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rain-maid-of-space  asked:

Could I make a request for a Maid of Space? Thank you!

The Maid of Space

A Maid maintains their aspect or maintains with their aspect

Space is the aspect of creation, physics, and the present

A Maid of Space would begin their journey reliant on others. They’d have lofty goals, but wouldn’t have the patience or skill to accomplish them alone, so they’d need the assistance of their friends and allies. This may lead to them either being considered weak or considering themselves weak, so they’d do everything in their power to overcome the obstacles in their way to be self reliant. They may take it too far and isolate themselves from others which may complicate matters further. Either way, they’d become very powerful by focusing on improving themselves, especially when their focus on creation and physics can lead to such amazing possibilities (for the powers of a Maid of Space, go here). Their journey would revolve around finding the middleground between isolation and overreliance.

Finally, their outfit is astonishing!