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Pinky Promise

It was in your best interests to stay away from Johnny and Double J and that whole delinquent lifestyle, and yet, you find yourself not being able to. It was fucking stupid.

This is a collab with @cremethorns aka the double J fic we didn’t want to write but here it is. go read her part HERE as well because like. why wouldn’t you it’s good duh. It’s the Jaehyun half of the story, and we all know you guys love Jaehyun. Enjoy!

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why do I smile?

well you see, there are many reasons why I smile. the good things in life. like cute dogs, having a good time with friends. those are nice, but you see, dear, nothing can compare with how much you make me smile and how happy you make me. the way you make me feel can’t compare with the most beautiful jewel in the world.

happiness. something I hadn’t felt in a long time, but then, I met you. in that moment, my sorrows melted away for a brief second. never had I ever been given the kind of love you’d offered. for once in my life I was content with the way my life was going.

love. we’ve got love given to us from friends. the constant banter, the emotional support. the friends that are there until the very end, right? none of that can compare with how special you make me feel and i’ll never be able to thank you enough for making me feel loved.

distance. distance is a pain in the ass, but you know what, darling? we’ve made it through together. no pain in the ass is going to keep us apart, my love, because..

I think I’m in love with you

ships-2-sail  asked:

What's the "no signal" drama about?

Oh boy bby. It’s a whole lot of stupid, really. 

At the Gaon Chart Awards, before BTS’ performance, they showed a short video , showing these images along with clips of the members:

(note: these are not the actual images from BTS’ or TOP’s stages. This is the product of a simple ‘no signal’ google search, to demonstrate how common these images are)

Immediately after, BB fans started complaining that BTS had “stolen” the concept from BB, as if one, BTS themselves had anything to do with the production of their performance, and two, as if the ‘no signal’ concept was an original concept BB and their producers had come up with.

They started a hashtag, as people like to do these days, demanding that BTS apologize for plagiarizing BB. This, while sad, is quite common and not really surprising, fans starting fan wars. However, then, YG staff, supposed professionals, had to fan the flames.

A YG tour producer posted this, and her comment “Hmmmmmm….Our hard work.”

BigHit has since responded, saying neither they nor BTS had anything to do with the production of that video.  

This kind of behavior, coming from fans, doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’ve even come to expect it (which is still sad). But for this kind of behavior to come from supposed professionals in the industry…that’s just pitiful. This ‘no signal’ concept has been used for years by TV shows, movies, and other musicians. It’s neither new nor original, and YG’s producers definitely didn’t create it.  

hey hey, since these travel more than promos, would you be willing to give this a like or a reblog (preferably a reblog), if you’re interested in roleplaying with a cool trans girl!allen walker from the series d. gray man?  i’m lookin to spread my dash out a bit!

hi hey hello pals!!! i’m honey and i’m so happy to be here!! just a heads up that i live in the worst time-zone and have the most time consuming and exhausting job so bear with me when it comes to replies cause i might slip on my activity from time to time, but like i always make sure i have them drafted and work on time as much as i can, and as fast as i can.

BUT ANYWAY, here’s my trash son river!!!! he’s actually an old character of mine and i’ve extracted a few things from him and put them into new characters so if he sounds a bit similar to you, i apologize!!! i know, im v unoriginal and lazy :~) but anWYAY PLEASE COME PLOT WITH ME??? i love plotting so much and gOd just give me all the angst okay. i’ll probably hit everyone up at some point but if you’d like to plot, either message me!!! or like this and i will gladly slide into ur ims like hey whassup hello!!!

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In The City of Angels - Chapter 1

Rated: M  (swearing… that’s it so far…)
OK so I’ve had this idea in my head forever, and finally putting Kristoff and Anna in it seemed like fun, so here it is.  

[Premise: Set in their early thirties, Kristoff is a famous actor and Anna is his next door neighbour]

Kristoff noticed his next door neighbour was out running every day, rain or shine. She chose to run in the early morning, when he was just rolling himself out of bed for the day.   Stretching at his window he began to find himself trying to time it so that he could watch her run by, strawberry ponytail bobbing up and down rhythmically.  

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