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So, my new Xbox One Elite controller came in today (hooray for Amazon Prime!) and I will say I’m actually quite pleased with it - the buttons are new (yay no more mushy A and B buttons, lol) and changing out d-pad so it’s just the 4 directions has made my Seraphim swapping so much more accurate it’s amazing.  I’ve had issues with the 360 d-pad and accidentally swapping in Lailah or Edna when I actually wanted Mikleo or Dezel/Zaveid instead, and having that precision when I use the d-pad has made me so much happier.  Also:

But that’s not why you’re reading this post.  Because obviously, if I got a new controller, I continued The Grand Adventure of Edgelord Puppy and Fanservice Kitty, and you’re here for screenshot gems like these:

Oops.  Maybe telling the assassin-popstar that the Seraphim are ghosts was a bad idea.  But no?  Not your flavor?  Or maybe something like these might be (behind a cut because this post is getting long):

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Hwarang au where everything is the same except Ah Ro and Soo Yeon are replaced by Min Yoonji and Kim Army. (Featuring Ippy the dog)

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“Mediaeval scribes invented this bizarre Latin sentence as a joke to show just how difficult Gothic text could be to read.”

Raise your hand if you can read this sentence without looking at the Latin or English captions. :-D

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Captain here! Ant*s are thinking that because Rey and Luke are sharing the same cover it means that ReyS is confirmed. Based on their logic Phasma and Hux are with their kid, Kylo LOL. flies away.

Hi Captain!! Wow, what a reach… if it was separated by family, Leia would be with Luke and Rey, along with Kylo.

Thanks for letting me know! I was legitimately confused seeing this, like… ‘what’d I miss??????’

/ pleased at all these people having a dark verse that has Ramsay honestly delighted. 

tmw: i wanna make a starter call for anyone with a dark verse. so Ramsay can interact with your dark smol muse-muse ;-; of course, plotting would have to be the first thing to do. Since gotta know what happened to your muse and all. But like, please. ( seriously other people dark verses are my weakness, and even if they don’t have one. and it just happens. ) it becomes more of my weakness. my soul is dead. 

Shoutout out to the few dark souls Ramsay adores !! *0* !!

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mer!Klance? wholesome