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How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

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Greetings, everyone. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m here tonight to present you with a short guide to Tumblr for witches who may be interested in starting a blog here. 

This post is obviously geared towards witches wandering the internet, but maybe some who are already here on Tumblr will enjoy it, too. I’ll be talking about the benefits to joining the Tumblr witch community, as well as some tips for getting started! Here we go!

What’s a “Tumblr witch?”

There’ve been culture-related magazines that have done huge articles on “Tumblr witches” and the witchcraft community on Tumblr, painting the whole thing as some kind of fashion trend or weird millennial hangout. 

I’ve been involved with the Tumblr witch community for three years, and I can say that most of these articles don’t quite reflect what the witchcraft community on Tumblr is like. 

A lot of them tend to paint it as an ideologically, culturally, and aesthetically monolithic trend, when in reality, it’s not. While it’s true that many Tumblr-going witches enjoy similar things or share fashion trends, witchcraft itself is not a trend, nor a fashion statement, nor is it the sole focus of the community.

In reality, a “Tumblr witch” is just what the name implies. A “Tumblr witch” is a witch who uses Tumblr as a blogging platform/CMS. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s true that there’s a large community of us, but we’re quite diverse

While many of us are young (millennials), not all of us as (I’m not), nor are we all of the same religion or mindset. You might even say that “Tumblr Witch” isn’t even a useful term, at all! Still, Tumblr is a great content management system for witches.

I think what makes Tumblr strong as a blogging platform for witches is that there’s an extremely diverse community here already in existence. So, in short, don’t buy into too much nonsense about what a “Tumblr witch” does or believes, because everyone’s unique. 

Again, the only real way I can see to define a “Tumblr witch” is just “a witch who uses Tumblr.” It’s as simple as that! It’s definitely not some kind of tradition or mindset for witches - it’s just a matter of what blogging platform the witch uses.

Continue reading for information about why you should consider Tumblr as a blogging platform, tips for using the interface, and more! Tagging @witchypixie by request. :-D

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i love della duck’s entire existence because it hits that “factors that affect the story from outside are translated into factors that affect the story from inside” meta angle that i love so much, like… why are huey, dewey and louie donald’s live-in nephews? why aren’t they with their parents? why isn’t donald their dad?

outside of the story, several reasons: one, no disney kid characters could get away with disobeying their parents as much as huey, dewey and louie disobey their uncle, and two, establishing that donald has actual offspring would have been a big risk. 

you can’t just sweep a character’s own children under the rug if it turns out that audiences don’t like them. the translation of THAT would’ve been “donald abandoned his kids because they were annoying”. now, it’d just be “donald sent his nephews back to their parents because they were annoying”.

but, of course, neither of those things ever happened. the uncledad/nephewson dynamic was, in fact, a success. and so they never got sent back home. and so he adopted them. and so we’re left wondering why.

and that’s how they boys’ mom became genuinely, real-life mysterious, something people puzzled over for years, not a plotted-out mystery, but a naturally occurring one, the product of outside circumstances, and there’s no way to solve that mystery without shaking up the status quo somehow, but i so badly want someone to try. it would be so satisfying to see those marketing strategies turned into a plot point, to go HAH! you thought she was just absent because it was convenient, but HAH. there actually was a reason.

it has happened! it did happen in the dutch comic continuity. but i want it on, like, a bigger scale than that. like, the biggest possible scale. i don’t have actual hope, i don’t have an actual theory, but i do have wishful thinking by the buckets, and i do have an upcoming reboot that happens to be relatively lacking in leading ladies, that happens to feature both bad blood and a “family secret” between donald and scrooge, and that also happens to be created by someone who has a tumblr account solely to be coy in our general direction


sorry for being so quiet right now ;; it’s been really rough the past few weeks (i keep saying this as if it wasn’t bad beforehand but ya know) and i’ve been avoiding this account / tumblr in general while i’ve been trying to muddle through. i’m gonna try and get a chapter of the chosen path out when i can, and i have some commissions to finish but after they’re done i’ll try and clean up + release a theme cause it’s been a while now ;; i just brought my queue back up to a good number so things will keep being posted in the meantime, and thank you for being patient if you’re waiting on me for anything right now ;;

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I will make a fan book housing all the accounts and situations where either the youtune vids, tumblr asks or just general advice has benefited or sincerely helped someone live a little easier. Your system doesn't be the face of DID because you guys inspire others not to be ashamed or scared so THEY can be the face of DID. Everyone with DID is the face of DID and you've just got a story to tell.

That is so awesome dude! Like all of it! The last line was so true and so powerful and I love the idea of a keepsake book! :D
BEDS Day 3: What Am I Up To? Top 5 List edition

One of the things I’d like to do with this tumblr account (not just for BEDS, but just in general) is give you all an indication of what sort of things I’m up to, what projects I’m working on, things I’m reading/watching/etc-ing, and so on. So I’m going to do that today. And I’m going to do that with one of my favorite mediums of expression … the Top 5 List! So, here’s a series of Top 5 Lists for the things I am doing right now.

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about the mun

In general: 

Real name: It starts with a J.

Nickname: Aine, Annie, PikaKirby

Age: Early 20s


Gender: I am a female

Are you a morning person?: I do like waking up in the morning, but I don’t always like doing a lot in the morning.

When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?: Give me a beach.

On Tumblr: 

Anyone you would like to meet in real life?: @em-dualism and @thetemporalduo

Anyone you have met in real life?: No.

When did you first join? How old is your current account?: I first joined tumblr about 2 years ago. This account is about 1.5 years old.

Any peeves?: Tumblr culture in general. It’s a wonder why I’m still here.

Unpopular opinion: The self is not the most important thing in existence.


Do you easily get jealous?: Not really.

Do you easily get angry?: Only sometimes, but more than I’d like.

Are you easy to cheer up?: Sometimes.

What’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: Anything, really. I can’t say for sure what would be the MOST hurtful thing, but I know there could be a lot of things.

What’s the most hurtful thing someone has done to you?: Call me a friend and then kind of just not be a friend.

Are you good at hiding your emotions?: I can be, but sometimes I choose not to.

What’s the very best way to cheer you up?: Be nice, give me space, be understanding


Are you currently in a relationship?: Not any romantic one.

Do you currently have a crush on someone?: Vaguely

If yes, might that someone be reading this?: Probably not

Do you kiss on the first date?: No.

Do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: Going out.


Favorite drink: Recently the favorite has been black coffee

Favorite food: Give me some cheese or some salmon sashimi.

Most calming place?: A comfy couch or an open field in 75 degree temperature

Most stressful place?: An argument.

Most prized possession?: My Bible, I think.

Tag some people (if you want to): 

TAGGED BY: @renewedfates

TAGGING: Take my meme.

Hi everyone, Mikaela here ★

It has been a long time coming hasn’t it? I’m really sorry for totally ignoring this account and tumblr in general in the last months, it has been a tough time: my internet connection died multiple times and I couldn’t physically access to the site; I worked in the hospital of my city this summer having shifts from 8 am to 8 pm if I was lucky; lots of health problems for my father who found out he has liver cancer and maybe he’s gonna go under chemotheraphy and my eating disorder are getting worse. So it’s been a bit of a mess honestly but I enjoyed myself a lot surprisingly this summer, going on vacation with my best friend and getting to know new people and feeling loved and normal once in a while. I seriously want to concentrate on the positive part of all this mess and I’m trying to keep my head on my shoulders as I should. I hope everyone of my mutuals are healthy, they’re doing fine and I hope they’ve spent well these last few months. Probably nobody noticed my absence, but I missed you all.

Now, this profile is always changing as you can see, just like myself - being a personal blog – so now the content you’ll find can be of various types: most of it kpop probably since I’m multifandom trash and I love supporting hard working groups - both girls and boys - then a lot of aesthetic stuff that always makes me feel good, some anime and manga and other random stuff.

If you have any question just ask, and please a little reminder to all my mutuals: always sleep, eat, idratate yourself well, because you need it and you deserve it; take care of yourself even if it’s hard.

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there isn't a big difference between Dick, Damian, Tim and Stephanie, Jason, Cassandra, stop reaching. None of them are underappreciated

This………is so objectively wrong. Before I pull the trigger, 1. Compared to Cass and Steph, Jason is practically super appreciated, but compared to the others he’s just… there. 2. I feel a little bit icky about putting Damian here since he also went through nasty stuff + is always whitewashed by canon and fandom alike but its worth mentioning, and 3. I cant believe u actually made me research this. Fuck you.

Now, lets start with basic stuff. According to comic vine (which I don’t know how accurate it is), this is the amount of comic issues each character has appeared

Just. Read the numbers. Damian, who appeared on 2006, has considerably more comics than Cassandra, who appeared on 1999, and Stephanie, who appeared on 1992. Dick and Tim both have more appearances than Jason, Stephanie and Cass combined, and hell, Dick even triples the number. Anyway, I know Dick was the first robin and Jason was dead for years but you know, “no big difference” am I right.

Also, lets consider both Dick and Tim have had multiple solo (or soloish) titles, multiple team ups, have lead different superhero teams & are always featured on batman comics. Meanwhile, Cass & Steph had have one solo title each (unless you count Cass continuation run from 2008), and Jason has only have Red Hood: Lost Days which are, you know, six issues, and you can count their relevant appearances on team ups with the fingers of a hand.

Now, moving out to other media, Dick was the first robin so well, its kinda fair hes the most popular and fallout robin but you know, why would there be like 7 robins if we’re only gonna use one all the time right? Tim is the main robin of The New Batman Adventures with a lot of Jason’s characteristics which… yikes, and has appeared on Young Justice and other shorts, movies and episodes from other shows. Damian is becoming the front Robin for the newest movies, but I don’t really mind because he isn’t white and is p interesting but well, hes the only existing robin besides dick which :/ and looks pretty whitewashed to me. Jason appeared in one (1) movie and is mentioned like three (3) times across other shows, and its believed to be the JLA: Trapped in time Robin but its most likely they mixed robins yet again and its Dick or Tim. Cass and Steph? Found dead in Miami. Steph appeared like two (2) seconds in Young Justice once, and Cass has never appeared anywhere that isn’t comics. Anywhere .Even if she was the first Batgirl to get a self titled solo Comic book, even if shes Bruce’s only daughter in the main continuity and even if she should be a really relevant and respected character.

Anyway, now to the most dreadful part, the fandom side. Guess what? Cass also has the short end of the stick on this front too. Jason is pretty popular among fans so im not fighting you there, but the girls? Oh boi. Now, its almost understandable Steph isn’t featured on fanworks that much because she hasn’t appeared a lot, and it depends on her vigilante persona wheter shes part of the batfam or not, etc, but Cass? Cass is as much Bruce’s child as the other batboys but guess what? Shes erased all the fucking time. Isn’t included in a piece of fanart because its “only robins”, yet theres no Steph (or even Carrie) around. Isnt included because its “n52 based”, but tim has his old old old red robin costume and Dick is blue Nightwing. Etc etc etc. This fandom sure loves leaving her out of things for no reason whatsoever except that they’re full of shit.

Aaaaand then there’s the fact that neither of them is on the dc page (which fine is just something that personally annoys me, idk about you or anyone else), they’re all demonized or ignored because of things that shouldn’t be taken that way and which other characters get a free pass, or for traits other characters are cherished (“Steph is too cheerful and annoying!!!” have you like, read any Robin!Dick run? Hell, most of his comics? “Cass has killed people!! Shes boring!!!” *points to Damian/Jason & Tim respectively*, [old fan voice] “Jason was a mean robin and disobeyed batman all the time!!!!” *points to every single robin and green lantern a few times*), all of them went through a lot of unnecessary pain just for the sake of other characters (Stephanie sexualized torture??? The way bruce fucking used her to bait Tim and treated her like shit?[? and so did tim?? The whole deal with the way they killed her?? Jason being murdered as a child?? Demonized?? All the gross ass classism involved in most of his storylines???) or just erased from the narrative?? (Cassandra didn’t appear FOR YEARS on n52?? A character whos so important for so many people?? Super necessary representation in so many fronts??? Stephanie stripped from robin and batgirl even if it would have made so much more sense to have her on the role Barbara has on batgirl of burnside?? Jason being skipped all the time and his backstory/personality being changed time after time to fit the villain/mean/brainless role?? ((+Jason gets tortured, beaten up, killed in every world and the girls? They don’t even appear, it’s a joke. And when they do appear their characterization is so terrible in most of the cases, they don’t even care. Steph in burnside batgirl………they did her so dirty….and Cass wasn’t even there, period. Shes been in like fifteen issues so far in all n52 and rebirth))

And ohhhh mann, ive seen people crying about y or x character being hated on fandom soooo much, but theyre just taking into account tumblr opinion?? Like please take a look into comic communities in general, theyre not as hated as you think, don’t sweat it. But if you ask in those very same communities about Cass or Steph? Now then you will start getting angry because the shit you hear (or don’t hear, they might barely know/care about them) is just zoinks, not even yikes. (Jason is p popular and p disliked too but hes mostly popular so *shrug*)

(((Also except for perhaps damian, neither of them had to deal with sexist, classist or ableist characterizations/storylines/scenes. Which, are pretty upsetting rip)))

Anyway this got longer than I expected and im tired. Don’t talk to me or my son or my daughter or my daughter ever again, good night.

Late Night Rant: @ReptilianFuck_

So as many, many of you all know, there’s been a fucking blow out between the Leafy Tumblr community and the Twitter Leafy community. Why? Leafy tweeted a screenshot of his tag on Tumblr and said that he went on the site.

The comments on this tweet consisted of mainly 2 things: “How did it feel?” And “Did you know that Tumblr hates on every girl you come into contact with?”

The twitter account @ReptilianFuck_ was the biggest contributor to the negative and inaccurate comments aimed against Tumblr. This user is probably the biggest Twitter account that expresses a more childish, in my opinion, view on the Leafy Tumblr community- or us. Her claims against us include (not direct quotes) “They’re only thirsty fangirls who think of Leafy sexually”, “They’re ironically sensitive”, “They hate every girl that Leafy responds to and therefore is obsessed with him.”

These claims are very fake and untrue. They are also biased to screenshots sent to her, as she stated in her tweets. She does not have a Tumblr account. The only way she knows or keeps tabs on us is through her “fans”. Although there are sexual Leafy blogs, such as @leafyishere-confessions and @nsfwleafyisherefanfictions that is completely normal. Twitter is definitely full of tweets that are sexual towards Leafy, so complaining about there being sexual comments and blogs about him on Tumblr is stupid.

An ironic and unfortunate coincidence is that a Leafy community even exists on Tumblr. Tumblr is viewed, especially by Leafys fans, as full of radical feminists, vegans, rabid fangirls and triggered 12 year olds. The fanbase pretty much looks down on our community simply because of the Tumblr stereotype. However, most of the admins and members I know of are all young adults and very relaxed people. Its obvious to me that we couldn’t fit into that stereotype simply because we are all dedicated fans of Leafy. There have been complaints rolling around over his Feminist videos which I know is used as fuel for the argument, however that is simply the opinion of some and not all.

We are also not aimed at targeting the females Leafy has responded to and interacted with on Twitter. There have been numerous complaints over Leafy being biased on his Twitter account, which was a bit more of a shared opinion than the feminist ordeal. I personally don’t care about who he responds to simply because I know that he’s a famous Youtuber and most likely wont respond to just any fan. But we have not complained or attacked or hated on any individual he responds to. I have never seen a name besides Twigs come up in this community when they were talking about it. It was only towards Leafy; not towards anyone else. That is the bullshittiest claim I have come across on her account.

I’m not interested in listing and backing up claims against the Twitter community, but I do feel like @ReptilianFuck_ is taking it a little overboard with her position. As I stated earlier, she is not involved in the Tumblr community and only receives biased feedback to rant on. And i also would like to say that the Tumblr community is giving a little too much attention and energy to this rant and account in general. Tumblr is always going to be the more disliked platform in the “Reptilian Army” because we’re Tumblr users; Leafy fans or not. As I’ve said before, if Leafy decides to react to our blogs, I feel very strongly that he would be positive towards our support, he’s already given hint to him not feeling negatively about us and actually being surprised that we are tolerant of him. Let alone that we love him and care about his well being to such an extent.
@leafys-girl @damnleafy @leafyisherefanfic @leafyishere-fanfics @hammycha @leafytrash

In conclusion, dont beat yourselves up over this account or any others on Twitter. Whether we are Tumblr users or not, Leafy is appreciative and glad that we are there to support him. You guys are literally helping him everyday by watching his videos and leaving likes, he would not be where he is today without all of us; Twitter users, Tumblr users, fucking Facebook users, whatever. You are all great and I love you all, as does Leafy. ♡

Unfollow ProJared on Tumblr!

His account has been hacked and the hacker is posting major Porn and Gore without Tags. These could be triggering and disturbing to many people!! We need to not support this until the problem is fixed and dealt with!!! This is a terrible thing to happen and @staff needs to help Jared Knabenbauer with this right away!! Not just for him for the fan community and Tumblr in general!!