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Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 15

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 15

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Your last minute change of decision leaves you in a more complicated situation.

Warnings: NSFW!

Original Idea by: @babyblues915

Note: Too many things going on in this chapter lmfao. I was thinking of splitting it up but whatevah. Hope you guys enjoy!!!

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You turned your attention towards Rosita as she drove and let out a deep sigh, “How can I not be when we’re headed out on an assassination plan? Without my dad even knowing…” you told her before looking out the window once more.

It was noon when Rosita told you that it was going to be the big day. Rick and the rest were out to prepare for the upcoming war with the Saviors, so it was probably the only time that you and Rosita could head out without being questioned.

“We’re not messing up, we can’t.” it was all that Rosita said.

The fact that you were out on a top-secret mission wasn’t the only thing bothering you. It was of course, the entire plan that Rosita came up with. She wanted to kill Negan and you, of all people, agreed to help her out. You chose to side with your family, it was the right thing for you to do but for some reason, it felt so wrong.

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All stars 2 dream cast

-India’s breast plate
-Ru’s season 2 beat up titty
-Laganjas lost nail
-Gia Gunn’s hula hoop purse
-Season 1 ladder
-Sasha fierce portrayed by Kenya Michaels
-Manilas real porcupine or whatevah’
-Serena Cha Cha’s soft sculpture college professor
-Ivy’s stilts
-Miss Fame and Henrietta as a tag team
-Lil poundcake
-Phi Phi’s angry neck vein
-Santinos no drag knowledge mouth
-Latrices one pair of black boots

Sooo… I wanted to see how Yusei looked like with short hair o3o actually, I didn’t expect this at all. Plus, he’s in an armor because I was watching How to train your dragon 2 and I heard the word “knight” so many times I started fantasizing -3-” …ignore me lol https://instagram.com/p/7JbkMWj530/

I really want to draw these days xD so here’s another drawing, now with Villanos! (I can’t pronunce the english name Uu I am latin american so I think is not problem)

I really like this ship xD but only in soft, fluffy form, not erotic or violent, just sweet. (But with BlackHat being little grumpy anyway xD) I don’t know if this drawing could be considered shipping anyway. Whatevah, enjoy!


If she says yes, the people here will be cared for. Her father will be cared for, and not left alone. If she says no, there is no telling how the Commander will retaliate.

If she says yes —

bang, bang (my baby shot me down), a jyn/krennic fic by @wendy-daahling