or trying to justify it

So apparently that whole “Sara” thing was bull shit. Fake.

And the ppl involved are really trying to pass it off as
“oh it was a justified social experiment and you should
all be ashamed of yourselves!”

No. YA’LL should be ashamed.

That is fucking psychotic attention seeking bull shit
ya’ll pulled. Tons of us really believed a 14 y/o girl
fucking offed herself, and ya’ll think that’s something
to make light of?

Get some fucking help.

#16: Excuses

Lost Star Child AU

Summary: Mario is sick of Luigi trying to justify what their Padre did. It quickly escalates into a fight, where Luigi starts to justify Mario’s actions.

TW: Fighting, slight violence, mentions of abuse

“Morning, Bro.” Luigi yawned as he stumbled into the living room. Mario looked up from his magazine and smiled.

“It’s-a afternoon, Weegie.”

“It is?” Luigi asked. “Oh.”

“It’s-a okay, bro.” Mario assured him, putting his magazine down. “How’re you-a feeling?” Luigi looked away for a moment. Mario’s blood ran cold. “Weegie…? What is it?”

“Do you remember when Padre took us to-”

“Stop.” Mario stood, a serious expression on his face as he threw the magazine down. “We don’t-a talk about-a him, and we don’t-a call him our Padre!”

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JLaw Anon:

You’re right about one thing: i couldn’t care less about her, her career, her life & her involvment with Weinstein..

However, I have every right to express an opinion, and to try to connect a few dots about the Weinstein scandal & other things….

But out of respect, YOU contacted me, and sent me 6 or 7 Anons in less than 4 hours, to try to justify her link to Weinstein…And then you sent me this “How about you stick to Taylor and Karlie and leave other people alone “ … really ??

So why don’t YOU leave me alone, unfollow me, i don’t care if you’re the chief of her fanbase, or part of her publicist team…

Tumblr is a free space, if i believe that she slept with Weinstein, took advantage of his power to advance her career, and somehow it helped her win an oscar.. then i have every right to write it….If you disagree and don’t like it: then just unfollow me or block me…That’s all..

Like she would have been the first/only one to have done this anyway ?

a lot of you all were never taught to think critically about your own actions, nor how to separate your behaviors from your core personality, and end up trying to play Johnnie Cochran and justify the very shitty things that you do, which is just sad and telling. don’t be afraid to hurt your own fucking feelings if it’ll make you better in the long run. 

On Supergirl and Homophobia

I am seeing a lot of posts saying how calling out what happened at SDCC as homophobic is ‘ridiculous’. I’d like to address first the scope of what homophobia is, then move onto how the incident was driven by homophobia. 


When you hear the term homophobia, it conjures up images of assault or of slurs being thrown out in the open. This is often not the case. Incidences of homophobia can range from the above to smaller instances that make you question whether of not you’re being ‘hysterical’ or ‘dramatic’ for thinking you’re being discriminated against or not. Merriam-Webster defines homophobia as: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. 

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Gendry is more than happy to help Jon Snow because he remembers that Jon was Aryas favorite sibling.

Gendry brings up Ned Stark because he knows how much Arya loved him and thats who they were talking about when he first found out Aryas real identity.

Gendry doesnt want to work with the Brotherhood not only because they sold him, but also because they failed Arya.

Gendry cant bring up Arya though, because finding out that she is anything less than happy and safe would break him.

On Lord of the Flies, and why not all stories are  gender-free...

So today, my Twitter timeline was all about the planned movie of LORD OF THE FLIES, written by two men, and remade with an all-female cast. I think it’s the worst movie idea since two white men decided to rewrite ROOTS, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Wiliam Golding’s LORD OF THE FLIES was originally written as a response to Ballantyne’s THE CORAL ISLAND; the quite revoltingly racist tale of “civilized” white boys stranded on a Polynesian island. It’s a piece of colonial propaganda: in it the boys are decent, honest, Christian lads: the natives are ignorant, savage cannibals. Golding’s book took that myth of white superiority and Empire and made of it a fable about toxic masculinity, colonialism and the fact that “civilization” is just a veneer.

Now the problem is not the fact of just retelling a story with an all-female cast. We’ve seen that before with GHOSTBUSTERS, and welcomed it as a step towards greater inclusivity. Some stories are gendered for no reason: stories about gender, however, are not. And in this case, the basic problem is the fact that a couple of men are aiming to retell a fable about a patriarchal society while actually cutting out the role of the patriarchy -  effectively ignoring the very society that made the story possible.

The boys (the white, British, privileged boys) in Golding’s novel have been raised with a fixed view of what it means to be a (civilized, white) man. Their descent into savagery forces them to question their view of themselves, their role in society, their colonial Empire and their assumed superiority over others. To remake that story with women (or indeed with POC) seems not only absurd, but looks like an attempt to modify and soften the role of white men in colonialism. And of course the fact that it’s actually written by men adds further insult to injury. White men have already had their say on virtually every subject imaginable for far too long: we need to hear women’s voices now - especially those of women of colour.

That doesn’t mean silencing men, or saying their voices shouldn’t be heard. But basically, the principle of an all-female LORD OF THE FLIES is a lot like the All Lives Matter movement. Yes, all lives matter. But some lives are more at risk than others. And saying that All People Are Capable of Brutality overlooks the fact that some groups are historically responsible for more brutality than others. It suggests that everyone is equal within our society. And ironically, it does so (again, again) from a position of historic privilege and entitlement: that of the straight white male.

A much more interesting take on the nature of society and violence is Naomi Alderman’s THE POWER, which suggests that if society were different and gender roles reversed, women might be as brutal as men. However, it’s fundamentally different (as well as being more relevant) because by a woman, about women. It doesn’t make claims it can’t justify; doesn’t try to whitewash the past, and doesn’t suggest that a repressive female-led society would be any better.

So let’s not pretend that this is about putting more women on the big screen. Sure, we’d all like to see more women in film, but not in any old context. After all, the porn industry is full of films starring women. What matters is listening to women’s voices talking about themselves: not listening to men telling us what women are like.

re: jay/umbronydraws

i’m sure most everyone who follows me and/or is active in the hamilton fandom is aware of what’s been happening to my good friend jay/umbronydraws during the last few weeks or so. with jay’s consent i’m here to explain the situation on his behalf since he wants absolutely no further part in the fandom or in this situation and honestly? I don’t blame him whatsoever. 

tl;dr congratulations, you harassed another queer artist of color to the point of considering suicide. both people outside of the fandom AND people within the fandom have been guilty of this. how many more times is this going to keep happening?

caps (provided by jay) and explanations are below. content warnings for slurs & just. shit. many names have been left uncensored. (reblogs are ok & encouraged, we need people to know and understand what happened here so that we can work on making sure it doesn’t happen again.)

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zen accuses jumin of being an alcoholic, and points out how he keeps uploading pictures of alcohol on the messenger. cue seven’s comment, which suggests that jumin is posting a lot of pictures. seven is messing around, but just for fun, let’s do the math.

(note: this assumes pricing is the same as our universe. everything calculated on Oct 10, 2017)

seven owns a herrari, which is the mysme universe’s version of a ferrari. since we don’t know the exact details, let’s be very conservative and go with the cheapest ferrari model, which is around ₩227,331,116.59 or $200,000.

since jumin loves wine, let’s look at how much each bottle costs. jumin says the price for a single bottle of wine is ‎₩200,000 or about $175.84. we can use this as the average price of the premium, expensive wines he’s buying.

ultimately, jumin would be uploading at least 1,137 bottles of expensive wine to match the price of seven’s car. this is assuming seven has the cheapest car on the market, which he probably doesn’t. 

seven’s exaggerating to make a point about how many pictures jumin’s uploading, so the math is just for fun. but even if he hasn’t uploaded over a thousand bottles of wine in total, i think seven and zen might have a point about his drinking. jumin, are you okay?