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Headcanons for the champions, the new ones plus Zelda and Link's reaction finding our that their S/O has a very large bust but covers it up with loss clothing cause people tend to ya know... stare. Thanks.

That’s a lot of characters to write for, so I think I’ll just stick to the Champs and their captain.

The Champions + Zelda


The body is viewed very differently in Zora culture, so she doesn’t even notice at first that people are staring at you. Once you tell her about the situation, she starts giving the dirtiest looks to anyone she catches. And, given that people rarely see the Zora princess mad, they will back off, as it’s a rather scary ordeal for them. She encourages you to wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you comfortable.


She’s VERY protective of you and notices right away if people are staring. All she has to do is cast a glance in their direction for them to get the message. She thinks you’re perfect the way you are, but she doesn’t take kindly to people whose gazes tend to linger.


Rito anatomy is different, to put it mildly. He catches people staring and doesn’t waste a second when it comes to confronting their intentions, but he doesn’t exactly know why people are staring until you tell him. He tells you he’s sorry you’ve been made to feel that way; he thinks your body’s fine the way it is.


As with the Zora, in Goron culture, the body is not viewed in the same way it is for Hylians. His presence alone is usually enough to make any inappropriate onlooker think twice, but in case they don’t get the message, a simple greeting (or some sort of acknowledgement of their existence and their actions) from him will do. 


It’s not often that people stare when you’re around him (as they’re really afraid of offending the Hylia’s chosen hero, and by extension, Hylia, herself), but when they do he’s usually the first to notice. A warning glare is all it takes to divert the stranger’s attention. 


This princess is not afraid to accost someone for staring at their future monarch in such a lewd way. Not only because you’re practically royalty and the love of her life, but also because it’s extremely impolite to gawk at anyone.

~Mod Zora~

Helios was believed to ride a golden chariot that carried the sun across the skies every day from East to West…  Today, The God of Gods Jupiter proves a tumultuous adversary to that majestic function, as I can attest, from South to West, the once Colossus of Rhodes

 'sky routes' to be seriously impeded.    Roman, Imperial Period, late 1st to 2nd century CE this very large, high-relief cast bronze bust of Helios (also spelled Helius), the sun god, who originated in Greek mythology, is depicted as a youth, crowned with a headdress of sun rays, over his wavy coiffure, courtesy of Artemis Gallery.

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i saw you reblog that ask about lady vader, i just wanna know if you have any thoughts about her? or even just a female anakin??

I have so many thoughts about so many things. And this is going to be a long ask so I’ll preface this by saying: Lady Vader is a different character to me than female Anakin Skywalker. These are two different concepts in my head. 


  • Anakin Skywalker born with a vagina and a womb, but zhe is only female when they feel like it. Most of the time zhe identifies as a male, right up until they’re forced to be Lady Vader by their Master.
  • Lady Vader still needs the suit, but Sidious spent the money and time to fix Vader’s face so that it is flawless and can be seen by everyone.
  • Lady Vader’s face is beautiful and never bares any scars or wrinkles. Sidious even made sure to give her blond hair, but it’s artificial hair that was literally plugged into the dead skin on her scalp. (As Anakin, zhe had brown hair that was lighter under sunlight but since zhe lived primarily on Coruscant their hair darkened. But apparently Master liked blondes.)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi fought Lady Vader while she was eight months pregnant. He cut off both of her legs and her other arm and dragged her out of the lava when she slid into it to save her children. He cut them out of her as she screamed under him and he hated himself every moment of it.
  • Padma Amidala was Anakin Skywalker’s secret husband and the father of their children.
  • Lady Vader woke up when the suit was being installed into her and Master told her that Obi-Wan had taken her children out of her to kill them. She couldn’t feel them at all and couldn’t feel Padma so she believed him – after all, her husband was dead so clearly their children must be dead too.
  • Lady Vader hates her artificial body because Sidious totally sexualized her suit because he’s a creepy motherfucker. Anakin Skywalker didn’t have a very big bust; Lady Vader has a very large one that has the control panel built into it.

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There’s been discussion about head-to-body ratio and body proportions over at feministdisney, and I just wanted to point this out because this is something I think about whenever I watch these two movies.

One of the most common features of animated characters, especially in children’s movies, is a high head-to-body ratio. The human body is usually between 7 and 7.5 heads tall; animated characters often range between 4.5 and 6 heads tall. In this case, Nani is five heads tall and Aurora is six heads tall.

Both have very small waists compared to their heads, but Nani is somehow more “normal”-looking than Aurora in terms of her body proportions. 

The reason why becomes obvious if you adjust the size of the heads (excuse my photoshop). When you make Nani’s head smaller, so that she is seven heads tall and proportioned like a real human, her waist and hips are a believable size, significantly larger than her head.

Nani has narrow shoulders, small breasts, a bit of belly fat, wide hips and muscular legs. She’s almost a little pear-shaped. The animation style also causes her to be very rounded-looking in general.

If you resize Aurora’s head, however, it is still larger than her waist. She is extremely wasp-waisted, with a large bust and very narrow ankles, wrists and neck.

I have a few points here. The first is that most of the Disney princesses are horrendously proportioned; the second is that it’s possible to create a character with that apparently oh-so-desired head-to-waist ratio without making them ultra-thin. I love the character designs in Lilo and Stitch; their large heads and hands and rounded bodies make them very expressive. By contrast, Aurora is not very appealing to me.

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I want to start wearing, er, *sexier* cosplays, but I feel really self conscious about my body and also like people will judge me? Any advice?

I have lots of advice! As a shameless slattern who whips her cleavage out at any given opportunity, I will give you two pieces of advice:

1) Who cares if people judge you? Who can judge you for how you choose to participate in your hobby??? This is FUN, it’s a thing we do because it’s FUN, the second you start of thinking of cosplay as a job (unless you’re getting paid to do it/make it, then it is, in fact, a job) or an obligation, you’re not doing it right. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re “doing it wrong”, because there’s no wrong way to cosplay. As long as you’re not being appropriative or offensive, you’re doing awesome. 

“Sexy” cosplays, especially ones where the source material isn’t necessarily sexy (the playboy bunny Avengers that were a huge deal a few years ago, for instance) are often looked down on as a way for women to get attention they wouldn’t otherwise get. And you know what? IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT? When I lace myself into a corset and put on my six inch heels, damn fucking right I want some attention. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a body, wanting to show off that body, and getting something out of it. Fuck off with your self-righteous nonsense, judgmental people. I like to get all sexed up because it makes me feel foxy, and that’s no one’s business but my own. 

2) SHAPEWEAR. Which is not to say your body isn’t perfect exactly as it is, but my secret weapon re: confidence in skimpier/tighter cosplay for YEARS now has been shapewear. Most characters don’t have the lumps and lines that underwear create, and it can totally throw off the look of an outfit. I’ve invested in three key pieces that really have made a difference. 

  • FOR ALL-OVER SMOOTHING: An all-in-one bodysuit that goes down to my mid-thigh. I have a very large bust, so I get the open-bust style so I can wear my own bra, but if you’re between an A cup and a D cup, plenty also have built-in underwire bras. These types of shapewear eliminate awkward bra-band and panty lines, while also smoothing out your entire torso. Excellent for wear under things like catsuits - I wear one under my Sole Survivor Vaultsuit. 
  • FOR A SMALLER WAIST: A waist cincher. You can get one for like, $30/$40 at your local Macy’s - I have one in nude, it’s seamless, and made from hardcore powermesh. It nips in my waist, but isn’t as intense as a boned corset, so it still looks natural while smoothing out your torso. Anything that involves wearing an article of clothing that nips in at my waist, like a swing skirt or a pair of high waisted pants, will benefit from wearing a cincher. 
  • FOR PERKY BOOBAGE: A good, nude, convertible bra that I have reserved exclusively for cosplay. Get professionally sized. Try a bunch on. Find the best bra you can, make sure it can be worn strapless AND with straps, and put it in a drawer to be worn for cosplay only (you can wear it for a few days to make sure it’s comfy, but what you don’t want is the elastic wearing out). A good bra can really make a silhouette - but boobs are heavy and the elastic in bra straps stretches out over time and eventually the lifting power of the bra fades. So keep this one with your cosplay gear, so it stay perky!
  • EXTRAS: I also have a bunch of other pieces, like high waisted powermesh underwear, padded panties that change my silhouette if I want a little more ass, and several steel-boned corsets when I want an extreme silhouette. But the three things I’ve mentioned really helped me get comfortable in tight fighting/skimpy cosplay, because I wasn’t worried about the shape of my body or visible panty line. 

Hope this helped!

An interesting observation.

I find I’m almost the only one who draws Fluttershy with a small bust. Almost without fail, everyone else draws anthro Fluttershy with a very large bust, and I’ve received a lot of requests to draw her as such as well.

On a whim I decided to draw both styles side-by-side. Ultimately, I still much prefer drawing her with a small bust. But perhaps some people will appreciate this sketch of her with a large chest.

Martin Comes to Visit || Closed


When Harry had first met Martin Shore he’d seemed a likeable enough young chap, straight out of the same police college that Harry himself had attended, but they didn’t really hit it off until a few weeks after Harry had taken the freckled, ginger lad under his wing. They had pulled off a very large drugs bust and Harry had taken Martin out for lunch and they left the office behind.

A was actually a few /months/ later, on a Friday, that Harry asked Martin what he was doing for dinner and for their weekend off.

“Oh nothing much, sir. Just…sitting on the sofa watching re-runs of Jonathan Creek.”

That was the point at which Harry phoned his wife to inform her that they’d be having a guest over for dinner and the weekend. Martin was shocked but clearly excited, having never seen his Guvs house or met his family. He arranged care for his cats and within twenty minutes they were both trundling along the road in Harry’s car.

“Darling!” Harry called as he entered the Manor House, Martin trailing behind him and gawping at the building, “I’m home.”

Day 19 of #backbendmadness2014 w/ @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga & @fitqueenirene- Parshva Dhanurasana
Dear @lululemon,
Why don’t you produce your clothes in plus sizes? I mean, I’ve read your public responses but real talk- what’s the deal? In my humble opinion, you’re missing out on a major financial opportunity.
For one thing, fat girls are already accustomed to spending a lot of cash on clothes- your prices would barely make a sporty #fatshionista blink an eye. Second of all, all of your clothes would look rad on curvy bodies. For instance, the top I’m wearing in this photo has a very attractive neckline which would be super sexy on small and large busted fat girls (I really like it because it makes my relatively small breasts look like they were styled by ann boleyn). Honestly, the main reason you should start making plus size clothes is because the energy of your clothing line, products, stores, and employees is so damn positive and infectious that it fills me w/ such sadness to think y'all want to exclude such a substantial group of potential customers. I know way too many fat yoga addicts who could be excellent ambassadors for the lululemon mission if they weren’t the subject of your size prejudice.
Just promise me you’ll think about it, ok?
Love, Jessamyn
PS- I really do love my new #yoga mat. Kthanksbye

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Seeking Binder

Hey My friend is FTM Trans*, I love him with all my heart but his home is transphobic, abusive, and awful. so for his birthday i wanted to get him a binder! (as that he currently uses sports bras or ace bandage)

URL: totally-festive-eevee                                                                             We live in Jacksonville Florida                                                                       He has a 31” bust and is very skinny                                                           I can’t spend a large amount on shipping so please no super far away places unless you can pay.