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Please friend, I ask you delve into the depths and clarify the SEER OF VOID.

You are the SEER OF VOID.

Seers, to do a brief recap in case we haven’t been playing along, are a passive class, and the counterpart to the Mage. They focus on (big surprise) knowledge, and the gleaning thereof, to later dispense to their teammates in whatever cryptic, oracular, bullshit way they see fit. This can get a little bit confusing, since Light is the Aspect of knowledge; basically, Seers gain knowledge specifically about their Aspect or things pertaining to it. This is why Seers of Light tend know just about anything, but specialize in metaknowledge–knowledge about knowledge, or about the mechanics of the gameworld itself, or that sort of thing.

As the Seer of Void, though, your Aspect is the polar opposite of that. Void signifies obfuscation and secrecy, even outright destruction of knowledge. This would probably mean that a Seer of Void cancels out, right?


Let me break it down for you. Since you are gaining knowledge about secrets, you are gaining those secrets, and making it yours. Seers (and to a lesser extent, Mages) of Void have a subversive relationship with their Aspect, much like Rogues (and, again, less so Thieves) do. Seers of Void are keepers of occult and forbidden knowledge, the ones who see what should not be seen. Hell, most of our knowledge of things like dummied-out Classes and Aspects, deprecated source code variants, and preceding sessions comes from the work of Seers of Void, hunting around for the bits of creation that are left behind on each iteration of SBURB.

In terms of abilities, Seers of Void work much like you’d expect: they work as spies and investigators, and their kit plays into that role. One of the first abilities you get is called Arkhamvision, a sight buff that allows you a limited assensing ability to pick up on significant items. The more important the object, the better you can keep tabs on it. Just don’t look straight up; Skaia is like the Sun when using this ability. Another fun one is Anansi, Anando, which displays a literal web of intrigue that you can follow and pluck at your leisure. It displays everything from secret plots and power plays to romantic undercurrents, so please use that shit responsibly.

The (or one of, these things are always changing) Seer of Void keystone ability is called The Sightless Witness, and it is kind of a last-ditch effort for the session that has gone horribly wrong. Most often you’ll see this deployed in null or void sessions, where the players have been fucked so royally that there is no clear chance for victory. When that happens, the Seer of Void can invoke their Denizen, or even their spiritual essence in the event that they’ve already been killed, and receive knowledge of an out. It might be distasteful, it might be abhorrent, but this Hail Mary will show you what your team needs to do to win.

To the Seer of Void, I offer this wisdom: Discernment is key. Take it from someone who deals in knowledge on a daily basis; sometimes there are things that people really, honestly don’t need to know, and that includes you. You can learn to live with that. We all have our ugly, unrefined thoughts that have to be passed through several screens just to be worth voicing. Recognize who others are trying to be, not just the sum of their secrets.

Good luck.

From now on I will only accept love triangles if they end in:

  1. Polyamory
  2. The main character rejecting both love interests and staying single
  3. The two love interests giving up on the main character because how hard is it to make a damn choice?

When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™


shit tier: hamlet is gay, which is why he wants to die

bad tier: hamlet is gay, which is why he treats ophelia so badly

mediocre tier: hamlet is gay, which is why his relationship with his dad is so awkward

good tier: hamlet is gay, which is why his dialogue with horatio and rosencrantz is Like That

god tier: hamlet is gay, which is why hamlet’s gay