or what's her name now

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What are your thoughts on Star-chan's proper name being Decarabia, the demon depicted as an eye in a star? It was suggested a long time ago but I've always liked it a lot.

I actually prefer the name “Kryptos” since someone suggested it before. It’s a ciphered sculpture located at CIA and so far, it has never been cracked before. I like it because she’d be like a dainty young lady but her name is Kryptos. Like the name of a big hulking supervillain.  

My dad is watching PoI and he is amused by Root and seems to be lowkey Shaw af

Proud that this man raised me 

now I’ll need to find out his reaction when Root and Shaw happens

so i found this special little clip on the japanese website for okami of waka sitting on konohana and playing his flute for amaterasu’s statue throughout the seasons and my heart

I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with something for this AU BUT I GOT SOMETHING AFTER ALL.

Reine Lobo was an up-and-coming champion in the Women’s Boxing League. Despite looking youthful, and being of a petite and stout size, her rather unnatural strength and ferocity caught many of her opponents off-guard. She was quickly becoming known as the ‘Little Wolf King’ due to her vicious attack style. In fact, she was even getting into bouts with men…and winning. However, despite being a crowd-pleaser and winning matches, her Asian heritage and pride in being able to face off against even more prideful men, made her unwelcome…and eventually, a target.

Her left arm, her pride, and her place in the WBL was taken from her in one night. She now spends her days at home, in what was named a ‘permanent rest’, and has become far more quiet and sullen. She despised the idea of becoming ‘useless’ and her fury stewed in silence…and unfortunately, her idea of proving her worth was becoming a gun-for-hire and taking revenge on the men who took her livelihood.

Faris Lobo is the older brother, and tries to support himself and Reine, as well as their ailing adoptive Puerto Rican father, by taking two jobs as a mechanic and factory iron worker. He tries to keep cheerful and upbeat for the family, although he is away for most of the week due to his jobs. He is entirely unaware of his sister’s new ‘nightly career’.

What do you mean I don’t have to hurt and break the babies in every AU?

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According to the Dragonpedia (made by DW) Stoick is 50 at the time of the second film.

See, this is the stuff I never read. Ever. Huh. I would have thought Stoick would be older, to be honest.

(And I’m keeping my headcanons because I can and they’re mine and no one can take them from me. So there.)

kennabeth replied to your post “do sorcerers take middle names or nah? cause I want a villain with 6…”

Are you just starting from the beginning? There’s so much that’s messing me up, knowing what’s coming.

Yep. I know! Especially with Ghastly and Tanith. I just really really hate Remnant!Tanith because I liked Tanith so much.


He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to do this. It didn’t feel right no matter how much he rationalized the reasoning, no matter how much he reminded himself why he needed to do this, no matter how much he reminded himself that murder and destruction was his business now – the mere thought of killing Kira felt wrong.

Alain didn’t have much of a choice, though.

She had been pulling on a thread for a while now, a thread that was bound to reveal who he said he was didn’t really exist. And when that thread was done unraveling, Alain would be out of time. He would have to carry out his orders.

But, for now, he wouldn’t worry about that. Kira was waiting at the door, and he couldn’t give himself away just yet.

“Oui? What has you knocking so much on my door?”

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carrie heinlien???

‘’Charlie Bradbury is dead.She died a year ago. You killed her.  My name is Carrie Heinlein. Oh, and guess what. Now you killed her, too.’’

- Charlie in the LARP and the Real Girl

AND ANOTHER THING the recent movieverse!Alfred came across as really… enabling of all of Bruce’s worst tendencies. For all Bruce acted like Alfred liked to tell him “I told you so,” I felt like Alfred actually kept pushing him into the Batman role. LIKE WITH THAT LETTER from what’s-her-face! Instead of letting Bruce know the truth and have some goddamn closure on the issue and maybe be able to recover from it in a healthy way, he ends up not letting Bruce see it, and then later burns it so Bruce will never see it. That’s fucked up! Bruce is now even more fucked up over what’s-her-name and her thing with Harvey, and is going to be saddled with a lifetime of “What ifs” because he thinks he still had a chance, but he fucked it up and she died. BUT HE NEVER HAD A CHANCE. He was never actually in conflict with Harvey over her (for all she was a wishy washy plot device who was more than happy to smooch him and be all mealymouthed about her feelings); she wasn’t going to go back to him.

They probably did it for MANPAIN but for me what they succeeded in doing is making me really creeped out by this iteration of Alfred. (Might be able to do something interesting with that for my trans!Batman, though…)


Outside of the RP universe Oncia’s name is Cecelia “Cici” Leanne Oliver and she’s basically not at all like herself. It’s really weird thinking about what Oncia and Thomas would be like if they never had any contact with anyone non-human.