or using that shot of cat's hands


A couple of close-up shot from the Broadway production of Cats.

Top - Munkustrap

Bottom - Skimbleshanks

Comparing the two makes for serious geekery, or technical interest, depending how you look at it!  Munkus has some faint base work on the right-hand side, but is mostly about the hatching.  This is done with a fine tipped bottle, applying a fine line of paint.  You can see on the lower left how there is multiple layers built up.  

Skimble, on the other hand, is at least three-four layers of sponged colour, softly overlaid to build up a rich texture. This has then been hatched over using a different method- while all Munkus’ lines are of varying weight, the lines themselves are solid, but Skimble’s lines show harder edges, and fainter in the centre.  The colour also concentrates on the bottom of a lot of the strokes.  This is more typical of a felt pen, where the felt nib carries the ink unevenly, and the darker concentration is where the pen has paused on the fabric. 


An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: Going with Ed to adopt a kitten
Word count: 1,238

“Ed, no more,” you scolded, snatching a bag of cat treats away from him.  

It was the third package he’d picked up and attempted putting in the basket.

“But babe, he’ll need biscuits.  Loads of ‘em,” he almost whined through a smile, grabbing the treats back up from your hand.

“You’re spending too much money on stuff he won’t even be able to use yet.  And you brought me to help you not do that, remember?”

He shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows almost as if he didn’t understand what you were telling him.

“My baby will be well pampered.  And fat,” he said matter-of-factly and as if caught by surprise, “And no one can take that away from him.”

All you could do was raise your own brows at him while he tossed the bag in the red basket hanging from his elbow, adding to the mix of toys he’d specifically picked out.  

“This one looks like something out of Fifty Shades,” he chuckled, waiving a fuzzy pink bundle of feathers over your face, the black plastic wand flexing when he waved it around.  Another older shopper, standing at the far right of the aisle glanced over her shoulder when Ed made the reference.

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100 Theme Fanfiction Challenge

So I’ve decided to use this challenge to help me write some cute one shots :) If you’d like to try some, go ahead! All the best to you!

I’m going to be doing them all for different ships and fandoms but I’ll probably make most of them reader insert for you guys :) 

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“Afterworld: The Kryptonian Gambit” – Okay, so this fairly bonkers, and actually began with me playing with the shot in the middle because I wanted to try and figure out how to create the explosion effect with “paint” (digital variety, which is all I use anymore owing to old hand injuries). I was using the screencap as a template, so I thought I’d include Kara rather than paint her out because, hey, easy and would help me figure out some lighting tricks. Simple, right? Then I decided to add Cat because it would force me to really think about the lighting if I had to match the lighting efx, only I was having a bitch of a time getting the pose right, so I changed her costume and…

Then it went from there…think Topsy. At some point, I decided to create it as a sequel to my original Afterworld, Otalia poster (that’s the third pic–Afterworld was an old treatment I’d done in the 80s for a post zombie apocalypse TV series). Meanwhile, the utter and complete lack of planning that went into this is massive. Seriously, I just never quite knew what was going to happen next (the last thing was adding Zombie Superman floating in front of them when originally he was supposed to be flying out of the fire, undead style. Still not sure he’s fully recognizable, but I like it the best of anything I thought of. Anyway, it came out and I kinda like it.

Edited to add: a detail shot

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TITLE: The White Cat


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki having teary eyed one sided conversations with every cat he sees because cats are Frigga’s animal and he’s convinced that she’s using them to communicate with him.


Loki sat on the throne of Asgard, Gungnir in his hand, trying hard to keep the satisfaction that no one knew it was he that wore his father’s face.

He made sure to keep up his illusion every second of the day, you never know when someone might turn a corner. It had almost gotten to the point whenever he would drop his guard in front of a mirror, the pale, black haired person who stared back seemed like a stranger. He remembered from growing up what Odin’s routines and mannerisms were, from what he liked to eat to how he dealt with the day to day tasks of ruling Asgard and dealing with the other realms.

After Thor had left he felt it would be a good idea to pardon those who helped Thor and the woman Jane escape; which helped him. Plus, Thor seemed sincere when he “died” so it seemed like the thing to do.

Sentiment, and all that.

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“Here Kitty, Kitty…Cat” – I just felt like doing a portrait. The original reference shot has her hand in it, but when I finished the face, I realized I didn’t want the distraction from that stare. I really just meant the detail shot to show…well…detail, but I think I like the crop better than the wider view.

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