or what's her name now


And a couple of asks about Spider-Gwen too!

I know, she’s really cute and I love her outfit! I’m really liking what I’ve seen of her for now. 

As for a ship name… I don’t really know. Aren’t there already a couple of those from the movies or something? If you are asking me what I would call them, heh, haven’t really thought of it yet and my brain is too tired right now to come up with something fun/smart/cute. Sorry Anon.

Several years ago we ended up living at my mother-in-law’s house for a few months and took our cats with us, a sleek black boy cat and a fluffy grey girl cat. When we got our own place we weren’t allowed pets and by then the 2 cats had got used to living in a house with a large garden to play in, so we made the fairly tough decision to leave them with my mother-in-law and her ridiculous dogs.

Then we moved to Scotland so I could go to uni, and while we were there the boy cat got hit by a car which was heartbreaking, and the girl cat went missing. My husband and his brother spent weeks looking for her but never found her. I always told myself that someone had taken her in - she went missing during a rain storm so from someone else’s point of view, she would have been an extremely bedraggled tiny little thing with no collar and no microchip.

Yesterday we went hunting pokemon (a squirtle! We didn’t find it…) and found her again, quite literally round the corner from us! We’re not sure where she lives, but from the state of her fur she is obviously being well-looked after, and I am eternally grateful to whoever took her in (and clearly still treats her like a princess)

Are they trying to pull the “kill the traitor off really soon so no one will think it’s them” from the first game, because she’s cute enough to be the traitor and I know there will fucking be one since this is diddly rumpus, what the fuck is with the red blood?? like?? no?? give me my pink blood you Fuckers my url is crying, and plus she was talking about hope, red flag red flag

yo. random thought that maybe someone can run with: Has anyone considered the fact that “Marty” (one of the three “old guys” on the Falcs) and Georgia might be related? They have the same last name.

What if Georgia learned hockey from her dad, the now-veteran Falconer, and his connections plus her talent were what got her in at the Falconers organization? She might be able to sympathize with Jack in terms of what it’s like to try to make it on your own merits when you’re following in Dad’s professional footsteps. And they’ve both got the deck stacked against them in a way. Georgia might have dreamed of being a Falconer before she was old enough to realize women don’t get to play NHL hockey. She took a detour ot the Olympics, but her first love was always the NHL, the organization that practically raised her. She found her own way to be part of that organization.

Now Imagine the sympathy she has for Jack, trying to work his way past his own setbacks (age, reputation) to find his place in the NHL world. No wonder she wanted so badly to give him a chance at the Falcs. And imagine the sympathy she’ll have for him when she finds out he’s not straight. “We can do this,” she’ll tell him. “We can break this one barrier together.”

Always spend twenty minutes thinking up suitably ironic names for DA oc’s who probably won’t make it past their origin story

Writing is fun when you have something you want to get across. It’s brilliant. Anyway, I’m beginning to write the story of the girl I kept posting about on here. Yknow the one that I made a really long thread about and basically added to it every time she breathed. Anyway, writing is super awesome and stress relieving when you’re getting feelings off of your chest.

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((For the send a series)) Gravity Falls?

Send Me a Series

  • Favorite character: Bill Cipher (hhhhaaaaaa, it’s because i’m TRAESH)
  • Second favorite character: hmmmm … Soos, probably!! I love him so much….. He’s just .. such a good guy. And he’s so funny and nice?? wtf perfect boyfriend material
  • Least favorite character: Ummmm ….. I really like all the characters in this show……… It’s been a while since I’ve watched the show now… uhhh.. Maybe that spider lady? What was her name …. Darlene? idk i only watched that episode once..
  • The character I’m most like: uhhmmm…. Robbie maybe? I’m also a piece of crap emo wannabe who loves fingerless gloves a LOT. I get jealous of ppl for getting close to the people I like just like him. Only with me it’s not usually my love interest, it’s my friends.
  • Favorite pairing: ffff … Wendy x Being Happy and Single? idk i’m not super big on any of the pairings in the show
  • Least favorite pairing: hhhaaaa probably Pinecest because I’m not big on incest pairings and also … nnnooooooooo?
  • Favorite moment: ngl, I get a huge boner during all of Weirdmageddon. Buuuuut if I had to choose ONE moment, I’d probably say,,,,, that part where Bill gets all big and red and him angry and much arm,,,,,, hhHHH yeahhhh……
  • Rating out of 10: Gravity Falls is an amazing series with a good look, great animation, funny jokes, an excellent story, and outstanding writing. Fuckin’ 10/10 in my book.
Pillow Talk
  • Me:You're soo much more social than I am. You've got stuff planned all the time.
  • Him:I just do gaming once a month. Other than that I just help out my mom and spend time with my girlfriend...
  • Me:Oh do you now? What's her name?
  • Him:Beautiful.
  • Me:Never heard that name before. Where's she live at?
  • Him:Right here. In my heart.

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It’s rumoured he does have a girlfriend, yes, my lovely. There are a few papped photos of the two of them at the British Summertime Festival, where they’re pretty close and being all cute and smiley, so… She’s called Celine and she’s pretty damn gorgeous. Like, hot damn, Niall Horan. Can she dump him and have me? ;) ;) ;) xx

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@fidancillae ☪  five times our muses almost hold hands, and the one time they do

1. Luna is introduced to the dark-haired woman shortly after she is allowed to return to her own kingdom. A young teen, and yet still a princess, she knows the customary greetings for most of the kingdoms in the land, but she doesn’t know where the other girl is from. She doesn’t know what to do now. Gentiana, she learns is her name, is mysterious and beautiful, with streamlined features and cheekbones she has not yet grown into, and Luna can’t place where she might be from. In some places, people introduce each other by grasping hands, and briefly, Luna wants to reach out to hold those long fingers. 

Restraint is both an enemy and a friend. It is revealed that Gentiana is not from a place where that is the custom, and yet Luna imagines her hands would be quite soft.

2. Not often are they allowed to be children, too many lessons and duties in the way to allow for such frivolities. But there are afternoons when they can get away for a time, and Luna loves to remove her shoes and lift the hem of her dress and step into the decorative pond in the gardens. On some days, if she squints just right, she can imagine the pond goes on forever, and she was at sea. Gentiana has to pull her back from her reveries sometimes, fingers lightly reaching for her wrist, and Luna sighs but complies, keeping a firm hold on her dress lest she get scolded for allowing her clothes to get wet.

3. Gentiana is grace, even when she stumbles and falls, uninjured, not even her pride, but Luna is quick to rush to her side and hold her hand out, eyes drawn together in concern. Their eyes meet for a moment before Gentiana pushes herself up again. No ill will, and Luna wasn’t offended. Smiling, they continued together, speaking in soft tones.

4. Luna is nineteen and, not for the first time, secretly wishes she had a semblance of a normal life. Or even just a moment not riddled with politics and wondering if something she did could potentially put her kingdom at risk. She itches for a sense of normalcy that isn’t hers, a teenage romance, to go out to eat with friends. She sees Gentiana’s hand and wonders if it has ever been held by another, if she has ever wanted the things Luna sometimes does.

5. Her engagement to Noctis is the final chess piece in Niflheim’s move to attempt domination. Luna agreed without hesitation; after all, she would do anything for her people, and Noctis was a dear friend. The situation could be worse, and yet anxiety ate away at her. She stood on the balcony of her room, her friend by her side, their hands close. With a slow exhale, she shifted her hand just slightly, until their smallest fingers touched gently. Comfortable. Warm.

6. War is not easy on anyone, and uncertainty becomes a staple in life. So much death and chaos, destruction and shattered hope, and Luna feels control slipping away from her. For all her abilities, all the powers entrusted to her by the gods and as a princess, she cannot know, or even predict, what the outcomes will be. There has been too much loss, and her heart aches with a pain she cannot describe. 

The stars shine dim between the smoke from the fires of her kingdom, and her eyes sting from more than just the ash in the air. Despite the proud set of her shoulders and her chin held high, her lips tremble and her hand seeks out the one constant in her life, the one person who has been an unwavering in her friendship. 

Gentiana’s fingers are soft as they entwine with hers, fingertips pressing into the back of Luna’s knuckles, and Luna breathes a soft, “Thank you.”