or this show really

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ok but seb with a stache is kind of cute? am i crazy? idk the jokes about it are really funny but i really honestly dont mind the mustache

So there’s an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks where Noel Fielding and David Tennant are talking about Coldplay, and David loves Coldplay and Noel absolutely doesn’t, and Noel says
“Someone said to me once ‘you just say you hate coldplay bc you think it’s cool to hate coldplay’. But no….i just genuinely hate Coldplay”
And if you replace ‘coldplay’ in that sentence to ‘moustaches’, then you’ve got my stance on moustaches as a thing. This is not just Seb’s, this is about literally every single moustache on the planet with the exception of Tom Selleck.

some might say i say this too much, but i think i dont say it enough:

i love my friends on this hellsite. my friends are the best people ive ever had the incredible fortune of meeting, and i would not be the person i am today without them.

so, to @not-so-varia-quality, @sapphicsatya, @memoirs-of-the-past, @reinaryugu, @moonlight-at-dawn, @letstalkhxh, @legendarysagehalfblood, @mirajane-midorinome, @mekakushimagicalgirl, and so many more whose urls i am forgetting bc im dumb, thank you for bringing such light to my life 💜

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*insert panicked screaming here*

I really don’t feel like I‘m ready to post but I know that season two is going to completely joss everything I’ve been writing over the past couple of months so I felt like I had to get it out before the new stuff hits, even if only by one day. XD

I’m so bad at characterizations and I can never write anything simple and cute… God save me…

I’ve written so much since my last fic (for a huge number of fandoms actually) but I just haven‘t been able to settle down and actually commit to posting anything. The anxiety is oddly real. How did I ever have the courage to post fanfics in the past???

The summary of this fic should probably just have been “Brother Bear in space.”

I need to sleep.

Ok, I just have to say that I’ve been in many fandoms throughout the years but I’ve never really seen anyone care so much about their work as much as Julie does and that just amazes me on so many levels and makes me feel so grateful and happy about the work she does, not only when it comes to creating the show but also when it comes to working with the actors. The production of it too is just really amazing and I’m so glad that I’m a fan of this unique show. 

honorless. fun fact of the night: the girl who played lyanna stark in game of thrones…

is the same girl who played kate crawford in tnt’s legends

what’s interesting about that? well, the fact that sean’s characters are in both shows & the fact that he literally goes all over the world, to hell and back to save her character. plus, in the show, kate reminds me of arya & it’s a great show. y’all should watch it

ps i owe @worshipsonlydeath for pointing this out

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Hey, can I have headcanons about Viktor, Yuri k. and Minami's kid coming out to them as not heterosexual (if you see what I mean)

  • they would all be very supportive of their child, encouraging them to feel comfortable exploring themselves
  • very happy that their kid felt comfortable and secure enough to come out to them
  • honestly…. they would be like #same. because really. who in this show is actually straight