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“Last time, you told me that it would never happen again. And yet here we are, you disappointing me and me having to clear up your mess.” Sebastian’s eyes were narrowed, leering over the smaller person, intimidation obvious. He moved quickly, hand wrapping around the other’s neck almost delicately but with the warning of his power behind it. “I don’t like having to clear up your messes. I hate it. It’s inconvenient and you should know how to deal with these things yourself by now. So I need compensating.” He used the grip on their neck to push them backwards onto a sofa, his free hand sliding up their leg. “And you’re only really good for one thing.”

      Stranger Things: Characters

What I love about: Hopper [1]

The season starts off by framing Hopper as an unlikeable man who drinks, takes pills, arrives at work too late and doesn’t really seem to care. The more episodes, the more Hopper gets to prove himself as a chief. For the first time in years something terrorizes the town of Hawkins - a child is missing - and even though Hopper doesn’t believe what Joyce believes at first, he doesn’t let go of the thought that the kid might still be out there and alive. He stands with Joyce, when nobody else does. He believes children over adults, because he wants to save a child and help a mother and a brother. You get to find out the good in Hopper before you get to know about his past, which makes you grow fond of him before feeling sympathy: you get to like him without feeling bad for him. You like him because of what he does, not because of his past. He does everything in and out of his power to save another woman’s kid, because he couldn’t save his own.

Carolina Thread Trail 2016 31 – Twelve Mile Creek, Union County, Waxhaw, North Carolina, November 20, 2016

Awareness is our only tool,
our only weapon
(think of it as the Elder Wand).
Awareness is all we need
to find what we need
to do what needs to be done,
to do what needs us to do it.

Yet, we spend our time,
our life,
mindlessly not-seeing what we are looking at,
not-hearing what we are listening to,
not-being where we are,
not-knowing what we know,
wondering how we got here
and what to do about it–
never thinking the answer might be
Be Aware Of It
And Of Everything Else!

Not done.

     Stranger Things: Characters

What I love about: Joyce [2]

In the first scene where Joyce is shown, she seems a bit chaotic. She doesn’t have everything under control, is a little panicky when she finds out her son isn’t  up yet meaning he might run late for school, has her oldest son making her youngest breakfast and seems to be afraid to run late for work herself. However, when she realizes her youngest son isn’t in his bed, she immediately drops everything. She starts making phonecalls and rushes to the police station where she demands the chief helps her find her son. You find out Joyce works a lot to support her two children, since they’re all she has. She stands up to chief Hopper, demanding his help with finding her son. She stands up to her ex in order to keep the situation as positive as possible for her oldest son Jonathan, trying so hard to make him feel like he’s not alone. She stands up to Hawkins to prove she hasn’t gone mad because her child disappeared, but that she’s just trying to find her boy. She never loses faith and therefor trusts her son Jonathan blindly. She trusts Hopper, Nancy, her missing son’s best friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas, all in order to find the missing son, brother and friend. Lastly, she cares for Eleven’s wellbeing so deeply. She wants to find her son, but simutaneously takes on a motherly role for a girl she just met.

“I don’t know what’s funnier, that when I said I wanted compensation for keeping your dirty little secret you thought I wanted money or that you thought this would be enough,” Maxwell chuckled looking over the stack of bills, a lot to the other man maybe but in his business it was chump change. “If you want it so no one knows your secret I don’t want your cash… It’s your ass I’m after.”

    Stranger Things: Characters

What I love about: Jonathan [4]

 I will try and contain myself from writing a trilogy on this character, and keep it fairly shortl. Jonathan seems like a distant but caring brother at first. He doesn’t say much, but when he talks it’s never nonsense. His brother goes missing, and he turns his world around to find him and take care of his mother. He’s worried she might be developing some form of mental issues due to the disappearance of Will and her lack of sleep, but that doesn’t stop him from making check in on her. He cares about his family incredibly deeply, making sure Will always felt like he could be himself and never did or liked things because other people expected it from him, and standing up to his own father in order to find out more about his missing brother. Once he hears Nancy speak about the same creature he heard his mother speak about, he’s a changed man. Jonathan is used to being alone, so when Nancy steps into his life he’s having some trouble adjusting, especially since he’s not as in awe of Nancy’s boyfriend Steve as she is. Jonathan teams up with Nancy to fight what’s taken his brother away and is now terrorizing Hawkins and doesn’t stop before it’s destroyed, making him an incredibly strong person. Jonathan is extremely brave, coping with an unfamiliar kind of loss while at the same time standing up to something he doesn’t know anything about.

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Anyway, your Bucky has to be my favorite of all of the Buckys- I think that you do such an amazing job of weaving his past into the present and it's clear that you really really focus on how each event in the plot/in his relationships impacts him and it's really awesome to see the outcomes. plus you're a fabulous writer

;ooc: I really love keeping a consistency in the history of Bucky’s relationships/dynamics with other characters (to the surprise of no one here lol), because a) I’m a sucker for circular narratives and my ass will always be trying to call back to previous threads for the emotional impact and b) I just really love playing out developments in character relationships. (and gosh !! thank you, I try my best to write well)

@beautiful-lusamine: “Not by much. Don’t have that one go off into the world thinking I’m old, you’d be lying! Besides, the fact that I have been on this planet for longer than you means I have more experience, and therefore am more wise. Wise enough to… I don’t know, not sleep around with all of my coworkers without taking any sort of precautions, perhaps, or maybe allowing my children to escape here with two invaluable Pokémon, and then later return to stop me from achieving everything I’ve ever dreamed of. You know, just saying, I wouldn’t be stupid or careless enough to do those things. Just saying.

“Okay, grandma. Sit down.”