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I think I’m nice enough to look at, but I think people make a big deal about my appearance. I think it was like hypnosis, like all of the sudden everybody’s been trained: “Okay, now cluck like a chicken!” “Okay, now say David Duchovny’s handsome!” I mean, I was a normal-looking kid, and whoever you are and whatever you look like, there are always things you want to change. I just remember that I wished I was blond. And I wished that my nose were smaller and my lips were smaller and my eyes were bigger… you know, everything.

David Duchovny

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Pssst.... I hear you like cowboys

Cowboy Inktober

1. Ideal Cowboy
2. Space Cowboy
3. Steampunk Cowboy
4. Cowgirl
5. Cowboy playing a game
6. Cowboy from a video game
7. Les Amis Cowboy AU
8. Undertale Cowboy AU
9. Pirate Cowboy
10. Toy Cowboy
11. Cowboy Halloween
12. Cowgirl Halloween
13. Cowboy Superhero
14. Dancing Cowboy
15. Christmas Cowboy
16. Cowboy in Love
17. Skyrim Cowboy
18. Swimming Cowboy
19. Donut Cowboy
20. MCR Cowboy
21. Chef Cowboy
22. Zelda Cowboy
23. Royalty Cowboy
24. Cryptid Cowboy
25. Ocean Cowboy
26. Spongebob Cowboy
27. Hello Kitty Cowboy/girl
28. Kareoke Cowboy
29. Prom Cowboy
30. Laser Cowboy
31. Cowboy and Friends

Erin I love you so much thank you so so so much!!

I had forgotten about my old published fics and was surprised when I checked my email to see that one of them got a comment–and it was the nicest comment I’ve ever received. I don’t know how to respond. I’m just floored.

It’s weird because I look back on that old work unfavorably. I want to rewrite them someday. But then I get a really powerful comment not just praising it but explaining how they relate to my work. I just.

(stares at the ceiling)

“jaime and brienne would never be happy together because jaime would try to force her into a conventional feminine role!!!”

dude, jaime didn’t give her a valyrian steel sword so she could make him a sandwich with it

“Will you be alright?”
“Yeah. You?”
“If you write to me.”
“You know I will.”
“Bye, Harry.”

When she looked over her shoulder, Harry was still there. And he waited to see the train leaving one last time for Ginny.

Darkiplier: You’ll never escape. Not now, not e-

Me: Can I pet your dog?

Darkiplier: …What?

Me: Can. I. Pet. Your. Dog.

Darkiplier: …Do you know who I am? I can destroy everything you a-

Me: Did I stutter


Lonely prince Noctis of Lucis asked the Astrals for a friend…

…So the Astrals sent him an hyperactive gunsman with passion for destruction and chocobos.

Apologies for poor quality. I’m not an artist, but this had months in my head and had to put it down some way. Tumblr is also lowering the already low quality, but the joke’s what matters. :]

It’s all directly traced from the original Lilo & Stitch scene and adjusted into the characters. Except Gladio. I only traced the outline of Nani’s head and did the rest myself. 

I’m not supposed to have the time for this.
I regret nothing.

fashion consults!

as most of you know, I was in the hospital this month. why? my heart. again. always. two cardiac arrests within a fifteen minute span as I was getting ready for work; an ambulance came and got me and everything. after that, it was two weeks of tests and surgery and new medications and short-term disability and ultimately, no answers. my heart condition remains a rare and mysterious jewel. so good news: I’m alive. bad news: I’m an american who just spent two weeks in the best electrocardiology ward in new york city. which means medical bills. so many fucking medical bills. 

now, I have insurance, but before it kicks in I have a significant deductible to meet. every scrap of every paycheck is going towards those bills for the foreseeable future. which isn’t great, considering I took two-thirds of my closet off to a consignment store about a month before this happened. You guys know me, I’d like to be able to fill it out again. so I’m proposing a trade: I’ll dress you if you dress me. 

style consulting - rates and services

  1. $15 option - one time occasion styling! if you have a wedding or a graduation or a big date coming up, I’ll hop on skype with you for a half-hour and see what we can do with the clothes you already have.
  2. $20 option - fashion guidance. I’ll ask you to send me five to seven pictures of outfits, styles, or fashion icons that you like. from there, I’ll write up my impressions of your fashion goals, advise you towards certain trends, and help you solidify your sense of personal style. (here is an example)
  3. $40 option - fashion guidance + personal shopper. You’ll receive all the services of #1, plus I’ll discuss your budget and then go shopping for you. I’ll put together ten items within your price range that will help you meet your style aspirations. 
  4. $65 option - fashion guidance + personal shopper + skype consult. You’ll receive all the services of #1 and #2, plus I will set up a 45 minute in-person skype consult with you. We’ll go through your closet (or whatever items you choose) together, and I’ll help you pinpoint which garments will work with your new look, and which ones won’t. 

**request via an ask - include your email address, your name, and which service you want - I’ll send you an email and we can begin the conversation there.** 

(note: all these prices are suggested. obviously if you’re willing to donate more, I’d appreciate it, each option takes about an hour and a half more to do than the option preceding it. if you want something different than what I’m offering, send me a message and we’ll talk details.)

(second note: I’ll be doing these requests in the order I get them. When I get your inquiry, I’ll let you know where you are in the queue.)

I’ll still be giving out style advice all the time on this blog, don’t worry! But in-depth, individually tailored stuff takes me a lot of time, and I’d like to be able to turn that into something I can use to buy shoes that won’t fall apart with nyc wear.

hope to dress you soon! ♥