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Chapter 6

Today is a good day for updates. Here is the next chapter for the mafia story. I really hope you enjoy it, please feel free to leave me some comments and share it. By you sharing it helps me reach other people whom I might not have been able to reach. As always thanks to @bae-jagiya for the moodboard and @jijagi for being my beta. FYI NSFW

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No offense to the Army’s, but BTS are not “the first kpop act” to appear in America, and not the first to sign under american label, Psy and Wonder Girls is the first kpop act to debut in America and he actually won an award in AMA’s, he’s also the first to debut on American TV, CL was on Late Late Show first too. Psy, CL and BigBang, SNSD are one of the artist that won in Youtube Awards in america and also all around europe, the very first kpop group to win outside Korea is Super Junior. Psy, BigBang and CL,are the first to sign under a American label, the first artist in kpop that worked with UNICEF is jinusean, before that there’s, BigBang who’s supports UNICEF as solo and as a group, also Snsd, SuJu, Tvxq, Epik High, 2ne1, f(x), Shinee and much more. So no BTS didn’t do that first..

i want to be in a shitty band and write heavy songs and play basement shows and do stupid shit and have fun and fuck up my hair and drive around in a crappy van full of instruments and scream til my throat bleeds and get bruises all over and make friends and live a little

remember, if you’re a VLV (vampire-loving vampire) you are valid! i know that human/vampire relationships are so much more prominent in the media, but if you love other vamps, your love is beautiful and right! you’re not dirty or kinky for loving other vampires!

god whenever i see fuckin like 15 year olds on here talking about how they’re like “growing out of MCR” or something I’m just like WGAT. BITCH!! WHAT!! like dhfhdjdh I didn’t get into MCR til I was in sophomore year and since then my heart has been unable to feel love 4 anything else how y'all just like “MOVING ON” and “GROWING OUT OF UR EMO PHASE” like!!!!!! The Fuck