or to sit on the grass smoke

where I would take famous lady pictures on dates

a picnic in an abdondoned wooden townhouse in the dying part of town, we read celebrity gossip outloud on our phones with her head in my lap, later we exchange risque poetry on the roof and drink wine that is almost fancy

take her to a mall in the middle of chicago and watch her shop for expensive things with those slight sugar-mama undertones, go to a cafe with heart chairs and flaunt pink lesbian extravegence, get on the indoor ferris wheel and shamelessly makeout

take her to an outdoor concert with fairy lights and bands playing electric fiddles, we sit on my car roof and eat rocky road icecream until the sprinklers come on, run around and cuddle in the summer grass as fireflies come out

meet outside a nameless bar downtown where we are both slightly drunk, go to an empty walmart parking lot and discuss feminism, she smokes and I tell her she’s beautiful, she says ‘I know,’ end up naked and tattooed at a strangers house

go to a haunted house and scream at everything for the hell of it, go to an art studio afterwards and paint nature scenes on walls and each others back, eat cold frenchfires and talk about history and the end of the world


It’s been years. Long, full years that have passed since the Winchesters took their last breaths. It was a frosty night, filled with blood, sweat and tears as Sam held his bigger brother’s hand just before his own world went black.

All he hoped for as his last wish was that wherever he was went, Dean would be waiting for him. It didn’t matter if it were heaven or hell, it just mattered to him if they were together because even in death he just couldn’t imagine being without Dean.

At this point in time, the Impala still stood where Dean had driven it last. It was untouched. Except for the bubbles of rust on her once pristine, shiny, black body and the long grass weaving its way inside the place that once used to be home.

It was still home.

Their souls tied to the car, like she was stitched into their very being. The only other constant in their lives except for each other. Things are simpler now, both of them existing between worlds. Made of smoke and stories. Most nights they just sit on the hood of the car, watching the stars in complete silence just like they did in life. It was weird the way they just needed each other to be okay.

Then one day, Sam watched a boy walk up to the car, his fingertips trailing over the roof. The same admiration and glee he often noticed in Dean’s eyes when he saw cars, sparkling in the eyes of someone that reminded Sam of who he used to be.

Before he knew it, Baby was hurtling down highways again, carrying two men that reminded Sam of his own life. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Dean would often mess with the stereo, the soundtracks to their lives blaring through the speakers as the legos rattled. It reminded the new hunters of the history they were apart of and the history they were going to make.

Sprawled out in the backseat, Sam’s head on Dean’s lap as they listened to the young hunters in the front, who were completely oblivious to their presence.

“You know who’s car this was? It belong to Sam and Dean. The Winchesters. The goddamn Winchesters.”

“No way. No frikkin’ way. There’s no way they would have left this beauty.”

“I heard they died.”

Sam tilted his head upwards to look at Dean. There’s a smile on Dean’s face that made his heart warm.

They never die. Not really. At least not forever.

What am I to you? PART 1

You and Jooheon where best friends since birth and did everything together. But after finding new friends at college, he suddenly changed and ignored you from now on. What happened with him? What did you do? 

+ MATURE CONTENT IN THE SECOND PART + Genre: Angst, Mentioning of rape

Originally posted by big-booty-potato

Jooheon was always your best friend. 

You knew each other since birth and grew up together. You attended kindergarten together, middle school, high school and after all that finally College. 

Jooheon had this talent to always brighten your day, to put a smile on your face even in your worst times like the first break up. He was like your boyfriend because you did everything together: study, party, vacation, he even bought you lady products. He was perfect in every way! 

In high school you formed a clique with a few other boys and they loved you like a sister and you loved them as well. 

But Jooheon was your favourite. Always was, always would be. 

Everyone on the whole campus knew that you and him were Besties and nobody doubt it. Even your professors called you the dream team.

But after a while he got strange and began to party without you and after a while even without the boys. You asked several times what’s wrong but he got annoyed and ignored you after that. 

“Oppa, I don’t know what’s wrong with him… he won’t talk with me…” you sighed when you were sitting in a small café with Wonho. 

“Yeah, he changed… He even skipped some classes.” 

“What?!” you raised your eyebrows. The Jooheon you knew would never do that! He was a great student with even better grades. 

“Hm-hm…” hummed Wonho and bit into is blueberry muffin. “But don’t worry too much, Y/N. I will talk to him and who knows, maybe it’s because of this guys he’s hanging out with.” 

“What guys?” you questioned and looked around. 

“I don’t know them very well but let’s say they’re not the professors fave. Got caught with several drugs and they party really, really hard. Like, for days. The don’t give a fuck about college or their grades.” Wonho twiched with his shoulders.

 “Are those in a fraternity?”

“Yes. Kappa Alpha or some shit. Not sure.”

“Oh god…” you sighed. You were worried, to say the least. What if Jooheon get’s in touch with drugs? He wouldn’t do something stupid, you knew him! Or did you? 

“Hey…” Wonhos voice was soft and he caressed your hand. “Don’t worry, little one.” Just in this moment a bunch of people walked into the café. A few guys and two girls. 
And Jooheon. 

They laughed really loud and you saw Jooheons smile between all of them when his eyes suddenly caught you and Wonho. His smile faded and his jaw clenched. First you asked yourself what was wrong with him but then you realised the scenario he must saw:
You and Wonho were sitting on a small table in the corner of the room and he held your hand. 

Wonho followed your sight and let go of your hand.

“Oh…” he muttered quietly.  

You stood up and wanted to talk to Jooheon, explain the whole situation but he stormed out of the café before you could reach him. Shit

“Hey.” a deep voice mumbled behind you. When you turned around you saw in the face of a good looking guy who was very big and he smirked a little bit. 
“You’re Jooheonies lil kitten, aren’t you?” 

“Or his puppy because she fucking follows him everywhere.” a blonde girl said. All of them 
laughed and you could feel the heat burning in your cheeks. 

“I-I’m not…” you began but then felt Wonho’s hand on the small of your back. 

“Let’s go, Y/N.” He led you to the door and just when you walked out, you could hear the deep voice again: 

“Today’s a party. How about you join us, Kitten?”


“Oh c'mon, Y/N! Are you serious? You attend that party?! Are you insane?!”
Changkyun and Wonho sat on your bed and watched you getting ready.

 “I must look for Jooheon.” you explained and checked your Make Up in the mirror again. 

“Yeah but they’re fucking crazy! They’re doing drugs, fuck with everyone who got two legs and they doing bullshit after midnight.” Changkyun sounded like you were totally crazy. And maybe you were… 

“Don’t waste your breath… She won’t hear at you.” sighed Wonho and watched you worried. 

“He’s right. I’m going.”

“You’re crazy…” Changkyun rolled with his eyes.


You arrived the fraternity house and felt very very uncomfortable. The first ones where laying in the grass and a few others already puked all the alcohol the just consumed… Disgusting. 
This wasn’t your life, and it wasn’t Jooheon’s
life either.

 In the house where a huge amount of people and Changkyun were right: 
They’re where people having sex on the couch or the floor, the where a few others who smoked or took white pills and they where some of them sitting on the sofa and just chilling with a drink in their hands. 

What the actual fucking fuck. 

“Hey Kitten. We are here!”

You remembered the deep voice and turned your head. The guy from before sat on a big sofa and his clique sat beside him. And Jooheon. He was kissing a girl. The blonde girl who called you out in the café before. What the…?

 “Come sit with us…” the guy hummed and patted his lap. 

“No thanks, I just wanted to look for Jooheon.” you explained shy. You didn’t like the look the other guys gave you. Fucking perverted and gross… 

“Oh, look Jooheon. Your mommy is here again.” the blonde girl laughed and Jooheon looked into your eyes. 

“What do you want here?” he asked and his arm was laying on the blonde girl shoulders. It was the first time in a few days that he talked to you again. 

“I… I j-just…” you couldn’t form a sentence. Why where you here? He clearly didn’t wanted you here!  

“Where’s Wonho?” he spat and you felt the tears form in your eyes. 

“Forget it.” you mumbled and walked as fast as you could.

This was a dumb idea and you had to go. You had lost your best friend and didn’t even know why.  

“Not so fast, Kitten.” you heard behind you and felt a hand on your arm.

 “Don’t touch me! And don’t call me Kitten. Let go!” You screamed but he didn’t even listen to you and truth to be told, nobody heard your screams because everyone was screaming and the music banged to the max.

“I know what you need… Just let me fix it…” you heard the deep voice beside your ear and felt that he dragged you into another room. 
Shit shit shit

You wanted to cry and puke and scream but he held his hand over your mouth and then pushed you against a bed. 

“Jooheon doesn’t know what he’s missing but I’ll tell him after I fucked you into the matress, Kitten. Just relax and enjoy.” The smirk on his face unleashed a shiver of fear over your body. 

This guy would rape you in the next ten minutes and you couldn’t just do anything about it. He was too strong and big. 
You did the first thing that came in your mind and pushed him of you and finally screamed the only name that came to your mind in this moment: 


The Summer Fling (Chapter One) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Boardy Barn”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: You guys thought I was joking about writing something about me hating that Dylan smokes… never think that I am kidding (except, always assume that I am kidding…). This will be a short series. I’m imposing a limit on myself. Whatever. Don’t read it. It’s dumb. This will likely be the only Dylan shit I ever write. Okay byeeee.

Chapter One - Chapter Two 

Originally posted by alienlikealifestyle

“You okay, Dyl?”

“This is a lot of drunk people… this is just a lot of people in general, and I feel like some people have recognized me, an-“

“Dyl.. you wanted to come with me.”

“Well, I didn’t want to just sit at the house all day.”

“You’re going to be fine. You have sunglasses and a hat and some of this crap.” Julia rubbed her fingers against the stubble on his face in an aggressive, teasing sisterly way. “No one’s going to recognize you, why don’t we get you a drink so you can chill out.”

Dylan rolled his eyes, regardless of the fact that he knew his sister would not be able to see it behind his jet black Ray Ban sunglasses. He sighed and followed her through the throngs of sweaty and beer-soaked bodies towards the bar. He sidled up next to her and pressed his elbows against the bar.

That’s cool.” He said sarcastically, pursing his lips, as he removed his elbows from the beer-soaked counter, and peeled a sticky bottle cap off of his skin. His head whipped around when he heard someone say his older sister’s name excitedly.

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elle’s ‘I-have-read-it-more-than-once-and-will-do-so-again’ Kingsman multi-ship rec list

Exactly what the title says

End on an Exhale by @insanereddragon - M, Merhartwin

Harry sits down beside him, heedless of the dew or the grass, and picks up the crumpled pack. Eggsy finally looks over at him as he lights up and pulls in his first lungful.

“This ain’t a mission.”

Harry glances at him from the side. “Not mine, but I don’t think you’re done with yours yet. So we’ll stay here until you are.”


A series of moments in Harry, Eggsy, and Merlin’s relationship in which they are smoking.

So in real life I am very meeeh about smoking. But I won’t pretend I don’t find it hot. I am sure I am not the only one.

fuck me a rainbow by @tastymoves - E, Hartwin

“I want to try them.” He grins his cheekiest grin. “Repeatedly.”

“You make a compelling case, Eggsy. However, I do have to finish up here first so you might need to be a little more patient.”

Another groan from Eggsy. “That’s what I get for fucking the boss.”

“Getting fucked by the boss is more like it, isn’t it?” Harry responds as he turns his attention back to his laptop like it’s not half-buried in color changing condoms.

The perfect mix of funny and hot, do yourself a favor and go read this. Seriously, it’s intimate smut at his best.

Every Step You Take by LapisLazuli - E, Hartwin, Merlahad, Merhartwin

The day that Harry’s aesthetic appreciation of Eggsy became active want was a result of nothing remarkable. He had gone to speak with Merlin, who was monitoring a training session for the Lancelot candidates, and happened to glance down at the monitor just as Eggsy finished annihilating a series of long-distance targets on the range. He stood up, pushing his goggles back on his forehead, and positively beamed, his joy in the achievement as bright as the sun, and Harry actually felt his breath stutter in his lungs. Something about the combination of deadliness and innocence that Eggsy embodied so effortlessly simply reached right down into Harry’s chest and squeezed, and he could do nothing to prevent the sharp wave of lust that crashed over him.

That one is VERY hot okay. Just. Unf. Unf unf unf

My Love’s a Revolver by @fangirlasplosian - E, Merlahad

After certain kinds of missions, Harry Hart has two sure-fire ways to deal with pent-up adrenaline: Get pissed, or get laid. Unfortunately, the one time he takes someone home he’s interested in seeing again, he turns out to be a new coworker. A coworker with rules about about sleeping with colleagues.

Being a gentleman, Harry will respect Merlin’s boundaries. But the more they work together and get to know each other, the harder Harry finds it to keep propriety in check.

Red is the one who recced it to me a few months ago but by the gods am I glad she did. It is everything one might wish of a Merlahad story

Care and Custody by  esama  - T, Hartwin

Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

It is just such a good fix-it and an interesting AU of what could have happened if some things had been slightly different.

The Courting of Eggsy Unwin by @zombiisheep - E, Harry/Eggsy/Mark Darcy

How were there TWO Harry Harts? Eggsy couldn’t even handle one!

But then how was Harry standing in front of this cafe when he was supposed to be all the way in Brussels on an ambassador mission with Arthur?

Eggsy soon discovers that there is still a lot to learn about Harry Hart, starting with the fact that he has a twin brother, a one Mr. Mark Darcy. And Mark may share Harry’s face, but that’s where the similarities end. Where Harry is slick and charismatic, Mark is awkward and endearing. But for all of the charm Mark lacks, Eggsy can’t help but find himself falling for the bumbling barrister.

But when Harry returns and discovers that not only has his young protege has fallen for someone other than him (he may have been giving Eggsy the impression that he wasn’t interested, whoops), but it’s his estranged goody two shoes brother. The war for Eggsy’s heart begins, but none of them can plan for how it turns out.

(It ends with all three together, that’s where)

If twincest isn’t your thing, don’t read this. But if you don’t mind, zomg, go read this.

the canvas can do miracles by @sententiousandbellicose - T, Hartwin

After Kentucky, Harry will never be a knight again, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost everything. He still has the sea. He still has Eggsy. He just needs Eggsy to remind him of that. (In which Harry runs away and Eggsy waits for him to come back home.)

This story is just omg SO GOOD. It’s Harry-centric and everything I didn’t know I wanted to read about until Reg put it in words.

The Whole Truth by @oggalahad - G, Hartwinrox

Truth serum has never been perfected to actually get to the truth, and Eggsy is an expert at rambling about nothing.

A funny and sweet truth serum fic. What’s not to like?

Rainy Nights by LittleMissHara - T, Harroxy

Sometimes he just wondered a little too much, & she’d just tell him to stop, & that was perfectly okay.

Short but oh so very beautifully written

Written In the Stars by @potentiality-26 E, Hartwin

Harry blinked and said, “Eggsy,” with warmth but undeniable surprise.

Though he had anticipated exactly this reception, Eggsy barely managed to keep his face from falling. Harry never seemed anything but pleased by Eggsy’s visits, but the fact that he plainly expected to see less of Eggsy hurt. Eggsy suspected that Harry disapproved but was too kind to say so, and Harry would never have let good manners stop him from telling Eggsy where he was going wrong before; it was just one more sign that the ties that had bound them together for so long were unraveling

Eggsy becomes a knight. It doesn’t simplify his relationship with his master as much as he hoped it might.

It’s a Hartwin Star Wars AU where Eggsy was Harry’s padawan and they have a bond even after Eggsy becomes a Knight. OF COURSE I LOVE THAT BLOODY FIC AND I READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN OKAY! (heck i dream of it having a sequel one day T^T) Also damn, it’s written by potentiality-26. I’ve never not like one of their fic.

Little Princess by @persephoneggsy - G, Hartwin

Harry Hart, a.k.a. Arthur, finds himself competing with a seven-year-old for Eggsy’s (a.k.a. Guinevere’s) affections. And then he receives help from the last place he expected.

That fic is just bloody adorable okay? Read this. You won’t regret it.

Out of Left Field by VillaKulla - M, Hartwin, Roxlin

“Now there was just one more thing,” Merlin said, addressing the sweaty, bedraggled, footballers clustered around him. “There’s been a change of ref.”

Eggsy and the rest of the UK Kingsmen looked at their coach expectantly and he raised his eyebrows.

“Harry Hart.”

Look, I don’t care about sport. And yet I devoured that story because it’s so much more than this and the sport in it just make it all more rich.

Not Good, Doesn’t Mean Bad by @anarchycox - M, Harroxy

Harry and Roxy have broken up, but now a mission has them playing a happy couple. It is very easy to pretend to be in love, when you never stopped.

While I completely adore the Knitter Eggsy Verse and everyone should go read it NOW, I decided to rec this Harroxy fic instead because DAMN we need more Harroxy and this one is just so good! Harry is an idiot, but he’s lucky Roxy is more than ready to think for him.

I’m sorry

Derek Luh x reader

Warnings: Weed and rape.

A/N: Sorry if my grammar is bad.

Originally posted by derekluhicons

Another party with the guys… to be honest I’d love to hanging out with them but there’s only one thing that I can’t stand… weed fume and honestly I know they know it but they can’t help it.

I was sitting on Derek’s lap trying to hide my face from the fume, but as always Derek was smoking too so… I was hiding my nose and mouth on the crook of his neck.

“Are you okay?” Derek whispered to me, I only nodded my head.

“I just don’t like the smell of that shit” I said looking at him in his eyes trying so hard to not to breath.

“Oh… sorry, I turn it off” He threw the joint into the grass and started to step on it to turn it off.

“Come on Derek! If you didn’t want more you could give it to me!” Nate yelled.

“Shut up asshole! and turn that joint off!” Derek yelled back.

“Why? Is here the police to make me do it?”

“No, It’s only that my girl don’t like it”

“I don’t care… Fuck you Y/N!”

“Oh my god he’s so high right now” I said giggling on Derek’s ear.

One hour after all the boys were so high and out of control, except for Derek he was cuddling me non-stop with a smile on his face and I was starting to feel bad because I knew how much he wanted to smoke.

“Derek… do you want to smoke right?” he nodded “Do it”.

“I want to but I am not going to”


“Because these idiots are too high and I know what they do when they are like this, and you are so beautiful and hot which means that someone will try to touch you-” I cut him off.

“So you want to protect me don’t you?” he nodded “I know how to defend myself… you don’t have to worry”

“Just for make sure… do you want a drink?” I said no and he nodded going to get one for himself.

Suddenly a random guy made his way to me. He was pretty drunk, I think.

“Hey beautiful, do you want to have a fun night?” the guy said clearly flirting “I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with me tonight”


“Are you sure? Because you’ve got a great ass to slap and a great hair to pull”

“Again, no”

“I bet that you are the most submissive girl in this party… how cute you will be moaning daddy while I just fuck you for behind” he grinned “I can imagine you begging for suck my cock”

“Yuk, you are so disgusting”

“You didn’t say no this time” he started to move his hand under my skirt, I was in shock never did this happened to me. He found my panties and make his way under them.

“Stop please” I muttered, I was so much scared that my body was blocked and I couldn’t barely move.

“You don’t like it? Oh look what I found” he started to rub my clit “You are so tight baby” then he took my hand and put it on his dick “Come with me”

He made me go to a bedroom and then he threw me on the bed. He climbed on top of me “There is only one rule, do not yell”

He unbuttoned his pants and positioned between my legs. Then he took off my panties and started to finger me.

“I can’t wait to fuck you” He took off his fingers of me and licked them, then he fingered me again “You taste so good”

“Stop please” I cried out “please”

“No-till you don’t taste my cock”

“I can't”

Derek’s PoV

I walked back where I left Y/N but she wasn’t there. I started to search her with my eyes but I didn’t find her so I went to ask the guys.

“Hey bro! Do you know where Y/N is?” I asked Sammy.

“No… Guys! Do you know where Y/N is?” everyone said no.

“Maybe she is in the toilet” Swazz said.

I made my way to the women’s toilet, obviously I couldn’t enter so I asked a girl if she could look for her.

“She’s not in there” the girl said.

“Excuse me! Are you searching a girl with pink and black floral dress?” another girl asked me.

“Yeah, did you saw her?” She nodded.

“A drunk boy took her to a bedroom upstairs… she seemed very scared”

“Thank you” I said before run to find her.

I went upstairs and all I could listen was the music. I walked to one of the doors and tried to listen something of the inside.

“Don’t do it please” I heard her said sobbing.


“I’m here!” she yelled me back.

I opened the door, everything I could see was my girl being only in bra with tears on her cheeks and being hit by a guy. I couldn’t help but started to punch the guy to death.

“You raped my girl” I punched him harder.

I didn’t stop till the guys separated me from him.

“Derek stop!” Sammy said me “go with Y/N, she is near to have a panic attack” when I listen that I turned my head to her.

“D-derek…” she said.

“Babe” I made my way to her and hugged her tight “I’m here” I listened her sob.

“I was so scared” she cried out.

“I know, and I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t let you alone… I will never forgive myself for this”

“It wasn’t your fault”

“I help you get dressed and then we go home okay?” she just nodded “I’m glad you didn’t let me smoke”


“Because I was ready to kill him and without it, he would scape”

“Thanks for saving me anyway” she buried her face on my chest “Everything was so fast… my body was like blocked and I couldn’t do anything… I feel stupid”.

“He is the one stupid not you” I told her.

“Dude! What the hell was that?” Nate screamed once he entered on the room.

“Well… Y/N was in danger and I rescued her, any problem?” I looked at him.

“Yeah, you nearly kill him!”

“I don’t care… no one does that with my girl”

“Derek… we should go home” Y/N said.

“Yeah… let’s go”

Neighbours - Tommy Shelby

Could you do an imagine with Tommy teaching his little boy about horses, when they see you getting thrown off of one, and take you back to the house to help you. 

The Accident 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five |  Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve |

Tomorrow Charlie would turn six years old and the entire Shelby family would descend on their home to celebrate, and as such Tommy had decided that today would be a day spent with just him and his son, a morning of eating and playing whatever Charlie wanted, and an afternoon spent with the horses. That’s where they were now, brushing Grace’s Secret and mucking out her stable with Tommy explaining to Charlie the finer details of horse behaviour, the little twitches to watch out for to give an insight in their minds, as always Charlie was enraptured, already besotted with the creatures he’d grown up with.

That’s when they heard it, the telltale neigh and scream of a rider being thrown from their horse.

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anonymous asked:

I like to imagine the reader (who is best friends with the jocks + Alex) has their own place. Like their emancipated or their parents are never there or something. But obviously they'd be there all the time. Justin practically (or literally) lives there. They all go there when they need a break, or to smoke, because they don't have to worry about Zach or Monty's family coming home early. Or they go there to hang out instead of Bryce's because they obviously don't want the reader near him.

Okay, but the boys not even saying anything to Bryce, they just causally stop rocking up at his house. And the reader’s parents are never home for whatever reason, and there’s a pool and spa too, and they all basically just sit in the backyard and chill. Some days they don’t even talk, they all just lay lined up on the grass getting a tan.

Justin does have his own room there, and he lives there 90% of the time, unless his Mum is single and needs him. So the reader and Justin both have jobs to keep the place going, and their friends help them out with dinner- like Monday’s are at Alex’s, Tuesday’s at Zach’s, Wednesday’s at Monty’s, Thursday’s at Jeff’s etc. so that they get to save some cash.

The jocks are always over there, sometimes even when the reader isn’t home. It’s like their secret hide away and home away from home. Luckily it’s not easy for the neighbours to access, because they definitely drink and smoke there, and the dancing- when they’re super high and just in a daze and lazily swaying with the music.

Half the time the other boys live there too, except Jeff and Zach who enjoy spending time with their families. And they have board games night, and play video games. Above everything though it’s just the place where they can all let their guard down. They’re all super affectionate and sweet with each other there, and it’s just such a nice environment for them all.

We had a fire drill today, and the staff went all out. On the first floor, they set up a smoke machine, and pulled some students aside to act a scenario where students got stuck somewhere and the staff had to “save” them. Then, after however long outside, we were heading inside… then the fire alarm went off again. Apparently some kid had pulled it (they can’t find the alarm that was pulled, also) Anyways, my friend and I were sitting on the grass - I was bitterly complaining about how there better be an actual fire because I’m wearing nearly all black and sweating to death - speculating what would happen if we had to go into a lockdown but there was also a fire because these are the important thought provoking questions when the principal motions the school back inside. We managed to actually get back to class, and I turn around to another friend saying, “I’m just waiting for the alarm to go off again.” And I kid you not, as soon as I finished that sentence, it went off again. It was a very interesting period, least to say.

cuts and smoke | one

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Angst, fluff…ish?, High School au

Word Count: 1,915

Warnings: Cutting, smoking, drinking, stuff like that.

A/N: I don’t have much to say, except for that you guys should tell me if you want me to keep this series going. Hope you like it though!

      The screams coming from your younger brother were nothing new. He was twelve, but his stupid yelling sessions raged on. You used to be happy, like the only things that mattered were you, and your parents. Your mother didn’t have those purple rings dragging under her eyes, and your father didn’t have to work at suspiciously late times. And you weren’t always holed up in your room, gripping onto the little box with your razors in it. But the second your mother told you she was pregnant, you faded into the background and kept quiet for the rest of your years. It was kind of pathetic to say, but school and your job were your safe places. You worked at an old car mechanic place, JR’s, ran by a guy named Kim Namjoon. He was pretty cool, always helping you with everything. He was in his mid-twenties, and his shop was pretty successful since he was the only place to go in a 100-mile radius. He’s also letting you keep the old, dinged up, ‘76 Chevy Nova if you fixed it up well enough. 

      It was dinner, and your family was still trying to do the whole, “sit down and talk with your sibling without using your phone,” thing, because they apparently thought that you two might actually converse with each other that way. You still didn’t. But they did make you both share two things you learned at school that day. Two. Things. Did either of them go to high school?

      The usual family fight started again, and you stood up and slid your excess spaghetti into a container and quietly muttered the words, I’m going to the library to study. You hadn’t been to the library since you were in seventh grade. You found that you should keep lies tucked away, so that no one could rat you out. No one heard you, but you slid out from the house anyways. You made your way over to the local skate park, the place you went when you had failed in avoiding your family. You sat yourself down, the autumn breeze nipping at your bones. Your gaze flittered over all the people there, your ears picking up on the trash talk and calm conversations. A shadow appeared in front of you, the patch of darkness indicating someone was standing behind you. Their body plopped down next to yours, a boy, with messy black hair, a built frame, and piercings that gleamed in the harsh overhead lights. You tried to ignore how his knee brushed against yours by pulling out a pack of Marlboro’s and quietly lighting one.

      “Skater girl, huh?” His voice was unexpectedly smooth, drifting away like the curling smoke falling from your lips. His hand was held up for a moment, and you passed him your pack and lighter. 

      “Nah, I’m here for the entertainment. I like watching boys falling on their asses.” You slipped the items back into the pocket of your black, torn jeans, noticing the spark that was elicited when your hands touched, despite how cold his hands were.

      “Oh, you’re one of those girls.”

      “What girls?”

      “The angry ones.” His hand swept your died hair out of your face, his fingers curling themselves around the many piercing in your ears. You swatted it away, your body getting ready to jump and run. His sudden grip on your wrist held you down, his veiny hands smooth and strong. “No, stay, please. Sorry if I pissed you off. It’s just… You look decent. You actually responded when I talked to you, and it wasn’t to get me to sleep with you.”

      “Yeah, well, I’m sorry for not being like every other girl, I’m sorry for being invisible.” You snapped, the words coming from your mouth before you could stop them. Shit. Fuck He doesn’t need to know about my life.

      There was a bit of silence, but you knew that he wasn’t gonna let you off that easily. “(Y/N) (L/N), right? I go to your school. I’ve seen you around, you looked interesting. I’m Jeon Jungkook.” You quietly nodded, looking at the pile of grass you had managed to pick in the amount of time you were there. “So-” He pulls a loose string from your jeans and wraps it around his fingers.”-wanna hang out sometime?”

      “I think you’re a bit too handsy for my taste.” He laughed, bumping knees with you again.

      “I’m not usually. Must be something about you.” That had to be a line. It had to be. Right? “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

      “No you won’t. I’m not telling you where I live.” He laughed harder this time, his nose crinkling cutely.

      “Well I’ll walk you somewhere.”

      “Who even said I was leaving?”

      He nodded his head towards the groups leaving, and the flickering lights. “Your entertainment’s leaving. And the park’s about to close. You got any other plans? Because I don’t know anywhere else you can watch guys fall on their asses.”

      You pulled your phone out, glancing at the glowing time on the screen. It was too early to go home. Everyone would still be awake. “I think I’ll stay here for a little while longer.”

      His frame fell back onto the damp grass, his arms coming up behind his head as a pillow. ”Then I guess I will too.” You lit another cigarette, the smoke filling up the void of silence that was falling between the two of you.

      You made it home by twelve that night, not bothering to shut the door lightly behind you. You went to the mirror, your makeup already smudging down your face. Not caring to wash it off, you slipped into a vintage Guns ‘N Roses tee shirt and made your way to the tiny jewelry box sitting on your shelf. You didn’t have many thing in your room, save for a dresser, desk, bed, a few books, and a bunch of Polaroids of you and your best friend, Jimin. He works at JR’s with you, and you have to say, he looks damn good with sweat and grease smeared on his forehead.

      Pulling out the small drawer, you snatched up the small gauze covered case of razor blades. You slid one out, the adrenaline rushing through you. You loved the feeling of metal gliding against your skin, the sound of your skin splitting open, and the sight of the blood dripping all the way down your leg. It’s fucking terrible, and you knew it, but you couldn’t help it. It gave you a high, it slipped you into nirvana, and you felt like everything might have a chance of being fixed. But you knew that was never possible.

      Your parents didn’t exactly keep up with the times, so you were pretty sure they didn’t really know what cutting was. Hell, they would probably believe the whole cat scratch lie. They thought that you were perfectly fine, and that you were dealing with your life like an adult. You were, but the weight on your shoulders was too much to bear, so you just kept to yourself. You slid a blade out from it’s casing, watching how it gleamed in the light of the moon. You lifted your shirt up to your thigh, staring at all the other scabbed over lines. You took the blade and ran it over any patch of bare skin you could find in your little marked out area. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine marks, all beautiful in their own way. Nine marks to show the number of times hateful eyes stared at you that day, and the number of comments about how worthless or slutty or stupid you were. You weren’t a slut, you knew it. You had never touched a man or woman. You weren’t stupid, you had a 4.0 GPA. Worthless… They were spot on with that one.

      You slid the razor back into its case, wrapped it back up in gauze, and put it back in its place. You watched the blood stream down from your thigh to your ankle, the droplets having their own little race against each other. You stopped it short though, cleaning yourself off with a tissue. You knew that your thigh was a safe place because you hated shorts, you stay as far away from skirts and dresses as possible, and you hate going swimming. You taped some gauze onto your little patch of art, brushed your teeth, and went to the window. Only then did you notice the figure sitting on your roof, their eyes following your every move. A smile broke out onto their face, a strangely familiar bunny smile. Jungkook. How much had he seen? He slid the window open effortlessly, silently jumping back down.

      “How much did you see…”

      He walked over to you, his hands gripping onto the edge of your shirt. You didn’t know why you weren’t reacting, why you hadn’t punched him yet, why you were letting him break down your carefully built walls.

      “How much did you see.” You voice was cracked, broken, even quieter than the first time. You really didn’t know why you cared, since everyone thought you cut to begin with.

      “I want to see them.” You were left defenseless in his arms, the arms of a boy you just met who had really nice hands and pretty eyes and an ice cold silver eyebrow ring. His fingers were running over the wounds, lifting up the sides of the bandage to peer at them through his raven bangs. He pulled you onto your bed and sat you on his lap, his fingers running back over the hoops in your ears. “We’ll work it out. We’ll be good together.” He had this goofy boy grin plastered onto his face, and his thumb brushed over the skin of your cheek. “Don’t you worry.”

      “Are you gonna fix me?”

      He laughed, his arms opening up wide, his dark chocolate orbs staring into yours. “Look at me. Do you think I’m someone who’s qualified enough to fix someone? I can’t fucking fix myself.” Your eyes skimmed over his figure, how the sleeves on his white Hanes shirt clung too tight to his biceps, how his jeans had holes in them that weren’t there when he bought them, how his hair was messily styled and obviously not taken care of, and how perfect his face was. His arms snaked their way back around you, his hands coming up to stroke your hair down. “But it’ll be okay. You need to stop that shit though. That’s not how we’re gonna roll.”

      “There is no ‘we.’” He chuckled and kissed your forehead, pulling the collar of your shirt down to expose more of your neck. His lips latched onto the sensitive skin, biting and sucking a bruise to mark you as his. He carried you to the mirror attached to your dresser, tilting your head so you could get a clear shot of his brand. 

      “That’s what you say now.”

      He was out the window before you could say anything more, before you could bring yourself to slap him across his beautiful face. So you stood there and stared at your neck, at the way he told you that he’ll make it better.

We had a fire drill today, and the staff went all out. On the first floor, they set up a smoke machine, and pulled some students aside to act a scenario where students got stuck somewhere and the staff had to “save” them. Then, after however long outside, we were heading inside… then the fire alarm went off again. Apparently some kid had pulled it (they can’t find the alarm that was pulled, also) Anyways, my friend and I were sitting on the grass - I was bitterly complaining about how there better be an actual fire because I’m wearing nearly all black and sweating to death - speculating what would happen if we had to go into a lockdown but there was also a fire because these are the important thought provoking questions when the principal motions the school back inside. We managed to actually get back to class, and I turn around to another friend saying, “I’m just waiting for the alarm to go off again.” And I kid you not, as soon as I finished that sentence, it went off again. It was a very interesting period, least to say.

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44 <3

44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

So, the weather has been awesome. Not just norway-warm but warm-warm. The boys had decided to make use of Even’s new drivers licence and drove out to a lake where they drank beer, smoked weed and just lay in the sun. 

They made camp on a little higher point around the lake, Even spread his long limbs out on the grass and inhaled deeply. Hahhh. This was great. 

“Are you sure, man?” came Mahdis voice, and the concern pulled him out of his relaxed state and made him look up. Isak, Jonas and Mahdi all stood on the edge and looked down at the water. 

“We swam there, we know it’s deep enough” Jonas answered with a shrug and Isak nodded. 

“What’s up?” Even asked, sitting up and suspecting already what this was about. 

“Those idiots wanna break their necks jumping down here.” Mahdi replied, shook his head and grabbed for another beer out of the cool box they brought. Even frowned up at his boyfriend who rolled his eyes and mirrored his best friend beside him. 

“We will not break our necks.” Said Jonas and Isak chuckled, nodding again. 

“You are not jumping down there.” Even said. Not a question. He felt a bit of fear tug on his chest at the thought of Isak hauling himself down a freaking cliff, ok? 

“It’s deep enough.” Isak repeated Jonas’ words and lifted a hand in a don’t worry gesture. Even held Isak’s gaze and shook his head. 

“Isak.” He said and obviously sounded serious enough for Mahdi and Jonas to take a few steps to the side, giving them a bit of privacy, while Isak lowered himself of on his knees beside Even. Without much warning Isak nuzzled their noses together. 

“I will not break my neck, Evi. I promise.” Isak said with a soft voice, going in for a kiss. They made out for a minute there and Even let himself be swept up in it. Isak’s hands were in his hair and their warm skin tingled where it touched and then - suddenly - their little make out session was cut short by Jonas’ loud voice. 

“Snakkes, bitches!” He boomed and then ran past them, jumping off. For a second they didn’t hear anything and then there was a splash. Isak scrambled to his feet and went to look over the edge, a grin on his face. Mahdi and Even rushed to look, too, their faces more concern than joy though. 

When Jonas’ head reappeared they all hollered and shouted. Isak, itching to follow, looked up at Even and gave him a forceful cheek kiss. Not asking for permission exactly but waiting to see how Even was feeling about this. 

With a sigh Even rolled his eyes. He knew he had no arguments to really hold him from doing this, because Jonas was obviously more than fine. He leaned in and kissed Isak’s nose, face sobering for a second as he said “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

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I have been with this in my mind for days! Like a Yoonseok lover that I am, I send u this and I hope u like it: (1) It was a day when all of them (except for Taehyung of course) went to a little mission, just a few days after everyone accept to help Jin and Namjoon. So, for some clues and info that Jimin founds out, they find out an old bulding where someone saw Taehyung.

(2) They decide to send Namjoon to see with his powers if someone is there. Hoseok have to goes with him bc of his powers, so Yoongi just see his old first love and his ex going to an old building.Jin kissed NJ cheeks when they were about to leave while Yoongi just stared at them hating the fact that he can’t wish luck in the same way to Hoseok (and maybe he was mad about Namjoon and Jin too).

(3) Hoseok was like super reluctant to talk nicely to Namjoon but he knew that he was working with him so HS just take him to the bulding. After something like 25 minutes Yoongi and Jin start to feel nervous bc the two guys don’t appear. And then… BOOM! The freaking building explodes and everyones just can see the fire consuming everything.

(4) Yoongi feel how his heart stops a second, Jin cover his mouth with his hands and shake his head. “No…” Jin murmurs with a sob, and he just can think that he lost Namjoon.Yoongi feel his veins glowing up, he lost Namjoon ones but now he lost JH and he can’t believe that he never told him how much he loved him. Just a second and Yoongi watch Jin, who is about to cry. He can see how much Jin loves Namjoon, and how much he’s going to suffer about all this.

(5) BUT IN THAT MOMENT A PORTAL APPEARS IN FRONT OF THEM and Namjoon falls in the ground almost unconscious bc all the smoke of the explosion. Jin just run to him and hug NJ while he kisses his face bc he’s so happy that his alive. “Wait, where is Hoseok?” Jimin ask when he sees Namjoon. But in that moment the portal disappears.

(6) Yoongi is about to let his tears came out. Hoseok is dead, just because he rescue Namjoon. How ironic was that? Jimin and Jungkook just can see the building in fire, while Jin tries to help Namjoon. “He… saved me” murmurs Namjoon when he recovers his senses. Jin hug him and watch to the sky.“Hoseok… thank u so much” Jin says with tears in his eyes. Jimin can’t believe his friend has gone, JK feels terrible and Yoongi is about to fire up the grass under him.

(7) But then other portal appears.“Get out of the way!” The voice of Hoseok is the first thing Yoongi hears when the guy flies across the portal and fell in the grass. “Hoseok!"Everyone runs to him, Hoseok can’t stop coughing bc all the smoke. "You’re alive!” Jimin hug him and help him. Jin goes to him a second, get in his knees and talk softly to Hoseok.“Thank u, Hoseok. U were really breave”. Hoseok just nod to him and goes to a corner to sit down and have a breath.

(8) Hoseok can’t believe how fast everything was there. Namjoon was about to tell him something when the sound of the explosion reach his ears. The two of them just ran until got stuck in a room. If it had not been for his powers, they would have died. Yoongi went to Hoseok, he was so happy because he was ok but he knew that he couldn’t be so effusive like Jin with Namjoon. He get closer and then Hoseok saw him, but he was trying to recover his breath.

(9) “Are u… ok?” Yoongi’s low voice keep KS attention. “I guess so…” Hoseok answers coldly. “U saved him”.The last words makes Hoseok look at Yoongi. Then, THAT night came to his mind, when he scaped after hear Namjoon’s name get out of Yoongi’s lips. Yes, Hoseok saved him first, because a part of him understood how Jin would feel if Namjoon died. Hoseok would suffer the same if something happened to Yoongi. He did it for Yoongi more than for Jin. That was the only true.

(10) “He’s special for a lot of people, I just did the obvious”. Hoseok answered even when he was thinking something like “I saved him because I know he’s important to you”. Yes, he was mad at Yoongi about everything, but he was in love with him just like the first day. He stand up and was about to leave for see if Namjoon was right when Yoongi spoke again. “I’m… glad u are alright, Hoseok”. A chill ran down his back as he heard his name come out of Yoongi’s mouth.

(11) Hoseok felt a little smile threatened to come out of his lips. Hoseok just give a fast look to Yoongi. “So now you remember my name before his?” Hoseok ask in a deep voice. Yoongi pressed his fists as he looked down. If he regretted something, was that night, when he let Hoseok goes away from him. He didn’t answer anything, so Hoseok talked again.“I guess I’m special too. A little at least.” And he turned away, with his heart in his hand and a little less grudge in his chest.


Admin: OK OK OK HOLD YOUR HORSES IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION this is one rollercoaster of nooOOOO!!! wait!!!! YES— wait no—nOOOOOO then just me constantly having to sell my soul to revive myself hgasjsdjsd omg that 11th part though ooOF my heart is in a world of hurt it’s so bittersweet I LOVE ALL OF THIS SM thank u for writing it it’s such a great hc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh screams

Wanna Smoke? (Michael Mell x Reader)


Word Count: 992

Warnings: 420 blaze it, weed, the devils lettuce, grass, that dank kush, Cannabis 

ohhhhh boy my weed knowledge is finally comin in handy (my brother would b proud, i remembered the word for the carburator lmao) ((ALSO i havent gotten high in a while, sorry if this isnt super accurate bc ive got a shit memory)

“You alright with me smoking right now?” Michael asked, reaching for the shoebox he kept his stuff in. You nodded, sitting on the couch in his basement as he opened the box, pulling out a pipe you didn’t recognize.

Michael didn’t smoke around you a lot, but when he did he always made sure you were okay with it, since he knew you’d never smoked.

“Wanna smoke?” He asked, right on cue. Offering you some, if anything just to be polite. You opened your mouth, the decline on the tip of your tongue when you reconsidered it.

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“grass stains and grazed knees”

grass stains
and grazed knees
rope swings
hanging on trees
meeting mates
early in the park
no tea for us as
we’re out ‘til well after dark
sliding down dry grass
on cardboard sheet
morning paper round
bought weekly treats
Friday night table tennis
at the youth club
Saturday left with crisps & pop
at door of the pub
river paddling and
catching crayfish
hiding behind trees
stealing a kiss
summer in the hay barns
hoping farmer don’t see
climbing into gardens
to raid apple trees
arguing and fighting
with elder siblings
thorny bush scratches
and nettle stings
catching frogs and newts
in local brook
night time ritual of
Dr Zeuss books
Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham
sitting on shop doorways
playing kick the can
making bows & arrows
for cowboys & Indians
summer bike rides
taking pillions
camping out in
neighbours back yard
getting caught smoking
mom’s hand was hard
lads playing football
and picking your side
pooh sticks and
piggy back rides
day trips to seaside
on a charabanc
making a bogie from
planks & an old pram
rope swings
hanging on trees
grass stains and
grazed knees

some sarchengsey roadtrip things

  • in maryland, they stop at a 24-hour diner in baltimore and a bunch of rowdy looking street punks crash their table to invite them to a warehouse party that johns hopkins students are throwing just a little past the notorious art kid-filled copycat building. henry is practically falling asleep in the booth but mention of a skate ramp and bonfire and a dancefloor wake him right up and they agree to go because why the hell not – and it’s everything they were promised and more. gansey gets drunk and kisses a frat boy who looks a whole lot like declan lynch while henry and blue dance with the same girl between both of their bodies (her name is mikaela and she’s a printmaking major but what really matters is that she’s warm and giggly and more than happy to be in the middle of a henry-blue sandwich). 
  • in pennsylvania, they drive through expansive rural farmlands that are lush and green and the air smells sweet and crisp. they stay in an old colonial-style cottage that’s said to be haunted and stay awake all night pretending to film their own spoof episode of ghosthunters. the only problem is that blue actually can kind of feel something even though she can’t see anything, and henry is freaked out of his mind at the thought; gansey pretends it’s noah and proceeds on as usual. they end up with some entirely hilarious voice recordings of henry admitting that he’s actually highkey scared of old haunted houses while blue tries to sound way more chill than she actually feels and gansey rambles on about electromagnetic fields and energies.
  • in nebraska, they roll through omaha and stay at an airbnb owned by a kid named ricky with bright hazel eyes and a cute crooked smile who has a huge map of the US on his wall filled with pins of roadtrips he’s taken in the past. he tells them all about the one that he’s planning up to canada henry is beyond thrilled to geek out about vancouver a bit. they buy a bottle of patron from the liquor store across from ricky’s house for only $14 (gansey is blown away by how cheap it is to buy liquor here?!) and make margaritas and drink them in an inflatable pool in ricky’s yard. the room they sleep in has blankets draped from the ceiling and christmas lights strung around the walls and a nintendo 64 in the corner with a tupperware bin full of games. they play mario party 2 until it’s nearly one in the morning before all passing out in a pile on the queen-size mattress that takes up most of the floor.
  • in colorado, they stop at a strange little cantina nestled in the mountains that has the best salsa blue has ever tasted and real cowboys sit in the booth opposite theirs. blue spends the entire meal trying to eavesdrop on them while gansey gives henry a thorough history of how cantinas came to be. henry steals more than a few sips of the beer gansey ordered with a fake i.d. that ronan dreamt him up and may or may not get quite buzzed when gansey orders a glass of over-proof bourbon for him; blue watches amusedly as henry gets increasingly more handsy and affectionate with gansey. by the time they finish eating and get back in the car, blue’s stuck driving because henry insists that he and gansey have to snuggle in the backseat, they just have to, okay?
  • in utah, they spend a few days in the uinta national forest to camp and explore a bit. while searching for a good place to pitch their tent and build a fire, they come across a group of train hopping kids who’ve been camping near a little creek. blue is instant friends with a girl who introduces herself as cosma; they start weaving little crowns from the long strands of grass and weeds while chatting about the stars. gansey strikes up an intellectual conversation with this stoned kid named sequoia and impresses him with tales of welsh kings. henry plops down besides a girl who’s doodling flowers and britney spears lyrics into a beat-up sketchbook. she calls herself sprout; henry proceeds to call her lentil and alfalfa and every type of sprout he can think of and she laughs and laughs and laughs. they all build a fire together that night and smoke a little weed while sitting around it - they toast marshmellows over the fire and talk about love and blue braids cosma’s hair and they all howl like wolves at the night sky and sing silly songs to the moon til the sun paints the morning sky a dusty pink.

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EE and RS trying to experiment with combining Eid and runes together? Whether it ends well or leads to mass destruction? :>

“So, like, you hold the shape of the rune in your mind, and just… draw it?”

Elsword had been trying to explain runes to Ain for the past half-hour, both of them wanting to see if they could enhance their powers by using the other’s specialty of either runes or emotions to fuel their magic.  So far, neither had been able to get it.

Ain frowned, studying the pattern of the rune Elsword was holding on his palm.  Then, ever so carefully, he sketched the same pattern with the light of an Eid.

“Now what?”

“Embed it in fire - uh, emotion, I guess? - and tell it to blow up or something.”

Fire.  Mut, the Eid of courage.  Ain bit his lip and called on the bravery he’d found hidden away within him, and it came surging to the fore, covering the glassy rune with flickering red light and golden bravery.

“Like… that?”

Elsword grinned.  “Now make it do something!”

Do something.  Explode, Ain willed the rune.

It shimmered and made a sound like cracking glass.  Then a blast of pure energy rocked Ain back on his feet, making him stumble and almost fall into his true Celestial form, flame and bravery mixing with pure destruction.

The smoke cleared.

Ain found himself standing at the lip of a giant crater in the ground. Elsword sprawled on the scorched grass a good five feet away.

Ain rushed over to Elsword, kneeling down beside him and helping him sit up.  A choking wheeze started heaving from Elsword’s throat.  Ain felt panic for a moment before he realized Elsword was laughing.

“That was epic!” the boy crowed, standing unsteadily.  Ain let Elsword steady himself on his shoulder.  “Wonder what’ll happen if I combine my runes with emotions, now?  Oooh, or if you did a rune with a different Eid-?”

Ain smiled.

“Rena will kill us,” he said amicably, looking at the spot where they’d probably blasted away a few fluffy creatures along with half the forest.  And then, with barely a pause, “Let’s try it.”

A Sweet Surprise

Matt breathed in the fresh scent of grass and violets as he savoured the breeze drifting over his sticky face. You had taken him to the park for a surprise date. It was unbearably hot in the office, the fan that Foggy purchased had started spewing black smoke, as opposed to circulating the only slightly better room temperature air. It was currently sitting drenched in a rubbish bag after Foggy had screamed obscenities at it and threw his coffee in a heat-induced rage. So to say that Matt was relieved when he heard you knock on the door was an understatement.

A soft blanket was laid out on top of the grass next to a large clearing of wild violets, and Matt could hear the rustling of supermarket bags holding a bottle of wine and boxes of fruit in them.
You hadn’t told him that you had been planning to do this since you were gazing dreamily at him drinking his coffee in bed this morning. He knew, obviously, that you were staring.

“Creep.” He whispered.

You grinned and jabbed a finger into his hip, eliciting a playful groan from him.

You filled the single glass (stolen from the office, which in turn was stolen from Josie’s.) with wine and pulled out the small container of raspberries from the bag. Taking a sip before you handed the glass to Matt, you laid down next to him and put the container on your stomach.

“Raspberry, dear?” You smiled at him and popped one in your mouth.

“Oh, we’re sharing this time?”

“Hey, raspberries are my kryptonite. You’re lucky I even offered.”

Matt held up his free hand in surrender and smiled. “Well, if you insist. However” he put both hands around the glass “it looks like my hands are full. You might have to do all the work.”
You raised your eyebrow and scoffed as you twisted around onto your side and sat half up so that you were leaning on your elbow. He could smell the body butter you put on this morning as you moved, coconuts. The summer dress you wore slid against your thighs and brushed against his, and your hair swayed in time with the breeze. He could just see you, looking at him the way you do.

Putting the box of raspberries above Matt’s head, you took one out, but thought better of just giving in and feeding him like he wanted.

“Open up.” you said, trying to keep your voice natural. Matt smirked and opened his mouth a little, completely relaxed and smug. You put the raspberry lightly between your lips and leaned over him to press them against his, bursting the raspberry.
Matt almost dropped the glass of wine, but quickly recovered as he put it on the grass and returned the kiss. He slid his tongue against your lips, tasting the sweet but tart juice on them. Running his hand up your back and pulling you closer had you gripping the shirt on his chest and pressing yourself against him harder.

Remembering that whilst you were in a slightly more secluded area of the park, you were still in a public place. You pulled back slightly, still millimeters away from his lips, your sweet breaths mingling together.

“You’re such flirt, Matt-Matt.”

“Only with you, dear.”

Matt could feel your smile as you pecked him once more. Then twice more before you laid back down next to him, reaching up to retrieve the delicious berries.

This was perfect. He was perfect. And he thought the same about you. He knew that one day, he would ask you to marry him. And you would have raspberries on the cake.


A/N: This is the first piece of writing that I’ve put online. I’ve always had these flashes of scenes in my head, but I’ve never thought that I had the talent to write them down how I see them.
I still don’t, but here goes anyhow!
All feedback is welcome.