or trying to justify it

dealing with cops

I keep seeing these posts about dealing with police pop up and I’d like to sum them up to the most important thing:


Police are allowed to lie in order to get a statement from you.

If they say “it’ll be easier if you cooperate”? It won’t. There are no disadvantages to not making a statement.

If they ask “do you know why I stopped you?” do not answer. They’re trying to make you admit something they have no proof for or they don’t even know themselves.

If they say “just give us a quick statement and you can go” do not say anything. don’t try to justify yourself. it’ll just fall back on other people.


No matter what they tell you
Don’t talk to police.

I'm gonna say this one thing.

I obviously stan BB…HARD. The only fandom I really claim in this crazy Kpop world is VIP. That being said, I love BTS, they work hard and deserve appreciation and respect. I’m going to see them in April and I’m going to lose my mind because I love them so hard. What’s irritating me is whoever developed this stage for them.

I understand that TOP/BigBang/YG/Who the fuck ever does not have intellectual property rights to test screens and the phrase “No Signal”.

However, the copying of that stage is BLATANT. If you’re sitting there trying to say that it’s not, and justifying it, you’re playing yourself. Take off your Bangtan colored glasses for five seconds and recognize it for what it is.

There’s no need to be disrespectful towards TOP/Big Bang or VIPs who are honestly going to be very emotionally charged right now, ESPECIALLY where it concerns Tabi.

Also if I hear that concepts are reused and recycled one more time I might actually lose my cool. HE DID THAT PERFORMANCE LAST MONTH, NOT 10 YEARS AGO.

I just really had to get that off my chest. I harbor no ill will towards ARMYs or BTS. But people need to have a shred of respect for one another, istg.

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Why do you hate Yeon Hwa that much? I didn't like her too but she just knew that living as a queen is the only way to survive as a woman in those times. I understand her motives and I think that Queen Yoo was bigger bitch.

Simply because she’s a horrible and awful person with a rotten soul. As for Queen Yoo, I believe, they’re on the same level of bitchiness, the only difference is, I think, YH is smarter. Also, the writers give us a very clear parallel between Lady Oh, Taejo, Queen Yoo and Hae Soo, Wang So and Yeon Hwa with only one significant difference - Wang So was a different man who always put his woman first.

I know there was a fan club of YH to which I never belonged. I know many people were justifying her actions with her trying to protect herself - doesn’t work for me. Maybe at the beginning but as her brother, she had the same tendency of masking her actions as something that she does for a higher cause. 

Everything what she did was only for power and vanity, her selfish nature was craving the title, status and obeyance. She said that when Taejo died and she said that when her mother asked her if she wants power. She literally said that she wants it more than anything else.

Regarding the unstable position of women in Goryeo society. We have Woo Hee, princess of conquered kingdom who was left with nothing, even though she had to kill and do many awful things she remained kind and what is important - human. You can survive without being a totall, heartless bitch. And don’t forget about the fact that YH betrayed Wang Eun for her own sake.

And let’s be honest with Wang So on the throne who always treated her with absolute respect, would he marry her off to Khitan or somewhere else without discussing it with her? I doubt it. With So as the king they were absolutely safe but it wasn’t enough for her, she wanted more, she wanted So and she wanted power and to be a queen. 

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i'm actually really glad to see that you love jimin for being a human and admit that he, like all other humans, makes mistakes! unlike some stans who always say their idols are "perfect", you really do love who he is <3 thank you

perfection is boring and most importantly doesn’t exist ;; flaws etc are what make people multi-dimentional beings and i have no desire to strip that away from anyone. it’s also important to know that when someone you love does something wrong you don’t have to agree or try to justify it, you can still love them while acknowledging their mistakes, but that is in general not just related to the post cause that was more about flaws than mistakes, but you know what i mean… i talk too much lol

sorry but when did taehyung say jimin was the one who was the scariest when he gets mad? and when did jimin call himself the most dirty minded, drinking hard alcohol and mixing? omg i didn’t know those facts

all those are questions they answered on fansign post-its! i don’t have them on hand but i don’t think it’s necessary because it’s just text on paper + translation anyway, so same thing

Screaming into the void

There are cis-women skating for MRDA who are trying to justify their place in men’s derby by saying that they don’t identify AS men, but they do identify WITH men because they like cars, guns, working out, dude shit and like WOW you have done a lot of mental work to make “I’m not like other girls” into some sort of half assed gender identity?  Just tell it like it is: MRDA has an essentially meaningless gender policy (which is fine) and you’re going to do whatever the fuck you want (which is also fine, per the previous useless policy).  

CORROLLARY: Just like fuck into the sun, dudes who think it’s unfair that WFTDA is not a space for men to play roller derby in.  Every time you go on about how EXCLUSIONARY and AWFUL it is that you are being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST by the mean and terrible (mostly) women (but also gender nonconforming and genderqueer and agender people) whose work has made roller derby what it is today all I hear is “I am incapable of conceiving of an organization that exists for people who are not me.”

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I love how John gave a nuanced answer about romance in TFA and romance going forward and everyone (except certain peeps) were all "OMG SEE FRIENDZONED! EASY! :D" But Daisy straightforwardly says she was surprised people didn't realize who Rey was related to when she left the move and people are busting out the Rosetta Stone to parse what she possibly could have meant by that.

I’ve seen FinnRey shippers straight-up connect John’s comments and Daisy talking about falling in love with friends in discussions, and deniers will go like, “John debunked FinnRey. Daisy means something else,” or, “Daisy was just talking about the real romance being friendship. Doesn’t mean Finn and Rey are hooking up.” It’s truly, truly remarkable to see people leap through hoops to try and justify why FinnRey is a ridiculous concept that has no chance of happening, lmao. 

OK… I’m honestly not trying to start a petty argument here, but I just want to put forward some strong evidence in the game that Guzma did not have the best home life/was abused. 

I’ve seen posts saying it’s just “Tumblr trying to justify a character’s bad actions and turn him into a sweetie not responsible for his wrongdoings”. While I wouldn’t go that far, I personally believe Guzma is repeating the cycle of abuse he grew up with, but is on the right road to change by the end of the game.

I’m not that good at proving a point, but let’s give this a shot.

This is one of the more controversial conversations. The claim about Guzma’s father supposedly saying he beat Guzma “black and blue” in the Japanese version has been proven false, so let’s stop talking about that and stick with what we have.

I am not the only one who felt uncomfortable after reading this conversation you have with his dad. “I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat…” implies to me that Guzma’s father went at Guzma with violence to “set him straight”, but Guzma fought back.

A few people claim he’s probably talking about a Pokemon battle, but doesn’t it seem odd that Guzma’s father wouldn’t outright say that, then? Instead Game Freak went with this dialogue, which implies something darker?

Also… Doesn’t where the golf clubs are placed looked deliberate? They’re right there in the background when you speak to Guzma’s dad, like you’re intended to check them out next…

Just what on earth has Guzma’s dad been doing to cause that much damage to his clubs that some are outright broken? These are NOT Guzma’s golf clubs; all of Guzma’s stuff is covered in dust. It’s a popular theory, one that I support, that Guzma’s dad flat out hit him with these clubs.

Also… More than likely Guzma’s glasses are bent to look like a sun and moon to go along with the game title, but with if one of the lenses got bent during an altercation with his dad and he just left it like that? Just a thought. 

Of course, there’s this infamous line:

Guzma says this over and over again after you beat him while tugging at his hair. Most likely he’s remembering all the times his father said this to him whenever he screwed up and is just repeating it that it’s become a habit.

So… Guzma ran away from home after his dad tried to “set him straight” and every time you see him he’s very aggressive and violent. Even the Grunts are scared of his outbursts. 

Not knowing what else to do when he’s upset, Guzma mimics what his dad did to him and take out his anger on whatever’s around him. How much you want to bet Guzma is the reason why that chandelier’s on the ground? I’m sure some Grunts have felt his wrath personally as well.

Look at what Guzma says post game after you battle him:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe he’s saying “Beating people down is all I know!” because that’s how he was taught, through example, how to solve problems and maintain authority.

Guzma is so starved for some recognition and positive attention from someone older that he easily becomes charmed by Lusamine and is basically her lapdog, willing to do whatever she says for a pat on the head and a “Good job”.

I’ve seen other people ask why Guzma would go home again after all this if he was abused. Here’s my question: Where else is he supposed to go? He disbanded Team Skull; wouldn’t going back to Shady House be a bit awkward because of that? He’s going back to the only place he can.

Notice his dad’s dialogue does NOT change post game. It’s his mother’s that does and she’s the one Guzma entrusts with his favorite TM to give you. I think this makes it pretty clear that it was Guzma’s dad that was the abuser while his mother tried to ignore it or had her head in the clouds. She dismisses all the bad things Guzma has done as “lies”, so it isn’t a stretch to think she turns a blind eye to what her husband did to Guzma as well.

So no, in the English version, at least, nothing is ever outright said that Guzma grew up an abusive home but wow are the implications ever there!

With Lusamine outright being outed as being a terrible person/mother it’s not hard to believe they’d put in another character like this as well that suffered parental neglect.

…Just my two cents. It’s of course up for debate but this is my take. 

Many, many people have been getting spammed by @crosa-rosa sending their newest music video to their submit boxes. That band has tried to say it wasn’t them and they have no control over it; BUT IT IS THEM

Not only that; but many of the people they’ve sent the video to are trans – and given the transphobic nature of the video, this seems intentional. They’re trying to stir up controversy to get their name out there. In addition to that, they’ve stressed out a ton of people because they fear the submission a virus or a screamer. 

They continue to claim it isn’t them, but they’ve done this EXACT SAME THING prior, as they admitted on their blog in an earlier post

They’ve also been trying to justify spamming on twitter.

I think there can be no reasonable doubt that it’s them. A random spammer isn’t just sending out their newest video just because. That’s ludicrous. No one has anything to gain from this EXCEPT CROSA ROSA. 

At this point, the decent thing would be for them to apologize for the stress and annoyance they’ve caused. Send a message to these buttholes by giving their video a thumbs down and letting them know directly (on twitter and @crosa-rosa) how unacceptable and gross what they’ve done is. Spamming is desperate, annoying, and intrusive. If this is the only way you can get your music heard - then it’s shitty music. I hope their career tanks and we never hear about them again after this. Fuck you, Crosa Rosa

We compromise for the ones that we love. When they hurt us, we try to see things from their perspective, put on their shoes; we try to justify their actions, even when they didn’t ask for them to be justified—even when they never acknowledged that their actions need justifying. We fear feeling anything else but love for the ones that we love, so we remind ourselves of the reasons why we love them. Once we fight hard enough, we leave the battle with our own hurt pushed down and instead come out with more love for them. But when that love is not reciprocated, we stop loving ourselves.

Okay, I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with vegans putting their dogs and cats on vegan diets.


If you want a vegan pet, get a fucking hamster, or guinea pigs.



Fucking whypipo trying to justify casing Matt Damon in an Asian movie set in China by saying “well the Chinese director did it so it’s okay!!”

No it fucking isn’t!!! I’m going to fucking tear my hair out!! Asian actors are already more likely to be overlooked in Hollywood!! By giving a role that normally would have gone to an Asian actor to a white actor instead is, once again, overlooking talented Asian actors!!

Saying that the director needed something to draw the white audience to see the movie and using that to justify the casting of Matt Damon is in of itself fucked up!! Do white peoples really love themselves so much that they can’t stand to see a show or movie where they aren’t the majority?! If i, as an Asian American, refused to watch shows where there isn’t at least 1 major Asian actor or actress, I would have to eliminate 96% (probably more!) of the shows that I currently watch!! What the fuck?! Stop trying to justify that sort of narrow minded bull shit!!

Great Wall is NOT OKAY. Stop trying to gaslight the Asian American audiences into saying it’s okay!!

Back in 2004, South Park aired an episode called “Douche and Turd” which astutely pointed out that both presidential candidates are apple-polishing mannequins. Before that, Futurama made a similar observation with candidates Jack Johnson and John Jackson. And before that The Simpsons beat everyone to the punch when these two ran for president.

It’s true! Both candidates are totally identical this election … provided that you’re an upper-middle class heterosexual living on your parents’ dime. For anyone of lower income or LGBTQ or of Muslim descent or worried about reproductive rights or recently immigrated or struggling with health care or a small business owner or worried about police brutality … there is going to be a huge difference in the two candidates come November. Because both candidates have extremely different policies that will influence the country for decades to come.

In the simplest, most incendiary terms: Not voting because you think both candidates are “in the pockets of Wall Street” or “equally terrible” is privileged and childish pigswill actively hurting the political process by justifying ignorance. Try and tell a lower-class family of immigrants running a corner shop in Chicago that you don’t think it matters who wins the election, and watch those people laugh in your shitty little face.

The 6 F**king Stupidest Reasons Why People Don’t Vote