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There's been a lot of solas negativity on my dash lately, so I was wondering if you'd balance it out with some positivity? A few thoughts on his character maybe, whatever you have time for

Here are some very positive canon facts about Solas from the game, pulled from the top of my head. Feel free to add more! 

  • When meeting Mother Giselle in the Hinterlands, Solas can be seen while using the flycam assisting some of the villagers hurt in the mage/templar conflict that occurred there.
  • Solas comforts Cole, Blackwall and Iron Bull with their trauma in their banters. 
  • During a banter with Iron Bull, Solas expresses distaste at killing their enemies and remembers that each individual has a history and family.
  • When finding the dead Inquisition soldiers at the Storm Coast, Solas will say in a regretful voice that their families will need to be informed. 
  • He wonders how Qunari get their shirts on 
  • He is respectful of the idea of the Maker, and admires the idea of a God that doesn’t interfere with its people (Cassandra banter)
  • There is some mythical ambient conversation that I have never gotten from Josephine that involves Solas being unshakably polite after a noble throws a glass of wine at him. 
  • The only time (afaik) he ever directly lies in the game is when he slips after Halamshiral and makes a comment about being at court. If the Inquisitor asks him when the fuck a wandering apostate was in court, he is forced to catch himself and lie, and it results in the only question you ask him that nets you disapproval points. 

So you know that chess scene you get with Cullen? This is my first time playing the game and using the flycam and I’m sure this has probably been shown before but I have never seen it and I spent a good 5 minutes laughing so hard at this shit.


“Ar lath, ma vhenan.” So why does Solas look so upset?

While replaying the balcony scene, I used the flycam to follow Solas and see what, if any, reaction he has to starting up with Lavellan as he walks away. 

I mean, this is a big moment of personal growth for Solas, right? He’s decided to allow himself some modicum of happiness. Usually, when people confess their love for somebody and find that love returned, they are happy. 

When the scene plays, the Inquisitor cannot see Solas’ expression and neither can the player (unless they have flycam). So all I was expecting was, at most, Solas’ neutral expression that he wears when nothing is happening. And for the record, this is what Solas looks like when there’s nothing going on:

(Note to self: send thank you card to Bioware for another game with all that elven eye candy. And human eye candy. And Qunari eye candy if you’re into that sort of thing. But I won’t thank Bioware for dwarven eye candy because there isn’t any–again–and I cannot romance Varric–again. Actually, I’m not going to send Bioware a goddamn thing.)

Anywhore, whatever I was expecting, it was not this: 

He looks like he’s about to cry. 

That’s how fucked up it is for those of us in Solavellan hell. Our Inquisitor has chosen a man who, from the very beginning of the affair, is already grieving its loss. 

Please don’t forget that Solas did approve every time the Inquisitor helped the people at the Crossroads in the Hinterlands, that he is shown (when using flycam) helping the injured there, that he laments about their fate and they deserved better than this. 

This is Early Game Solas. At that point, he did not see them as people. And still he cared about how they are treated. Just as he cared about the treatment of Tranquil - he expresses sadness when you discover that the oculara are made from Tranquil skulls.

He feels sorry for this “world of Tranquil” he woke up to. Just like most people in Thedas feel sorry for Tranquil, even though they don’t see them as people. 

They are not people for him (yet), but that doesn’t mean he is completely indifferent about him. And he clearly displays compassion towards them. 

Furthermore, if befriended/romanced, Solas changes. He starts to see them as people and cares for them even more, because now, they aren’t just pitiable creatures, they are PEOPLE. He can no longer quiet his conscience saying that he spared them a fate worse than death when they all die. They are people now, and not worth less than the very people he wants to save. 


I’ve gone too far, guys. So, like my screenshot post mentions, I played the last Solas LI scene 1st person as Lavellan using Flycam. A few people asked me to upload a video version of the 1st person Solas LI scene, so here it is!

(I apologize for the moments her nostrils or front of her hair line overlap the POV – I had to use flycam, and so it’s not always 100% from her perspective. When she leans in, there wasn’t much I could do. I also apologize for the few seconds it’s not in her POV - Solas and Lavellan magically teleport a few feet away right when he’s gazing at her lovingly before requesting that she sit so he can remove her vallaslin, so I was prepping to figure out where they were going to appear. I hate that I missed that look he gives her, but I wanted to 1st person the vallaslin-removal scene.) 

So I’ve been running around using flycam to explore and honestly Inquisition is like a whole new game when you can see all these random little details; it’s grand.

Got to Skyhold earlier and ran through some of the initial Inner Circle cutscenes. I got the Dorian cutscene where he has the letter about Felix.

So I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder if there’s actually anything written on that letter or if it’s just squiggles. LET’S SEE.” I turned the camera and started trying to look….

“Hmmmmmmm,” I said to myself. “That DOES look like real writing! But I can’t quite see it…. lemme just change the angle a bit…..”

It was at this point that I started screeching, but very, very quietly through clenched teeth so as to not wake my sleeping husband. Can’t see it still? LET’S GET A LITTLE CLOSER.


“Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.”