or what do people ship her and steven

I am genuinely curious about people who think like this and want to ask: what do they think Jasper would have done if Lapis hadn’t trapped her in Malachite? What sort of threat was she going to be stranded on the planet with 1) no ship, 2) outnumbered with no allies since Peridot was MIA, and 3) no communication with Homeworld? 

Am I supposed to believe Jasper, who’d been beaten by Garnet alone, could have taken on the likes of Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, or Alexandrite? Do people actually believe Jasper - who has lost every single one-on-one battle against a fusion - would have won that fight? 

Because we saw what Jasper did when she was on her own: she didn’t try to find someway to communicate with Homeworld so she could escape or bring in reinforcements, she didn’t go and harass the local humans - she tried to rebuild an “army” full of corrupted Gems who ran away at the first opportunity. Compare this to Peridot who when on her own hunted down every piece of old tech she could find to desperately try and escape the planet because she thought it would blow up from the Cluster. 

Am I supposed to believe Lapis wanted to protect the planet Earth? Lapis, who stole the ocean (only not causing massive ecological damage because the writers just didn’t acknowledge the consequences of such an action), who said, “Your friends, they don’t really care about other Gems. All they care about is the Earth. But I never believed in this place”? Lapis, who hates being stuck on Earth, has said over and over that she doesn’t care about the planet and just wants to go home?

Of the Homeworld Trio, Jasper was, on her own, the least threatening Gem to the actual planet, despite having the most personal hatred for it. So, people who believe Jasper being chained up in Malachite was for the greater good, just please explain your reasoning to me. Because if so then Peridot deserved to stay bubbled for the greater good, since her sole reason for being on the planet was to make it go boom. Because if so then Lapis deserved to remain locked in the mirror for the greater good because she alone of the Trio has the actual power to single-handedly destroy the planet and has used it. 

Also, why do you not believe Lapis when she admitted the real reason she did what she did? 

Centipeetle has PTSD

Gem corruption seems a lot like PTSD. It’s not a physical trauma, it’s a mental one. She doesn’t remember anything from her past until Steven starts to trigger her repressed memories.

However, as in the case of real people with repressed memories, it can be dangerous and terrifying to recover them. Steven tries to be careful using triggering words like “corrupted” but when she is clearly in distress over the corrupting light/sound he gets carried away and keeps asking for more information.

She becomes so distraught that she throws up (acid spit), falls to the floor weeping, and begins losing control over her physical form. I would argue that her frantic attempt to return to her ship and crew is a part of the flashback Steven triggered. It’s what she was doing when she was corrupted.

Seeing the ship causes another loss of control. It’s nearly destroyed, and inaccessible without help from Steven (she seems genuinely shocked that Steven can open the door, but that’s off topic, so…).

Once she’s inside she finds that her crew stayed behind for her. She’s with gems who are familiar. She’s in a place that feels safe. She can finally relax, but she’s still a creature molded by trauma.

It’s like she went from being enraged and violent, externalizing her pain (way back in Gem Glow) to being sedated and trapped in her own mind (bubbled) to an institutional setting with a support group (her ship and crew), and though Steven’s healing powers were able to begin helping her (like a pharmaceutical, the physical component of healing from an emotional trauma), he’ll need to use his empathetic ability to share her thoughts (talk therapy) to finish helping her.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

A lot of people have been talking about how Steven doesn’t trust his mom anymore, and that’s why he sees her in “Mindful Education”. I was one of the people who theorized that it was because of all the things he is troubled by is because of his mom. I explain it in another post in my blog if you want to look at it. I still believe it, but I also wanted to add this as another theory.

I just rewatched “Bubbled”. At the end, Steven is in the Ruby’s ship and asks Garnet why Rose shattered Pink Diamond. Her response is, “She didn’t always do what was best for her, but she did what was best for earth”.

In “Mindful Education”, when Stevonnie is confronted by Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball, I realized that the reason he feels so guilty is because they perished for the benefit of him, not for anyone else. He poofed them out of self defense, but he knows that he shouldn’t have hurt them.

I feel like the characters, especially Eyeball, are so big compared to their normal size. His guilt is so big since he poofed the gems for HIM, not for anyone else. After Garnet explained that the things Rose did was for the good of earth, Steven begins to feel like he did it for himself and not for anyone else.

At the end of his illusions, Rose appears out of Jasper, Bismuth, and Eyeball, with a disappointed look on her face. Why is that? Because she is disappointed that he was selfish enough to poof a gem when he didn’t do it for anyone else. Although it was self defense, guilt is a powerful thing and it swarms Steven enough where he doesn’t even think about the fact of self defense.

Steven isn’t just feeling guilt over poofing gems, he is feeling guilt over him protecting himself and how it didn’t benefit anyone BUT himself. He knows that it was him and only him that was benefited by poofing these three gems.


My best friend Ash R. as young Pearl, and myself as Rose Quartz.

Ash is one of the most important people in my life, I love her soooo much. She is always there for me, always so loving, supportive, and understanding. I dont know what I do to deserve beautiful friends like her, but I am nontheless grateful.

She was the one who asked me to cosplay Rose, and I did it for her so we could cosplay together!~ <3

Photoshoot at Honolulu Comic Con 2015 by Adept Productions LLC.

If Jaspis becomes canon, I’m probably going to stop watching the show to be honest. I mean, people can ship what they want, and I don’t care if they do, but for me Jaspis is just morally wrong in so many ways. Jasper abused Lapis and kept her prisoner and I wouldn’t want to see them become a couple in the show, since it kind of gives you the message that abuse is only temporary and that you can forgive the people who hurt you.

- Anonymous

You know what? I’m actually okay with this ship.

I never thought I would say that after seeing so many ships shoved down my throat (especially the ones where people automatically make it a ship over small stuff) while the ones I do like are underappreciated, but this one actually does look interesting to me.

Maybe because that lady (whatever her name is) kinda looks like Rose Quartz, and she may be the kind of person to remind Pearl so much about her.

I just hope the fanart on Tumblr doesn’t do anything too weird with them.

When people find out I draw
  • Person: what do you like to draw?
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  • My inner thoughts: gay fucking lesbians fucking making lesbian babies with OCs and space rocks. Tons of lesbian space rocks. I worship Jasper from steven universe and I draw her like once a week. I just want her to be happy so I ship her with everyone.birbs I live for birbs who loves birbs am I right? Pringles!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah same something!
  • Me: I draw people.

Okay, so there is this theory going around that Rose was a Diamond and thus Royalty, and Pearl was a highly trusted, highly attached servant.

There’s also this attraction people are finding between Pearl and Garnet (Not doing pictures at 11:15. Sorry.)

What if the two are connected? Hear me out on this guys: Pearl was highly dependent on Rose, and still kinda is. Part of the theory is that she didn’t really think or feel for herself. So when Rose died to give birth to steven, she was kinda left without any sense of guidance.

This is where the theory and the ship combine: When Rose died, Pearl didn’t simply become an independent. She needed someone to prop her up. But who could she rely on? Amethyst? She’s still developmentally around her teens. Greg? No way, not only is he still a child age wise in comparison, he also could be viewed as the reason Rose died. Steven? Not yet, he’s still a baby. That leaves Garnet, who already is showing to be stable, strong, forward-thinking (Future vision helps with this), and very capable. She becomes Pearl’s rock, if you will.

What this means for the show: Pearlnet may be less of a romance story than a story of Pearl needing someone to be in charge of her. Pearl’s apparent attractions to Garnet may be less about being actually attracted then they are about her insecurities and needs. If this is the case, then Garnet probably recognizes it, and has decided the best response is neither to encourage nor discourage Pearl’s behaviors towards her, allowing Pearl to meet her needs (Protection, confidence, occasionally guidance), but not causing her to bring the relationship into dangerous levels.