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I hope you liked the Jojo poses! I just finished sketching the wedding dress one (spoiler alert: it’s super cute).

Such a heartfelt compliment. Thank you so so so much! Keep drawing and practicing, you will get really good in no time!

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I laughed way too much watching run BTS! Bangtan being funny and cute are the best. Apparently they know what we want. Too many things happened in one video: Jikook feels, that butt smacking, YOONSEOK RISE, EXCESSIVE amounts of dad jokes, the new hair style, the push-ups, the dancing, the sass. ALL IN ONE

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SPECULATION! So richonne is finding the beer and pretzels that Dwight left right? Did he leave his rings too??

I was just talking about this! So the beer and pretzels thing is an actual thing and not some awesome fanfic I read? LOL

Ummm, I don’t know if he left the rings.

Oi! Richonne fam! Did he leave those rings?

I am having way too much fun with this!

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Rebecka sat alone at the pool admiring the view. She was trying to keep a calm, clear mind, but she knew she needed to head home and face Marc again. She had to work things out with him and figure out what she wanted to do about this situation.

Marcello is her husband. He helped her out when she got the divorce. He let her stay with him, and eventually, they fell in love and had a son. They had a lot of fun together and when she was with him, he made her feel solid and grounded. But there was so much fighting.

Then there was Rory. They went way back and they knew everything about each other. They would have a lot of fun, too, and until Bridgette came along, they didn’t argue much. Rory made her feel light and free, but when it came to him, she knew that there might be a chance he wasn’t in it for the long run.

Of course, with all this in mind, the most important people in her life were Audrey and Stephen. What would they think if they knew? How would they react if she chose one over the other?

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Also, since I love you so much, I got you fam! If you can only do one headcanon per person, you can do this one and I can send the other one another time! Can I request headcanons for Pucci either in a relationship or having a crush on a prisoner? Most specifically, a prisoner who might join Jolyne in trying to stop him? How would he deal with their 'betrayal'?

I had way too much fun with this one thank you for sending this in LL! hopefully this is okay~! ^^ @llheadcanons

- Ghost

·         Regardless of whether S/O is his partner or his crush their understanding of his faith is something which he admires (and it’s perhaps what drew him to them initially) they may not be of religious belief themselves but he would appreciate if they respected that fact

·         Given that they are a prisoner the two of them will often be in close proximities to one another, his role as chaplain allows him to freely move throughout the prison as he pleases and he’s sure to visit them frequently when he can where he can spend time having in-depth discussions with S/O or simply just enjoy their company; the fact that they are still a prisoner and a potentially dangerous threat is something he always has to keep in mind but then again if they did try anything (not that they would – his company was very much welcome in such a chaotic place) Whitesnake was more than capable of dealing with such a scenario

·         S/O’s close bond with Jolyne would be seen as both an inconvenience and an advantage in his eyes – their friendship meant that he could keep track on what Jolyne and the other prisoners were up to as well as their whereabouts during certain times of the day; however this also meant that should time come where S/O will have to inevitably pick a side there is always the chance that they could choose to fight alongside Jolyne instead of aiding him in attaining heaven, so he’d have his stand keep an incredibly careful watch on them whenever they were in the unruly girl’s presence just to be sure that if they do join with her then he’ll be prepared to handle it

·         Should S/O actually decide to betray him Pucci’s reactions will be different depending on the type of relationship he shares with them; if they’re a crush then he will ultimately scold himself for allowing a mere crush to blossom for the very person who finds it acceptable to betray his trust yet there would also be a part of him which is relieved, he’s glad that he didn’t voice his affection to them as it made it easier to void himself of the connection they once shared and makes their defeat more bearable since he would have to do away with them upon learning about their betrayal (but even then he can’t help but wonder if their alliance could have been swayed had he confessed to them beforehand)

·         However, if he and his S/O are already in an established relationship when they decide to join Jolyne’s effort in taking him down then his reaction is going to be far worse; the faith in which he put in them was not something to be taken lightly especially considering their current predicament – he had wanted to share heaven with them and yet they had decided that an eternity with him was something they didn’t want as much as he did; his expression may not show it but the fury and hurt which blazes behind his eyes is more than enough to send a horrified chill down their spine and make them take an unconscious step back, realising immediately the consequences of their decision

·         They didn’t want to be involved with him? Well so be it - they may not be by his side but his goal has only been steeled, he will attain heaven and no person (even someone as important as his S/O) is going to deter him from that fated path