To the few annoying trolls in the fandom: if Sherlock penetrating John bothers you THAT much, just stay out of it. Mind your own business. You’re not being inundated by relentless toplock, so there’s no need to act like you are. Everyone knows you seek the stuff out so you can clutch your pearls over it and claim you’re “triggered”. No one believes your BS. No one wants or needs your whistle-dicked opinion. You can go ahead and unite and enjoy your trolling. Just stay outta my way cuz I write what I want.

Sooo… I wanted to see how Yusei looked like with short hair o3o actually, I didn’t expect this at all. Plus, he’s in an armor because I was watching How to train your dragon 2 and I heard the word “knight” so many times I started fantasizing -3-” …ignore me lol https://instagram.com/p/7JbkMWj530/


The building inspector’s accent was thick and a bit gruff. “Yah, mister Rudegrass—“


“Well what ya gothere is a whole nest of problems, yah.”

Atticus turned a bit green as he stared up at the blank, featureless, perfectly normal ceiling. “There was a portal up there, it lead to—“

(interrupting) “Yeah, ah gotta feelin’ ya had all kinda floaty and glow-y stuff going on here. But ya got termites.”



“And they…” Atticus trailed off.

“…ate th’weird or whatevah ya got right out of this place.”

“Mystical termites? From the unholy forests of—“

“Just termites,” the inspector said firmly. She didn’t have time for wizardly rambles.

“Occult insects that require potions, terrible and—“

“Ordinary termites. Killable by poison.”

“No magic?”

The building inspector shook her head. “Yeah, ya wish. Lot cheaper to kill, but nope these are just termites.”

Atticus gazed sadly around him. “Where is the adventure in that?”

Touka Kirishima Week / day 6 /: Love

I sense there’s something in the wind
That feels like tragedy’s at hand
And though I’d like to stand by him
Can’t shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend 

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it’s not to be…

-Sally’ song, The Nightmare Before Christmas