or they're all in college already idk

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There's a few asks like this already, but imagine - at the rusteeze training place, all of the youngsters are tripping they're so excited to see THE Lightning McQueen, and they're expecting this cocky, in racing uniform, holding a helmet, smooth old guy. But instead, in he walks wearing sweatpants holding a redbull dead on his feet. Idk why I think that thought is so hilarious? Him being MUCH less than expected?

They’re all just like, Wait, he’s a normal dude? Why’s he look like a college frat boy? We were expecting, like, Sean Connery or Sam Elliott.

Whoops if this idea has already been used but after seeing all those bro comics with Bokuto and Kuroo I remembered this: http://gaydicks420.tumblr.com/post/88145274822/last-night-i-woke-up-because-two-dudes-were post and I just had to draw it.
Sorry if you can’t read my handwriting but you look at the original post and read the text there if needed lol

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ok but am I the only one who finds all of this Niall and Celine stuff sketchy? every time I try to talk to someone about it I get the "you should be happy for him" and stuff like that but my point it, she came out of nowhere really. I mean there are a few pictures of them in Portugal.. but why does that mean that they're dating? it came from THE SUN and DAN wrote the article... it's just way too sketchy to me. and going along with all of the other patterns, there's no info on her anywhere? idk..

Well, I’d say there’s actually more info than there should be.  There are already update accounts with a video of her from her college, they released her name and where she went to school, and there are multiple pictures of her with family despite all of her accounts being reported as private.  People know how many languages she speaks, how many degrees she has and from where, etc.

I’m a bit confused, though, because one update account specifically posted that all her accounts are private, then are only following 2 people, Niall and a Celine account which is definitely public.  Did she switch it or are they accidentally following a fake account despite saying that any that weren’t private were fake?

It looks like they were setting this up for a bit.  She was in that promo video for the place in Portugal that struck me as weird when it came out.  I thought it was a bit odd that Niall was randomly in something like that at the time, but I shrugged it off.  Of course we also got pics with the both of them front and center from that.  Then Niall followed Celine on Instagram sometime between June 14th and 28th, but no one paid much attention.  Then she appeared at the previous days of the British Summertime Festival, and we even got pics of her with Niall’s group.  

They low key inserted her into the narrative a few times before breaking the story to make their relationship look like it developed organically and like they’ve been successfully dating privately up until now.  It’s all so neat and tidy and visible.  I mean, it didn’t take any time at all for people to realize the previous stuff she’s been in.

Anyway, there’s plenty sketchy about the situation and I think the people who are open to the idea that all the boys stunt saw it immediately.  Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, Niall has stunted quite a bit.  Amy Green, Zoe Whelan, Barbara Palvin, Ellie Goulding, Melissa Whitelaw, Selena Gomez, and now Celine Vandycke.  That’s not even including the smaller situations like promo for X-Factor contestants almost every year.

Things I’m waiting for:

  • Niall’s friends or family following/being followed by/interacting with Celine or her family and friends on social media
  • hints that Celine was dating another guy that she dumped and/or cheated on for Niall
  • Niall and Celine being seen golfing together
  • some link between Celine and the entertainment or modeling industry to be revealed
  • at least one of Celine’s accounts to come off public
  • stories in the press about 1D fans harassing Celine

If they want to throw in stuff that’s characteristic for the other boys’ fauxmances:

  • a shared pet
  • pictures of them holding hands
  • direct interaction between them on social media or selfies together
  • stories about how they want to get married/have a baby since apparently that’s the new normal after a few months of dating
  • an emphasis in the press on how “private” they are

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idk if you've seen it, but i saw this video where a college student went around to other students and asked them, "Who's worse? Fidel Castro or Donald Trump?” Obviously, that's already a very loaded question to ask anybody, but these students were like "Trump. Hands down.” Castro killed between 10,000 and 100,000 people, and they're comparing Trump to HIM of all people? The guy's not even sworn into office yet and he's already responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, apparently.

Is it bad that I’m not surprised at all, especially since it’s at a college of all places?

ffs Trump isn’t even president yet and he hasn’t done anything nowhere on a scale as bad as what Castro has done. I’m just going to assume they’re mostly unaware of what Castro has done or they’re just letting their hate of Trump cloud them from seeing that.

To be (kinda) exact, around 15,000 to 18,000 people were killed under fidel in a span of four decades, by imprisonment or execution; a lot more were killed just by trying to escape.