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i would just like to gently remind anyone following the situation in manchester to be careful which news outlets you use, because a lot of them inflate figures, jump to conclusions and try to frighten people. some are outright xenophobic, racist and islamophobic, or report news in a way that encourages this way of thinking. the bbc website tends to give pretty reliable figures and reports information relatively impartially (please be critical of websites such as the daily mail)

the uk is in such a fragile state right now and we really don’t need people using this horrible attack as a justification for their racism and islamophobia. 

that’s all. 


actual quotes from Injustice 2:

Len (looking at Barry’s costume): Good thing you’re wearing long=johns.

Barry: I’m totally commando under here!

Len: Ugh. TMI.

Barry: Murdering people won’t bring Lisa back.

Len: I know, Barry.

Barry: I can’t let you give up on yourself.

Barry: What’s up, Leonard?

Len: I take what’s mine and I don’t apologize.

Barry: Guess I shouldn’t expect an apology.

Barry: What’s up, Leonard?

Len: Our final showdown, Flash.

Barry: You always say that.

OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG!!!! The company I applied for, like, about a month ago, finally FINALLY called me!! I was already losing hope when they didn’t call me within the week I applied, but I still WAITED. And after all these weeks, it finally happened today! TvT Also, this might sound strange but I’ve been getting this feeling since last night as if something were about to happen. I’m glad something did happen, that something GOOD did happen! Now I’m up for the final interview (the third one to be exact) this coming Tuesday, AND I SWEAR I’M GONNA GET THIS ONE!


After walking around the square a little and chatting together, Conner suggested to Ethan that they try out one of the “bubble” machines.

“This is your idea for a distraction?” Ethan asked as they sat down at the machine. 

“No better way to relax, trust me.”

“I totally trust you, but this wasn’t what I thought you meant by distraction.”

“Oh, I meant that, too,” Conner said, chuckling. “But getting out of the house for a bit first is a good idea, I think.”

“It is a good idea, and I appreciate it. And it feels good to be out and about after sulking for weeks over my brother.”

“Good, I’m glad you agree. I know it doesn’t fix anything, but I thought it might make you feel a little better at least.”

“It does,” Ethan replied, sincerely. “And I’m sure I will feel even better after you show me how to use this.”

“That I can do. It’s easy, just watch how I do it and you’ll be just fine.”

After Conner showed Ethan how to use the machine, the two of them sat and talked together for over thirty minutes. Both glad to be out of the house and having some fun together. Just the two of them. ♥