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Since my workout sucked this morning and I’m really struggling today to self motivate I’m looking for some accountability and motivation from my followers. I want to challenge myself and I’m leaving it up to you guys how tough this gets. I’ll run this until 10:00pm eastern time July 20th

For each of these on this post I’ll do push ups
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How many you all gonna make me do tonight?

Imagine catboy!Woozi getting a little annoyed when you pet him but when you start to pull your hand away, he stops you and tells you to continue.

when i read hoseok’s response to the fan who said she didn’t know korean well enough that she couldn’t say all the words she wanted to say to him i actually cried a little sdjnkandjakd

he’s so sweet to us


Pushing Daisies 1.04 » Pigeon

Can we not talk about this? The answer to your query is yes. No actually, I - I want to talk about this! I could let it go but like the cat, it will come back, which I wouldn’t call annoying but there’s no really great way of saying half-annoying. Which it is, a little bit.

stevetrevvors  asked:

do u have headcanons/thoughts regarding the peter parker is trans idea bc i havent seen the movie but thats the best goddamn thing ive heard alllll day

  • may is his biggest supporter and fought super hard to get him everything he needed she actually popped a doctor in the face once for consistently misgendering pete
  • ned is also trans thanks 4 ur time
  • all the other boys in his class get embarrassed and flustered every time their voices crack but pete loves it more and more every time it happens to him
  • tony made the spidey suit with a bulge so peter doesn’t have to awkwardly stick his packer down there
  • ‘black widow’ and ‘hawkeye’ and ‘captain america’ r cool names n all but something is just always really great about people calling him ‘spider man’
  • he wears lifts in his shoes and so does tony and he’s completely gobsmacked when he finds out
  • he and ned host huge movie marathons and munch on popcorn and point out all the characters they think are trans
  • luke skywalker is The Trans Hero they both adore
  • his spanish teacher calls him señor parker and it makes him BEAM with happiness
  • he and ned go to the bathroom together bc Solidarity Bro
  • once he grew his hair out to try to “fit in” better but he hated it so much that he hacked it all off with those kids safety scissors and made a complete mess so ben had to buzz his hair right down
  • he and ned would practice deepening their voices for hours in pete’s room and end up ruining it by giggling
  • once he was doing his “stark internship” stuff and he missed his usual shot time so now he always makes time to do his shot properly
  • he loves how skintight the suit is bc he’s so Flat

Reaper is without doubt a patient tactician but boring war council sometimes needs fast decision.

Aka the mandatory Doomfist fanart I needed to do.