or tofu dinner if youre into that

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: to days of inspiration playing hooky making something out of nothing the need to express to communicate to going against the grain going insane going maAAAAAAd to loving tension no pension to mOre than one dimension to starving for attention hating convention not to mention of course hating dear old mom and dAAAAAAAAd to riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits to frUIts to no absolutes to absolut to choice to the village voiiiice to aNY PASSING FAD to being an us for once instead oF A THEEEEEM LA VIE BOHEEEEEEEME !!!! LA VIE BOHEME !!! hey mIster shes my sister so thats five miso soup four seaweed salad three soy burger dinner two tofu dog platter and one pasta with meatless balls ew it tastes the same if you close your eyes and thirteen orders of fries is that it here WINE AND BEER to hAnd crafted bEErs made in local brEwerIEs to yoga to yoghurt to rice and beans and cheese to leather to dildos to curry vindaloo to huevos rancheros and maya angelou emotion devotion to causing a commotion ceation vacation MUCHO MASTURBATION

psychic: what the fuck

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Oh man where do I even start.
Well first of all, grapes/raspberries are one of the most expensive fruit in the produce section. I don’t even buy them unless they’re on sale. You gotta go for things like bananas, frozen berries, and check to see what fruits are in season. Maybe pineapple wasn’t in season. Check online to see which fruits and veggies will be the least expensive.
Buy veggies and fruits NOT in a package. If you pick them out of the pile yourself and use your own bag they are less expensive.
Don’t get soda. The credibility of this post being “healthy food” was immediately shot down when I saw a friggin Sprite. Soda is not healthy. Soda is not cheap. Soda is a privilege. Soda is a once in a while special occasion.
And the nuts, you can get a box of oats for less than a dollar.
Considering none of what’s pictures above can make an actual meal, I gave suggestions of what can. Like mentioned, the bananas, frozen berries, and oats can make you awesome oatmeal all week for under $10.
If you want lunch and dinner, consider canned beans, tofu, potatoes, rice, frozen veggies, and kale (not from a package). You can make a good combination of stuff for, oh look, around $15.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean buying the most expensive thing in the store. You have to walk around and see what is best for your wallet, or google tips beforehand because yeah it’s easy to make dumb decisions. The person in this post obviously doesn’t grocery shop often. I grocery shop every other week, I NEVER break the bank and I always get a lot of stuff. You wanna buy junk food and McDonald’s and give your body unnecessary problems instead of eating healthy because you’re so fixated on the lie that you can’t afford it? Whatever. But don’t go around spreading this false rhetoric, because IT IS possible to eat healthy on a budget and you’re just hurting everyone around you by trying convincing them they can’t.

✨✨My Vegan Hacks✨✨

(Disclaimer: This advice is coming from a 17 yo black girl living in a near food desert. Over the past 3 years and counting of being vegan, I have learned a few things.))

Money Saving:
✨Rice and beans is your best friend. It’s really filling and doesn’t easily overburden your palate (I can have it for dinner repeatedly). Add veggies for more nutrients and variety.🍛
✨Frozen fruit. All the nutrients are preserved and they work amazingly for smoothies and summer days :) ❄
✨Canned food. May not be the healthiest. I just suggest that you nix the brine or choose the low-fat/sugar-free options.🍶
✨Weigh your options. Sure, that new chick'n strip package or coconut icecream looks delicious, but are they as essential, healthy, or inexpensive as your trusty firm tofu and coconut milk? Didn’t think so.♎
✨I don’t do takeout (unless in emergency). It can become an expensive crutch. Also, homemade food just tastes better.🍟

Health & Beauty:
✨Use sites like iherb to find new products for your medicine cabinet. They often have sales, free shipping, and label the vegan/cruelty-free items.💻
✨DIYs are the best route. Body butters, perfumes, and face masks are simpler to make than you know.💄
✨Make food your first medicine. I think it is important (not just for vegans) to become less dependent on over-the-counter drugs. Ginger can be your new Oragel, turmeric your acne spot treatment, etc.💊
✨DO NOT COUNT CALORIES. A vegan diet is one that can be altered to your tastebuds and hunger patterns. If you eat accordingly (with limits on processed food) and you have no extenuating ailments, you will see your body improve without effort. Besides, calories are energy. You don’t want to harm your body by limiting its functions and processes. (If you have problems with binge eating, try drinking enough water at the appropriate times)😊

Meal Planning:
✨I either use my bullet journal or mah cranial organ to plan what I would like to eat. 📒
✨I suggest giving yourself some variety by getting vegan inspiration from Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.💭
✨Find out what accidental and non-accidental vegan products are available at your local grocery store/supermarket/corner store.🏢
✨Take note of your favorite recipes. Use them as a backup for when your recipes fail or to use as a comfort dish.♨

For your tastebuds:
✨I eat raw till 4 for one week every year. It reminds my tastebuds how naturally flavorful plants can be (trust me–I grew up in a Caribbean household where salt, sugar, and a myriad of spices were liberally used. Just try it for yourself).🍌
✨Coconut milk (the canned kind) will transform your rice and beans (or another dish–savory or sweet).🍼
✨Get the nutrients you need by putting the things you hate (but are packed with goodness) in a smoothie. Bananas are sweeter than they seem. They even mask the bitter taste of kale.🌱
✨Drink ENOUGH water. It is a palate cleanser in addition to an essential to your body.🚰

✨On telling people about your diet: I am not the kind of vegan who tells everyone about my eating habits (no shade if you do…i just don’t bring it up). Still, I find that my lifestyle makes an impact. People around me realize that I’m vegan from my meals and, soon enough, they begin asking daily what I have packed for lunch. Many of my friends have tried being vegan for some period of time.💬

Only just found out udon noodles are actually vegan what have I been doing for the past 8 months of my life 😪 😂 Served them up with stir-fry veggies and some crispy maple tofu and peanut sauce 👌 The best meals are just your fridge contents thrown into a bowl right??

✨ instagram✨ @veganzoejessica 

So I’ve been eating pretty indulgently in the past couple of days. I blame it on the exam season, which always has me reaching for something decadent or greasy for some reason! After a pizza and dessert-filled day yesterday, I decided to up the nutrition today with this nourishing meal of rice, baked Thai-style peanut tofu and veggies, all on a bed of fresh spinach. It’s all about balance! Indulging here and there is great for mental health- and in my opinion, that’s equally as important as eating physically nutritious food like this.

To make the rice bowl:
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. In a bowl, mix 1.5 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp soy sauce, the juice of 1/3 lemon, and a pinch of smoked paprika and ground ginger. Add water slowly to thin it out, mixing it well, until it reaches a thick sauce consistency. Add small cubed tofu pieces (I used a 390g pack for 3 servings). Coat the tofu well in the marinade, then add to a parchment paper-lined baking tray. Place in the oven for 30-40 mins or until the tofu is nice and toasted, flipping it over halfway through to ensure even cooking.

In the meantime, start cooking your rice, either in a rice cooker or on the stovetop. Then sauté some veggies of choice (I used broccoli and chestnut mushrooms) with a dash of soy sauce. You could also steam them if you’d prefer.

Once everything is done, lay down fresh spinach in your bowl, and top with your individual components! I meal prepped this, so I made 3 dinners from this one session in the kitchen. Definitely a more time-efficient method for me, especially this exam season!

Professor (Hyungwon x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Hyungwon, female
Genre/warning(s):  smut, teacher kink, spanking, body worship
Words:  2.9k
Summary: You and your lecturer have been dating in secret.

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vegan mandoo!!!

making dumplings w/ my mommy- the person who instilled in my heart the love and passion for food. she is the reason i love to make food, share food, eat food savor food, and yearn good food..

she is also given the dubious honor of being the reason why i dream about food 24/7. sadly.


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single dad!minhyuk
  • minhyuk has a 4 year old boy named jinwoo and he would Die For His Baby Boy
  • jinwoo is really like a miniature version of his dad, he looks just like minhyuk and is super friendly and cheerful and sweet
  • when the two of them are together…… it’s almost too much like you look at them and ur blinded by their sunshine smiles …. model scouts have approached them a LOT about doing commercials
  • even though the two of them are very happy now, jinwoo’s mom was actually cheating on minhyuk for a long time and he found out about it only a few weeks before she gave birth ;(
  • which really really hit him hard because he was only 20 when she got pregnant……. and he had prepared to be the best father and husband he could be, but the whole time he was scrimping and saving for their family she was with another man
  • he tried really hard to work it out with her so jinwoo could have a mom, but in the end she was sorta like “i don’t want a kid anyways” and left minhyuk with jinwoo…… 
  • even though he was heartbroken, jinwoo is by far the best thing to ever happen to him

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We made some high protein bowls for dinner after a trying day of work. Just put some tofu, onion and diced tomatoes into a pan and make a nice tofu scramble then eat it along with some veggies. So deliciouse.

5 vegan tips

1. Do your research
Research and expand your knowledge on veganism! Find out about vegan youtubers, local vegan restaurants around you, recipes, articles and so much more! Before going on a road trip this fall, I was researching on all the fast food restaurants to find out what vegan options they offered. And let me tell u, this was VERY useful! Once I gained my knowledge on what is not vegan and what is, I got a general idea of what I can eat. So now when people offer me things that aren’t vegan, I don’t have to read the ingredients like a maniac, I just kindly reject. Also finding a vegan community online can be very helpful and supportive!


2. Try new vegan recipes
I challenge you to try at least 1 new vegan recipe every week. This will help you get a feel of what food you like, and make it easier for u to cook. I suggest even getting a cook book. For ex. Forks over knifes. This book gave me great food ideas and sometimes I switch up recipes to make them my own.


3. Stock up on fruits and veggies
This is so you always have something on hand. This will prevent you from running to the store constantly. Normally I go to the store once a week and get all the basics: fruits, veggies, almond milk, and 1 frozen dinner. Normally I buy big boxes of rice and pasta 1 a month and then I use my fruits and veggies to make meals out of them, I use the almond milk for random things, and I get the frozen dinner for when I have that lazy weekday. Sometimes I get tofu but it all depends. My grocery list is pretty cheap and far from expensive. Always having fruits and veggies on hand with make it easier to whip up a meal real quick.


4. Make sure you’re getting your calories in
As a healthy vegan, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories in that your body needs. Being vegan it is easy to under eat, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. At first you’re so used to the mind set of eating smaller portions, because animal products are heavy, and very calorie dense. But on a vegan diet things tend to be lighter, and less calorie dense. So after saying this, make sure to eat eat eat those fruits and veggies, and don’t shy away from bigger portions.


5. Be happy
Try to be happy despite all the animal abuse that continues on. Be happy because you are truly making a difference! You are helping the environment, animal, and your body!

- - - Thank you for reading my post! Please like, reblog, and follow ❤️️ if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!
Allergy{tony stark x reader oneshot }

“Could I make a request where the reader is a vegetarian but tony keeps bugging her to try meat but she refuses. He switches her veggie meatballs with real ones to see if she would notice but it backfires cause she’s allergic to meat proteins. He feels like a complete dick but to make it up to her he has a huge vegetarian style buffet table installed in the kitchen at the tower.”- anonymous

“ you know meat won’t kill you y/n.” Tony says from the stove . It’s family dinner night & tonys turn to cook. He always picks on you for being vegetarian, but it’s not like you ave a choice . You’re allergic to some element in the protein in meant so you don’t have many options . You’re diet is mainly fruits and veggies . No one else seems to care, besides tony for some odd reason . Tonight he agreed to try tofu though, surprising everyone. Tony barely makes anything besides steak on his turns to cook.

After everything is prepared and everyone is around the table , the eating begins .
“ tony it looks so good! Thank you for this.” You squeeze his hand before you shovel what you thought was a tofu meatball into your mouth. What tony doesn’t tell anyone is it isn’t tofu at all ! He wanted to get you to finally eat something other than rabbit food . He isn’t aware of your allergy though, no one is .

About 3 minutes after you eat the meatball, your throat begins to feel odd . It itches and you can feel it becoming harder to breath .
Your eyes widen and you loudly drop your fork , the others eyes all shoot to you.

Your frantic thoughts explode in Wanda’s mind, panic rising over her as well.

“ her throats swelling shut!” She announce, and hell breaks loose . When FRiDAYS voice echoes in, it slightly calms everyone
“ I suggest giving miss y/n a dose of benedryl to slow the swelling and for one of you to retrieve her epi pen from her purse on the couch . She is having an allergic reaction. Dr cho should see hr immediately.”

They take action quickly, Sam giving you benedryl whiek Wanda runs to get your pen. You cry out as she stabs your thigh with the Epi, your eyes still watering as steve carries you to the elevators to get you to Chos lab .
When you two are out of the room, tony finally speaks up
“ Friday , what was she allergic to?”

The next morning when you’re feeling better , tony confesses to switching the tofu for meat and continues apologizing for the entire day . He surprises you for dinner, having a catering company provide a full vegetarian buffet for you as an apology gift . Of course you weren’t ever mad at him , he didn’t know what would happen .

You’re near death experience managed together tony to permanently lay off you for being a vegetarian. Which is a Win in your book


Jacobina: “Hopey, what are you doing?”

Hope: “I’m just making myself some tofu tacos for dinner.”

Jacobina: “Why don’t you eat what mummy makes? I get in trouble if I don’t eat what I’m given.”

Hope: “I’m a vegetarian, which means I don’t eat meat, so if the rest of you are having chicken or something, I just make my own meal.”

Jacobina: “I don’t want to eat chicken either, can I be a vegetinarian like you, Hopey?”

Hope: “I don’t know, Jake. I don’t want to discourage it, for sure, but you should maybe speak to your mother. And remember, it does mean you have to eat vegetables, you can’t just live on chips.”

Jacobina: “I know that Hopey, I want to eat tofu tacos with you. I’m going to ask mummy if I can.”

BTS Reaction To Their GF Being Vegetarian

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Reaction Masterlists

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can I request BTS to you their gf vegetarian? (She doesn’t mind others eating meat and stuff like that, she just doesn’t want to eat animals herself) Would they mind?

Jin: now what am I going to cook for dinner? *expect a feast actually still.*

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Suga:  *why would I care? I can eat meat and she can get tofu.*

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J-Hope: *laughing* so how much tofu do you eat instead?

Originally posted by pjkook

Rap Monster: lol wait until jin finds out she willingly doesn’t eat meat

Originally posted by yoongichii

Jimin: sorry love, you might just have a hard time finding food that isn’t meat in our place…

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V: *doesn’t care at all, just a happy baby*

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Jungkook: *honestly just too happy being your boyfriend to care that you’re vegetarian.*

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anonymous asked:

What's your daily food plan? I'm interested in going vegan! Thanks!

- oats, smoothies, fruit, toast with avocado

- salads, salad sandwiches, rice/potato and veggies

- rice/potato with beans/tofu, salads, pasta/lasagne, pizza, noodles with veggies, curries,

- nuts and seeds, raw bars, fruit

I like to eat simple things that are easy to make but are filled with energy and nutrition :)

anonymous asked:

How about Iwa-chan's on a business trip and oikawa has to tell him that he's pregnant when iwa gets back, bonus if oikawa is already showing

Read it on Archives: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12237060

Four weeks is too long of a time to be away from home.

In all honesty, Hajime wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place if he had known it was going to keep him away for so long. He should have known better considering every big project came with the chance for hiccups and, as the supervisor, he was pretty much needed on site until everything was a guaranteed go. But the money was just too tempting to pass up—especially if he wanted to surprise his husband with that hot spring trip he’d been trying to save up for—and his omega had been very understanding when the time away had initially only been two weeks.

Tooru had still been understanding even when it increased for another week and then into two, meticulously calling every night just to check in and let Hajime relax to the sound of his voice. The alpha could hear the longing in his words though and he almost cried in relief when everything was settled and he could finally make the two hour plane ride home.

The only thing that would’ve made coming home better is if he could have met his husband as soon as he got off the plane. Sadly though, Tooru had texted him beforehand telling him he was going be too late coming home from work to get him and while Hajime definitely understood, it didn’t quell the need to have his husband in his arms the second he touched back home.

The twenty minute cab ride felt like two extra years off of his life, but the relief of pulling up and getting to the front door of the tiny home he shared with his husband was palpable.

Just being able to take in that homely smell as he opened the door—after sucking in a deep breath, calling out a happy, “I’m home”—relieved any of the lingering stress work had left him with. He could already smell Tooru’s comforting scent just from where he sat at the entrance to pull off his shoes and he didn’t hesitate to leave his briefcase by the door as he slipped on his house slippers, throwing his coat over the back of the couch and hurrying to the kitchen where he could already smell dinner cooking.

Tooru’s back is turned to him when he walks in, focused on searing what looked like fish in the pan in front of him. Hajime hardly minds, simply walking up behind him and sliding his arms around his chest, pulling the omega to him and resting his chin on his shoulder with a content hum.

His mate reaches back to pet over his hair, still pushing around the fish with his other hand. He could hear the smile in Tooru’s voice as he said, “Welcome home, Hajime.”

Hajime was sure Tooru could feel his own smile that he presses into his shoulder. “It’s so good to be home. I didn’t think I’d ever get those property disputes settled…”

Tooru pets his head again, “I’m glad you finally did. I was a day away from just going and kidnapping you to bring you back.”

The alpha laughs. “I would’ve welcomed that honestly.”

He knows Tooru’s smiling this time as the omega turns his head to the side to press a quick kiss to his head. “You’ll get your proper welcome home kiss after you go change and we have dinner together. Foods almost ready so you should hurry.”

Hajime nods, giving the omega another quick nuzzle before letting go and leaving the kitchen, grabbing his coat as he did to hang it up properly in the bedroom. He decides to skip the quick rinse off for now, figuring he could coax his mate in taking a long bath with him later. The alpha didn’t dally, grabbing one of his old t-shirts and a pair of Tooru’s sweats that just happened to be lying on the floor. They were slightly long on him, but comfortable enough that he didn’t care.

By the time he was done and heading towards the living room, Tooru already had their meal carefully set out, kneeling on his pillow and waiting patiently for Hajime to join him. It makes the alpha smile and he doesn’t waste any time taking his spot at the table, murmuring a soft ”let’s eat” that Tooru quietly repeats after him.

His eyes shine the second he notices the extra serving of his favorite tofu to the side and he gives his mate a grateful smile for it. Tooru simply plops his own piece of tofu in his mouth, grinning after he chews and swallows. “Still nothing like your mother’s, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Hajime shakes his head, “I’m just grateful the trouble you went through.”

The omega stares at him seriously, soft smile still on his cheeks. “You’re worth any trouble.”

Dinner is spent in relative silence after that. It’s comfortable, hearing the quiet ticks of their chopsticks, being able to glance over and see his darling husband, even cuter when he notices that lone piece of rice stuck to the side of his mouth. Hajime easily reaches over to wipe it off, bringing it to his own lips and licking it away.

Tooru blushes, adverting his eyes, “You haven’t even been home an hour and you’re already doing embarrassing things.”

Hajime shrugs, “You make it too easy.”


“Love you too, babe.” And Hajime smiles as that blush furthers down the omega’s neck, probably spreading down to his chest.

“Just hurry and finish eating.” Tooru murmurs, “I have a surprise I want to give you.”

The alpha’s eyebrows raise, but he decides not to comment. Diligently digging back in as he’s told and finishing a few minutes after his husband, which is a little surprising considering Tooru rarely cleared away all of his plates.

He hops up before the omega can, stacking all of their dishes and taking them to the sink. He figures they’ll wash them later, after his apparent surprise and maybe that long bubble bath he was still very interested in…

This time when he comes back into the room, there is a lone bag resting on the table with a beaming Tooru now bouncing excitedly in his same spot. The omega grins at him as he comes to sit back down, eagerly sliding the bag over.

Hajime takes the hint and wordlessly starts shifting through the tissue paper, reaching for the bags content and making a soft noise when his hand brushes over something soft. He pulls it out and gasps immediately when he recognizes what is in his hand. “A Godzilla plush!”

Tooru’s grin stretches at his excitement and he points to the bag again. “There’s more!”

Hajime reaches in again and this time he feels that same soft material. He pulls out another Godzilla, this one being considerably smaller than the last. “You got me a mini Godzilla too?!”

The omega nods, still smiling, but Hajime can see the sudden searching look on the other man’s face. After a moment of debate Tooru tells him, “It’s a Daddy Godzilla and a baby Godzilla.”

Hajime nods excitedly. “Yeah! They are going to look so great on our shelf together! I want to go put them up there right now…!”

The alpha makes a move to stand, but he’s caught off by his husband’s sudden burst of laughter. Was him putting toys on their collection shelf really that funny?

“I had a feeling you’d be like this…” Tooru comments after a few moments, confusing Hajime even more with his bright smile. He pulls another bag from under the table. “Good thing I came prepared.”

The alpha stares at the bag. “Babe…you didn’t have to get me all this. I’m grateful, but I’m happy coming home to just you. You should save your money.”

Tooru’s eyes are filled with obvious mirth that Hajime’s still not understanding. He simply slides the second bag over to him, eyes twinkling as he does. “Just open this one. I promise you’ll understand this time.”

Hajime raises his brows again, but does as he’s told once more, reaching in and feeling for the first thing his hand can grab. He pulls out a white t-shirt this time and when he unfolds it, he gets excited all over again.

“A Godzilla t-shirt too?!” He holds it up, seeing his favorite character roaring with the red moon silhouetting behind the creature, making Godzilla look even cooler.

The writing underneath it catches his eye and immediately he’s confused again. “Daddyzilla…?”

He stares at Tooru curiously. Is he trying to match the plush toy?

His husband keeps smiling, seeming like he is almost being patient with him. He points to the bag again. “There’s one more thing.”

Hajime reaches in again, catching on another thing of fabric. He pulls it out carefully and blinks at it several times when he notices how small it is. It takes him a few moments to realize he’s holding a little, white onesie.

“Babyzilla…” He reads aloud, admiring the tiny, almost baby like version of the iconic character that matched the other gifted shirt.

And suddenly it clicks.

He immediately drops the onesie, the thing of fabric falling into his lap over the other shirt still sitting there. His wide eyes shift to his husband who was now holding a familiar looking plastic stick in his hand, one with a little pink plus at the end on closer inspection.

“I was going to just hand you this next. I didn’t know how to be more obvious about it.” Tooru’s expression and tone are teasing.

Hajime says nothing, moving the shirt and onesie to the table so he can crawl closer, eyes still wide open with surprise. “Are you serious…?”

“You tell me.” His omega says as he gestures down to his stomach and Hajime realizes that it’s the first time Tooru’s properly turned to face him since he got home as he can now see a noticeable bulge under his shirt that hadn’t been there before he left.

“How long…?” Hajime’s hands hover of Tooru’s tiny stomach, almost like they were too afraid to touch it. Tooru easily reaches up and drags both down, placing them gently on him so Hajime could feel that definite curve.

“How long have I know? I didn’t find out for sure until a few days after you left.”

Hajime picks up his head, “For sure…?”

Tooru shrugs, “I had a feeling…but I took a test and went to the doctor to make doubly sure.”

“And you didn’t say…?”

He smiles, “I wanted you to be here in person.”

Hajime just nods lightly, still a little too speechless to comment. He could probably be upset that Tooru waited close to a month in not telling him of their little surprise to be, but honestly, upset was the last thing he imagined himself feeling right now.

The alpha was…happy; so ridiculously overjoyed that he almost couldn’t put into words. He couldn’t stop carefully cupping that tiny bump of his husband’s belly, not being able to get over the fact that there was a tiny pup growing right there that was theirs.

He feels so overwhelmed that he almost doesn’t register the tears until his husband makes a surprised noise.

“Hajime…? Are you…?”

Hajime doesn’t even bother to wipe them away, just looks up at his husband with a smile so pure and a heart so full, it feels fit to burst.

“We’re having a baby, Tooru.” He tells him, as if his mate didn’t already know.

Tooru startles at his reaction and the alpha can see the way his face twists suddenly, lips pursing and eyes squinting as if he was trying to hold back tears of his own.

“You’re not supposed to cry.” Tooru tells him and Hajime’s theory of him also crying only being proven further when he can hear how wet the omega’s voice has gotten.

It makes him laugh as he reaches to rub away the trail that suddenly leaks down the other man’s cheeks. “Now who’s crying?”

He laughs at Tooru’s little pout. “I’m crying because you’re a big sap. This is your fault.”

The alpha removes his hands so he can reach up and carefully tug his mate into his lap, relishing in his sweet scent as Tooru nuzzles his face into his neck.

Hajime considers for a moment before saying, “If I take responsibility for this, can our child wear the ‘Babyzilla’ onesie first after they’re born?”

Tooru lets out a soft groan. “I’m already regretting telling you this way.”

Hajime hugs him tighter. “I’m going to wear my ‘Daddyzilla’ shirt proudly every day.”

The omega lets out another groan.

“Why couldn’t you just get it with the plushies!?”