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Prompt Batch #32

Theme: Miscellaneous

1. “People just don’t seem to like me and no one wants to tell me why!”

2. “Your scars are just a testament to your survival.”

3. “Hey! C’mon–I was nearly finished with that!”

4. “Don’t you ever get bored of this?”

5. “Now would be the time to run!”

6. “Just their smile can brighten an entire room.”

7. “You wouldn’t think it’d be this hard to find a damn job.”

8. “Can’t you guys just leave me alone already?”

9. “See here how the colours mix together like that? Perfection.”

10. “Maybe I’m not right for you, but you are right for me.”

11. “Really? You’re doing this now? Don’t you think the timing is a little inappropriate?”

12. “Hey … just wanted to call to say hi, I guess.”

13. “And this is why there are rules! This is exactly what happens when you break them!”

14. “Buddy, don’t even try explaining. I’ve seen all I’ve needed to see.”

15. “Like this, see? It’s simple.”

16. “Looking back on it now, do you have any regrets?”

17. “You’re wearing that wrong, dummy.”

18. “Do you recognize . . . any of this? Because you should.”

19. “Remember when we were that young? Yeah–me neither.”

20. “Something about this just doesn’t seem right. Is that just me or does anyone else agree?”

Sundance Film Review: ‘Assassination Nation’
Three centuries ago in Salem, Mass., rumors got 20 residents killed. Imagine if the mob had Twitter. Sam Levinson’s furious fempowerment thriller “Assassination Nation” stars four…
By Amy Nicholson

“Lily (Odessa Young) is 18 and she has a secret. The popular beauty is cheating on her boyfriend (Bill Skårsgard, minus the “It” makeup) by sending sexy selfies to married father Nick (Joel McHale) next door.”

read more on movie at the link 👌


XTVN is having a variety show with rappers called 오늘도 스왝 (i understand what it means but i don’t know how to translate into English lol “We Swaggy Today”, “Today’s Swag”, idk halp). It has Nucksal, Sleepy, Deepflow, Big One, Don Mills and Yang Sechan(? Is that his name or his brother’s idk). THIS LOOKS HELLA FUN AND I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A VARIETY FOR RAPPERS AHHHHH~ Somebody link me episodes pls


180122 ‘Hello Counselor’ Preview - SUPER JUNIOR


[슈퍼TV] 30초 안에 슈퍼TV의 모든 것을 알려라!

* 180122 Super TV | Super Junior talking about their new program in 30s


Louis performing Miss You at the Royal Variety Performance • December 19, 2017 (aired on ITV).


180120 ‘Knowing Brother’ Ep. 111 Heechul’s Cuts