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BTS Reactions - They get distracted by you during a work out

Warning - Contains mature content

You smile over at your boyfriend as you step onto the treadmill, switching it on as you smooth your hair back again. You hear him step onto the one beside you, but he doesn’t start it. You ignore him as he does whatever he’s doing, just focussing on building up your speed. After a few minutes, you feel his gaze on you and slow to a halt, panting as you turn to look at him. He thinks you don’t notice his eyes on your chest before they dart up to your eyes, but you do. You just wait for him to speak instead.

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Seventeen (vocal unit): getting into a fight before they leave for promotions

Jeonghan:  being the petty drama queen he is, he won’t apologize right away even when he knows there’s a chance you two won’t be seeing each other for months. It’s not like he gets mad at you often, so he’d be way too hurt and upset to set his pride aside and apologize first. Once you coax him into talking to you again, he’ll break down and throw his body into your arms. He’d have such a hard time leaving the next day bc he truly did regret giving you the cold shoulder over a stupid fight.

Joshua:  he’d call you out for being childish and ignoring him after the fight, bc you know he doesn’t hold a grudge so now he’s straight up just frustrated w/ you since he’s leaving so soon. “Y/n, stop acting like this…you want me to cry every single day I’m away from you just bc of this argument? Please, just look at me, love…” he has his ways to get you to finally break down, and it’s by being gentle and understanding, until you finally smile up at him.

Woozi:  after taking time for himself to get some air and clear his mind, he’ll start packing his bags early, in hopes of you noticing and feel bad…I mean he never meant for a small argument to turn into a blow out of a fight. When this doesn’t work, however, he’ll quietly walk up to you wherever you were standing, and hug you firmly against his warm chest. “I’m sorry, y/n, I am. You know how stressed we’ve both been since I’m leaving so soon. Forgive me.”

DK:  he just rolls his eyes in frustration and mumbles under his breath bc he’d think you were so unbelievable for getting mad at him for leaving after he just came back. “Then come w/ me! My god, why do you always make it hard for me when I leave you, y/n? You’re breaking my heart….” out of all, I think he’d be the most upset and emotional at you ignoring him. Legit will not leave until you both kissed and made up.

Seungkwan:  won’t even take the fight seriously tbh, he knows better than to leave in a sour mood, esp if he’s gonna be leaving for a while. “I get it, we both messed up and fought…but y/n, that’s not going to make me angry with you or hold a grudge, I know you’re more mature than that. Right?”  Honestly he will apologize, but Seungkwan will remind you how lonely and horrible he’d feel if you didn’t smile and hugged him before his departure.

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