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You're a cruel goddess, but I still worship you. I started reading the chapter about 30seconds after it was posted and a week later have I finally gathered the mental stability to reread it...However, as much as the fan in me wants everything asap, I'm really worried that you'll burn out and/or get bored, so please take your time with the next chapter and the companion fic (honestly, I'm too excited for this one!!!). Thank you again for your hard work and the emotion wrecking you do to us.

I will never get bored definitely! However because of the volume that I’m writing in such a short space of time (the fic is longer than the lord of the rings books and I wrote it in 3 months and I still don’t know quite how???) burning out is a very real concern for me which means there might be a delay on chapters or between this fic and the companion fic so I can find some time to, y’know, sleep or something

Keep me up fighting? Good morning!

I live next to “that house” on the street.  Father and 2 twenty-something sons who feel compelled to scream and holler at each other at all hours of the night out front of their house.  Last night was especially bad because it wasn’t constant.  They’d fight for a few minutes then stop.   Just as I was dozing off again, they’d start again.  It was a nice night and I prefer to sleep with my windows open, and it seemed that they were arguing right under my window.

This is a frequent occurrence and I’ve quite honestly gotten bored with just calling the cops on them - I keep hoping for extreme violence that will land them all in jail for a long time.

So this morning I decided it was time for paybacks.  I get up early, and leave for work before 7AM.  I know they’re more night-owls and were arguing until at least 1AM last night, so as I left for work I went next door and banged on their door as loud as I possibly good for a solid 60 seconds.

When the father answered the door I politely asked if I had woken him up - he said yes and asked what was wrong.  I simply replied “Nothing, thought I owed you one for keeping me up last night. Have a nice day”

Got in my car and went to work.

Luke is the type of guy to continuously poke your shoulder and say your name over and over again until you get fed up and pay attention to him but all he says is “Hi” or “I love you” then giggle and run away

On The Balcony - Dan Howell X Reader

Hey guys, this is later than promised, sorry! I still have no requests… :’) Anyway this is a cute little fluff loosely based off Modern Baseball’s song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfdrSF-bWLs How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her, I highly recommend listening to it while you read or before/after or whatever. Tell me if you want a part two…enjoy! :) <3

Warning: CHEESY AS hecK, a little cursing

It was a cool house party filled with some friends of yours and some of the most popular faces on YouTube, due to your friend Luke inviting them all, but your mind was far away. Things were always this way, people would bore you, so your imagination and your brain were your escape. You were getting lost in your mind again, until when on your way to the kitchen to poor yourself another drink you bumped into someone.

His voice was soft and somewhat familiar, “Sorry.”

You look up at him and as your eyes meet his all the awkward tension seemed to melt off of him, and it looks as if he is searching for something in your face. Weird. “No, I’m sorry, I ought to have been paying attention.”

You walk past him and continue on your way, but he turns around and starts following you. “What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

“I was, uh, wondering if I could get your name.”

You both finally get to your destination and you begin to fill your red solo cup again. “Um, it’s Y/N. My name is Y/N.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Dan.”

You take a sip then look back at him, raising an eyebrow. “Danisnotonfire?”

He chuckles and smirks, “So you watch my channel?”

You reply with a smug grin, “No, but my best friend does, and she’s obsessed. You better run, before I go get her.”

You begin to leave the room and he starts to follow you again, blushing with embarrassment. “Sorry, that was a bit pretentious of me.”

“Yeah it was.. Why are you still following me?”

You start to walk up the stairs, and he still follows. “You just give off such an incredible vibe and ohmygod that was probably a weird thing to say-”

“It was odd but honestly seemed like a lame attempt to charm me, didn’t work Howell.” You look down at him for a second and smirk, then continue up the stairs.

He laughs, “So you do know a little about me, that’s not fair.”

You both go out the sliding glass door on the second floor, and out onto the small balcony. “Why is that not fair?”

“I want to know everything about you Y/N, and you got a head start on me.” He takes place next to you, and you both look out at the stars. “Why did you come out here?”

“Just needed some fresh air. Why do you want to know about me?”

He looks at you. “I don’t know actually, but something about you seems so extraordinary.”

You look back at him and laugh, but then bite your lip in an attempt to hide your smile. “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

“Why don’t you think so?”

You look back out at the sky. “I’m not like you Dan, I have no big accomplishments, I have no awards and I certainly don’t have millions of people who care about me and my life. I’m like every other normal person in this world.” He turns his body towards yours and leans against the railing.

“I’m still simply a person, Y/N. I am no more special than you, we’re equals even if we’re different.”

It’s your turn to turn and face him, giving a sad laugh. “You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve done, and you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

“But Y/N I want to know.”

You felt your cheeks begin to flush with mild agitation. “What makes you any different from anyone else who has wanted to know? What makes you any different from my old best friend who learned all there is to know then told everyone? How would you be any different than my ex who learned it all and used it against me? I’ve been through some shit Howell, and I don’t want to go through it again. I don’t have to to know what will happen.”

You face the railing again and look up at the moon. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You sigh, “I guess I blew that out of proportion. People usually all turn out to seem the same to me.”

“What is it you want Y/N?”

This caught you slightly off guard, “What do you mean?”

“What do you want Y/N? Do you want me to be your new best friend? Or do you want me to be your new boy-”

“Look Dan, you’re really nice but I think you misinterpreted what I meant.”

“But I’m still asking,” he turns to face the railing as well, and looks up at the moon with you, “what is it you want, you want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you.”

You laugh and look at him, “So when the charm runs out you quote old, cheesy movies?”

“I had no charm to begin with, and actually I am very awkward and have raging social anxiety and use self depreciation and peace signs as a coping mechanism, but with you,” he looks at you and gives a bashful smile, “with you talking comes naturally. That’s how I can tell you are extraordinary.”

You look away and awkwardly laugh,blushing. “I want to get to know you too, Dan.”

Suddenly his friend Phil that you also recognized because of your friend emerged through the balcony door, “Hey Dan, I hope I’m not interrupting but I’d like to leave. Everyone’s lovely but not when at this level of intoxication..”

Dan laughed at his friend’s comment and you turned to face him. “Can I get your number?”

You decided to let your witty, cold demeanor from before reappear, “Mmm, not now. But if I do want to get in touch you have millions of followers online, it won’t be very hard to find you.”

You winked, and he giggled, “Okay, then I do hope to hear from you soon Y/N.”

Then he was gone, and from then on you couldn’t look at the moon without thinking about what he said.

“I want to know everything about you Y/N.”

I’ve played overwatch for less then two hours but what I’ve seen about seeing doubles of a character on the enemy team:

Reapers carelessly shoot at each other before getting bored and leaving to fight others

Sombras will either ignore each other or try to hack each other; one time I shot an enemy sombra after she ran by and she was shocked

D.Vas will ignore each other until one loses their mecha; then it’s a game of predator

Junkrats focus in on other junkrats and tend to get killed by a different enemy as they’re distracted

Lucios will skate in circles around each other and spam hellos as their teammates die around them


Reinhardts like to sit in front of each other shields up and just stare as their teammates do the fighting for them

Exo reactions when another member flirts with you

*I do not own any gifs, k?*

Y/N= your name

Baekhyun: “Could you not? Thanks.”

Chanyeol: *watches, judging them until you leave and he goes over to them*

“Don’t do that again, got it?”

Chen: *the member is so bad at flirting and starts annoying them*

“Boring! You should try harder!”

D.O.: *starts planning the members murder*

/satansoo activated/

Kai: *keeps an eye on the member the whole time*

Kris:*starts to gets visibly pissed*

“Whatever. It’s not like Y/N would ever date you.”

Lay: *not sure what to say to do so just sits back and does nothing*

Luhan: “Yeah… No. Stop now.”

Sehun:*stares at the other member and whispers*

“I want to beat you in the face with a frying pan so badly right now.”

Suho: *thinks the other member is joking but starts to get really jealous*

Tao:*starts to get angry*

“Why do you all do this? You know Y/N doesn’t like you.”

Xiumin:*is amused by the other members flirting*

“What did you just say? That was the lamest pick-up line ever.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know.

Sing His praises in the assembly of the faithful. Psalm 149:1b
It’s so easy to get fed up with church. For years I got very little out of church. The sermons were boring. The music was embarrassing. Going to church was an endurance test. Until I visited a persecuted church!
There were fifty of us squeezed into an upstairs room. The singing was hushed. Then a preacher stood up, an old man. No sooner had he spoken a sentence than he broke down in tears. He kept saying, “I never thought I would have the privilege of preaching again.” Then he would laugh, and then cry again. Soon everyone was weeping with him. Except me. I thought, “What kind of hopeless service is this.”
But afterwards I met the old man, and when I heard his story I repented of my attitude. He pastored a church for only six months before it was closed down. He was jailed, spending twenty years in prison. Then suddenly being allowed to do so. How do you preach a sermon after a silence of 31 years? No wonder he was overcome.
I returned home with a transformed attitude. I began to walk to church with my Bible, praising Him for the opportunity. I went to the church early, walking the aisles and praying, thanking God for the building and the freedom to hold our service. When the preacher spoke, I thanked God that he had no fear. When the Bible was read, I thanked God for the men who took grave risks in the past to print and distribute this word in my language. When we sang a hymn, I sang out loudly, thanking God that I did not have to whisper in hushed tones.
Truly, what a privilege worship is. The persecuted church rescued me from bitterness, and taught me to count my blessings I had taken for granted.
Ron Boyd-MacMillan

Spencer Reid Prompt #77

Person: Spencer Reid

Prompt: 77. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

Requested By: Anon

Warning: None?

A/N- Hope you love it!

I was laying on the couch, my head on Spencer’s shoulder, watching tv. Spencer was fully invested in his case materials reviewing it all for the upcoming case. He flies out tomorrow and only has tonight to look over it. I understand that but I start to get a little bored and look over to him. "Hey Spence?” I say. Nothing from him. I sit up and he is still engulfed in reading. “Spencer?” I say again. Nope. I sigh and rack my brain for an idea. A mischievous smile spreads across my face as I start poking his cheek. “Y/n, why are you poking my face?” “I’m bored.” “And I have work to do.” “But I want to spend time with you.” “Ten more minutes okay?” I stop for a moment to pretend I’m thinking, “No.” “Well then I guess I’ll just have to Ignore you.” I roll my eyes and continue my poking moving around to his nose, chest, and cheek. He is obviously getting annoyed so just to sugar coat it I say, “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” He lets out a loud groan and grabs my hand falling on top of me as I let out a giggle. "I win,” I say wrapping my arms around his neck. Spencer lets out a sigh and a smile spread on his face, “ I guess I can spare a few minutes, but after that I have to get back to work, okay?” I smile and say, “Deal.” After that Spencer leans down to kiss me and soon turn our attention to the show that was playing in the background.

I need someone to go shopping for more business professional clothes for me. I have the money, just not the drive or fortitude to shop. I hate shopping. I’ll probably end up driving to a mall, sitting in my car having mild anxiety issues, using this anxiety as a weapon against my self esteem until I’m weeping in my car, finally shoring up my interacting with people defenses, walking in to the mall and in to an Ann Taylor or some other store that sells business clothes, trying to look at clothes but getting bored, once again attacking myself for not even having the attention span to shop for something I need for work, get sad, decide I’m feeling bloated, get even more sad, decide fuck this, stop shopping, go home. All of that wasted emotional energy and no clothes.

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What's your drawing process?? Like???

Sketch every frame on one big canvas listening to whatever music, take a unnecessary long break watching twitch stream, realizing it’s getting late, goes back to begin lineart, barely gets started with it until getting bored of it and goes back to watching twitch stream again, realizing I can watch stream while drawing and my mood sky rockets, finishing the whole thing in one go, resulting in me getting a headache at the end of the night…

That’s how it usually goes  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ    

How awful it is to be but human, to succumb to the most trivial of things. To touch you with the TV still on. To make a scene in public. To get drunk and sad and unfaithful. Again and again and again. To repeat all the same mistakes and to continue repeating them until we get bored.
—  Donna-Marie Riley, I Am Not Sad Anymore

I have a ‘friend’ who reaches out to me only when they’re bored or drunk and always the middle of the night I guess and it’s so weird. I literally want them to just leave my life and i don’t even really know why. I just hate the feeling I get whenever they do that. I suddenly feel the need to indulge in several self-destructive behaviours at once. There’s something about them reaching out only when they’re bored or intoxicated and then never finishing the conversation. Just leaving it hanging until weeks later when they’re at that point again. And then I feel this responsibility to stick around. And all I really want is to be left alone but I feel like that’s such a dramatic reaction to such a small thing

I’m noticing a trend……. Every time we get good news, my dash goes on a rollercoaster of really reeeeaally happy for like twenty minutes, and then crashes full force because of nasty comments and bullshit. I think it’s partially because we’re still bored out of our minds atm, and a lot of harries are taking a break from tumblr until something happens, but I hate that they get to us like this, and mess with our excitement. We don’t deserve that, and it’s disgusting that they feel the need to rain on our parade constantly. I’d say shut out the negativity but that’s hard, especially since once again we’re bored at the moment and there isn’t much else to pay attention to. I don’t really know where I was going with this but I just think it’s shitty and I can’t wait until we have Harry content up to our throats and all the nasties are effectively blocked out.


Requested by Anon #34

Doctor: This is how you dance Y/N!
Y/N: *laughs* What do you call that dance move?
Doctor: The Drunk Giraffe!
Y/N: Of course it’s called that!
Doctor: Nobody knows how to really party until the Doctor shows up!
Y/N: *sarcastic* I know! I can’t believe I even survived at some of the parties before I met you!
Doctor: Well you’ll never be bored again Y/N! We will be partying forever!
Y/N: Sounds good to me!
Doctor: Do you know something though?
Y/N: What?
Doctor: You should never get a dancer mad.
Y/N: Why not?
Doctor: They can kick your face now matter how tall you are!
Y/N: *laughs* Speaking from experience are we Doctor?
Doctor: No!….Maybe!
Amy: Why can’t those two just get together already?
Rory: Because they are too oblivious to each others feelings.
Amy: I hate people like that.
Rory: Excuse me? You were oblivious that I liked you for years! You thought I was gay!
Amy: Oh yeah…

Crash Into Me | Theo Raeken Imagine

Originally posted by hurt-stiles

request:  Theo smut where your on the track team and he gets turned on seeing you sweaty and while he’s driving you home gets frustrated and you guys do it in the back of his car? Thanks boo xx

word count: 1399

warnings: smut, car sex

A/N: here i am again and i brought some theo smut (omg wtf is going on with me?) anyways just enjoy this, guys xx

You wiggled your chair while sitting and staring at the clock. Only five minutes until the weekend would start but you knew that these minutes would stretch like a chewing gum because you had the most boring class ever: physics. There was nothing you hated more than physics and because of that you were used to getting bored and sometimes even fall asleep while physics. The only thing that prevented you from sleeping was your seatmate and best friend, Theo Raeken. Your usual seatmate was sick today which was why Theo sat down next to you to make sure you wouldn’t fall asleep. You yawned and earned a death glare from the boy right next to you. “Oh, come on, Raeken”, you groused and looked at him. “Y/N, you’re not falling asleep. At least not now”, he whispered and you rolled your eyes in response. “Come on, please focus on this experiment. There are only three minutes left”, you teacher begged. While your eyes started to shut again. All of sudden Theo started tickling you, so you would focus. “Screw you”, you murmured and made Theo smirk. “You know that you have training today, right?”, Theo asked making you gulp. “Oh fuck”, you called. “Ms. Y/L/N, did you say something?”, your teacher looked at you with anger. The others started to laugh. “Be quiet! Ms. Y/L/N?”, he looked at you again. “Um, no, of course not”, you mumbled. Theo smirked while the teacher turned around and continued writing on the black board. “Almost forgot about that”, you explained. “Yeah, that was obvious”, Theo said and just as he had finished the bell rang. You weren’t really happy when Theo told you that you had to practice today and he noticed that. “Hey Y/N, what about me watching your practice and after that we grab some food?”, he tried to cheer you up and you smiled. “I’d love to”, you answered and he smirked. “See you on the ground”, he said and you entered the girls locker room. “Y/N”, Malia welcomed you smiling. “Hi Malia”, you hugged her softly. The two of you were alone in the changing room. “What are you up to today? Got some plans?”, you asked your friend and Malia smirked. “I’m going over to Stiles’ and we will watch some movies or something, what about you?”, she wondered. “Um, Theo and I want to grab some food after practice”, you answered and felt yourself blushing and Malia grinned at you knowing that you always had a thing for Theo. You got into your sports clothes and went to the ground. After everyone else was ready with changing, you began practice. “So, girls, today we will do some running after we did the warm-up”, the coach said. The coach showed you some of the regular exercises like jumping jacks and side lunges before you had to do them on your own. After 15 minutes of warm up, you were allowed to stop and you were already sweating. You looked up and noticed Theo looking at you with… you didn’t know what… arousal? You discarded this idea immediately and smirked at him before you grabbed your bottle of water and drank some. You saw Isaac sitting down next to Theo and discussing with him. “Um, Y/N?”, Malia touched your shoulder. “Huh?”, you wondered. “Your best friend is totally checking you out”, she mumbled. You laughed. “What? You mean Theo? Never”, you explained seriously. “Well, for a friend he is  very focused on your butt”, she added and you blushed. “Nah, Theo doesn’t even feel this way about me, okay?”, you made clear and got back to the others. After another hour of sprinting and endurance running, the coach ended your practice. “Oh finally”, you murmured and got back into your normal clothes. “You ready?”, Theo asked when you had gotten out of the lockers room. You nodded. “You did really well, Y/N”, Theo complimented while starting his car. “Thanks”, you mumbled. “You didn’t just do well, you also looked well”, he mumbled and you could feel your cheeks burning red. “To be honest, you looked hot”, he whispered and you noticed that the car still wasn’t moving. “Thank you, I guess”, you cleared your throat. “Oh no, thank you, Y/N, for letting me see this”, he whispered hoarsely and your eyes wandered over his chest to his lower body stopping there. You didn’t say anything about it but you slowly stretched out your hand and touched his erection. Theo groaned. In next to no time you were placed on his lap. “Is this because of me?”, you wondered and caressed his member. “Yeah”, he answered and you smirked before lowering your lips to meet his. You couldn’t describe the way he tasted but it was quite the best thing your lips ever tasted. Theo’s hand got to your butt and he squeezed it softly making you moan. You were able to hear Theo’s heart beat and the way his breathing sped up made you shiver. While feeling Theo’s lips onto yours, you had to admit that you had waited all the time for this. Your hands were exploring Theo’s hard abs when suddenly he pulled up your pullover and threw it to the floor. Theo gulped as he noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra. But then he licked his lips and started licking one of your nipples. You pressed your heat against Theo’s hard member when he bit your nipple and the got to the other one but before he was able to be good to this one, you pressed your lips against his again. You smiled into the kiss and pulled away to get rid of Theo’s shirt. While you were planting wet kisses on his chest, one of his hands was twisting and pinching your nipple while the other one got down your body and under your skirt. “Fuck, you’re so wet”, he moaned. “Only for you”, you breathed against his skin. Theo grinned and shoved your slip aside to touch your bare warmth. “Fuck, Theo”, you groaned and connected your lips with his again. This time he slipped his tongue inside your mouth and tried to dominate his tongue but it didn’t work. While Theo’s hand was still sliding up and down your slit, you started to unzip his jeans with shaky hands. You lifted yourself up a bit to pull down his jeans, well, and to escape his teasing. You started to rub his member with his underwear on, making him moan. “D-Do you want me to free him?”, you teased and smirked. “Uh-huh”, he nodded, his face filled with pleasure. You looked at his naked member. “Woah, you’re big, Theo”, you groaned and all of sudden you could feel Theo’s thumb rubbing your clit in circles. “T-Theo”, you moaned and hold onto his shoulders. Theo lifted you up softly and pulled down your skirt along with your slip, just to place your entrance right on top of his member. “Are you ready, princess?”, he mumbled and you nodded slowly. Theo entered you slowly until you were sitting on his member completely. You started to lift yourself up and down slowly causing Theo to moan out your name. “Y-You can’t ima-agine how lo-ong I’ve wanted t-to do this”, he stuttered because of letting out some moans. “Oh, I-I bet, I even wanted to do-o this for a l-longer time”, you answered, your voice shaking while Theo’s hands got to your hips and helped you lifting yourself up. With your right hand you tried to hold on the handle above you while screaming out Theo’s name. “T-Theo? I’m gonna… come”, you groaned and Theo smirked. “Let it go, babe”, he whispered into your ear and so you did. You felt a wave of satisfaction roll over your body while your legs were shaking and after some minutes you felt Theo’s load shot into you. “Oh  god, Y/N”, he groaned and smiled. After the two of you had gotten to the back of the car to dress yourselves again, Theo couldn’t take his eyes off of you. “Y/N, you’re so beautiful”, he whispered and pulled you in for a kiss. “Do you really think that?”, you wondered and Theo smiled the most beautiful smile you had ever seen. “Of course”, he answered.

Gym Saturday

Today at the gym was kind of not bad but also it wasn’t really good

I forgot my water in the car and there’s a 30 delay once you scan your card to get in until you can scan again, so I couldn’t run on the treadmill, I had to walk (I cannot run without water on my walking breaks)

Also there was a lady who looked like the mother of a very toxic person in my past and that just gave me so much anxiety

The 60 minutes did go by pretty fast though, I was honestly a little bored with my 30 minutes of abs.  I’m gonna look into some workout programs (hopefully free-really freaking cheap because I am a broke college student) that might be fun because I don’t like when my workouts aren’t fun

Any suggestions?

Also over all I’m just not feeling that endorphin high I usually feel after I workout 

I’m gonna scroll for awhile because that usually cheers me right up since I love all of you guys <3 <3 <3


They All Know

Title: We All Know
Pairing: Newt X Reader
Warning: Smut
Summary: Y/N is taking a small day nap after a close call in the maze, she’s having a pretty intense dream about Newt, when she wakes up, he is in the homestead and she tries to play it off. (Requested)

Yesterday had been a long, scary day. It was only my third day as a runner and I had managed to get my foot caught in some overgrown vines, laying me facedown on the ground with a pretty bruised ankle. Thankfully, Thomas and Minho were able to get me out before the gates closed me in for good.

Now, I was stuck in the homestead with ice on my ankle until I could run again, if they even let me. Alby and Newt’s heads nearly exploded when they lectured me about how close of a call that was and the consequences of running in the maze.

I sighed, bored out of my mind as I laid in my hammock, my eyelids felt heavy and since there was nothing else I could do, I nestled into my blankets and let sleep overcome me. It wasn’t long before I was swept into the world of dreams. Grievers chasing me, getting out of the glade, the possibility of parents…All those things I dreamed about many times before, but today, today was something entirely different;

He was shirtless and his skin was glistened with sweat as he sliced and smacked at a tree trunk with his knife, trying to get rid of the roots below it. Slowly, the lanky boys eyes drifted upwards to look at me. I could see my reflection vividly in his eyes, my hair roughed up, cheeks tinged pink, the thin white t-shirt I wore barely passing the gap in my thighs.

Newt’s eyes drifted over me several times before he dropped the blade in his hands and walked towards me, his eyes were dark with lust and his jaw clenched together when he finally got closer to me.

There were no words exchanged as he reached out, his hands grasping the bare skin of my thighs and sliding up over my hips, palms and slender fingers slipping under my clothes and across my stomach. I moaned softly at the feeling, that noise gaining strength and volume when his hands came up to my breasts, rotating them in the palms of his hands.

He leaned down, brown eyes watching me carefully before tugging me upwards and setting me roughly against the stone walls that surrounded the glade. His lips crashed against mine, dancing in sync with my own, his tongue sliding out to meet mine in the middle.

That strong, lean body rested against my own and his hips molded almost perfectly with mine. My eyes fell shut as I lifted my hips up, tilting them against his own and letting a soft moan travel into the midst of our shared kiss.

Instantly, he broke the kiss and attacked my neck, leaving nips and licks on every piece of exposed flesh. I tilted my head back, my hands reaching up to glide across his chest, my nails lightly grazing against the pale flesh, before I leaned forward to bite the bottom of his jaw.

An aggressive groan passed Newt’s mouth before he pushed up the fabric of my shirt and moved to loosen his belt. He lead kisses from my jaw down to the top of my breasts, licking and leaving marks as he trailed down the flesh.

“Newt, plea–Ahhh!” I moaned, louder than expected when Newt suddenly entered me, wasting no time as he moved his hips back, thrusting them upwards once more. His forehead rested against my shoulder as he gazed down, one hand resting on my hip to hold me in place as his other hand came up to tease the plump flesh of my chest.

He continued to move quickly, both of us letting out screams and moans of pleasure, even to the point of me calling out his name several times.

I gasped and opened my eyes. So close, I was so—

Reality set back in as I jumped upwards, jerking my hammock to the side and making me suck in a worried breath, thinking I was gonna toss myself out of it. My vision was blurry, adjusting to finally being awake, I had no idea how long I’d been out.

Shapes and colors were finally beginning to shape themselves and my eyes settled directly on the visage of my current dream. My face heated up, he was staring at me quite intensely, a look in the back of his eyes I’d never seen before, but I didn’t say anything.

He smiled softly and sat up, moving to pick up the icepack on my foot. “Ah, it’s wet…” Newt said as he took the bag away.

“W-What??” I gasped, not so coyly, I might add.

Newt gave me a weird look and raised a brow. “The bag…The ice melted, it’s wet. I’ll go get you a different one.” The Brit had a gleam in his eye that I couldn’t quite figure out before he left the homestead.

As soon as he was out of sight, I sat up a bit, looking around to make sure there was no one else around. I tried to smooth out my hair, fixing my wrinkled shirt and hoping that the blush would go away.

A few minutes later, Newt popped back into the area, placing a fresh icepack on my ankle carefully. “There.” He looked over at me, sitting on the side of my hammock. “How’s that feel, Y/N?” His voice was suddenly lowered, husky almost as he smirked at me.

My cheeks instantly heated up again, I nearly choked on my words as I tried to answer him. “Oh…Y-Yeah, it feels great..Good. It feels good.” I shook my head, cursing myself within my mind.  

His smirk turned into a grin as he leaned forward to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. “Listen, love…I’d really like to hear all about that dream you were just having…I’d like to know exactly what I was doing to cause such wonderful sounds.” He chuckled at the look on my face before tapping my bottom lip with the tip of his finger.

“Next time, you should be more quiet…They all know.”

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akafuri + “we’re at a mutual friend’s wedding on a ferry so after the initial wedding we’re stuck at the afterparty until we get back to shore, and since we both despise huge crowds we just sorta hang around each other and one thing leads to another and we wake up in the same bed” au

@bi3n3nstich  I don’t think this was what you were expecting but here goes. Writing again. And I have no idea how.

Akashi Seijuro did not do crushes.

Crushes were juvenile. Infantile even. They were finicky susceptible sparks that were present only in romance addled minds of dumb high schoolers and bored housewives.

But when he woke up in bed next to a man with mussed mousy brown hair and mouthed popped open to form an ‘O’ - how does a grown man look so…delicious - as the sun filtered through the cabin window, his mind cogs halted.

The cute brunet - Furihata Kouki -  whom he had met just yesterday at one of the most boring weddings he had ever been cursed to attend was certainly interesting enough for him to change his mind. They had connected over their shared dislike for weddings outside of land and chatted endlessly on sundry topics as the sun lowered itself onto the horizon and painted everything within the range of vision to hues of red and orange.

Hazel eyes morphed to gold as they gazed at the sun blurring into the distant sea with a faraway look. A content sigh had escaped those lips which almost always blessed others with their sunny smiles.

“Its beautiful isn’t it?”

Not as much as you.

If he had thought that Kouki looked angelic only during sunsets, he was sorely mistaken. The clear black sky embellished with pearly full moon and seductively blinking stars had been worse. The pale moonlight that whitewashed everything it could reach had succeeded to enhance the simple yet mysterious beauty that was Furihata Kouki.

Akashi was thankful for the years and years of etiquette drilled into him for stopping him from acting like a dumbstruck fool. 

But he hadn’t been prepared for the morning view to top all that.

When Kouki shifted subtly, inching closer to Seijuro and blinking his eyes blearily before sitting up and rubbing his face with one hand and shuffling the blankets with the other, Seijuro’s heart did a double take.

“Hey…" The brunet bestowed him with one of his trademark too-bright smiles as the sun from the tiny window cast a halo around his head. He looked downright ethereal.


Akashi Seijuro had a crush.

And he crushed hard.


Request by: @hiitsmecharlie


“Oh Lawd,” Roman grunted loudly and dramatically, slouching in his chair.

“What’s up?” I replied looking at him through the wide mirror.

“I’m soooooo bored, and hungry!” he complained with a pout.

“Oh honey, we’re just getting started,” I stated.

“How long until the hair’s finished Bee?” he glanced up at my hair stylist.

“An hour?”

“Fucks sake,” he muttered under his breath and slouched some more.

“Then I need to go over to wardrobe and then we’re gonna start the shoot, hold tight baby, you’re in for a long haul,”

He didn’t reply, just sighed dramatically again, making Bee laugh behind me as she worked on my hair.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m the mommy and he’s the child,” I joked.

He demonstrated my point by sighing again and turning away in his seat so we wouldn’t see his sulking face.

“He’s very pretty, that’s the only reason why we’re still together,” I poked him some more to get a reaction out of him.

He raised his middle finger up at me, still not turning around.

“So mature,”

“I’m gonna get coffee, I can’t cope here,” he said standing up. “Want anything?”

“No thanks, don’t get lost on purpose,” I called out.

“AND ACTION!” The director yelled out on the megaphone.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me onto his lap, making me straddle him. He smiled at me, then his fingers twiddled with my dainty necklace, before he found solace on my neck; kissing it before pulling away.

“CUT!” the director yelled and stood up. “Y/N, can you hold him tighter…just relax and be free, you’re doing great, just make it believable,”

I nodded nervously. I hated being under the gaze of so many people on set scrutinising my acting skills. It was more nervewrecking that Roman was here too.

“Start from the pillow position, in 3…2…1…ACTION!”

We looked at each other as we lay side by side, heads on the pillows. His fingers intertwined with mine as four different cameras recorded each of our moves from different angles. He smiled, before biting his bottom lip and getting on top of me. Kissing me briefly, I wrapped my arms around him before he flipped us over and made me straddle him.

“CUT!” Stanley, the director yelled. “Beautiful! Beautiful! Can we try the scene by the window since we have a soft glowing daylight? We better make use of it before we lose it,”

In a few seconds, we stood by the large windows, laughing and giggling as by the script, before I crept my hands under his shirt. In turn, he lifted my top over my head, leaving me in a bra and my shorts. I made the mistake of glancing over his shoulder and catching Roman’s eye.

He was not happy, put simply.

He was trying to hide it, but I knew him. He was even trying to avoid eye contact, but I knew that look too well. His body language spoke volumes. He pulled out his phone conveniently and started browsing through, but I knew that was for show. I regretted looking at him. I’d gone through the past thirty minutes without meeting his gaze because I knew he was going to be furious and I didn’t want to be thrown off my character.

I felt tense again all of a sudden, knowing I was in for it. We managed through a couple of more scenes before Stan yelled cut and called for a wardrobe change so we could film other scenes.

“I’m going to change, can you come with me?” I whispered to Roman as I approached him in his seat.

“Why?” He said almost coldly.

“Because - please - I want you to? I wanna talk to you,”

“About what?” He said stubbornly.

“Just come please?” I said desperately, not wanting to cause a scene, pun unintended, in front of everyone on set.  

He nodded, getting up hesitantly and towered over me. It was times like this I wished he wasn’t so tall; it made arguments with him a little imbalanced. Well, that’s an excuse, but still.

We walked with the shoot stylist leading the way to my dressing room it was cold and silent. I didn’t know what to say, and he was too pissed to start something. I tried to hold his hand but he pulled away and tucked it in his pocket.

“Okay, outfit number two,” Zara, the stylist said pulling the pieces from the rack once we were in my dressing room. “Put this bra on, then I’ll pull this over you,”

I did as was told, Roman just sat there, not even paying attention. Zara pulled the slip dress over me careful not to mess up my hair and make-up before handing me the accessories.

“Zara, when you’re finished…mind giving us a minute?” Roman finally contributed his voice to the toom.

Zara looked nervously between the both of us and nodded, “Yeah, okay, fine, sure,” she said, leaving as soon as.

“Did you somehow forget that you had to kiss another man and simulate sex with him?” Roman said so carefully. So controlled.

I pursed my lips and shifted weight on my feet.

“I’m sorry,” my voice trembled.

“You’re not though, you knew this, you knew it was gonna happen. You’re only saying sorry because it’s the right thing to say. You told me it was lighthearted, and playful advert and campaign. That’s manipulative Y/N. That’s not cool.” he said vehemently. “I look like an idiot sitting there watching my girlfriend get kissed and handled by another man. You know you’d have flipped had it been the other way around, but you want me to just sit there, grin and bare it!”

His calm demeanour contrasting his spoken rage scared me. So much so because it was a good and accurate measure of how mad he was. Roman barely yelled or acted aggressively when he was pissed; he did the opposite. Hold himself together well, which was more disorienting, unpleasant and unnerving.

I felt guilty about not telling him the whole truth about the advert I was shooting. I hadn’t told him because I knew he wouldn’t have been happy about it. Just the same way I was unhappy about his cameo on the TV show he had to film a few months ago; involving a sex scene.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated, not knowing what else to say to pacify the situation.

He sighed heavily and washed a hand over his face. He stood up and picked up his leather jacket.

“Whatever man, I’m not getting into this here. Enjoy your shoot, I hope it turns out well,” he said heading towards the door. “And you’ll be more relaxed without me there,”

“You’re leaving?”

“I’m not staying to watch that Y/N, it’s uncomfortable,”

“You didn’t wanna be here in the first place,”

“I guess my intuitions were right then,” he retorted and opened the door, and walked out.


By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. It’d been such a long day that I even forgot about Roman and I arguing earlier until I walked in our bedroom and he was in bed watching Netflix. He didn’t even acknowledged me; he kept his eyes trained on the show. I’d wanted to run in his arms and kiss him, and tell him about my long day at work as I always did - then I remembered - so I stopped in my tracks.

“Hi,” I said, testing the waters.

He glanced up shortly then refocused on his programme.

“Hey,” he said flatly.

I went to shower, to wash all that make-up and products they were using on me. Mostly so to rid myself of those kisses from the model. I felt like I’d cheated on Roman in some sort of way and had to cleanse myself from another man.

When I finished, I slipped into his shirt that I slept in everyday and contemplated on sleeping in the guest room. But I didn’t know how he’d take that, it could backfire on me - I could be accused of not trying to pacify or fix the situation.

So I walked out eventually, picked up a book and climbed in bed next to him. It lasted three seconds because I couldn’t stand the tension, I couldn’t concentrate.

“Are you still mad at me?”

“I’m disappointed,” he replied straight away as if he had been expecting me to speak.

“That’s fair. I was wrong on so many levels, I should have told you. I was scared that you wouldn’t be happy about it and I didn’t wanna lose this opportunity,”

“I get that, you’ve always wanted a big break like this. But I wouldn’t have stopped you,” he paused the TV. “I wasn’t gonna be happy about it whether you told me or not, but I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s the nature of your business and I can’t fault you for that. But the fact that you tried to hide it from me and I had to find out on set as you were all over each other was just as good as you creeping on me,”

I started imagining the many times I flipped out on him for allowing women to flirt with him, especially interviewees. Or the times I got annoyed at some of his given WWE storylines, better yet the times he was on the road for some time and I got paranoid about other women.

I explained that to him with my apology, telling him there wasn’t much I could say to fix it because the damage was done. Yes I took full responsibility for it. And I didn’t blame him for being mad.

“It’s fine, I’m over it, it’s done. I’m not mad at that, it’s just the way you went about it, but I’m done talking about it,” he said eventually.

I nodded and put the book on the floor. Maybe it was time to sleep. Sleep the whole thing off.

“Can I have a hug?” I asked. I needed it so much. He nodded and opened his arms. But it didn’t feel wholehearted. He was tense, still angry. It felt like the kind of hug you gave to a friend. I let it slip because he had the right to still be mad.

A while later, I found myself waking up to the sound of the faucet running. A few minutes later he came to bed, turning the light off. He turned his body away from me and it pierced my heart. So I tried to be sly, and slipped my arm around his waist as I usually did in my sleep. But he turned in a way so that it slipped off him.

I scooted closer, he didn’t move or touch me. So fed up, I leant over the night stand and turned the lights on.

“Get over yourself Roman,” I threw the sheets off me and went to climb out of bed. “You’re mad about me not telling you, but you’re treating me with so much contempt that I doubt you’d have been different had I told you. I kissed another man, get over it, it did not mean anything! You can’t even look at or touch me,”

“Don’t make this about you,” he spat coldly.

“Y'know what, screw you, let me know when you grow up,” I grabbed my phone and book. I don’t why I thought I was going to read at that time of night but still, statement I guess.

I don’t know how he managed to, but he shot out of bed, angrily and met me stomping halfway. He blocked my path and I tried to manoeuvre around him.

“What?!” I said sharply.

“You want me to touch you?” he said quietly, bitterly. “Here,” he grabbed my jaw and pushed my face upwards to look at him. “I’m touching you,” then he kissed me, fiercely, biting my bottom lip in the process. I didn’t fight him. I was caught offguard to even try to fight it. I whimpered when he pulled away and glared at me. “You like that? Is that not enough?”

I gulped. I glared back at him. He slipped his hand in my satin night dress and pinched my hardened nipples before grabbing me and bending me over the edge of the bed. He tore the dress off in one gesture and it collapsed onto the floor.

“Is this what you want?” his hands were grabbing, rubbing and massaging at any glimspe of skin he had access to.

Overwhelmed with emotion, I became putty in his hands, unable to stand my ground as I had intended to. Without caution, I felt his fingers slip into my hole and I spasmed against him, gasping at his touch. He rubbed my clit gently, motivated by each sound I emitted.

“Or is this what you want?”

I didn’t reply. I could play games too.

“Hmmm?” he pushed. “Okay,” he said quietly before I felt his fingers pull out, leaving me sad desperate and empty. But that void was filled by his member immediately, thicker, fuller and deeper. I inhaled sharply at the feeling of being full.

I muttered incoherent sentences, squealing and grabbing at the bed sheets.

“Oh now you can talk,” he said sarcastically, pulling out and entering me again at an excruciatingly slow pace.

I gripped the sheets as tight as I could as I tried not to cum. Because boy was I close. I could hear him try to keep his composure; his breath short and rigid.

“Tell me baby, did you think about me when you were kissing him?”

I should have known.


“Was he good?” he growled. I shook my head no. “Use your voice, move those pretty lips for me,”


“No? Did you like it when he touched you here?” he asked, hands cupping my breasts, speed increasing.

“Uh huh,” I struggled to say. I couldn’t even think straight.

“Did he touch you here?” above a whisper he asked, cupping my mound this time.

I looked over my shoulder to lock eyes with him and tell him honestly, “No, it’s yours,”

“I’m sorry, what’s that? What’s mine?”

“This…my pussy, it’s yours Roman,”

“I want you to tell him that,” he said. At this point, he was in all the way and pulling out quickly. He repeated the motions for a while, filling the room with the sound of my cries, our skin clashing against each other and his restrained grunts. It hurt so good. “I want him to know that it’s mine, that I’m the one you come home to…the one you fuck and kiss every morning and evening,”

“Yes daddy,” he was right; I was manipulative. I knew how much he loved it when I called him that.

He groaned at the sound of my moan. He grabbed my hair, using it as leverage and hammered into me fast, the sound of our skin clashing was music to my ears. It was blissful. Intoxicating. We were one. Our juices mixing. Our bodies locked together.

“And every time you kiss him,” he pulled me up by my hair and bit on my neck. “I want you to remember that, and I want him to see these marks on you,”

I grabbed his muscular arm for support as I felt myself nearing my peak. My walls started to clamp around him, and my voice higher, a stream of curses flowing out of my mouth. But then he pulled out and I cried desperately.

“Roman?” I said my voice a few octaves higher.

“You close?” He asked in a caring voice.


“Good,” he said. And I turned around to confirm I’d heard him right. I saw the devious smile on his face, he meant it. “You’re not gonna cum tonight, until I say you can,”

I hated him.

I tried to turn to face him so I could kiss him to let off some steam, but he turned me and threw me backwards onto the bed, rising above me.

I reached out to touch him, but he pushed my hands away.

“Nah, you don’t get to do that tonight,” he said, stripping his t-shirt off and throwing it across the room. I could see the fire in his eyes and I knew he meant every word. But who was I to complain? “I’m calling the shots, you’ve got a lot of making up to do,”