or tried to draw


I think you broke him Shiro…

Its a little late but I wanted to do this for Shiro Loves You Baby/He’s Looking at Keith Day (we should really make a better name for that, lol)! Happy 2nd Sheith Day of the year guys! ♡♡♡

Let’s Be More Than Friends (uke chords and lyrics)

@shima-draws hi im that anon because im really scared to talk to people

sorry this took so long, but here’s the finished product from my hands. you can change anything you don’t like. ummm, i love your song and I’m prolly gonna cover it soonnnnnn. heere you gooo

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I decided to try using Clip Studio Paint’s animation program only to realize that it only lets you do a max of 24 frames. So here’s a super quick .gif of everyone’s favorite muscle-y guitar player !! 

Quick question

Should I draw?:

■Xi Xi come back❗
■He Tian standing behind that mirror (referred back to that post)😂
■some Jian/Xi hilarious moments
■mermaid AU? (It’s been on my mind lately)
■a tianshan moment
■or draw my husband (Takano-san M.)🔥

I’m not making any promises just wanna waste time sketching. 👅

This is by far the project I’ve spent the most time on