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Lavender common names are a mess

Three relatively common types are called French, Spanish, and English Lavender, respectively. Sounds informative, right? No.

This is Lavandula stoechas. It’s got the leaves you might expect, but a different sort of flower. It’s native to the Mediterranean, including parts of both Spain and France, and is usually what people mean when they say Spanish Lavender. Some historical texts call it French Lavender. 

This is L. dentata. Its leaves are “toothed” (hence the name) in contrast to the simple leaves that “ordinary” lavenders have. It’s called French Lavender, and it’s native to Spain. It is not the perfume/culinary lavender grown in France.

This is L. angustifolia. Different flowers, see? And the simple leaves you expect. This is the true, or common lavender, the classic one for perfume and such. It’s called English Lavender, of course, since it’s the one that grows in those crazy beautiful fields in Provence, France:

Just to muddy the waters further, there’s also L. latifolia, which is usually called Spike Lavender I believe. It and its hybrids with L. angustifolia are used in perfumes etc. as well. It has wider simple leaves that are maybe sometimes a little toothed on the edge, just to confuse a little, but at least they didn’t name it after a country it has little to do with.

Oh - but lavandin, the hybrid, is called Dutch Lavender! As far as I can tell there is no good reason for this! The main difference there seems to be that it does a bolder branchy thing with its flower spikes. There are other Lavandula species, but now I’m tired.

This has been a Lavender Education post, or Why Common Names Are Really Dumb Sometimes (But I Like Them Anyway).

basically i think you can divide bad cultural appropriation discourse into two forms depending on whether it comes from someone speaking for other people they identify with or someone speaking people they dont identify with (ie; an “ally”). When the former discourse is bad it gets into like pretty reactionary aspects of what Aijaz Ahmad calls “cultural nationalism” or Kwame Appiah calls “prevervationism”, Vivek Chibber calls “culturalism” and Achille Mbembe calls “native reflex” etc. The latter is what comes from tryhard allies and, interestingly, tends to produce even more harsh demands on cultural segregation and usually when you see demands for total and complete seperation between members of a culture it comes from the tyhard ally camp. 

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I run the children's department at a bookstore, and usually I'll get 1-2 customers a week complaining that a book from their childhood/from a kids show ten years ago is out of print, but it's gone to 3-5 a DAY this holiday season. Best ones are the customers looking for old Christmas books — today I got "but it's called The Nativity which means it's ABOUT JESUS! WHY WOULD YOU DISCONTINUE JESUS AFTER WHAT HE DID FOR US." Take it up with the publisher, ma'am. We don't print books here.

Mars ♂ in Pisces ♓

   Mars in Pisces natives have a very gentle and mild approach to life. They’re not a very aggressive placement and often have more subtle, passive ways of getting things done.

   You could call this position a bit manipulative. They aren’t opposed to using passive-aggressive ways or playing games to get what they want. They may use their emotions as well to appeal to others. They may not always know that they’re doing this. They don’t always know what it is that they want.

   When faced with problems, they will usually try to compromise. They don’t like to get physical or seriously step on any toes. For the most part, they’re a bit strange with their drive and energy. It tends to come and go in waves.

   Overall, this is a very shy placement to have. They are very adaptable to change and vent their feelings through music or art. They may have trouble expressing or accepting their anger. Usually people here are charming and agreeable.

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Why is tumblr so mean to me?😫 lol and the request was a headcanon for Soap about having a big gf. I'm a big girl and even though I'm usually confident, I still have those days. And I'll be sure to read the Shay fic. I haven't even got to that game yet but he's my bby buttered toast❤️

Surely, he wasn’t looking at you.

Couldn’t be.

Guys like that didn’t look at women like you. Thick. Voluptuous. Big. Fat. Call it what you will, but getting a guy like him just wasn’t in your cards.

He had caught your eye as soon as he walked into the pub and you had tried not to make it obvious that you were staring. You sipped your after-work drink quietly and shot him a few glances every now and again. You don’t know if it was the short mohawk, the scar over his eye, or his eyes alone that intrigued you the most but…gosh, was he beautiful.

When you looked up to call the waiter over for another drink, he appeared to be looking at you. You looked behind you but no one was sitting at that table. Now he seemed to be smiling and you can’t help but to smile back shyly then look down at your empty glass.

Dare you look up again?

You do and you are almost knocked backwards when he seems to be making a beeline to your table. You panic and look for the fastest escape route but there isn’t one. Besides, standing seemed like a bad idea right now. He would see you, he would see your body and the size of it and run off like most men do.

“Excuse me,” the beautiful man says and you swallow hard before looking up.

“Yes?” you ask in a slightly shaky voice. Hopefully he didn’t want to shake your hand, your palms were sweaty.

“Are you alone?” he asks. You notice his accent and guess that he’s from Scotland.

“I am…” What was he getting at?


“I just…I come here after work sometimes to have a drink. I don’t mind being alone.” You smile up at him and are immediately struck dumb by the way he’s looking at you.

“Would you mind some company tonight?”

“N-no. Not at all. Please…” You nod to the chair across from you and he sits.

That was how you had met the love of your life, John or Soap as most people called him. Since then you had become more confident in yourself and the way you looked. To him you weren’t just a fetish, you weren’t part of some bet he made with friends. You were his girlfriend. The one he wasn’t afraid to show off. He brought you along to special events even if you cried every time you had to put a dress on, he would spend as much time as needed making you feel better, telling you that you are beautiful.

He wasn’t afraid of his friends making fun of him for being with a ‘fat’ girl. He treated you like royalty and your size never came into question unless you brought it up.

He worshipped your body and he didn’t dare treat you like some plaything. The first time you two had made love, you wanted to hide under the sheets but he wouldn’t allow it. “Let me see you,” he said and you let him without shame.

When you complained about the marks and cellulite he would tell you, “Only gives me more spots to kiss” and he did. He kissed every part you hated about your body from your nose, to your chin, to your stomach, to your thighs.

He noticed when you started eating healthier and working out. “I hope you’re not doing this for me.” You lied and said you weren’t but you were. You were afraid some small, petite woman would catch his eye and he would leave you high and dry, but it never happened. He really wanted you, flaws and all. You were the only one he wanted to come home to, the only one he wanted to hold. He loved the softness of your body. He loved the way you looked in just about everything you wore. He loved you.

He continued to love you each and every day. He loved you so much that he got down on his knee and asked you to marry him in front of everyone. You said yes, of course, without hesitation.

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prime numbers for the langblr ask !

What language(s) are you currently studying?

Currently, my primary focus is on Russian since I’ll take part in a regional level competition next week and hopefully republic level in near future. I also put quite a bit of time into Polish, though my knowledge is mostly comprehensible rather than active. I also (kind of, I’m currently busy preparing uni admission exams) study Ukrainian, Finnish and Turkish.

Do your friends speak other languages?

Most of my friends speak English beside their native (which is usually BCS, but I associate with people who aren’t from the region as well), but not all of them do. Particularly my Ukrainian and Belorussian friends whom I’ve met in a camp in Minsk, I speak to them exclusively in Russian.

How do you call your favorite animal in your target languages?

I just realized I don’t know, except for the Polish -  żółw and Russian - черепаха. :’)

What’s the funniest word in your target language(s)?

Курить. It reminds me of a bad word in Serbian, let’s just say that. :’)

One thing you dislike about your target and/or native language?

Regarding Russian it’s the number declension because it’s incredibly impractical. I do know the declension itself, but it makes the communication less effective. It doesn’t really provide comfort to move words around the sentence so it feels pretty useless. And I dislike Polish spelling, I figure it could have been simpler, somewhat like what Czechs did with their alphabet. In Serbian it’s actually the incredibly phonetic alphabet, because it actually makes things more difficult to learn. Even natives get confused with the spelling because you often get a clash between what you actually pronounce and what you know the word root is. For example, you know that adjective “srpski” comes from “Srbin, Srbija” etc. The word root is essentially “srb”. So why does it have a p? Well, because you actually pronounce it like p. But this can make spelling harder for people who are studying because they don’t necessarily pronounce every word correctly and can’t just randomly guess how to spell it based on their own speech.

What was/is the first language you want/ed to learn?

English. I have cousins who don’t actively speak Serbian because they are second and third generation living in the US (they understand it, but rarely any of them can pronounce anything without a really thick American accent and they struggle to recall words). When they’d come here they’d speak exclusively in English and I as a kid really wanted to understand what they were saying.

Do you listen to music in your target language(s)? If so, who are your favorite artists?


Favorite blog in your target language(s)?

I don’t really know. Most of the blogs I follow post a lot of things related to my target languages, but most of them just use English. I really like @nu-davaj, @rukopisi-ne-goryat and @sauerskaut.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s never studied a language before?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Get a notebook. Write down your mistakes. Try to find a pattern in your mistakes. It’s much easier to remember when you correct a mistake than when you don’t even try to use a certain word or a phrase because you don’t know whether you’ll say it correctly.

Are there dialects in your country? Do you speak one?


Do you know any obscure/useless words in your target language(s)?

I don’t think so. Maybe I do, but I never viewed them as useless so I can’t recall them.

Have you ever had a negative experience with a native?

I did, with a Russian guy. The story went along the lines of me saying I’m Serbian and he said “Uh, I don’t really like you, Croats should have just wiped all of you out”. The thing is, Croats actually burned my grandparents’ house and they captured my father, who managed to flee. Even if he was joking, it wasn’t funny at all.

Tell me about your best friend in your target language(s)

У меня нет лучшей подруги. :( Мы потеряли контакт когда я поступила в новую школу.

Have you ever met a stranger in public with whom you spoke your target language(s)?

Many. I live near the school for Russian national minorities, nearly all Russian minorities live here, lol.

Language tag🍕

Native language?

Do you speak any other language?
-English, and a smol bit of Korean

What is your favorite language?
-I’d say english. Some of its words tell a lot of things that italian doesn’t say

Do you speak any dialect?
-I don’t know to be honest. I can imitate the accent from naples pretty well and I can do a decent Tuscanian accent.

How do you say ‘i love you’ in your native language?
- 'Ti amo’

How do people call each other?
-We usually call each other with our real names. But if someone’s older than you you should use 'signore/signora’ or 'signorina/signorino’. (Even if that is not used very often.)

How do you say “friendship”?

How do you say “love”?

How do you say “night”?

How do you see “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars”?
-“Tu sei il mio sole, la mia luna e tutte le mie stelle” *cheesy*

How do you call your beloved?
-“Amore, tesoro or even chicco/chicca.” Those are embarassing.

How do you say “cat”?

How do you say “excuse me, where is the bathroom?”?
-“Mi scusi, dov'è il bagno?”(formal) “Scusa, dov'è il bagno?” (Informal)

Is there any word you like in your language?
- I like the world “luna”, which means moon. I don’t even know why. I also like “dormire” (sleeping), “buongiorno” (good morning) and also “arsella” (a particular animal you find on the beach).

How do you insult people?
“Vaffanculo!, Stronzo!, Troia!, Vai a cagare!” (There are so many other swear words and also a thing called “bestemmia” which is something you should NEVER say.)

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