or vice versa tbh

idk what this is besides mostly crack (canon) that @skamforfaen and i discussed abt some things vilde might say, and do once she eventually!! becomes comfy with her sexuality. 

  • isak and vilde!!! yes gay pals!!! they’re going to be like “that’s homophobic” whenever something minorly inconveniences them and laugh so hard and everyone else is just “?????”
  •  i can imagine vilde sayin that first with the squads and then everyone’s “ …???…” and then isak goes all mock serious and “didn’t u hear her??? that IS homophobic smh”
  • *water bottle falls down on the floor* “well, THAT’S homophobic”
  • *gets bad grade on a test* my teacher is homophobic”
  • imagine sometimes how it just slips out at the worst of times bc vilde suddenly gets really into lgbt history/negative stereotypes and suddenly becomes really educated and she just, thinks everything is homophobic and oppressive (is she wrong tho)
  • “can that server tell i kissed my gf today??? Is that why my meals late? This is blatant rude homophobia im going to talk to the manager!“ 
  • and eva’s there like “vilde, we just kissed 2 minutes ago.” - “i know that eva! but our food is late! she’s homophobic!”
  • “vilde, you cant blame everything on homophobia.” - “and why not eva???” - eva gives her a look. - “well, you might not see the blatant disregard heterosexuals shoot our way because we are a same-sex couple eva, but i do! would a straight girl have to wait 10 extra minutes for her salad if she was with a boy?? i don’t think so!”
  •  "vilde it was one time and she gave u a valid reason.“ - “well we’ll see abt next time hmm." 
  • next time ends up being 2 days later and this time vilde ends up with no cutlery. "see eva, what did i tell you? homophobia.”
  • one time vilde says “as a gay,,” in isak’s presence and he chokes on air
  • “vilde,,,, you cant just- you cant just say that!” 
  • “and why not, isak?”
  • “you- cant-you- just- you just cant!?”
  • "i don’t have a problem with it isak. i’m gay. you know,,,, the stigma attached to the label can be very dehumanizing and hurtful but the more we use it the more it becomes ours and the less people can hurt us with it bc there’s nothing wrong it, is there isak? i like girls and you like boys and people just have to accept that.”
  • just give me isak and vilde learning from each other and gradually becoming friends and supporting one another (even tho it takes time to get there, vilde is forever thankful that she’s got isak and vice versa tbh)
  • just imagine vilde getting all philosophical and progressive once shes really comfy with herself.
  • just imagine vilde, isak, even and eva bonding over their sexuality and forming a group within their group!
  • pls vilde would so join “skeiv ungdom” (lgbtqia+ youth group), she’d be the fucking LEADER of skeiv ungdom oslo and organize all these pre-games and parties and demonstrations .  
  • she’d make sure its the safest place for everyone and just like with her first kosegruppa meeting, she’d make everyone do exercises and get to know each other and have introductions and make sure people use each others correct pronouns. 
  • and sometimes they play games or talk about their experiences and also the joys of being gay and how it gets better and how these groups are supposed to create a supportive place to talk and relate to one another but to also have fun and Hope.
  • some days they talk about certain lgbt topics and they vote on which one to dicuss first. e.g. compulsory heterosexuality, coming out, links between being lgbt and mental health, support networks, history, icons, songs, etc. 
  • and sometimes new members come in so they do this thing where every week they introduce each other again by their name, sexuality (if they want) and something good they want to share with each other that happened to them in the last week
  • sometimes people who’ve been coming to the meetings from the beginning end up introducing themselves one day but for the first time, actually coming out as well. so the constant introductions give all the members the option to come out when they feel comfortable or sure, bc not everyone in the group is out or labels themselves.
  • even is definitely co-leader along with vilde, she asked him specifically bc she loves the way he talks to people and the two of them have had numerous educational and supportive talks and have become pretty close. 
  • even “you don’t think that’s a bit of a superficial generalization?” bech næsheim.
  • i bet vilde would bake sweet buns (boller, like she did for kosegruppa) and pride cupcakes for the meetings too.
  • now pride: she’d make everyone bring at least one thing to pride (they’d make a day of it at isak’s place and get everything ready there and leave together) but she’d make sure she bakes and has a hell of a fun time frosting with her friends and gf eva. the frosting would be rainbow ofc and everyone ends up leaving the house with frosting smeared on their cheeks, cue a lot of kisses from everyones significant other.
  • just. concept: proud lesbian vilde, along with her fellow gay isak, his pansexual boyfriend even and her bisexual gf eva!

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Hey hey hey!! Another little question while the ask is open! What do you think about the Legend of Zelda? What would the 104th and the vets think about it? If the franchise existed in their time or vice versa

Tbh I only tried playing Zelda like once, it wasn’t my thing really, but I’ll try anyway <3

Mikasa: Not her type of game
Reiner: Loves it, especially cause Link looks more and more like a girl
Bertholdt: Only knows lonk
Annie: Still thinks Link is Zelda, because who the fuck cares?!
Jean: Only plays the games because of his massive crush on the new link designs
Marco: is super casual about liking the games
Sasha: Loves the games, Link is her role model
Connie: Likes the games, but sometimes they’re hard D: Annoys everyone with “Hey, Listen!”
Historia: Meh
Armin: Enjoys the games, but there are better ones in his opinion
Ymir: “Link is a trans girl!”
Levi: doesn’t care
Hanji: Played all the games and wrote walk throughs 
Erwin: Thinks Link is Zelda even though he played the games
Nanaba: Prefers other games
Mike: Helps Hanji with the walk throughs

Dating Hvitserk would include:

Originally posted by jorindelle

- you two teasing each other a lot even before dating

- going to England with him

- protecting each other in a battle

“you think you can take care of yourself?”

“shouldn’t I ask you that?”

- if you got injured he would be so fucking worried (and vice versa)

- tbh he wouldn’t leave your side until you got better

- after a successful raid you would celebrate it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- practicing sword fighting with each other and you actually being better than him

“I let you win you know”

“of course you did” (notice the sarcasm)

- making a competition out of everything:


2.who kills the most on the battlefield

3. who can make the other cum first

- he can’t keep his hands to himself when you are around ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- being embarrassed by it ‘cause he does that in front of everybody

“Hvitserk, stop”

“That’s not what you said last night”

- in front of his brothers he would be so cocky

- he would probably tell them what it is like to have sex with you

- you would kick his ass for it

- if you two are alone he would be sweet

- whispering sweet nothings in your ear to make you blush

- and for the gods he loves seeing you blushing

- having sex with him would be either slow and passionate

- or hard

- he likes to be on top obviously

- but he also loves to see you riding him

- he wants you to scream his name so everybody can hear you

- your body covered in bruises

- LOTS of hickeys

- the next day his brothers would tease you about them

“did you sleep well, y/n?”

“shut up Ubbe”

“by the screams of last night I don’t think she got much sleep”


- trying to cover said hickeys

- he smirking at you for it and you sending him a death glare

“I’m going to kill you”

“you seemed to be enjoying it while I was giving them to you”

- he acting like a child sometimes

- but you find it cute

- basically you two not being able to live without each other

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Which part of jimin's body do you think is jungkook's favorite? And vice versa?

um. tbh that’s an extremely difficult question to answer for Jungkook because I’ve said it before, but there I don’t think there isn’t a part of Park Jimin’s body Jeon Jungkook hasn’t thoroughly smothered himself against on camera

Literally, from bottom to top:


Booty (obviously)…






….and Head ;)

Yah, so I’m pretty sure there isn’t a part of Jimin’s body that Jungkook doesn’t like ;P

And as for Jimin…I’m sure his favourite is Jungkook’s cute and adorable face that he so often dotes on :33333


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NCT Dream Reaction: Dating An ‘00 Liner

A/N: We will no longer be requesting NCT Dream Reaction to Dating An __ Liner requests.



You’re only a year younger than Mark, so he wouldn’t be as cautious around you as he would be if you were a year or two (or three) younger. Since you’re so close to his age, he acts relatively neutral around you (unless he’s being shy how cute) and skinship would come easier to him.

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You’re the same age as Renjun, so he’d act really playful around you. He’d probably try to get you into Moomin somehow while trying to be subtle (and failing abysmally). Your relationship would probably be #goals because you guys’ literally do all of the couple cliches. 

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Age doesn’t really matter to Jeno in the first place, so if you’re the same age as him he probably wouldn’t have much of a reaction. He’d probably start liking you because you helped him with homework tbh (or vice versa). You guys’ would do a lot of things together; homework, dancing, etc.

Originally posted by neotechs


Donghyuk would probably act the same way he acts with the (Dream) boys when he’s around you because you’re the same age. You’d probably have a really playful and/or mischievous relationship; pulling pranks on each other or the boys. He’d always have time to do couple stuff with you tho.

Originally posted by haenyan


Since you’re the same age, Jaemin would be similar to Jeno in a way. He wouldn’t have much of a reaction to your age. The two of you would be a soft, aesthetically pleasing #tumblrcouple. Most of your social media is just pictures of your interlocked hands, etc.

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You’re older than Chenle by a year, but I honestly don’t think he’d care. He’d still treat you with respect, of course, but he wouldn’t be super cautious on how he acts around you. Your relationship is cute; really domestic and everything. You guys act like a married couple. A loud, but adorable married couple.

Originally posted by nctful


You’re two years older than Jisung, so he’d be a bit shy around you. You probably confessed first, because you could tell that he liked you (plus half of Dream told you about his feelings) and you would probably be the one to initiate skinship at first. Overtime he’d grow more comfortable around you.

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im feeling really sad :( can i have some fluffy hcs?

-Sometimes Clarke has moments where she just….gushes love. Like lex will be getting out of the shower and Clarke will just pop in, cup her face, and kiss her until Lex can’t stop laughing. (Lexa cries happy tears bc whoa that’s unexpected)

-clexa watch game shows and get competitive and fight each other on the answers and scream and the neighbors are like “keep it down with the sex!” And they just,,,, sheepishly grin at each other

-they have pillow fights and Lexa always lets Clarke win so she can be pinned down tbh

-Clarke braids Lexa’s hair and vice versa and Lexa purrs bc she’s an actual cat


Will you become a Pokemon Ranger? 

@homura-chu @caffeccino @sparklenaut so I see all of you drawing the pmmm girls in their respective official lingerie sets and it’s nice and all but have you considered swapping lingerie sets

People who think Lucifer loves Sam annoy the shit out of me. If you want to ship it as an AU, fine. Go for it. Idgaf.
But if you’re turning the whole “share a bunk” thing into flirting, if you think that he was being “friendly"to Sam because he loves Sam, you have a really twisted sense of love. The bunkmate thing was obviously a rape threat, because Lucifer was pissed that Sam said he’d never say yes to him, so he threatened Sam. It was pretty obvious by the way that Lucifer starting cornering Sam even more and Sam’s face (he was close to hyperventilating I mean really)
And the hug it out stuff and “available” wasn’t flirting, in my opinion. That was to traumatize and tease sam, to make him uncomfortable. Lucifer doesn’t genuinely love Sam at all - he just uses him as a toy, a plaything to hurt and torment. If Lucifer loved him, would he have made Sam beat dean to almost death? The person that he loves most? No. He also tortured (and likely raped) him in the Cage, which he wouldnt have done if he loved him.
I just can’t stand that people want Sam in a clearly abusive relationship ( unless it’s a healthy AU )
And Sam obviously doesn’t have feelings for Lucifer either - he’s terrified of him. He’s breathing heavily throughout the entire conversation, has to carefully think of what he’s going to say, he had to step away from the cage when Lucifer was coming up to get ahold of himself because he’s so fucking scared of Lucifer. He’s trying to keep his distance frm him when he’s in the cage, he even STARTS CRYING FOR HIMSELF. WHICH HE NEVER DOES. He cries for dean, for his dad, for Jess, but never for himself. He constantly looks like he’s about to have a panic attack, his breathing is erratic, his facial express show he’s terrified throughout the entire confrontation.
I just don’t understand how people can glorify all of this and say that Lucifer loves Sam, or vice versa. It makes me sick to my stomach tbh.

@holywrought replied to your post: // oh my god I didn’t know Mercer voiced Aluneth…

when I found out, all I picture is jesse mccree whispering these things to me, it’s the worse.

// That’s literally all I’ve been thinking about since I found out too

     frankly , he’s quite keen to being a nuisance when he ought not to be . it’s why he gives her elbow a pinch in passing to fetch whatever need that gnawed upon his belly or parched his tongue . flips her page on her with the deft slip of his pinkie , disrupting her quiet . for whatever scalding glare or retaliation she could inflict upon him , the most he can offer her in apologies is the bristly lop - side of his groggy , contented smile , and the boyish bravado it braves . though , he seems quite serious when he asks her , gesturing quite vaguely towards what busies her .          c’mon . what’s all that .      

@rosulas // starter

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I have a few headcanons 1.) Chase just likes messing with Anti, pulling pranks on him and ect. 2.) Dr.iplier is the host's favorite tbh 3.) Wilford low-key hates Google and vice versa but if anyone else messes with the other without their consent, they get super protective, putting it off as ' I wanna be the only one to ruin their life." 4.) Google might update to get back to reality after he's been dealing with stuff, feeling the need to better himself


1.) I love that!! Chase messing with Anti would be fantastic. I can imagine him with a nerf gun or bow. Probably a bow because it can make a frightening sound when it flies through the air and that could startle Anti (who I believe has heightened hearing). Chase has to be amazing at hiding, for sure. I’d imagine that there could be a few scenarios of him sneaking into his own home to hide around after night to see his kids in his ex-wife’s home. And he can do all this to Anti because the only person he truly fears is his ex-wife when she discovers him hiding.

2.) Oh, yeah, totally. Someone has to be around to help change his bandages. And they must have great conversations as well. I’d imagine that the Host would love to hear all of Dr. Iplier’s descriptive ways of describing what he does for a living. It could really broaden his literary knowledge which he still has a strong affection for despite the fact that he can no longer pursue writing. 

3.) Hahah, I can see that. I think that Wilf would be confused to shit by Google and that Wilf doesn’t often like what he can’t understand.

4.) That’s an interesting concept! I’ve never thought about it like that before. It’s very possible. Maybe it involves updating his systems to put the information he’s learned into his databases. Like a save? I don’t know. The idea fascinates me though.

I can’t believe that during Kairi Week, I made a post detailing just how much Kairi’s like Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments–and how I want them to meet for that reason, even if it’s just (preferably) in a fan thing–but completely forgot about Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson!

Ahh! Those two also have SO VERY MUCH in common. And Percabeth is SO SoKai, tbh (or vice versa).