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I Don’t Know What You’re On About...

Requested by anarchy-is-key : Could I request one where you’re part of the suicide squad, and you all tease him [Captain Boomerang] about his unicorn & he acts like he hates it, but actually really likes the attention you give him?

Warnings: Might be the occasional swear word, here or there, mild violence, gun mentions, fighting scenes, and fluff.

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I need you

Fandom: DC Universe

Pairing: Joker x reader

Summary/Request: OK, so the reader and J have been dating for a few months, she’s badass and so a guy J’s doing business with flirts with her and insults J so she shoots him, idk, and then it skips to a few days later where J’s surrounded by his knives and the reader is confused af and he explains that she makes him feel sane - Anonymous

Word Count: 2476

“Come on, doll. You’re making me late”

He watched from the doorway as you tightened the screws of the new diamond earring’s J stole for you.

“Well, baby, a girls got to be fashionably late”

You smoothed out the short dress and put your favourite gun in your clutch. J looked at you with a smile, showing his silver caps as he held out his arm. You looped yours through it and the two of you walked down to the driveway.

“What car you feelin’ tonight baby?”

“I want that one,” You said pointing to the Lambo.

Frosty handed the keys to J and you sauntered over to the driver’s side.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“What does it look like? I’m driving, baby”

“Oh no, you’re not. Now be a good girl and come sit on the other side.”

You stayed standing by the driver side and J stalked towards you.

“If you behave tonight, daddy will consider letting you drive home. But right now, I’m going to drive. So sit your pretty little ass over in the passenger side before I get angry. And you don’t want to see me angry do you, Dollface?”

You shook your head and took your seat on the passenger side. J sat next to you on the driver’s side and started the car.

The Joker had no regard for rules. He drove like a maniac. He went through lanes, ran red lights and speeded. He parked up in his designated stop outside the club as one of his henchmen went to open your door. J held out his hand for you to use to get out and led you into the club. 

The club was lively. people were dancing on the dance floor and a steady stream of drinks were leaving the bar. The two of you went into the private VIP section and J took a seat on the leather sofa as you stood dancing to the song that just started.

“Come sit down, kitten. We’ve got company” J said patting his lap

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Home Coming

Chapter 24

Trey’s Pov

I couldn’t go home in the frame of mind I was in when I left the warehouse. Instead I drove over to the apartment that I kept downtown that nobody knew about, not even Jordan. It was my own little piece of mind when I needed to get away from everyone and everything, like now. I had to cool off because I was ready to kill the first person that looks at me wrong.

It was somewhere around 2:15 A.M. when I made it home. The house was dark so I knew she was in bed. For some reason I was expecting her to be sitting up on the couch waiting for me to walk through the door so she could hit me with a bunch of questions, but clearly that wasn’t the case. I went over to the kitchen and opened the freezer looking for the bottle of henny that I stored in there earlier, but it was gone. My mind must’ve been playing tricks on me because I could’ve sworn I tucked it in the back before I left. It was already late, I probably didn’t need a drink anyway. I was just prolonging going up those steps. I was already trying to get rid of the images of me hitting her- which still fucked with me, now I had to fight the thought of another nigga putting his hands on her. Just thinking about it made me want to put a bullet in his head right now, but like I said, death was too easy for him.

Knowing I couldn’t avoid her any longer, I dragged my tired body up the stairs and to my bedroom. When I stepped inside the first thing I spotted was my missing Hennessey sitting on the nightstand. The seal on the fresh bottle had been broken which surprised the hell out of me, because Jordan doesn’t even drink brown liquor. Looking over at the bed I could see the curve of her body, curled up on the left side of the bed. I smiled seeing her laying there in her old spot after four long years. The room was kind of dark, but I could still see from the light that creaked through the cracked bathroom door. Jordan made no sound when I entered the room. Anyone who didn’t know her would assume she was fine, she was sleeping, but I knew better.

Pulling my shirt over my head, I tossed it to the floor and my jeans went next. Reaching out to pull back the covers I slid into the bed behind Jordan wrapping my arm around her waist to pull her closer. There was no surprise when she reached back, and rubbed my arm.

“I knew you weren’t sleep.” I said as I got comfortable behind her.

“When have I ever been able to sleep when I know you’re out doing something that can land you in jail?” She slowly turned over to face me and I could see the deep red bruises covering her jaw and cheek area going up to her eye. Seeing her hurt like this made me regret not killing Troy right then and there. I swear he’s gonna pay for every drop of blood she spilled. “Did you kill him?” Jordan asked without hesitation, her dark eyes searching mine for answers, but the less she knows, the better

Ignoring her question, I gently touched her cheek rubbing my thumb across her lips. “You’re beautiful, you know that.” I smiled trying to get her to do the same, because even all banged up, she was still beautiful. I had to make sure she knew that, just like I needed to know something.  “Jordan, did he…” I felt her tense up in my arms so I stopped talking. There were tears swimming in her eyes. I didn’t want to ask because I knew it was just as uncomfortable for her as it was for me, but it’s been on my mind all day after what I walked in on in her apartment. 

“Trey, I really don’t want to talk about that right now.” I noticed how she tried to pull away from me and turn back over but I held onto her chin making her look me in the eyes. She took a shaky breath and closed her eyes only to open them again. “No, he didn’t rape me Trey.” Her voice was soft but I could still hear her irritation so I’m gonna just leave it at that.

Jordan rested her head on my chest and we just laid there. So much had happened between us over the years and when I think about it, most of it’s my fault. I wonder sometimes what her life would’ve been like if she never fell in love with a nigga like me. Hell, she’d probably be married to some suit with three or four kids by now. That was Jordan, she’s the woman you make your wife and build a family with. Not constantly hurt and put in danger. I love her enough to know that she deserves better, but I love her too much to let her go. “I’m sorry Jordan.” I said as I let my fingers brush through her hair. “I should’ve protected you better, but I promise you, you don’t have to worry about Troy ever again.” I kissed her on the forehead letting her know that everything is okay. Troy was going to be the last of her problems.

“It’s not your fault.” I heard her say. “I was stupid and stubborn. I should’ve listened when you told me to stay away from him, but I was just angry and I wanted to hurt you the same way you hurt me.” Jordan finally confessed. I knew she was only with him to fuck with me. I guess I deserved it after everything I put her through with Monique. I felt her warm breath on my chest when she let out a deep sigh. “The truth is, I should’ve never left.” said Jordan.

“What did you say?” I scooted out a little so I could see if she was serious or not. 

“I said I shouldn’t have left.” Jordan propped her head up on her elbow looking down at me. “I love you so much Trey. We should just do like you said and start over, no Troy, no Monique, none of our past issues, just us getting back to us.”

I’m not gonna lie, I was happy to hear her say that, but when I looked over at the bottle of cognac on the nightstand I wasn’t sure if it was her, or the liquid encouragement. “You sure that’s not my 900.00 bottle of henny talkin’?” I asked. That was a brand new bottle and now I could see through the glass. Jordan smiled knowing she had found my stash. Her hand slid up my chest to lie on my one side of my neck as she kissed the other.

I slowly pulled back the covers seeing that she was wearing my one of my t-shirts that stopped in middle of her smooth thighs that my hand slid in between. She moaned and shifted to lay flat on her back as I climbed on top of her. We locked eyes and I lowered my lips to hers. Jordan cupped the back my neck pulling me in deeper and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. The sounds she was making as her hips were grinding against me were driving me crazy. I had to slow this down so I gripped her hips, but when I did that her eyes squeezed shut wincing in pain. My eyes followed down to where I was holding her and saw the round red mark that was going to be purple tomorrow. Even though I wanted this, I knew it wasn’t the right time. “Wait, baby we can’t do this tonight.” I rolled off of her and ran my hand down my face.

“I’m fine Trey.” Jordan kissed on my ear trying to get me to give in, and she almost had me too.

“No you’re not fine, and I told you, when it’s mine again ya ass gonna have trouble walkin, and I meant that.” I told her and she rolled her eyes making me laugh. “We can get to that later Jordy, but tonight just let me take care of you.” She cuddled close to me and I wrapped my arm around her and closed her eyes resting her head on my chest. I watched her drift asleep thinking how this time will be different.


I woke up to my phone vibrating on the table beside me. It wasn’t my first I thought it was iphone so I was gonna ignore it, but when I looked closer it was the disposable one, that only rung when it was business to be handled. I looked at Jordan seeing that she was still knocked out on my chest. I slowly reached over for it so I wouldn’t wake her up.

“This better be important.” I said before the person on the other end could say hello.

“I think it is.” Mike’s missing in action ass spoke. I ain’t seen or heard from him since that shit went down with August and now he pops up out of nowhere.

“I’ve been trying to get up with you for days and now you callin’ me at five in the morning.”

“I’m at the spot. The doc wanted me to tell you that your guest didn’t make it.” This was a secure line but we still talked in code. He was letting me know that Troy was dead.

“Fuck you mean he didn’t make it. The nigga was there when I left.” I swung my legs over the bed to sit up. I know he was fucked up when I left him, but he was still breathing, I made sure of that.

“Look, it is what it is. I already took care of it.” He said pissing me off further. First he tells me that Troy’s dead, now he saying that he already got rid of the body before I could see it for myself. “I don’t see the problem, I thought you wanted him out the way.”

“That’s not the point. I wanted to-” I felt Jordan moving around beside me. When I looked back at her she was back on her side of the bed still asleep. I lowered my voice and went back to my conversation. “We’ll talk about this later, it’s some shit we gotta discuss anyway so answer your phone when I call you.” I hung up on him before he could say anything else.

Sitting there on the edge of the bed I just stared at the wall thinking. Even though I didn’t want to admit it, Troy was right. I don’t know why I’m stressing over Troy being dead, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

Two Weeks Later

Jordan’s Pov

So it’s been a two weeks since I unofficially moved back into my house with Trey and things between us couldn’t be better. Now I say I unofficially moved back home, because most of my things were still at my apartment that I’m not ready to give up. Trey’s been asking for the past few days when I’m going to move the rest of my things, but I want to see where our relationship goes first. It was beginning to feel like our teenage years and those were the best. I guess you can say we’re back in our honeymoon phase. Trey was being really sweet and I’m actually seeing a change in him. He doesn’t come home in the wee hours of the morning anymore, in fact, he rarely leaves the house. A lot’s changed since that night. We’re communicating in ways we’ve never done before. Trey promised that in three months he would be completely out the game and I might just believe him this time. Even though it’s something that’s been told to me many times before, I see him making a real effort towards that transition and I love him for that.

I put my key in the front door juggling my laptop bag and files while holding my phone between my ear and shoulder. For the past twenty plus minutes I’ve been on hold with a graphic design company that’s supposed to be designing my menus. The final drafts were shipped to the restaurant today and they were nothing like the proofs that I signed off on. There were so many errors with pricing, ingredients were missing and I’m not trying to get sued because someone orders cioppino and has an allergic reaction not knowing that shrimp is in it. So now I have to get them to make the corrections and expedite them to me before the grand opening in three weeks.

When I stepped in the house Trey was nowhere in sight, but his car was outside so I figured he was still sleeping. As quietly as I could, I made my way to the kitchen and sat my laptop on the island. They still had me on hold so I figured I’d make a quick lunch before sleeping beauty wakes up. There was some leftover rotisserie chicken so I diced it up for a chicken salad. Just when I was about done with everything, I heard an actual human voice on the other end of the phone asking if I was still on the line.

“Yes I’m still here, I’ve been here for an hour now.” I exaggerated as I spooned the salad onto the toasted wheat bread. The overly chipper customer service rep once again asked me to please hold for her supervisor. Before I could get another word in I heard the line click and Barry Manilow was serenading me with his voice. I groaned into phone growing more frustrated as the seconds ticked on. I swear I feel sorry for the next person that picks up the line.

Glancing over my shoulder I saw Trey enter the kitchen still wearing his boxer briefs. He came over to where I stood by the counter and rested his head on my shoulder as I finished his sandwich. “Hey baby. Please tell me that’s for me?” He begged in my ear. I answered by sliding the plate his way and he kissed my cheek in thanks. “Who’s on the phone?” Trey asked with a mouthful of food.

“The printers messed up the menus so I’m trying to get it fixed.” I told him as my fingers tapped along the counter. I hate being on hold. He nodded his head and bit into his sandwich again.

As I waited I felt Trey’s eyes on me, so I turned around to see what he was looking at. “You went out today?” His eyes narrowed down at me over his sandwich. I nodded my head yes. I guess he’s just now realizing I’m dressed for the day. It is noon after all. “Where the fuck is the rest of your clothes?”  He asked while still burning holes in me with his eyes.

I looked down at my oversized yellow button down blouse that was actually and dress and back up at Trey who was still starting me down. “Don’t start with me Tremaine, I have shorts on under this, see?” I lifted the material to show him the white shorts underneath and in return he just sucked his teeth.

“You would throw that shit on when I’m sleeping, ‘cause if I was woke ya ass would have on jeans and a turtle neck.” Trey spoke with a cockiness that would’ve shamed Kanye. As hot as it is outside, he must’ve bumped his head he thinks he could’ve pulled that one off.

I just flagged him off, shaking my head. “As long as you believe that, baby.” I swear he thinks he’s my father sometimes. A woman’s chimed in on the phone so I took my attention off his foolishness and went back to handling business. “Yes, hi this is Jordan Shaw. I’m calling about the order for the restaurant menus. I received them today and there appears to be several errors that weren’t in the proofs that I signed off on.” I repeated for the fifth time. Suddenly I felt a body pressing against my back, pushing me further into the counter. Ignoring Trey’s antics, I continued speaking to the woman. “That’s too late, my grand opening is less than three weeks away.” I said as he started kissing on my neck, rubbing his forming erection against my ass. “Trey I’m on the phone.” I whispered trying to swat him away.

Trey laughed and kept on kissing me. “So be on the phone.”

By this point it was impossible to ignore him. His hands were everywhere at once making it hard to concentrate. “Is it possible for you to have the new batch shipped out no later than- uhmmm…,” I had to bite down on my tongue feeling his fingers dip into my shorts. My hands gripped the counter trying to get my thoughts together, but it was so difficult, “um, no later than next week?” I strangled out and looked over my shoulder at Trey. He had the biggest grin on his face knowing he was fucking with me. “Yes I’ll hold.” I said to the woman. As soon as I heard that click I let out the moan I was holding back the entire time. “Fuck, Trey what are you trying to do to me?” I turned around to face him and he had that look in his eyes. Trey grabbed the phone from my ear and hung it up. My jaw hit the floor in that moment. “Why would you do that? I was finally getting somewhere.” I reached for my phone but he slid it across the counter.

“You can call them back.”  Trey said as he backed me against the fridge and started unbuttoning my top.

When he got down to the last button he stared up at me for a few seconds before pressing his lips against mine. I could care less about my phone call after that. His quick hands moved down to my shorts getting them unfastened and down to my ankles in the blink of an eye. I kicked them to the side along with my top and Trey wasted no time lifting me into his arms to carry me towards the stairs that led to our bedroom.

He tossed me on the bed like a feather making my body bounce on the mattress. Trey was only in his Calvin Klein briefs so it was nothing for him to strip out of them. The sight of his body and those milky brown muscles made me crave him in the worst way. Reaching behind me I unclasped my bra and tossed it to the floor as Trey’s body climbed on top of me.

He looked over me with a grin for it only to drop as he let his hand glide between my breasts and down to my panties. Lifting my hips, I allowed him to pull down the lace material and he tossed them to the floor with the bra. Just when I thought he was going to kiss me, Trey backed off of the bed and just stood there staring at my naked body.

Trey’s tongue glided across his lips with lust in his eyes. “I want you to touch yourself.” He said as he stared down on me.

Closing my eyes, I let my slim fingers slide between my wet folds, crying out as my thumb pressed into my throbbing pearl. This felt so good, but would be better if it was his fingers touching me.

“Look at me baby.” Trey demanding voice caught my attention. I love it when he takes charge like this

I pulled myself out of the daze I was in to open my eyes, but didn’t stop my hands from pleasuring me. My back arched as I moaned out his name, imagining it was him touching my body. The way he shamelessly watched me as he stroked his dick made my bottom lip curl into my mouth snagging it between my teeth as I slipped another finger inside like Trey instructed. We were both lost for a moment and on the brink of finding our own pleasure until I heard his strong voice telling me to “stop.”

Trey walked towards me, his dark eyes burning up with passion. He got on the bed, and leaned over me letting his facial hair brush against my cheek. “You wet for me, baby?” He asked as he parted my legs further so he could rest between them.

Nipping at my jaw, he placed his hand between us and grabbed a hold of my hand that lay against my thigh. Bringing it to his mouth he licked my juices from the fingers they coated. That gave me goosebumps because I wanted so much more. I closed my eyes as his lips left a wet trail down my neck as my hands crossed the smoothness of his back.

“I don’t think ya ready yet.”  He sucked my earlobe into his mouth and bit it roughly making my nails dig into his skin. 

“You’ve been teasing me for weeks, baby.” I purred in his ear as tingles rushed throughout me. The sting of his bite hurt so good turning me on beyond belief.

His tongue lapped down to my breasts tasting my peaks before suckling them into his mouth. “You still trust me Jordy?” Trey asked out the blue. I was too caught up to response so I just nodded my answer. “Good, now put your hands over your head.” He instructed. When I saw him reach over to his nightstand drawer, I already knew what he had in mind.

Without question I brought my hands together above my head, shortly after I heard two clicks from Trey handcuffing me to the headboard. I pulled at them a bit, but it was clear that I wasn’t getting loose. A smile spread across his lips. He nuzzled my neck trailing his teeth along my skin until he got to the crook of it and bit down hard.

I didn’t get a chance to cry out before his mouth covered mine in a rough kiss. Our tongues wrapped around each other as I moaned low in my throat. I lifted my hips and wrapped my leg around him to bring us closer feeling his seed against my slit as he grounded against my pelvis.

“Trey please…” I whined. This man was torturing me right now.

“Please what?” He asked with that smirk of his.

I rolled my eyes, he was lucky my hands were restricted. “Don’t fuck with me, fuck me.”

“Not yet.” He chuckled as he went lower, his hands gently caressing my trembling body.

Trey dipped his tongue into my navel, soft sighs escaped my lips. Lower he went until his face was between my thighs. My eyes closed in anticipation as he licked through my swollen wet folds.

The touch of his tongue right on my clit sent an electrifying vibration through me. I moaned loudly, head thrashing side to side feeling his tongue swirl around the bundle of nerves that he sucked into his mouth. 

“Please baby…” I begged while tugging on these cuffs that only got tighter. I regret letting him cuff me because I’d give anything to touch him right now.

I couldn’t stop my hips from rising feeling the spasms as his tongue slowly licked and sucked. He placed a heavy hand on my stomach telling me to, “stop moving.” Trey slapped my thigh a little too hard making it sting

“Fuck Trey!” I yelped wanting to slap his ass back but my hands were tied. He looked up at me with a smirk and went back to my throbbing pearl.

Very slowly, his skilled mouth stroked over and over setting my nerves on fire. He licked my center with his tongue again and I felt my body tremble and hearing his moans as he slid his tongue deeper, nibbling and making my entire body tight.

“I’m begging you!” I couldn’t take anymore.

He added his finger to the mix, probing and tracing while planting tiny kisses along the inner of my thigh. His finger picked up pace and slammed into me. He sucked my nub into his mouth while working another finger into me without mercy making my orgasm steal my last breath.

I was panting hard, slowly trying to come down from the high he’d just given me. Trey slowly hovered over my body with that cocky ass grin that he loved so much. I wanted to kiss him so badly but he wouldn’t lower his head, so I had to crane my neck to meet his lips. My senses had melted away and all I could feel was him. All I knew was him. Only him…

I watched as Trey’s hand dug into my hip and took his dick in the other shoving every inch of his length into me relentlessly. My teeth sunk into my lip trying not to scream out loud. His strokes were slow and easy making me feel every inch of him and remember why he was the only man I’ve been with for so long. Trey kept taking me to that brink of an orgasm and then pulling out before I could reach it. He was making this go on for hours, or at least it felt like it. In and out, he gave deep, penetrating thrusts, banging the headboard loudly against the wall. Taking a handful of my hair in his hand, he tugged it tilting my head back so he could kiss on my neck. I couldn’t hold it any longer, my legs locked around his waist releasing the orgasm that was building up in me. Damn it if his tongue didn’t feel good gliding across my collarbone while slowly thrusting his dick into me. Moments later I felt his hot seed spilling inside of me. His face was buried in my neck, and his teeth dug into my shoulder as hips bucked against me.

We just laid there, both breathing heavy. “I love you baby.” He whispered into my flesh. I smiled letting the tears ease down my cheeks and he kissed them away.

Sighing, I briefly wondered how long he was going to keep me tied up because my shoulders were aching from being held in this position so long. “Baby can you uncuff me now?”

“Only for a second.” Reaching for the key, he unlocked the shackles freeing me. I rubbed my wrist in relief, but that was cut short at the sound of his voice. “Turn over baby.” Trey said as he got to his knees. He flipped me over onto my stomach, grabbing my hips as he pulled me backward up onto my knees. I mindlessly followed the urge of his strong hands letting him bend me any which way he wanted and the next thing I knew I was once again cuffed to this headboard.

Before I could say anything I felt his erection rubbing against me. “I know you’re not hard already?” I asked looking over my shoulder. Instead of answering, Trey rubbed his hard on against my core teasingly as he let it slide into me. “Mhmm Trey.” My face dropped down into the pillow to muffle the sounds.

“Relax baby.” A possessive hand claimed my hip as he pressed hot kisses along my spine stroking deeper and faster to the point where I could feel nothing but him.

“Too much baby.” My fingers gripped the sheets feeling him hit spots he’s never journeyed to before.

He nipped at my shoulder blade, licking away the sting. “Nah, you can take it.” He grunted going deeper. My breath caught in my throat, I had to rest my head on my forearms. Trey wasn’t letting up at all and the shit was killing me… turning me on, but killing me.

He continued to pump into me, rough and deliberately grunting all the way. I knew he was trying to punish me like he said he would, so I clenched my walls around him and began to back into him with even more force. I took control of the pace because I needed us both to hurry up and cum, my arms were starting to become numb. Sweat drenched from our connected bodies as our moans and groans filled the bedroom until finally we both gave in to the orgasm that washed over us. 

 “Ahh fuck!” Trey screamed out before collapsing down on my back. “Let’s see ya ass walk straight after that.” He teased rolling off of me.

Trey finally got his ass up to get the key and uncuff me. Once my hands were free I threw those down things across the room. “I hate you, you know that?” I glanced down at my wrists making sure I didn’t have any marks.

“I love you too.” Trey replied. Leaning over he kissed my cheek and got up from the bed to go into the bathroom. A few seconds later water started running. A few minutes went by causing my curiosity to grow.

Slowly I climbed out of the bed. As soon as my feet hit the floor I thought my legs were going to give out me. Using the wall as a guide, I started to make my way to the bathroom, but when I looked up I saw Trey standing in the doorway watching me. “Don’t say a word.” I put my hand up before a smartass comment could leave his mouth.

“I ain’t saying nothing.” He said as he shook his head putting his palms up. “You need some help?” Trey asked trying to hide his amusement. Not wanting to give him that satisfaction I kept on walking- or at least tried to. He laughed walking towards me. “Come on baby, I got you.” Scooping me up in his arms, Trey carried me the rest of the way into the bathroom.

When we got inside I saw the bubble bath waiting for me with candles around the tub. I couldn’t help the smile that came naturally. Trey can be really sweet when he wants to be. Slowly Trey helped me into the warm water until my body was submerged in the foamy bubbles. “Ohhh, this feels so good.” I stretched out letting the warmness wrap around my aching muscles. As I was beginning to relax I felt Trey rubbing something cool on my finger. “What are you-” My voice was caught in my throat when I saw my engagement ring being slipped back on. “Where did you get this?” I asked looking at the diamond that I thought was still in my possession.

“I found it in your jewelry box at your apartment, it belongs on your finger.” Trey responded as if it was as simple as that.

“Baby, I love you, you know that, but don’t you think we’re moving too fast?” I asked sitting up in the tub to look at him. When I left I didn’t leave the ring behind. Normally I’d wear it on a chain around my neck, but when I came back to Virginia I thought it would be best to keep it locked away so it wouldn’t stir up old feelings between Trey and I, but I guess the ring didn’t matter because look at us now.  

“We’ve known each other all of our lives, there’s nothing we don’t know about each other.” He reasoned, and he was right. I know almost everything there is to know about this man, and I still manage to love him through it all. “Are you home Jordy, are we doing this?” Trey asked.

I stared down the ring thinking for a second, and then looked back up at him with my answer. “Yes.” I told Trey making him grin from ear to ear.

“Good. Then this doesn’t leave your finger again,” He said point down at the ring on my finger. “I don’t care how mad we get with each other.” Trey bent down and grasped my chin in his hand pulling me into a kiss. When he left the bathroom I laid back in the tub holding the back of my hand up to my face. I couldn’t believe I was wearing my engagement ring again. It was like after all these years, nothing had changed. I was back in the same position I was in four years ago. Even though I was a bit unsure of our hasty re-engagement, a part of me was overjoyed to be with Trey. I didn’t know how much I missed being in the comfort of my own home until I spent these last couple of weeks settling back in. I just hope we don’t make the same mistakes we did the last time.