or what the hell you 2 want to

The Good day is still bad

Exo Mafia AU!
How you would meet Chen

Contains light swearing
Hope you gyus like it :)
(I excuse myself for my spelling mistakes)

You’re siting at your bed, watching some Netflix on PC and surfing in the Internet with your mobile phone. Everything is quiet beside your PC and sometimes you can hear the rain against the window.
It wasn’t a good day for you. first on the way to school a stranger bumbed into you and messed up your outfit with his coffee, second some of your classmated tought it is funny to steal your homework and because you had forgot the homework the last three times too the teacher had keeped you 2 hours more in school. And if this wasn’t enough on your way back home it started to rain like hell and well you were soaked as you came home. All what you want now is to relax from this horrobile day.
You’re scrolling though some funny pics you have in your gallery but many of them can’t make you laught not just a little grin. You turn off the phone, put it near the PC and with a light jump you throw yourself onto the bed. This day can’t be worser anymore and It’s 11 pm so in a hour is an another day. Hopefuly the next day isn’t so worse like today.
You closed your eyes for a bit but after that you feel tired. As you stood up to get dressed for bed your phone makes a notification sound. With a glance on it you see that a stranger message you over Kakao-Talk. It sais Hello. You grabbed your phone and look through the strabger’s profile but there was nothing. No profile picture no background. You think that the stranger is new to the app. You don’t think about it twice and texted back.

You: Hello too
Unknown: took you long to text me Checked out my profie?
You: maybe. You’re new?
Unknown: New? New to what?
You: The App
Unknown: hehehe yeah… I am new
You: So why did you massage me
Unknown: IDK I just want to make new friends and then I found you
You: Okay… wanna talk :D
Unknown: Sure I’m kind of bored some distraction will be good … do you want to tell me your name?
You: what a strange way to ask for someone’s name but It’s (Y/N)
Unknown: Nice name I like it
You: thanks what is you name?
Unknown: secret but you can call me Chen
You: Chen? Are you from China?
Chen: No Korea. Why did you ask?
You: doesn’t have China such a Name. Chen is a quiet famous name there
Chen: Oh but again I am not from China
You: I got it. Hey I’m from Korea too
Chen: fine. How was your day?
You: well I don’t want to get attention but It wasn’t a good day maybe the worst day of my life
Chen: don’t worry tomorrow will be a better day
You: how can you garantee me this
Chen: have faith
You: I didn’t do my homework. Again
Chen: Skip school
You: No! I want a good job
Chen: I skipped School too and now I am very smart and have a good job.
You: How?
Chen: secret
Chen: work is calling me. Later?
You: Um… sure Later
Chen: belive me tomorrow will be a good day sweety

Sweety? He called you sweety. A little smile creped on your lips. Nobody called you like this but you can’t belive how he know that it will be a better day tomorrow. Maybe you should just skip the day and do the homework then. No this isn’t right you have to go to school. You quickly get dressed for bed and go sleeping.

Next day new chance. Not today. As you look on the clock you see how it shows 8 am. You’re late for school. You jumped out of bed and run downstairs to the bathroom to clean yourself and make put your hair into a ponytale. On the way to the kitchen you turned on the TV but stopped soon as you hear the local news
“A teacher and the director from the local school were killed last night. The police says that the famous Mafia Exo killed both of them wile they were in the school building because both were shoot in the heart. The studens from the local Univerity school have a day off today”

The Tv shows a photo from Your class teacher and the director from your school. You can’t belive this as much you don’t wanted to go to school but this… They are Dead, shoot in the school building. You sit down at the couch. How could this be but think positiv you don’t have to go to school for 2 days.
Sowly you started to make brakefast and after eating it you get dressed in more casual clothes, grab the keys and go out for a walk. You decide to take a walk to the nearest park. As soon as you started walking the notivication sound from your phone rings. A little look and again a smile is on your lips. Chen wrote again. It sais Hi there sweety got a good day by now. You meet him just yesterday but somehow in whatever way you kind of liked him
so you write

You: Hey… the day is okay. It is strange that my teacher and the director got killed. I’m kind of scared now
Chen: You’re outside right? sraced because of the Mafia?
You: Yes
Chen: Don’t worry I heard that they don’t kill women they only kidnapp them
You: Woow… I feel so much les scared now
Chen: You’re welcome
You: It was sacrasm
Chen: I know ;)…
Chen: befor I go back to work I want to tell you something
You: I’m waiting
Chen: The Firewall on your Phone is waek. Please install something to change this.
You: Um… okay how can you know this. Are you allknown?
Chen: hahaha… No. I’m not Allknown I just have my ways. Later
You: Later

You reached the park. After a while of wandering around you lay down on the grass and try not to think of the mafia and relax.

Chen pov.
“Chen what are you doing over there again!?” “Chen!”
“Calm down I have everything under control” Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… why now? can’t this ass attack me tomorrow. I had a day off and was enjoying some normal food but noo he had to break my Firewall and crashed my Servers down.
“CHEN! We don’t have any energy left because of you!” uhhh… “I know I know D.O I take care of it but just don’t distract me OKAY!?” Save… Save it already. 97% come on the last 3%. Faster befor he can get them.
I plug out the USB-stick, put it in my pocked and run as fast as I can to my 9 Servers only to turn them of so that he can’t get any data anymor. All lights turn off and after 30 seconds they turn on again. I take a deep breath. I need to stop for today very soon one more attack today and I go crazy. I go out of my “Office” and go down to the meeting room. “Got some problems with the ol’ Cracker?” Asked Chanyoel me. I throw myself on my chair and mean “This Kid If I get his ID I prersonaly go to his house and Shoot him a tousand times in his head. He can call himself lucky that he can hide his fingerprints so good” D.O and Suho are talking about something from the Business only Chanyeol and Baekhyung give attention to me. The otherst are outside doing their Missions. Baekhyung starts to speak “Calm down Chen one day you’ll get him and what is better than shooting him a thousand times? Right let him suffer. Kidnapp him and torture him so much that he beg you to kill him and then only-” Chanyeol trys to stop him from talking “Baek!” but ist doesn’t work “Only give him a gun so that he have to kill himself”
“Baekhyun!” Shouted Suho from the other side from the Table “I told you to stop giving the others Ideas like this. Because of you our basement is full of corbses”
“But when this Kid” Baek strated “Get deeper into the servers he would know some of our secrets. It is our problem not Chen’s. We have to eliminate him soon” Suho and D.O look at him. Chanyeol agrees with Baekhyun with “He is right” Then Suho looks to me asking for my opinion “I think it too. Once he have the information he can go to the police and show them this”
Suho closed his eyes for a wile und sais “Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen make sure that this Cracker ass get his treatment which he deserves” After that the Light goes out and I immediately mean “This time it wasn’t me” I get my Phone out of my jeanspocked and turn on the flashlight. either some neightbors had used to much energy or my servers turn on again. I look at my phone. My Kakao-Talk have a massage from her. I can’t write her now without my servers she’ll just see strange texts. “What do we do now” D.O asks “I don’t know. I think I go to my office” after I said this the light goes on again. So it wasn’t my servers.
After I arived at my office and see that everything is back to normal I look at my phone and open the Kakao app with her chat.
She wrote:
Chen hi I know it is strage but maybe we can meet. I began to smile but inside I know that this is a bit complicated. I reply

Chen: I would love to but I can’t
she immediately write back
(Y/N): Hi… but why can’t you
Chen: Because of my job
(Y/N): why what’s wrong with your job
Chen: I am not allowed to talk about this
(Y/N): Um… okay
Chen: Hey don’t be sad sweety. Once we can meet but not soon
(Y/N): :D I’m not sad. I just don’t know any Jobs who don’t allow someone to meet others
Chen: Hahaha… Strange isn’t it
(Y/N): Yeah strange
Chen: So how was your day?
(Y/N): Well it was good realy. I was at the park and it started raining but then someone gave me an umbrella he just said “don’t forgett one next time” and he was gone
Chen: but you didn’t got wet or?
(Y/N): yes

I heard a knock on my door and than Xiumin go into my office.
“Chen you have to pay me” I look at him “I know, wait a bit” I stand up and unlock my save
“Why did you want me to shoot the two teacher and have an eye on this (Y/N) girl” he asks and I awnser “Secret”
“Wait… don’t tell me that you like her you know she’ll be in danger”
“Here the money and now go out of my office”
“Sure, Sure I just wanted to say it”
“Yeah and now go”
“But remember I have my own stuff to do”
“Xiumin, Don’t lie to me I checked your diary and there was nothing”
“See You later, Stalker”
“You’re one too”
Xiumin is gone and (Y/N) message me again

(Y/N): Um hey Chen… Do you know something about the Exo Mafia maybe how they members look like
Chen: um a little bit. Why do you ask?
(Y/N): Is there someone who look like Yoda and there is an another man I can’t describe him but they keep staring at me
(Y/N): I’m scared
Chen: Don’t worry sweety they woudn’t harm you. Just be in crowded places and everything is okay
(Y/N): So they are from the Mafia
Chen: I can’t tell. I write you when I know more just do what I said
(Y/N): Okay thank you

I put my phone in ma pocket and sprint down the stairs to the meetingroom but I don’t see Chanyeol and Baekhyun only Suho and D.O.
I shout “Where are Chan and Baek!?” Suho immediately mean “They doing a Mission someone want a special girl as a slave”
“What do you mean with No?”
“The girl he wants is the one I looked after 1 month ago”
“And? he gives us good money for this I think she is someone special”

I scream because of frustraction. I get my shoes on as fast as I can “Where do you want to go” Asked D.O me “Saving this girl from us” With fast steps I go to the door and grab my jaket too “By showing her your true identity” Suho complains I sight “Well then saving her from this freak who wants her”
“What’s with the money?”
“We have Billions. this little Mission can be canceled”

Without saying more I leave the house. My servers are online and my phone is conected so there is no problem that she’ll not see that I hacked her phone

Chen: Where are you?

She didn’t reply. I track her phone to see where she is. She is still at the park but she is not moving. I just hope she is under people.
Wile I run to the park I try to call Chanyeol but he don’t awnser it is the same with Baekhyun. Shit.
I arrived at the park and see many people. how can I know how she looks I don’t even want to use hacking again and without my PC I can’t do that. Shit Shit Shit Shit.
I hear my notivication sound.
Finaly she wrote back

(Y/N): At the park
Chen: Okay Okay… what are you wearing? how can I identify you?
(Y/N): Um… I have (H/C) Hair and wearing plain casual clothes. And a Scarft. I am sitting on a bench
Chen: Good don’t move a centimeter I come and get you
(Y/N): Thank you

I look around and soon I found her. I can understand why someone want her as a slave she really looks good. I sit down beside her. She don’t look to me and she seems tense.
”Waiting for someone?” I ask but she don’t say anything “Well I do and I think I found her. sweety” Now she looks to me and I too. I gave her a smile but then grab her hand and go away to a more crowded place “Don’t say anything okay I take you to a more saver place so that we can speak better”
After we arived at a more crowded place I turn around and checked her from head to toe. I keep staring at her
“Chen is it you?” God this voice so quiet and small “Yes it’s me don’t worry okay I got you” I look around only to find Chanyoel and Baekhyun staring at us from far away. They know that I am with her but what they don’t know is that I already marked her as mine. Next time I make myself clear when I get myself a human.
So what do I do now? she knows how I look like and the both are after her. I look back to her: In her eyes are some tears and she clearly don’t know what’s going on.
“Listen I bring you to my house but You have to promise me that you don’t go crazy okay” She just nod.


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Practical Shakespeare Quotes

Do you want to quote more Shakespeare in your life but never find opportunities to say “brevity is the soul of wit”? Do you rarely hang below balconies exchanging love vows with the daughter of your enemy? This is just the list for you.

“What an ass am I!”
Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

“I am not a slut,”
As You Like It, Act 3, Scene 3
(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here,”
The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2

“Commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways,”
Henry IV Part 2, Act 4, Scene 5

“This is the excellent foppery of the world,”

King Lear, Act 1, Scene 2

“Making the beast with two backs,”
Othello, Act 1, Scene 1

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool,”
As You Like It, Act 5, Scene 1

“To tell thee plain, I aim to lie with thee,”
Henry VI Part 3, Act 3, Scene 2
(Works great for courting hot widows.)

“I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me,”
Much Ado About Nothing, Act 1, Scene 1

“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me,”
Richard II, Act 5, Scene 5

“Marry, sir, in her buttocks.”
A Comedy of Errors, Act 2, Scene 5
(No judgement here.)

“My horse is my mistress,”
Henry V, Act 3, Scene 7
(Uh, there might be something wrong with that.)

“Thou dost infect my eyes,”
Richard III, Act 1, Scene 2

“Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit,”
Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 5
(“Wit” is Shakespearean slang for penis.)

“[Wine] provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance,”
Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 3

“I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill, far, than feed on cates and have him talk to me in any summer-house in Christendom,”
Henry IV Part 2, Act 4 Scene 1

“Now, gods, stand up for bastards!”
King Lear, Act 1, Scene 2

“Villain, I have done thy mother!”
Titus Andronicus, Act 4, Scene 2
(This means exactly what you think it does.)

“And thou unfit for any place but hell,”
Richard III, Act 1, Scene 2

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,”
Henry VI Part 2, Act 4, Scene 2

“Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell.”
Othello, Act 4, Scene 2

“Out, dunghill!”
King John, Act 4, Scene 3

“This is too long.”
Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

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short sentence prompts part 2
  1. “I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t mean to.”
  2. “Eyes on me.”
  3. “How dare you?!”
  4. “Please never stop smiling.”
  5. “It’s starting.”
  6. “Stop talking.”
  7. “I’m stuck, I’m stuck!“
  8. “You need to see this.“
  9. “Do you understand now?”
  10. “I want to, so badly… but I can’t tell you“
  11. “I never want to see white walls ever again.”
  12. “Criss cross it.”
  13. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”
  14. “I agree.”
  15. “Stop harming yourself like this!”
  16. “My heart beats for you.”
  17. Help.”
  18. “I can’t wait to hug you.”
  19. “Take it.”
  20. “Don’t cry, baby.”
  21. “Every inch of you is breathtaking.”
  22. “No way in hell.”
  23. “You died!”
  24. “You got this.”
  25. “Do not. Tempt. Me.”
  26. “Cute, but still fucked up.”
  27. “That’s not yours.”
  28. “We are not friends!”
  29. “Thank you for making up my mind for me.”
  30. “Stop being so attractive!”

anonymous asked:

i don't know if you do this kind of thing,,but do you have any klance headcanons? i desperately need more klance in my life

this is it. this is my moment. well, my dude, you have come to the right place. get ready bc this is going to get very very very klance-y

  • keith, being the touch-starved emo alien cat that he is, has these moments where he just,,wraps his arms around an unsuspecting victim and just lays there. sometimes for hours. (read:lance is usually said unsuspecting victim)
  • “you do realize there’s a drill going on right now, right?” “shut up and hold me.”
  • during training, they try so hard to one-up each-other that they end up passing out from exhaustion
  • “keith, keith, keith, show them the thing!” “blep.” “oh my gOD-”
  • maybe blep will be our always
  • lance is always walking around the castle shirtless in the morning, the reason being keith is always taking damn shirts and never giving them back
  • “lance, where are your clothes?” “idk ask keith.”
  • regardless of height, lance is always the little spoon. always. forever. don’t question it.
  • the castle went under maintenance once, and keith was forced to share a room with lance. needless to say, even after his room was finished, keith never left
  • lance gives off a lot of body heat, which makes him the perfect person to cuddle with, especially for keith, whose about as warm as a box of penguins (aka cold af someone gives this boy a jacket or smth)
  • also, since lance is always so goddamn warm, he and keith don’t even need blankets when they sleep together
  • did i mention keith was a closet meme
  • *lance is about to do something reckless with his lion* “hoe don’t do it-” *lance does it* “oh my god.”
  • “this is, as you Earth people say, lit?” “say lit one more time.”
  • lance loves his meme bf
  • keith knows that lance is Disgusted by his texan accent, so he makes it a point to slip into it just to annoy the hell out him
  • “hey y’all, what do-” “nonono keith ily but shUT YOUR QUIZNAK.”
  • pineapple on pizza discourse
  • “lance i swear to god if you eat that i will never kiss you again”
  • lance does it anyways
  • the Bonding Moment is an inside joke of theirs
  • “Hey Keith?” “Lance it’s like 2 in the morning what do you want?” “Do you think Vrepit Sa stands for Dicks Out for Zarkon?”
  • pillow talk pillow talk pillow talk
  • their relationship is just disgusting
PSA about women walking alone at night

Hey, everyone! I was walking home late last night and I just felt like I needed to say some stuff. Yes, it is inspired by true events.

Dudes, let me give you some advice on how to interact with women walking alone late at night. This advice is intended to help you make them feel comfortable and safe from…yeah, you. And also for you to avoid getting your dick kicked into your chest cavity. My females, I’m putting out some tips that I learned from my daddy (who was a cop) that have helped make me feel safer while walking home. (Obviously subject to editing if people have some reliable source they’d like to share that contradicts what I’ve said. It’s about being safe, after all).

My dudes…

If you see a woman walking alone late at night, don’t walk behind her. If you’re going the same way as her, try crossing to the other side of the street, or making it really clear you are not paying any attention to her. If she looks back at you, politely say that you are keeping your distance and wish her a good night. If she stops to let you walk by her, it’s not an insult. It’s for her safety, because she has been trained not to trust men late at night. She is protecting her six, and if you’re a decent guy, you will let her. Don’t ask a woman you see walking late at night for a cigarette, a dollar, or to use her phone. Don’t say shit to her unless it’s to tell her to have a good night and be safe. If you see a woman being harassed, loudly offer to call the police, or just go ahead and do so. Don’t offer to walk her home, because that’s a familiar line and will put her instantly on the defensive. Instead, ask her if you can call her a taxi or contact a friend. If a woman gives you a dirty look when she’s walking home at 2 AM, please don’t call her a bitch. She’s protecting herself, and if you think she has that right, then just take it with an understanding nod, instead of acting like a fucking baby. If you’re a professional driver, don’t follow beside her slowly, like you’re casing her. If she needs a cab, she will make that obvious. If you’re a bouncer, and she is leaving your protection, give her advice on the safest ways to walk. If a woman asks for your help, and you consent to giving it to her, please be respectful of boundaries and make it clear you are not helping her for any reason other than to make sure she is safe.


Firstly, I know how fucking obnoxious it is to have to tailor your entire life to the sexual urges of predators. I know you just want to say “Screw this” sometimes and go out for a walk because why should you have to stay cooped up? I also know that sometimes, you can’t help it. Sometimes your ride ditches you and you don’t have cab fare. i am not going to lecture you, because you know what you’re doing.

So maybe instead I can give you some things you maybe haven’t thought of before.

1) Take off your high heels. If that grosses you out and you don’t want to carry spare shoes, carry a pair of socks in your purse (or your bra. Come on, they make great hoists) and wear them over your bare feet. I’ve seen those little rubber shoe things too, that look like flats…those are dope.

2) Avoid dark places. Even if it means you have to walk a little out of the way. You need to be able to see everything around your for at least a hundred feet, because a man can clear 100 feet at a dead run, very quickly.

3) Always look around, constantly. Predators want an easy mark, and if you’re paying attention, you cannot be an easy mark.

4) Pass by as many ATM’s as possible and look directly at them. They have continual activity on their cameras, so if you are snatched, the police can document your movements.

5) Only carry cards. If the place you’re going only takes cash, then have a specific amount and no more than that. The idea is to minimize incentives to rob you. If a man approaches you to rob you, and you have nothing to give him, he will likely leave at once, because he is usually nervous and doesn’t want to be identified, so be prepared to empty that bag out on the road and show him you have no valuables.

6) Should you have a weapon? Only if you know how to use them and are willing to do so, otherwise they end up being taken from you and used on you. Long range weapons like pepper spray are better.

7) Don’t talk on your cellphone in the standard way. I know you think that it’s a good idea, but the fact is, it distracts you and holding it can block your line of sight. A man can grab you and smash it and no one can track you. Instead, put it on speaker, tuck it in a pocket, and give constant location updates, if you feel threatened. Or prearrange a text appointment with someone who can call authorities if you don’t reply.

8) No music. Do not be that girl, walking in the dark, with her phone on a loud song to take her mind off the scariness of it. Music draws attention to you and distracts you. It can also mask noises of a confrontation.

9) If a man walks behind you, you have two options. You can put your back to a wall and allow him to pass by you, or you can cross the street. If he follows, find a public place immediately. If this isn’t possible, the fact is, he’s a threat. If it were me, I’d look him right in the eye and make sure he can see that I’m willing to kill. Don’t ignore a threat, and ladies, walking alone at 2 am means every man is a potential threat. Run, if you feel threatened. Who the fuck cares if he isn’t “actually a bad guy” or thinks it’s weird? Just ask yourself, “What if he is a bad guy?”

10) Be willing to drop everything in your hands. If there’s something you don’t want to leave in the street, shove it in your bra or your pocket.

11) There’s a lot of debate about how to deal with an attacker if it does happen. Some say to do what you’re told, and some say to fight like hell. I can’t make that decision for you, but you have to be aware, and try and understand the attacker. Ask questions. If you think they aren’t listening…it’s up to you. Personally, a guy better not try to put his dick in my mouth, because I will bite it the fuck off and see what happens, but thats me. Don’t go with him. If he has a weapon, then he is willing to kill you. So make the choice. If you go with him, you stand a much higher risk of never coming back, because in solitude, with no threat of discovery, he can do whatever he wants. If he wants you to leave where you are, it means that place is safer, so stay in that place.

12) Do learn self defense. If a man can hit you once, he can win. Learn how not to get hit. Learn how to get out of suppression holds. Learn what to do if grabbed from behind.

13) Minimize physical risk. Take off all jewelry, Ponytails are just convenient handles. (I had a friend get grabbed from behind by her ponytail and lifted off the ground, with a knife to her throat. She couldn’t get free because he had all her hair in one hand. Hair is VERY strong. So take your hair down, because if he can only get a handful, you can usually tear free, but if he has all of it, you can’t go anywhere.) Same with loose clothing or clothes with strings. Keys are weapons, rings are weapons. High heeled shoes can kill a man.

14) The cops will not be angry with you if you call them because you feel threatened, and it turns out nothing is wrong. They just won’t. In fact, I can think of at least ten famous cases where a woman called the cops because she was being followed and it turned out the guy was like some horrible rapist or murderer they finally caught.

15) You have the right to defend yourself. Better to be alive and dealing with assault charges than dead in a gutter.

One time I flipped a jogger upside down because he came up behind me really fast while I was walking home from work at midnight. He laid on his back looking up at me like “WTF DID I DO” and I just said to him, “Hey man, I am really sorry, but you scared the shit outta me.” And helped him up. 

And you know what? He was totally cool about it. Said he completely understood and asked me what martial art that was. I told him it was Aikido and then offered to pay his cleaning or medical later if he needed it. He shook his head and goes, “No, ma’am, we’re good.” and jogged on. 

I’m not telling you that so that you kick every man you see at night in the balls. Men have to walk home at night sometimes, same as us. I’m telling you that because women have been taught they have no right to be fierce. And they absolutely do. It’s better to defend yourself first and ask questions later, to run first and feel silly later, to strip down or button up first and let loose later.

Be safe. Women, be smart. And dudes…don’t take this personally. If you agree that women should be equals, then treat them with respect.

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I've heard this meta around, and I wanted to know what you think of it. People compare the Impala to Dean's soul or like the trunk having something to do with Dean on a deeper level, and I wanted to know what you thought of it because I adore your Dean meta. <3

Oh, Baby is definitely a metaphor for the state of Dean’s soul/emotions/conscience. Especially when it comes to fixing her up. One of the biggest examples of this is in 2.02, after John dies and Dean is focused on fixing the Impala. Focusing on that rather than what’s really wrong: 

And then the episode goes on and some of the cracks are exposed until finally, we have this beautiful scene: 

Dean beating the impala to holy hell. Not only is it a metaphor for the beginning of Dean’s understanding of his anger toward John, it’s also a metaphor for his own self-loathing. 

We see the fixing thing again in 7.01 after losing Cas, and after Sam’s head is filled with Lucifer, and that too is another great example of Dean at the start of some major grief and self-loathing and self-doubt. 

The car is useless; exactly the way Dean feels.

And what about when the car is not broken? How about this time in 10.04, when Dean is doing his damnedest to scrub Baby clean:

Oh man, the symbolism. Dean just spent the previous episode getting beat to hell by Cas, who was under a curse, and he wouldn’t let Cas heal him because he decided he deserved it because of beating Cas while also under a curse. And in fact at the start of 11.04, he still won’t let Cas heal him, but by Chuck, he will try to scrub that stain right off his soul. 

How about when it’s time to symbolically let your little brother grow up, after a lifetime of giving up everything for him (5.05)? 

Yep, that’s right. Hand over those keys, Dean Winchester, it’s time for a metaphor. 

Need to muddy the waters when it comes to free will and fate? Is Dean Winchester the master of his own fate, or has it just been a ruse all along? Convince your dad from the past to buy the car that started it all, so you’ll have it in the future to end it all, and let us ponder together. (4.03)

Or how about a metaphor about the state of Dean’s depression? After Sam went to the cage at the end of s5, Dean kept Baby under a cover for an entire year. And when he finally gets back to hunting (in 6.02): 

Just look at that smile. 

And if you want one that’s especially fun, how about that time in 9.16 when some demons marked up Dean’s car? 

Pretty interesting that Dean was only recently marked up by a Knight of Hell, no? 

And in only a few more episodes, we’ll see Dean on his knees again, desperate to have never been marked in the first place: 

Or how about that time in 12.19 when Dean gave the keys to someone he loves and then he stood there and watched as Baby was stolen away and he was left behind, high and dry?

And poof Baby is gone. So the only option is to do something you don’t want to be doing or be left behind forever.

You couldn’t possibly find a better metaphor for s12 Dean Winchester if you tried. 

Koogi saw a lot of the reactions over Sangwoo; how many were so thirsty for him and were actually on board with this psycho. Im sure her mindset was something like:

“You think he’s hot? You think he’s daddy material? You want him and Bum to be real lovers? For him to actually care? BAM! Season 2 mother fuckers. Welcome to the real hell.”

Welcome back, Koogi.

mass effect dad headcanons
  • Kaidan: cheers you on at every soccer game even though you’re horrible at it “You got this, champ!” loves to barbecue and can always tell when something’s wrong “You okay, bud?” Still wears the #1 dad t-shirt you made for him when you were little.
  • Garrus: Comes off as relaxed and let’s you go to that shady party but when you get back you have (84) missed calls from Dad and he’s pacing in the living room. Doesn’t know how to cook so just orders takeout. “Well, you’re still alive so I guess I did pretty well”
  • Mordin: “Breakfast is most important meal. Triggers metabolism and gives energy!” Only showed you educational kids shows and builds your model volcano for you. Sings in the car even though ugh dad you’re embarrassing me.
  • Anderson: “I’m not your friend, I’m your father” but actually adores you more than anything in the galaxy. Took the day off work then stayed up with you all night when you got food poisoning. The day he tells you he’s proud of you is the best you’ve ever felt in your life.
  • Wrex: let's you take a sip of ryncol and laughs when you start gagging. Says "Whatever" and uses guilt as his primary tactic. Always gives you piggy back rides and weirdly specific life advice.
  • Joker: Dad jokes. Too many dad jokes. Let you watch a horror movie that gave you nightmares for weeks. "If I can do it, you can." Made sure you aced your driving exam and took you out for ice cream after.
  • Zaeed: Tries to watch his language but it usually ends up sounding like "Well sh... shucks" All your friends think he's really cool but he always asks things like "what in the shitting hell is a me-me"
  • Thane: Crazy dance!! Always knows what to say when you're upset. Remembers the small things like what toppings you like on yogurt and makes sure your favorite shirt is always clean. "I want you to be happy in life."
Breaking the Rules - part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

SummaryModern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:1,957

Warnings: Hate to Love, Fake Dating, Snarky Remarks, Language

A/N: Okay, just a warning, there will be a lot of OCs in this series (mostly Bucky’s sisters and parents) Hope you like the first chapter :)

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

Originally posted by winter-barnes

You loved Natasha’s apartment. It was spacious and bright and she had a great view of the city. There was just one teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy problem… you hated her neighbour.

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

Natasha introduced you to Bucky a little over a year ago. Her fiancé, Clint, adored him and Bucky always stopped by their apartment. The boys would stay in the living room and watch TV while you and Natasha gossiped and drank wine in the kitchen.

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I was thinking about the Chinese pronoun “renjia” 人家 and how useful it is and how difficult its connotations are to translate succinctly into English.

Okay so “renjia” literally means “person-home” and here’s what it can mean:

1. me (the speaker)
2. you (the spoken to)
3. somebody else (who is there)
4. somebody else (who is not there)
5. people generally

Ok you’re probably thinking “WTF that sounds confusing as hell and the opposite of useful”? But no! It is extremely useful if you WANT to be ambiguous/coy/demure/humble and (potentially) manipulate people! (It also codes as feminine IMO within Chinese culture, YMMV.)

Let’s say I’m hanging out with my friends Anne, Bruce, Charlene, and David. David suggests going to see a zombie movie.

I reply, “Renjia doesn’t like zombie movies. Let’s see something else.”

In that context, it would mean “somebody here doesn’t like zombie movies”. I might be referring to myself, or I might be referring to someone else who is there, without actually naming them.

Maybe I’m embarrassed that I don’t like zombie movies: this way I can make my objection known without committing to it. Or, maybe I know that Bruce hates them, but is the kind of person who won’t speak up for himself and who’ll feel bad if we don’t go to something just because of him? Now I’ve covered for Bruce, AND Bruce doesn’t have to feel guilty, because I could have been talking about myself or another person in the group.

See in English if you said “somebody here doesn’t like zombie movies,” that would be odd, somebody would probably say, “who?” and it would also imply IMO that the somebody wasn’t yourself.

Anyway if you’re a person (*cough* like me) who finds it hard to speak up for yourself as yourself in groups, it’s an extremely useful social navigational tool. Some women also use renjia habitually.

It’s a sociolinguistic thing and an example of how languages adapt to cultural needs (or vice versa if you want to get all Sapir-Whorf up in here).

This is only one possible use of renjia, you could write a dang thesis on it and somebody probably has.

Edit: “Qiu, Miao-Jin (2000) Chengdaici Renjia de Yuyi ji Yuyong Yanjiu [A Semantic and Pragmatic Study of ‘Renjia’ in Mandarin Chinese], MA Thesis, National Taiwan Normal University.”


speedsterunlimited  asked:

Wow! The top 10 outfits for Minako were crazy! I love your comments Audrey XD Could you do a 10 ten for Makoto please? 💚💚💚💚

I hope you’re ready for the high waisted pants appreciation post, because that’s what it’s going to be. 

10. This is the ultimate Mom Friend look. She is just going out to run some errands and wants to know if you want anything from the grocery store while she’s out. 

9. Mom Friend: Summer Edition, a very similar look but for warmer weather. The loosely tucked shirt says “oh this old thing I just threw it on very casually” but is actually meticulously crafted. 

8. Serving up ice cream but also serving up LOOKS, correct? 

7. Wholeheartedly accepting her color motif into her heart and wardrobe. This ensemble screams “I am the reincarnated guardian of the planet Jupiter, born on this earth as a human.” 

6.  A lot of Mako’s look trend toward the femme side of things, but this one outfit is the tomboy within saying “hey today is the day we wear a hooded jersey with a baseball cap” and Makoto (who has learned to accept herself with the help of Usagi) says “hell yes it is.”

5. This might possibly be an outfit of Miss Haruna’s, but truly this outfit belongs to anyone who can pull it off. It’s like the Excalibur of clothing. 

4. The shorts are layered over the shirt, which is layered over the jacket, which is layered over the shorts. All is layered, and layers over all else. It’s beautiful, is what it is. 

3. Speaking of layers. Sometimes you want to take off all those cute but uncomfortable clothes and slip into something cozy and even cuter than before. 

2. I was already a huge fan of the green turtleneck, the high waisted shorts with matching hair tie, and the crisp white vest with a bow in the back. This is already the perfect outfit. But as soon as you add sunglasses, it just becomes….. transcendent. It’s greater than any of us could have imagined. It’s beyond us now. 

1. You knew what number one was before this list was ever even made. 

Drabble List

Please specify which list you’re choosing from


1 - “I love you. I hope you know that.”
2 - “I bought this because I thought you’d like it.”
3 - “I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”
4 - “You’re adorable, and I can’t believe I have you all to myself.”
5 - “Are you warm enough? “
6 - “I don’t like when you say things like that. To me, you’re perfect.”
7 - “I like it when you say my name.”
8 - “I care about you. I’ve always cared about you.”
9 - “You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.”
10 - “I love kissing you.”
11 - “I’m just glad you’re safe. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you.”
12 - “Welcome home.”
13 - “God, you’re so beautiful.”
14 - “You make me want to become a better person.”
15 - “She’s/he’s not my boyfriend!”
16 - “I always want to kiss you.”
17 - “I’m really lucky to have you.”
18 - “I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”
19 - “I just want to take care of you.”
20 - “Don’t tell me not to worry, because I’m going to do that anyway.”
21 - “I made you some breakfast.”
22 - “If you’re so cold, why didn’t you say something? Come here.”
23 - “I guess time flies when you’re with somebody you love.”
24 - “I never want you to think you’re anything less than my top priority.”
25 - “You look really cute in that.”


1 - “No, I don’t want to say goodbye. Not now.”
2 - “I think I might be better off without you.”
3 - “Don’t tell me what to do.”
4 - “I don’t want to do this without you.”
5 - “I thought we were friends.”
6 - “Stop yelling and listen for a second.”
7 - “What you did what stupid and dangerous and scared the hell out of me.”
8 - “I just want you to be safe. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.”
9 - “Please, just…be safe. Come back to me.”
10 - “Why didn’t you tell me? I thought you trusted me.”
11 - “Don’t cry. Everything’s going to be okay.”
12 - “Who did this? Who hurt you?”
13 - “I love you, not them.”
14 - “Am I not good enough?” / “I’m not good enough.”
15 - “I’m so, so sorry.”
16 - “This is all your fault.”
17 - “But I only just got home.”
18 - “Don’t say that. You’re going to be okay.”
19 - “Please don’t leave.”
20 - “I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.”
21 - “I wish I didn’t have these feelings, but I do.”
22 - “Why would you think something like that?”
23 - “Look me in the eye and tell me you love me.”
24 - “I thought I’d never see you again.”
25 - “You can’t just leave like this.”


1 - “I missed you so much.”
2 - “Like what you see?”
3 - “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
4 - “You’re so perfect. And I’m so fucking lucky.”
5 - “Try to stay quiet, understand?”
6 - “We’re in public, you know.”
7 - “I didn’t know you were so sensitive.”
8 - “Don’t be so rough. There can’t be any marks.”
9 - “Don’t smile at me like that. You know it drives me crazy.”
10 - “I like it when you say my name like that.”
11 - “I heard shower sex is dangerous, but right now, I’m willing to take the risk.”
12 - “I really don’t care. You still look hot and I’m trying not to kiss you senseless right now.”
13 - “You’re so much fun to touch.”
14 - “Can I at least take my shoes off before you pounce on me?”
15 - “Are you sure? Once we start, I might not be able to stop.”
16 - “No, I’m supposed to be making you feel good.”
17 - “Oh my God, do that again.”
18 - “You can be wearing a trashbag, and I’d still want you.”
19 - “I thought maybe we can do a little more than just kissing.”
20 - “I’m going to be late because you can’t keep it in your pants.”

How to use goblin fingers

Context: Noobs play D&D for the first time with an equally noob DM. We’re in a mausoleum, with some dead goblins. The door to the next room is locked, we can choose from 3 levers 2 of them connected to a trap 1 opens the door. There’s a hole on the wall.

Corros (half gnome rouge): So which one?

Xalyx (gnome sorcerer): Uuuum I don’t know.

*we look at each other in silence*

Xalyx: Wait. We should put something in that hole.

Corros: What? Why? It clearly shoots something at us if we pull the wrong lever.

Xalyx: Exactly! We could stop whatever comes out of it so it won’t hit us.

Corros: But what the hell do you want to put in it?

Xalyx: *thinks for a while* Goblin fingers! We cut them off and shove them into that hole.

DM: *stares at us for a while* Sigh. Okay you cut off some goblin fingers and shove as much as you can (one) into the hole on the wall.

Xalyx: Now pull the lever in the middle.

Corros:*pulls said lever*

DM: You hear noises from the wall and a dart hits the goblin finger in the hole and both fall to the ground.


anonymous asked:

Do you miss Edd?

I get asked this question roughly 2-3 times a day, usually from very young people, and I don’t answer it because I don’t want anyone to get grief from my audience. However, since you’ve asked me anonymously, I can speak freely.

What the fuck kind of a question is this? What an intensely fucking insensitive, asinine question. Of course I miss Edd. He was my friend and my partner and his death seemingly came out of nowhere. Fucking hell. Why do so many people ask me this? What is actually wrong with you? I never got to tell him what he meant to me; I never got to ask him what I should do if he died; I never even got to say goodbye. Then, instead of getting to grieve like a normal person, I had to obsess over his show for four solid years to the point that I barely remember what the actual man was like; all while being told that I was a leech, that I was raping his memory, and that he’d be ashamed of me. So yeah, not only do I miss him, but I don’t even know who I’m fucking missing anymore.

Does that answer your goddamn question?

  • Ed: [Points a gun at Oswald] I am not letting you get away this time.
  • Oswald: [Kicks the gun out of Ed hand and kicks Ed to the ground]
  • Oswald: [Picks up the gun] that makes two of us
  • Oswald: [Fires the gun]
  • Oswald: [Looks at gun] what the hell?
  • Oswald: [Looks confused as fuck] WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WERE'NT ACTUALLY GOING TO KILL ME???

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Top ten yuuri/viktor birthday presents?

Top Ten Yuuri/Viktor Birthday Presents

10) After Phichit moved back to Thailand, Yuuri got pretty sad because it was much harder to see each other now that they weren’t living together and so for his birthday Viktor took him on a surprise visit to Thailand that he and Phichit had co-conspired to plan

9) Since Viktor was really, really good at learning languages but never got an official degree in any of them because he was too busy skating, Yuuri paid for him to do an online college course in languages so that he had the qualifications to prove it

8) Viktor once got Yuuri a matryoshka doll after Yuuri said he thought that they were cute except it was a custom made one of Yuuri in all his different costumes from his newest one on the outside to a tiny little 14 year old Yuuri right in the middle in his very first Junior costume

7) Usually Viktor had to spend his birthday at an official party with lots of reporters and things, putting on a show for the cameras but instead Yuuri co-conspired with Yakov to make sure Viktor had the entire day to himself and spent it taking care of him with just the two of them so that Viktor could finally have a private birthday day with no pressure or expectations and being very spoiled by Yuuri

6) Viktor learned how to cook Katsudon in secret through a lot of phone calls and skype sessions with Yuuri’s mum so that he could make it specially for Yuuri’s birthday

5) They both mutually gave each other a new puppy to keep Makkachin and Vicchan company and so that they would still have a dog when their two eventually passed away

4) Yuuri made Viktor a special photo album for his 30th because Viktor was getting pretty down about how old he was and Yuuri spent weeks collecting every photo he could find of Viktor both in competitions and with his friends etc to organise into one big book to remind him that even though he was thirty years old it was thirty years well spent

3) Viktor got Yuuri a new dog collar for Vicchan with the name in Russian and Japanese which was a really nice present except that for the fact that with Vicchan’s name they just directly translated as Виктор in Russian. Yurio found it before Viktor gave it to Yuuri when it wasn’t on Vicchan yet and was just like ‘Viktor what the hell, why do you have a collar with your name on it??? Wait a minute no, I don’t want to know, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW’

2) Viktor spent ages sourcing out an original copy of the infamous poster that Yuuri had of him for all those years and signed it and gave it to Yuuri as a do over. Because he still regretted how much of a bad first impression he made and even though he couldn’t take it back he could do it again the way that he should have done the first time, praising Yuuri and telling him just how amazing he is

1) Yuuri made Viktor a scrapbook of their entire lives together. It included everything, old newspaper clippings about the two of them, screenshots from old videos of them on the podium together when they were younger, official competition photos, everything detailing right from the beginning of their rivalry all the way up until the present day with the last photo in the book being the photo of them kissing at the alter


Hello pals <3

So, crazy things have happened and I´m literally ONE FOLLOWER away from 2k, therefore I thought it would be time to share some of the love I´ve recieved from all of you in the last couple of months. Thank you for liking, reblogging and commenting on my art, it honestly means the world to me!

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The Giveaway will end on Sunday, 11. 06. 2017 at 8pm (UTC+01:00, Germany)!

Please check your Inbox as I will send you a message on tumblr! The lucky person has 48 hours to reply before I´ll pick someone else, so please keep that in mind :)

Have fun, I wish you all luck <3

color palettes and su: a descent into neon light hell

heyo everybody! first real post on here and i’m starting off with something that’s been bugging me for a while: su’s color palette. now, usually i don’t like being nit-picky but i believe this has become an issue past the point of just nit-picking. today we’re diving into su’s color palettes, and what went wrong.

as proof for my argument, i’m gonna show you some screencaps from the earlier seasons (season 1 through 2) and the pilot. i want you to take note of the color palettes in these as this post goes on

these are some shots from season 1. look at how lively and beautiful the palettes are, with a strong emphasis on contrast and how nicely all the colors flow together. su’s palettes were usually easy on the eyes, and when they wanted to go for something bold and bright, they went all out for it, and it looked great.

the pilot understands this too. everything was gorgeous, easy on the eyes, and stunning to look at

strong contrasts are everywhere, and it’s very very pretty to look at and appealing. even if there are strong and bold colors, they’re well thought out and feel natural

now….here’s some screenshots from season 4.


i don’t know if this was intentional or not, but holy hell….the color choices here burn. they hurt. physically. they’re so bright and overly saturated that nothing about them feels natural. another big issue: THESE COLORS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS ONES FROM A BASIC COLOR PICKER. they’re nearly identical. no joke.

not exactly the same, mind you, but still pretty damn close. (source)

now, pray tell, what is the reason for this weird shift in color theory and understanding? i don’t know. part of me thinks it’s because once they got popular they stopped trying or there’s some miscommunication between animators? either way it’s still something to note and be aware of