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How do you decide how to begin when drawing expressions? Mine always look so forced and i'd love some advice

Exaggeration, that’s usually the first thing that comes to my mind when trying to draw an expression, adding more and more details to the expression itself makes it look more exaggerated and interesting, depending on what you want to convey it helps a lot! Always think why not take it one step further.

It’s important to use as many references as you can too! See how the face behaves and what key features make up the different emotions, you can even make the face yourself to sort of feel how your own muscles and face behaves from it and give you an idea on it.

Best of luck and keep trying!


365 days of rory gilmore: day 60
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so… yeah… i made a few yuri on ice characters on the sims and i just couldn’t stop laughing when viktor and yuuri went on a date at a karaoke bar, viktor proposed and literally the next thing they do was head to the bathroom and make out for the rest of the night???

>stares at Luke’s tag

>goes to sit in the middle of a salt flat

I’m sorry this is just all ruined for me and I’m bitter and have no trust at all. I mean, I get annoyed in general when one million things of the same topic flood a tag, so I’d be annoyed either way, but this truly makes it worse and makes Luke’s tag utterly impossible to navigate.

the bamon ban being put back in place just makes me laugh at this point tbh. because that means that they are well aware that when kat and ian are on screen together every other ship seems to become null and void. and I don’t blame JP for acting like their friendship never existed and instead pushing for dullena even harder. bamon was something the writers were not prepared to tap into. thanks but I’ll stick with my fanfiction and let a generation be fooled into think that the toxic relationships of b*nenzo and dullena are healthy. *sips teas*

Okay, we might’ve lost the comp match so badly but the people on my team and in the voice chat were nice, especially this one dude who seemed so proud of me no matter what I did.

i……gotta call the hotel again now that its normal business hours…….

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how did you know you were gay? and how old were you?

Ooo there are a lot of big moments that helped me realize this. The first one was when I was 14 and I was dating a kind of awful guy. He was way too touchy and told me he loved me after like 3 days. I didn’t like the feeling of being with him and broke it off after a week. That’s when I realized that I hated being with boys. Then I started noticing how I’m attracted to girls but kind of ignored it. “Oh no I just think they’re really really pretty, that’s not gay.” And then a year later, I watched Chicago and I was mesmerized by Velma Kelley and thought, “Yup there is no way that I am straight.” A year after that, I dated a girl and I loved her more than anything, but I don’t think she felt the same way. She never tried to make any time for me and always talked about her exes. She broke my heart and afterwards I realized that even though that was a shitty relationship, I still preferred that over any guy I had ever dated.


Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3 million, 450 carat Fantasy Bra at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Paris, November 30th, 2016

Hey you. Yes, you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that whether or not your fic makes it on to rec lists, or gets a lot of reblogs, and regardless of whether or not you get nominated for awards, or make it onto lists of authors people should read, you still matter. Someone, somewhere, appreciates you. They love the thing that you wrote. They squealed, and flailed, and probably messaged their friend about it at 2am in the morning. You have written sentences that have made peoples’ hearts flip-flop in their stomachs and have little moments of ‘oh I wish I’d thought of that! Headcanon!’.

You are still a writer, and a damn good one at that.

  • Victor: You’re the only one for me.
  • Yuuri: I know you feel that now, but there are things you want. There’re things we both want.
  • Victor: So? Everyone wants stuff, we wake up every day with list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true, but just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy.
  • Yuuri: What do you need to be happy?
  • Victor: You.