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lalnerd  asked:

hey! as someone who's White As FuckTM, do you mind telling me what the "pak-pak ganern-ganern" thing is? sorry if it's a weird question, I just want to understand the comic 💦

um mm i’m not really sure what it is either but it was a trend ppl did last year (i think it started on a tv show?) 

basically you group up with your friends and clap hands when it says “pak pak” and do random poses when it says “ganern ganern”

alolanders  asked:

hi, cig !! i really love your art and i weep for them !! do have any simple tips on anatomy ?

Thank you! I think this one might be good, try to think in 3D and don’t be afraid of shortcuts (i don’t know if this is the right words here but…)

And don’t be afraid to exaggerate this last part, it gives dynamic and make drawings more alive! Here’s a perfect example:

I hope it helps!


Chile imagine being in a relationship with Finn Balor, Drew Mcintyre, and Pete Dunne.. Them accents alone…

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