or they stan more than one fandom :)

ben: situation, you’re locked in a room and the only way to get out is to write a name on a piece of paper, however; the person whose name you write down will die

mike: can-

ben: no mike! we’ve been over this! you can’t write more than one name!

Kpop groups and their fandoms
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> most ELFs have grown up with these legends, staying by their side through every obstacle and being their strength during the hardest times. While ELFs really miss having comebacks as a whole group, they know that it's enough just watching them succeed in solo projects and supporting the members who are doing/about to finish their military service.<p/><b>BigBang:</b> we truly do get treated like VIPs when it comes to these 5 weirdos who changed the kpop game ever since debuting. There's not a single concert or special video where they don't show their appreciations for VIPs, whether new or old. We love them when they're doing solos, and we love them even more when they're together.<p/><b>SHINee:</b> Shawols treat shinee like kings, just as they should be treated. We practically worship the ground they walk on, and all of us are guilty of baby-ing the maknae, don't lie. They've been through some difficult times, but shawols are always there for shinee to lean on, and they're always thankful for all the support and it always shows when they're together.<p/><b>Infinite:</b> Inspirit and Infinite go hand in hand, always. Woohyun is always assuring inspirits that no one else could steal his heart, and no matter how cringy he is, it's true. They're always giving us new things to fangirl and roll our eyes about, whether they've had a comeback or not.<p/><b>EXO:</b> "Exo-L, we are one." I've never seen a group that spoils their fans more than they do, not to mention always exposing each mf comeback to us. We have a self-proclaimed dad in the fandom and everything, constantly showing his love to exo-l's. True fans have been with them and supporting them since whenever, and will stick by their side till whenever.<p/><b>BTOB:</b> Melodies will always be one of the sweetest fandoms, esp when having to put up with how underrated our boys are. Stanning the craziest and most extra group in kpop isn't easy, but melodies got that down, and it doesn't seem right if at least 2 members aren't screaming in every interview.<p/><b>VIXX:</b> they're always reminding Starlights that they'd be nowhere without them, and that we inspire them everyday as well. Seeing them acting charitable and friendly only rubs off on us, and it's safe to say that we're probably the chillest and most accepting fandom. Starlights act like VIXX's bodyguards bc we'd never make them uncomfortable, and they're always thankful for that.<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> Babyz have been with them through thick and thin, and it's so heartwarming seeing the support after the group has been through so much bs. They treat babyz with so much love and respect, esp when they have so many fans around the world. We're constantly spoiled with social media updates, and it's so nice seeing the six of them working together again.<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> if it were any other group, fans wouldn't keep streaming and supporting topp dogg as much as topp klass does. We struggle with these boys everyday bc of the lack of exposure and attention that they deserve to get, but they never fail to remind us of their love no matter what- bc they know they'll always have topp klass.<p/><b>Got7:</b> iGot7, or Ahgase's, are probably the funniest fandom to ever exist. It's like we're besties with Got7, and there's always someone roasting the other, whether it's us or them. We're blessed to have them be so active on social media, and we're their personal hype men. A lot of us don't support them blindly, though, and we're always the first to call them out on their mistakes.<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> kings of fan service, never ever disappointing Monbebes. They make us feel so special when it's like we're in a relationship with them, but they're aware of how cheesy they are when they flirt with monbebes. Might be the meme-iest group alive, but we're also the meme-iest fandom ever so win-win.<p/><b>iKon:</b> yet another kpop group that's terribly underrated, but iKonics make up for all of that with all the love they show to these kids. They're always out to expose each other and we love them for it. They outdo themselves after each comeback, and they care so much about pleasing iKonics.<p/><b>Day6:</b> only My Day can appreciate how special and unique these boys are, and we always remind them of it. We go crazy over all their teasers and trying to figure out how all their music videos are connected, and tbh they love watching us suffer. Each member is so relatable that we can't help but bias all of them, and they're highly aware of that fact.<p/></p>
No, Seriously.

It irritates me so much that people turn a blind eye to B.A.P. And no, this isn’t just because I find them cute or hot or anything like that.

B.A.P is seriously the most different kpop group​ out there. I can say that with confidence. Absolute confidence.

Other groups out there produce the most trending music. They create hard dances. Show off their bodies and aegyo to get fans. At the end of the day, all of that fades. Bodies fade. Music trends die. Doing cute stuff when your thirty loses it’s appeal. 

It’s all be done before. A cycle of unoriginality mixed in with what’s the most popular thing right now creates​ stardom. It ceates​ main stream groups and the same old songs just with different keys and different vocals.

Here’s where I make my point.

B.A.P, the six men that make up the band. It isn’t all about smiling. It isn’t about putting off the picture perfect boy group, where everything is cookie cutter with them. No, it isn’t.

B.A.P has been through things most people never do in their lives. Contracts that pay them less money than minimum wage. Being forced to work when sick and having other issues. Eating disorders. Suicidal thoughts. Alcoholism. Lawsuits that make them lose a huge amount of their fanbases. They’ve been through struggles I hope no one else has to go through, sincerely.

I was just minding my business today, but a song popped up in my head. Their song ‘Wake Me Up’. I listened to it, and unconciously clicked on ‘1004’. I watched their old episodes of Weekly Idol, and voyaged further back into their history. Watching their performances and their interactions.

In the end it left me thinking: Do people not see what the lawsuit did to them? Do they not see how strong they are? How they decided to put out harder songs about real issues in the world rather than gain back popularity with another generic pop song?

They don’t have to dance hard to get your attention. They don’t have to be the best rappers or vocalists to get noticed. If you’re open to deeper concepts than just a school love or sadness over a girl, B.A.P is perfect.

And that’s what makes them unique to me. They chose being real and sticking to themselves when they came back from their hiatus. They chose to give out real concepts with their songs. Have you seen the ‘Wake Me Up’ music video? The diversity? The emotion? How the members struggled throughout it?

What about the choreography? Where the leader walks through two other members. Where he takes back the leader position and leads the boys. It makes everything so much more intense, and my heart aches for him. For his axiety and panic disorders. I respect him so much for coming back. I respect all the boys.

Sure, you could go against me and say, “What about ‘Feel So Good’? That song was just upbeat and smiley. They’re fake too.”

They have never been fake. They have never acted like a perfect group. They’re so much more than that. Yes, they put out a smiley song about happiness. But really, how often do they do that concept? How many of their comebacks were about dark situations and deeper stuff?

“But my oppas are special too!”. Yeah, they are. But, just hear me out, what’s their latest comeback about? It it about a girl? Is it EDM? Pop? Maybe they lift their shirts. Maybe they do some wild hip thrusts. Hell, they might even lick their lips and tease.

Is that wrong groups are like that? No. Each group has the right to want to be popular, and find the best way to do it. The only reason I stress this is because it shows how different B.A.P is.

I’m happy your oppas are singing about their first loves and heartbreak when they aren’t even legal yet. I’m happy they’re doing that. Genuinely. It’s popular, and spreads K-pop around the world more. 

Most people start off with the most popular groups before moving to others. So yes, let them sing their heart out. Let them dance in tight pants and shirts that are a little too unbuttoned because that’s what’s popular. And that’s what spreads. Has B.A.P partaken in these actions? Hell yeah. But they don’t make their career about it. Look at all their comeback songs. 'Badman’, 'Warrior’, 'No Mercy’, 'One Shot’, etc. Tell me now, are they generic?

Long story short, before I make a book out of this, B.A.P deserves so much more. 

They might never be the trendy group they were before the lawsuit, but they’ll probably always be the realest group out there. Pumping out songs that challenge society. More than many other groups out there can say.

Go stan them and stan them hard. They deserve it so much. You will never regret it.


A big ol’ BABY (fandom name of course)

Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

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Warnings: some language, a little angst, some fluff

Proximity (00)-PrologueProximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (03)-Forty Percent, Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes, Proximity (05)-If You Want, Proximity (06)-Oblivion, Proximity (07)-IDFCProximity (08)-Last Night, Proximity (09)-Boo at the Zoo pt.1, Proximity (10)-Boo at the Zoo Pt.2Proximity (11)-Girlfriend 

Sebastian decided to stay at the coffee shop for a few more minutes after (Y/N)’s phone call, but a few minutes turned into a few hours of intensive research and pouring over the script while occasionally smiling for fans selfies as they recognized him slumped over in the corner, angrily chewing on a pen cap. Just as he was about to lose all track of time, an older, retired woman who worked as a barista full-time made her way toward the table he sat at.

“I overheard your conversation, honey,” she said while placing a gentle, maternal hand on his shoulder. “It’s five-fifteen. You don’t want to keep your wife waiting.” Sebastian’s throat constricted as he looked at the array of empty cups scattered on the table in front of him. Frantically, he checked his phone, realizing that the woman was right.

“Thank you very much for telling me,” he began while folding his notebook closed, shoved his script inside, and jammed his pen into his back pocket, “but I wasn’t talking to my wife; I’m not married,” he awkwardly explained while showing her his ringless left hand.

“Oh, well then your girlfriend,” she tried again.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Sebastian uneasily laughed. “She lives in my building below me; she’s just my neighbor” he tried to explain.

“Well people don’t talk to one another so domestically with someone who’s ‘just their neighbor,’” the woman smirked before helping him toss the cluttered cups in the trash. Once he finished, Sebastian hurried toward his building, only a couple blocks from the coffee shop, and made his way up to his floor.

Seb Stan: Just got back

He hurried to open the door to his apartment and left it unlocked as he kicked off his shoes and took his belongings into his bedroom. He tossed his notebook on the desk beside his bed and dropped his shoes in the closet before quickly tidying up the few misplaced objects in his living room and kitchen: a few newspapers he picked up, a couple of books left lying about, and the dirty cereal bowls that he intended to wash that morning.

         Cute Neighbor: Mind if I show up early?

Sebastian had just finished drying his hands from washing the dishes in the sink and a tiny smile formed in the corner of his mouth without him realizing. 

Seb Stan: Fine by me :)

         Cute Neighbor: Good, because I’m here

Just after he heard his phone go off, there was a knock at the door. He pulled it open and couldn’t help the soft smirk that rose to his lips as he shook his head at her. “You’re a dork,” he laughed.

“I’m the dork?” she laughed while entering his apartment for what had to be the hundredth time. “You’re asking me what one of the most self-explanatory sports on earth is,” she laughed. “Drive fast, turn left, don’t crash.”

“Thanks for the info, I guess you can leave now,” he teased while pressing himself against (Y/N), pretending to force her out of his apartment.

“Nooo,” she called out. “I walked all the way down the stairs for this, don’t make me leave.”

“Oh my, you took the stairs for me?” Sebastian huffed mockingly.

“The elevator was already on the first floor again,” she grumbled as Sebastian stepped aside and closed the door with both of them inside the apartment.

“Well,” he sighed as he walked into the kitchen, “I guess you can stay.” (Y/N) smirked as Sebastian leaned back against the kitchen counter beside his stove.

“Thanks for making that sacrifice,” she laughed while wandering toward his pantry and scouring for something to cook. “Why do you have a shit-ton of beans?”

“What do you mean ‘a shit-ton of beans?’” he asked while walking toward her. (Y/N) pulled out two massive cans of pinto chili beans and held them up to him, displaying her case. “That is not a shit-ton of beans,” he huffed. “Do you even know what a shit-ton looks like?”

“Well if you eat this many freaking beans, you’re sure to shit a ton,” she explained while setting the cans on the counter and started to rummage through his spices.

“Why do I hang out with you?” he laughed as he started to manually open the chili beans as (Y/N) gathered a huge variety of spices, some of which Sebastian hadn’t even opened yet.

“Who else would tease you about your bean collection?” she laughed while pulling ground turkey meat out of his freezer and beginning to defrost it in the microwave.

“Fucking weirdo,” he laughed while taking a step back and watching her.

“You’re the one with a bean collection, ya fucking weirdo,” she laughed, mimicking Morgan O’Mally’s voice from Good Will Hunting. “Okay, that probably made me weird,” she laughed at her attempt to draw reference to the movie.

“Just a bit,” he laughed in response. “Did you finish all of your homework?” he asked.

“Yes, Mom,” she grumbled at him, rolling her eyes the whole time. She hurried to cut up an onion and threw it and some garlic into the cauldron she had heating up o the stove. 

“Sorry I care about your education,” he muttered while smirking at her from across the kitchen.

“You’re forgiven,” (Y/N) laughed and looked over her shoulder toward Sebastian. Again, the smile of admiration and gentle nod of disbelief flooded her sight. Quickly, she turned her face back to the pot of chili, hoping she could play off the blush on her face as the heat coming from the stove.

“Can I help?” Sebastian asked as he made his way closer toward her. Gently his hand traced along her back as he passed her.

“You can brown the meat,” she offered, trying to hide her now red face from him. Glad to help her, he completed his task and then added the meat to the mixture of beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green chillies, and spinach. (Y/N) then added the spices as Sebastian handed them to her.

“Cumin? Tumeric? Chili Powder? Cholula? Do you really use all of this?”

“Is it sitting on the counter?” she asked back sassily.

“Did I ask for sass?” he teased, a smirk on his face as he handed her the glass bottle of cumin. (Y/N) finished adding the last bit of spices and grabbed a bag of corn chips from a cupboard as Sebastian starts to dish out their dinners. “I figured we could watch a thematic movie,” he said while settling onto the couch and grabbed the remote that (Y/N) found less than a week after them meeting.

Slowly, she lowered herself beside Sebastian on the couch, feeling his hip against hers as they leaned against one another’s shoulders. Instantly, her head dropped as she saw his choice of movie. “Really, Seb,” she grumbled. “Of all the racing movies in existence you chose this one?”

“What’s wrong with Talledega Nights?” Sebastian asked with a laugh.

“You could have picked one of the eight Fast and the Furious movies, Days of Thunder, I would have even taken freaking Cars over this,” she grumbled.

“I didn’t know you were so picky, (Y/N),” Sebastian smirked while nudging her with his shoulder. (Y/N) laughed as Sebastian put his arm around her shoulder and rested his dinner between his knees.

“I’m not picky,” she groaned while scooping chili with a chip and popping it in her mouth.

“My movie just isn’t good enough for you is it?” he asked while teasing her and scraping the chili from his bowl. “This is really good, (Y/N). Thank you very much,” he added.

“You’re just trying to flatter me so I’ll give in to your stupid movie,” she grumbled. “You can look at me with those big blue eyes all you want, Sebastian, but I’m not going to say this movie isn’t shitty.”

“I wasn’t trying to do anything with my eyes,” he said with a smirk, “but since you’re looking,” he said with a sultrily teasing tone. Suddenly, (Y/N)’s heart pounded in her chest as she realized their proximity to one another. His arm rested across her shoulders, his tight muscles and tender skin grazing the back of her neck as she folded neatly into the side of his body, like two pieces of clay moulding together. Her side was pressed against his and she could feel his obliques tighten with each laugh, and she was certain Sebastian could feel the wire of her bra poking into his ribs. Part of his thigh covered hers as she slumped into the curve of the couch cushions and their legs were twisted together and propped on the coffee table in front of them. Quickly, she pulled herself up onto the cushion and sat on her feet, trying to keep herself from touching him and invading all parts of his personal space. “Is everything okay?” Sebastian quickly asked as (y/N) readjusted her position on the couch.

“Uh, yeah,” she said softly. “I thought I was going to spill,” she tried to laugh through the tension she caused and chastised herself for not being more careful. This had started out as being friends and she had intended for it to not go any further. It didn’t make sense for them to be anything besides neighbors. After all, she was hardly twenty-one and he was almost thirty-five. It wasn’t as though she had an issue with age gaps when it came to love, but she figured it would be easier for her to just be friends with Sebastian. He was more than she could handle in more than one way. She didn’t want to hold him back from anything he hasn’t accomplished and she still had a few years left in her before settling down would become a serious thought and not a ‘maybe someday’ ideology. Quietly, she continued eating until her dinner was almost gone.

“Oh, um okay,” he tried to chuckle. “We, uh…we don’t have to watch this movie if you want to,” Sebastian tried to change the conversation as he wondered what had caused (Y/N) to start acting strangely. The night had been going well and he was excited to get to be spending time with her. He was fascinated with her dry humor and sassy personality and the continual banter kept him on his toes. He liked to listen to her talk even if it was to tease him, and wasn’t quite ready for her to leave him.

“No, it’s fine,” she said as she hurriedly scraped the remainder of food left in the bowl. “I actually forgot I have a group paper due Wednesday and I have to work on my half.”

“Wait, are you leaving?” Sebastian asked, his voice faltering as (Y/N) rose to clean her dish. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Seb,” she said softly. “I just forgot I have some work left.”

“(Y/N),” he said in a soft, almost begging tone.

“I promise,” (Y/N) told him, turning back around and flashing him the largest smile she could muster. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” Hesitant to believe her, Sebastian agreed halfheartedly.

“Okay,” he managed to say loud enough for her to hear him. Upon leaving Sebastian’s apartment, (Y/N) hurried downstairs and locked herself in her bathroom. After filling the tub with steaming water, she lowered herself in, allowing the water to float along her skin and travel up to her collarbones. Slowly, small tears of frustration trailed down her cheeks, mixing with the beads of sweat formed from the steam. Falling for Sebastian was all too easy and she knew that immense pain would come from forcing herself to deny her heart that happiness, but she would take the pain of denial over the humiliation of rejection any day, and if she continued to pursue Sebastian Stan romantically, she was sure rejection would be all she received.

anonymous asked:

hey jess, there's a ton of talk ab jin but here's how I feel, of course jin is a talented and an amazing individiual but i think he doesn't get many lines bc he differs from the rest of the boys? His voice, although beautiful, doesn't really fit with BTSs music... he should be singing ballads, not pop (tae, jk, and jimin's voices are so flexible). Idk i just hate hearing that it's bighits fault/that bighit is a bad company when clearly it's just not a right fit,, idk how do you feel?

OKAY so i have such a big problem with people stanning bighit more than they stan jin lmao. bighit is still a company. they are still part of the entertainment industry, they are inherently!!! flawed!!! i don’t know why this fandom likes to baby and protect bighit, when they are a company (not poor anymore, hello, thanks to bts) just like every other company in the music industry.

if we’re gonna use the “excuse” that bts’ songs don’t “suit” jin, let me just list songs from bts’ entire discography that are THE MOST “less pop.” here they are broken down by album:



skool luv affair

just one day

outro: propose

dark & wild

let me know

hyyh pt. 1

move/moving on

hold me tight

love is not over

hyyh pt. 2


whalien 52

autumn leaves/dead leaves

house of cards

“young forever” from the repackaged young forever album

youth (japanese album)

good day

wishing on a star

for you

wings (excluding awake) + you never walk alone repackaged

2! 3!

spring day

a supplementary story: you never walk alone

that’s 17 “less pop” or ballad-y songs that jin could have had more lines in. but surprise, surprise, jin doesn’t have the most lines in ANY of these songs. we’re gonna exclude spring day live version (bc the live version does it RIGHT). 

i really need the fandom as a whole to stop pretending that the “vocal color” bullshit we heard is real. it’s not. ALL VOICES ARE VERSATILE. if you’re a singer, you can sing whatever genre. i’m not gonna pretend to be a music expert, i was only in choir for a few years and i did theatre in high school. but voices don’t ONLY sing ONE thing. now, could jin’s voice SUIT ballads more than pop songs? sure. is that true? no. we can’t sit here and say maknae lines’ voices are more versatile than jin’s bc that’s so untrue. YES, jin is better at ballads. but to say he can’t sing pop is ridiculous. pop is SO easy to sing. any vocalist can sing pop, i’m sorry. pop doesn’t need some magical vocal quality that only some people have.

disclaimer before i keep ranting that i love everyone in bts and this isn’t me HATING any member so don’t come at me for that lmao. anyways let’s look at taehyung and jimin. jimin has been straining his voice since debut. his voice does not suit the more hip-hop/rap songs that bts have. YET HE HAS MORE LINES THAN JIN. taehyung has been forced to growl in a lot of songs. that’s not versatility, that’s just bad. when i think about boy in luv era, i wonder why jin didn’t take more of the verse taehyung had where he growled because jin’s voice could’ve sang it just fine. in my head.

anyways this is getting disorganized because i just rolled out of bed for this but here’s an amazing post written by my pal kinga (@taejinmin) on why bighit is shitty to jin.

i’m gonna end this by saying, let’s stop pretending jin’s voice is somehow second-rate compared to maknae lines’ voices because he’s “more of a ballad singer.” no. give him lines and he can sing well. he can sing pop, rock, r&b, whatever. bighit have consistently sidelined jin since debut and it’s just a fact? i don’t know why people want to keep protecting bighit. they don’t need our protection, they need to be held accountable for clearly doing jin dirty.

ADDITION: when big 3 companies do better line distributions than bts, it’s time to start wondering what the fuck is going on.

Good Morning, love - Chris Evans

Hello internet! First thing first, thank you so much for all the sweet things you said about part II of Bucky’s story [ if you haven’t read it, here’s part 1 and part 2 ] Sooo, while waiting for ispiration for the third part, here’s a little one shot I want to share with you. Enjoy! :) xx

                                        CHRIS EVANS X READER

Summary: you love early mornings with Chris and this is why.

Warnings: okay, none, this is just adorkable fluff

Mornings with Chris were the best thing to exist, especially at the start of his acting hiatus. The feeling of freedom and calm, no rush to do anything, we had time to do every little thing we missed whilst being apart. Mornings were my favourite, no special reason, although there were some perks about it: it was the start of the day, the excitement of doing something new, waking up in his arms and living a normal life with a normal domestic routine for once, no jet-lag or hotel nights, just home. He was my home.

This morning I woke up in a tangle of limbs and sheets, just wearing one of his t-shirts and underwear while Chris was shirtless as always. He was sleeping on his side, facing away from the window and the few rays of sunshine peeking from it. I scooted near him quietly, trying not to wake him in the process, and rested my chin on his bare shoulder, drinking in his amusing appearance and letting my fingers lightly trace circles up and down his arm. He smiled, meaning that he was now fully awake, therefore I moved my arm to surround his torso and pressed my front against his back while bending slightly to whisper in his ear “good morning,love ”.

Chris smiled again, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach, even after four years, the connection never changed. I then pushed him softly on his back by his shoulders and straddled him, before laying on him, my arms on either side of his head and hands buried in his messy hair.
“Good morning to you, too” he chuckled, letting his hands wander up and down my sides, before settling on my back with a steady hold. I kissed him, slow, meaningful, my fingers stroking the hair at the back of his neck while I tasted his cherry lips. He hummed in the kiss and I pulled away, smirking when he pouted “I want more of that”
“You will get it, love, don’t worry” my laugh made him smile and he reached for my lips to connect them with his again in another long kiss. Oh, how much I loved him. I think I felt so incredibly in love with Chris that sometimes, it ached, and I didn’t know the reason. I just knew that when I stayed with him, I felt at home. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he was my best friend and my soulmate, I couldn’t even wait to spend the rest of my life with him, no one and nothing else could compare. Although, knowing that he felt just the same, warmed my heart in a way impossible to explain.

“Wanna hop in the tub for a long, lavender scented, hot bath?” he asked after we parted and stared into each others eyes for a while, whilst my hand stroked his cheek, him relaxing into my touch. I nodded excitingly, grinning and giving him a peck on the lips before jumping off of him and going to prepare the bathtub. What I didn’t know was that he was lovingly looking at me, staring at my frame moving in the other room as he watched, laying on his elbow, with a smile plastered on his face. Chris observed me while I did my chores and then proceeded to brush my hair and teeth, following my usual routine. When the water was warm enough, I took all my clothes off and as he looked at my naked frame, hopping in the tub, he felt his heart skip a beat. He felt so lucky and honoured knowing I was only his, but he still needed a while to let me understand that. When he got up, looking in the mirror, he tried to adjust his hair, failing miserably. I was already in the tub when he came up at the bathroom door, leaning on the door frame and looking at me as if I was an angel on earth. I had put my hair in a messy bun, trying not to get them wet with the bathtub’s water, but some strands of hair had fallen on my face, which I repeatedly moved behind my ear. I was surrounded by bubbles, but for him, I looked perfect.
“Care to join, Mister Evans?” I asked, blushing a little when he chuckled, shaking his head.

Chris then proceeded to take off his only piece of clothing and enter in the tub behind me, almost letting the water get out. I then leaned on him, positioning my head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of warmth around me, his strong arms holding me tightly. Chris sighed contently, taking one of my hands in his, looking at them intertwined out of the water.
“You know, I had an amazing plan for us today: a walk in the park, a picnic..” he kissed my neck once “but these moments, God, I would give my life for them.” I smiled and closed my eyes when I felt his lips return in their previous position, peppering kisses all over my skin. I turned my face enough to press my head gently against his, kissing his jaw.
“I’m so in love with you, it hurts” he mumbled and I chuckled, tightening my grip on him as if my life depended on it.
“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, but yet I know that tomorrow I will”

If there’s one thing I hate more about the MCU fandoms continuing analysis and dissection of Civil War than the constant need by anti Tony stans to twist his actions and motivations to make him look like a bad guy, it’s this bizarre insistence that there has to be a bad guy other than Zemo. Not just in a ‘this side is ideologically wrong‘ sense, but in a sense that the MCU fandom just can’t handle the idea of a superhero movie where the protagonists disagree with, argue and fight each other without turning one of them into the antagonist.

For one thing, it shows how shallow fandoms can be and how fandoms never seem to acknowledge nuance as a thing in movies, TV shows or whatever else. For example, Kylo Ren is a deeply disturbed character who seems to want to be as evil as he can be to live up to his grandfather to the point of killing his own father to impress Snoke. But the fandom seem to either reduce to him to just an emo version of Vader or, worst of all, make him out to be a Zuko type anti hero who is totally redeemable and should totally get together with a girl who he tortured. Yeah, that kind of ‘analysis‘ bugs the hell out of me.

Mainly because it undermines what makes Civil War such a great movie. That being: both Steve and Tony have their points, but whose arguments and actions for most of the movie are driven more by reactionary emotion than any kind of logic or sense of the greater good.

Tony tries his best to do what’s best for what he sees as the greater good mainly out of personal guilt and PTSD eating away at him more than anything else. Eventually leading to the ending where Tony’s damaged psyche finally snaps from emotional agony. He does keep trying to do the right thing, but mainly to finally shake off a sense of guilt he’s never been able to deal with.

And Steve doesn’t do much better. Yes, at first, his motivations seem logical. His reasons for saying no to the Accords are personal, but they have logic behind them. But  he’s driven mostly by emotion the moment Bucky enters the picture. And I’ve already made another post about this, but I cannot stress this enough: Captain America in this movie is doing what he’s always done: what he believes is right and damning the consequences. He will follow orders, but if thinks his orders are wrong, he will disobey them and he will fight the system if he thinks it’s wrong. That’s what he does here. Only here, not only does that not solve anything, it makes everything worse. He gets Rhodey crippled, he breaks Tony’s heart, Bucky goes under cryosleep again, and most of the Avengers are now fugitives. All because of Steve.

TL;DR Neither Steve nor Tony were the bad guys in Civil War. They were on the opposing sides of a political debate that got out of hand because both of them let their emotions get the better of them.

Friends (Part 2)

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I was listening to Scared To Be Lonely (x) by Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa while writing this. So many feels. Oh and I chose a random name for the VS’s model mentioned in the first part because I didn’t want to include a specific girl.

~Harry and you are friends with benefits and then you start to feel more than you should~

Pair: Harry Styles and reader.

Warning: sex mentioned and language.

This part is from Harry’s point of view.

Part 1

Harry wasn’t used to being with women like you. He had been with many before, but not a single one of them made him feel like you do. He wasn’t expecting a relationship, that was true. But it would be lying if he said he didn’t care about you. 

You and him met at a friend’s birthday party. You caught his eyes from across the room. You weren’t dressing up to stand out in the crowd but there was something about you that drew him in. He wasn’t sure if it was the confidence you showed when you talked to other people, or the way you threw your head back and laughed at a joke. He just knew that the moment your eyes caught his curious gaze from across the room and you smiled, he wanted nothing more than you naked in his bed when the sun went up. 

He found you very attractive. That was why he kept coming back for more after what supposed to be a one night stand. It wasn’t because you were the sexiest woman he’d ever laid eyes on, because most of his exes were those who appeared regularly on magazines’ front covers. But you were always more special. You were beautiful inside out and you are so smart. The way you looked at things differently, how you would always argue with him, how you’d prefer to stay in and read a good book, how you always challenged his temper and drive him insane, all of those things turned him on. Most of the women Harry’d been with were the opposite of him. You were more like his female version. He felt like he could tell you anything without being judged because you understood him. But from Harry’s own experience, he wasn’t good at handling a romantic relationship. He thought “it would be different this time" so many times in the past but never once it turned out to be true. So he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be more with you or he just enjoyed having you as a part of his life with no strings attached.

Harry agreed to go out with that model, Emily, just to prove to himself that he didn’t have “more than friends” feelings for you. She was blonde, skinny, tall and beautiful, like all the girls before. He thought Emily was sweet. She loved to laugh and she was very kind as she talked about her family most of the time. He enjoyed his dinner date with her. He didn’t tell you about Emily because he thought he didn’t need to, but he felt like he should have.

“M'sorry…but I cannot tell yeh what yeh want t’hear,” Harry had said to you. And those were honest words. He couldn’t have said no and he couldn’t have said yes either. Harry saw it coming when he said that. You kicked him out and told him not to come back. The one thing that he regretted most after was to do exactly what he was told. 

He left.

It had been almost a month of no phone calls or text messages from you. Harry was struggling. He never went on a second date with that girl Emily. He ended things with her before they could even begin. The first week without you wasn’t that hard for Harry. He would just keep himself busy during the day though when came the night, the thought of you would come haunting him. And the time after that first week was just torture. Whatever happened to him during the day he would think about telling you first but then he remembered you two had stopped talking. He would spend his nights at the bar and often ended up going home with a girl who almost looked like you. But he could never find one who made him feel the same. Harry didn’t want to be lonely but it seemed like he would always feel lonely unless it was you kissing him and touching him and calling out his name. He missed you he finally admitted to himself, not just the sex, all of you.

Harry had to stop himself from calling you every night, until one night when he was alone in his room and he was so drunk that he could not fight it anymore.


His heart stopped when he heard your soft voice on the phone. He missed hearing the sound of his name on your lips. 

“Pet…yeh still up?”

“Why are you calling me at this hour? Are you drunk?”

“I miss yeh.”

“We’re not doing this anymore.”

“No…Yeh get it wrong. M'not missing yeh ‘cause I’m horny…ugh…I’m kind of horny…but…” he said and laughed drunkenly. He heard you sigh and he could imagine your face with your eyebrows furrowed and your pink lips pressed together.

“You cannot call me when you’re drunk and bored again. We’re over, Harry. Go to sleep.”

We can never be over. Yeh know tha’,” he said almost out of breath.

“What do you want?”

“Can we please just…go back to normal?”

“What is normal, H? Tell me. Because i’m sure two friends fucking each other clearly isn’t.”

“We won’t have t’fuck. Let’s just be friends…”

“No H. I’m sorry.”

Harry didn’t understand why you were apologizing when it’d been his fault from the beginning. Maybe you were apologizing for having feelings for him when you both had made an agreement not to fall for each other. For the first time since he met you, Harry felt confused and desperate. He needed you. He finally knew he did.

“Love-” Harry started but you ended the call. He didn’t get a chance to tell you what he was thinking. And maybe what he was thinking wasn’t your concern anymore.

Part 3

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  • What the fandom does: writes 10000X more langst fanfics and posts than any other angsty character *cough* keith *cough* *cough* shiro *cough* allura *cough* pidge *cough* and draws more than enough fanart of homesick lance needing/wanting to be cradled and problematically getting angry at socially inept keith who can't talk to people except shiro, somewhat. And therefore, bringing further complaints about langst and how he doesn't deserve it, while cackling in the corner and writing even more langst.
  • me (who sees through it all and is tired of the fandom making lance the angsty one when keith literally has no relatives that want anything to with him or have been forcibly taken away from him and therefore has had no interactions on a degree of being loved or appreciated. His only focus being a pilot because there is nothing else for him and lance calling him out like a bad guy when keith never meant to do any harm and was doing the only thing he was good at and knew how to do. Not only Lance making Keith being the bad guy for being the best pilot, BUT THE FANDOM AS WELL. Then getting kicked out the garrison for probably asking questions about the classified kerberos launch, and in turn, disabling him to do the one thing he was probably best at and ever enjoyed, period. While he was left, again, alone to fend for himself in a godforsaken desert with no interaction with people, ensuring him to be even more socially inept ... Then realizing that he is part galra, which starts the whole "i am evil" complex, along with him being unsure of who his mother is and what her intentions are now. Leading to inner turmoil and self doubt and self exhaustion of him being left out against the group, AGAIN, and being unsure who he really is supposed to be. Then, Shiro pulling the 'I want you to lead Voltron' card which creates even further stress for Keith because he now has to be sure enough to not only take care of himself, but now his team. When he is only 16. Everyone not being supportive, at first, of him being team leader while he doubts his OWN SELF. Clone Shiro comes in and undermines Keith just when he gets the hang of things, creating an inferiority complex. MEANWHILE the fandom has Lance being OVER analyzed for missing home, rain and, although he canonically thinks he's not useful, forgets to point out he's now Keith's right hand man. Not to mention, no one appreciates that Keith is an overall better pilot than lance - sorry lance stans - and that's a CANON FACT ): Could you not?
Katrina stans. Erasure in fandom

When I check the Into the Badlands tag I often see people who are / were watching the show solely for its supporting  white characters and supporting white ships – either they stan the Widow or Jade or Quinn or ship Jade x Ryder. And… Into the Badlands, with all its faults (looking at you s2 finale), is a show lead by two Asian male leads, a show with a central romantic storyline (s1-2) featuring a Black woman and an Asian man.

And it’s not like I want to say that the Widow / Jade / Quinn or Jade x Ryder are not worthy of stanning or that people aren’t allowed to like them, but the thing is that all the above are far from being rarity in media and fiction – you can find those kind of white characters and white ships in almost any given Western book, film, tv show. Whereas MK, Sunny and Veil are the examples of those few representations that we have. Sunny and MK being Asian male leads in a genre show on big US network is unheard of, they are unique. SunnyVeil as a Blasin (AM/BW) couple centering romantic storyline of seasons 1-2 is rarity.

And it reminded me of something – of those Katrina stans from Sleepy Hollow. You know, that show that had a great first season and a disastrous continuation after.

Abbie Mills is not the first Black woman lead on US TV (though she’s shamefully close to it), but she was a main lead on a genre show, and in 2013, that was unheard of. […]
Simply put, The Sleepy Hollow fandom was the first major genre TV fandom that was not explicitly white dominated. - Diversehighfantasy

Abbie Mills as a Black woman lead was important representation, and not just for Black women fans but to all of us. And yet, there still were the part of the audience that watched the show for a supporting white character Katrina Crane and supported the romantic storyline between Katrina and her estranged husband Ichabod (the show’s male lead). These people hated Abbie and wanted her gone off the show or become a supporting character to Katrina’s lead. The thing is that Katrina is a character that you can find by opening any book, by turning on TV and seeing in any show, you can go to a theatre and pick almost any play or a movie and you’ll see a Katrina and Ichabod x Katrina romance. So the defining feature of Katrina stans is that they are people who want the status quo – they watch the diverse films / shows, read the diverse books and latch onto the generic white characters and relationships that one can find in any genre of any piece of Western media / fiction.

You can find Katrina stans in any fandom, really. They are the Westallen / Richonne / Ichabbie haters who ship the white ships with the white men from those respective fandoms. They are the Rey.los, they are the Maggie/Daryl shippers. They are the people who claim that Finn is nothing more than a comic relief character, while Kylo is the “true male lead of the SW”. They are the people who insist that Scott is not the true lead of TW, but Stiles is. They are the people who watch Into the Badlands for its supporting white characters, they are the people who watch Cleverman for Iain Glenn only, they are the people who watch Marco Polo for its white male lead and couldn’t care about anything else in the show, they are the people who will watch Black Panther for M@rtin Freeman only. Katrina stans are people who erase Blade, John Luthor and Luke cage from their own canon narratives.

They are the Cl@lecs and J@lecs. And no, the latter are not “progressive” just because they’re not erasing Alec’s sexuality, like the former homophobes do. Because as rare LGBT representation is even nowadays, the shows featuring white gay lead characters and white gay / LGB relationships are still more represented than the shows featuring non-white gay characters and gay / LGB ships of color. I can name dozen of shows off the top of my head right now that star white gay characters and have central white gay / LGB romance. I can only name two that feature Asian GB characters – Shadowhunters and HTGAWM, and Oliver was a recurring / background character in s1-2.

Katrina stans are the people who erase characters of color from their own canon narratives. A person doesn’t need to be white to be a Katrina stan. They just need to support racist patterns of erasure and prioritize whiteness. “It’s really easy to be a little bit racist.” ©

And to a point I can see where these Katrina stans are coming from – never having the luxury of racial representation, from my very childhood I’m used to watching shows and films or reading books for one background character of color (not even an Asian character in particular, just the ones they can offer), who rarely has a central storyline, and is lucky enough if they don’t die horribly in the middle of the story. And you learn to cherish even those scrapes of representation they give you.

That’s why it hurts seeing when white fans, or fans with white worldview (not necessarily white themselves) try to erase those little scrapes of representation that we are starting to have.  It’s not about “ship wars”. It’s about racial erasure. Racism hurts and it is always personal to a person of color.

White fans who indignantly ask “why does it matter what color of skin those character have?!” really don’t understand the mere concept of what it’s like never seeing yourself represented on screen / in fiction. They remind me that legend about “Let them eat cake” saying – the rumor states that when French queen Marie Antoinette was informed that the poor country people had no bread, she replied, “Then let them eat pastry!” The moral of the legend is that with all the luxury surrounding her, she didn’t know the mere concept of starving and having nothing but bread to eat.

White fans having the luxury of representation surrounding them everywhere they look, simply don’t get that we don’t have the metaphorical pastry. We barely can afford a loaf of “bread”, we don’t have the luxury of choice. So, basically Katrina stans are the people that come to your home, steal your last and only loaf of bread and then innocently wonder why are you mad.

If we continue the food metaphor, imagine this: you live in a world where all the bakeries offer only one pastry – the jelly bean cake. You like the jelly bean cakes, but you also crave for a raisin cake, after all, you are a raisin person. But you are surrounded with jelly bean people, so you adapt. You eat the jelly bean cakes. And when you’re lucky you see a jelly bean cake with one raisin in it, and you are the luckiest person alive, you buy the jelly bean cake with that single raisin and you eat the whole cake and cherish that one raisin. And then one day the bakery bakes a jelly bean cake with lots of raisins! You’ve never been happier. But then you see how jelly bean people come into the bakery, they buy the raisin cake, they take out the jelly beans and throw away the raisin cake into the trash bin. All in front of the baker, and then they make complaints about the raisin cake to the baker, because there aren’t enough jelly beans in it, even though the shelves of the bakery are full of jelly bean cakes.

That’s how I feel.

And if someone takes this post as a personal attack and “policing the fandom”, congratulations, you’ve missed the whole point.

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What do you think of Jack Kirby? Ya' ask me, he definitely deserves the title of King of Comics, and Marvel and Stan Lee definitely screwed him over.

My favorite comic of all time is Fantastic Four. Do you even need to ask?

One skill I think is undertaught, and which Kirby had in spades, is the ability to tell a story smoothly with the panels, the “film school” ability to make still panel shots “cut” together to tell a story. Being a comics artist is like being a director. For instance, Kirby is one of the earliest artists to not need “transition captions,” that is to say, the often parodied “Meanwhile…” If you cut your panels correctly and pace correctly, transition captions are unnecessary. That’s the visual language that Kirby was a master of, and everyone else imitated. (I’ve never liked narrative captions unless they express information that can’t be seen in the panel, like giving information for all five senses. Anything else is the writer “competing” with the artist.) 

Likewise, his comics were smart enough to never use what in film they call “dutch angles,” a tilted camera that gives a sense of unreality; unless you have a specific intent in mind, never ever tilt the horizon. Basically, if you want a free course on comic storytelling, read Kirby and see how he does it; it reminds me of how Orson Welles caught on to the language of film by watching John Ford’s Stagecoach over and over and over.

With really important creative people, people always point to tangible, surface-level texture details about why their work works, like Kirby with his dramatic splash pages and “energy” (feet being five feet apart whenever someone throws a punch), or Joss Whedon’s quippy dialogue, self-awareness, and willingness to “invert tropes” (his stories work because they are structurally good, not because of the dialogue, which is surface-level, and his trope subversion always answer the question the story asked and are not an end in and of themselves), and how people dwell on Rod Serling’s gift for “twist endings” over his gift for lunch-pail, unsexy structure. But people respond to these things without being aware of what it is. For instance, ever notice that you can sit down and devour issue after issue of Kirby’s Fantastic Four, but it’s a slog and stop-and-go to read more than one or two issues at a time of comics from the 1950s?

Kirby is great not because of his energy or design for machines, although he did very well at both, but how he figured out how to turn comic panels into a story. In fact, I think the texture level things are maybe the least interesting elements of Kirby. People talk a lot about Kirby’s idiosyncratic inking style when he inked his own work, the so-called “Kirby Crackle,” mostly because it is easy to make fun of and duplicate like the comic equivalent of doing an impression of Jack Nicholson or William Shatner. But Kirby’s art, rated on sheer draftsman ability, always looked so much more polished and clean and beautiful when it was inked by Joe Sinnott, maybe the great unsung hero of Fantastic Four.

Nothing is more boring than resurrecting ancient, long-dead fandom arguments, but I’ve never, ever gone along with the Gary Groth/Comics Journal 1980s idea that “Jack Kirby did everything, Stan Lee did nothing.” Kirby reminds me a lot of George Lucas: unquestionably brilliant and with his own voice, but someone who works best when paired with collaborators who reign him in and bring out the best in him. Nobody achieves success on their own. I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial when I say that Jack Kirby’s best works were the ones he did with a plotter.

If Kirby can be compared to George Lucas, than his 70s DC books were basically his Episode One. Like Episode One, the hype could not have been higher: these books were called “Marvel-killers,” but they were canceled after 20 issues. You know how people say “the book was better?” The Fourth World was extremely derivative of a much better and more fascinating book, maybe my favorite science fiction novel of all time, Roger Zelazny’s “Lord of Light.”

The Fourth World, I think, had a few interesting ideas, but it failed at “the basics,” which is why people don’t respond to it, and why nobody ever lists Fourth World comics as their favorites or shell out big bucks for an Orion or Lightray action figure. Remember that great Red Letter Media review of Episode One where they asked you to identify who the protagonist was for that movie? You can’t do that to New Gods. RLM’s great review of Episode II made a fascinating and under-analyzed point about the need, in overly complex scifi worlds, to have a fish out of water character to analyze what’s going on around you, otherwise you get lost…another lesson in the basics which Fourth World could have benefited from, too. Almost all the characterization in Fourth World is “tell don’t show” stuff, like how in this panel, we are TOLD Glorious Godfrey is a smug sophist who manipulates words…but who doesn’t actually do or say anything a sophist would.Nobody ever has to tell us that the Thing is a gruff, tough-minded guy with an outsize personality and a bad temper, who can be almost a childlike softy sometimes…we are SHOWN it.

Also, Thanos is cooler than Darkseid.

One thing that always makes me kind of sad in books and in fanfiction is when the author has the exact same “tone” no matter what character they’re writing for. In my experience, it can be so much more engaging if the word choice, phrasing, etc. changes to match the perspective of the character we’re using–even if not writing in first person.

There are so many ways that you can reflect this change in mindset between characters, even just little things like how other characters are identified.

For example, in my Phineas and Ferb fanfiction:
Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s POV: “Heinz opened the door.”
Major Monogram’s POV: “Doof opened the door.”
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz’s POV: “Dad opened the door”
Perry the Platypus’s POV: “Dr. Doofenshmirtz opened the door.”

All are third-person point of view, but they’re different based on how the characters view Doof. Internally, he just sees himself as “Heinz”. Likewise, Vanessa doesn’t think of him as “Dr. Doofenshmirtz”, she just sees him as her dad.

When describing what Perry is doing, I might call him a “meat brick” from Candace’s perspective, but never from Phineas or Doof’s.

When writing a scene from Doof’s POV, I always try to include more rambley little asides that are only tangentially related to what is going on. Not just in his dialogue, but even in the description of the setting and action. While I’m writing from his perspective, I’m also writing from his worldview.

Bronze. It was BRONZE. Heinz could hardly contain his disgust. So stone and granite weren’t good enough? Roger was having them erect a giant BRONZE statue of himself in front of City Hall? How much had that cost? How much bronze did it take to equal a twenty-foot-tall Roger Doofenshmirtz? Where does Roger get the money to blow it on silly things like that? he mused, carefully aiming his Twenty-Feet-Lower Inator.

Isabella’s perspective is straightforward and practical, but gets a little flowery and unreliable whenever describing anything related to Phineas…. 

“No, of course not,” Phineas said in a reassuring tone. He was so brave. “Perry’s still got his spurs, but he’d never sting us. I wonder why he’s acting like this. Usually he loves digging out food, even if he’s not very hungry. Maybe something happened while he was away? Maybe we should just forget all about this project and just run away together forever.”


“I said maybe our simulation isn’t accurate enough. Are you okay? It looked like we kind of lost you there for a second.”

Perry’s perspective is serious and to the point, Candace’s perspective is drenched in anxiety and hyperbole, etc. The way a character looks at the world should affect how the world is described when you’re writing from their point of view.

I know I’m leaning heavy on Phineas and Ferb here, but it works across all fandoms and it’s really something I wish more fanfic writers would pay attention to. A scene written from Stan Pines point of view should look very different than one written from Pacifica Northwest.

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How do you like Mark?? Likes so fucking scared of everything and honestly os just attention seeking lmao and has barely the same talent as Yoongi from BTS or Jiyoung from Bigbang

i just shat my pants reading this ask. *cracks my knuckles* whoever you are, i don’t get why you’re comparing your favourites who’ve done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this comparisons & im sure they wouldn’t want a fan like you to be making fun of idols like that because it’s tough being an idol & every single one of them, i repeat EVERY SINGLE ONE of them dedicated most of their lives just to be an idol. just to please fans like you and to compare idols like they’re toys? no honey, that’s not how it works. they worked their ass off for their dreams and goals; because they wanted to pursue their passion. i’m an army too and i’ve been there ever since their debut & bigbang & jiyong? they’ve always been the kings of the kpop industry, and i know how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are now and i’m super proud of them, but i don’t go around throwing shade on other fandoms & idols, rubbing it in their faces that “xxx from xxx group is so much better why do you like xx”. dude if you’re that capable go head over to korea right now and go spend one quarter of your life training, trying to fit in into the industry & having to appeal and be accepted by the netizens & public. it’s hard. especially people and ‘fans’ like you who like to pull them down when they’re clearly trying their best. please dont be so ignorant and think from an idol and their fans’ perpective, would you like it if i go around trying to spread hate about your favourites, pulling them down and finding flaws in them which NORMAL PEOPLE normally have? if you have so much time on your hands please spend it wisely to think over what you’re doing. and if you don’t like mark (or any other groups because they’re not as talented as you think your favourites are) then please get your ass off my blog and keep your hate and mean comments to yourself

also, answering your question. i love mark for who he is and his personality. i’ve talked to so many other kpop fandom mutuals who don’t even stan nct but they recognise mark too. why? because an idol who doesn’t give up, and if i have to say, he’s one of (or the) busiest idol who’s been constantly promoting since last year (or even when he was a rookie in 2015) he’s only debuted for a year and he’s written many songs, participated in a few collaborations & a few shows. despite all that, he’s never once been arrogant about his work & has never complained about having to work so much, instead, he’s more than happy and grateful that he’s always given so many opportunities to get his & nct’s name our there. him, being a rather shy and innocent boy, took up the courage to join a high school rapping program, which the other contestants had no idea who he was at first & he was completely alone. not to forget he was the only idol there? can you imagine the amount of nervousness & uneasiness surfaced within him because of the tremendous pressure he was facing? and to bring in the fact that mark has a rather low self confidence; he’s one of the most humble & genuine idols (or people) i’ve ever seen and he thinks of others more than he thinks about himself. he’s said many times that he’s working on his self confidence & he’s trying his best to be more confident in the things he does and he managed to have the confidence in going on the program & even getting to the finales; you see this personality of his’? he never gives up; never. even in shows where there’s games where it isnt even relevant at all, he’d keep trying until he actually succeeds in that game. attention seeking? you obviously don’t know mark. how can someone who still fumbles with his words and doesn’t even speak during interviews (unless he’s asked to or needs to) attention seeking? if you notice and observe (which you clearly didn’t) mark’s always smiling at the members when they have the attention instead and he’s someone selfless who tries to take care of the people around him. please don’t call him names like that when you don’t know him well. oh and talent? my boy right here has been working hard since he was a child and he flew to korea from canada (which he misses dearly but was willing to give up for his dream) to chase his dreams to become someone others will recognise. he’s improved a WHOLE lot from where he started and i can never be more proud of him. if he isn’t talented why would sm put him in every nct unit and make him participate in so many songs and tracks? im going to tell you here that this boy can dance, rap, sing, play the guitar, is flexible, and is one of the most nicest people out there. and ‘is scared of everything’?? i didn’t know idols couldn’t have fears too!!! are they gods or deities that are capable of doing everything? clearly not. they’re humans too. why would you want to make fun of his fears which im sure someone else would have too

so please don’t go around hating on him and comparing him to other idols because he’s just like them and for god’s sake, he’s still considered a rookie so give him time to grow & learn (just like how your favourites did), you can’t expect a newly grown plant to bloom overnight right? i mean after all these and you still hate mark then so be it, i can’t change anything but please leave my blog i dont need such negativity about mark on a mark blog

Mini Kadi Shippers/Supporters’ Survey Result

I would like to thank everyone for taking their time to respond to this survey. Your contribution is much appreciated. Anyway, this might sound a bit formal. But as long as I deliver the message, aite?

This is a mini kd shippers/supporters survey. I asked a question and collected responses which were consisted of a statement(s). I managed to collect a total of 99 responses in a span of 10 days.

Question:  i have an honest question. i’m really curious. who re u guys that ship/support kd? ks stans, ji stans, ex0-l, non-ex0-l, not even into kpop?

Next, I’ve analyzed the data using a simple coding method (use in a qualitative study). I’ve extracted a few important points from the data and divided it into two main categories - Group Stan & Bias. The subcategories were determined based on the amount of the same response

Group Stan - (1) EX0.L, (2) Non-EX0.L and (3) Not Stated
Bias - (1) Jong.in, (2) Kyung.soo, (3) Jong.in & Kyung.soo and (4) Others

The unit used in the result is counted as per response [x/99].

1st Category: Group Stan

I think the highlight of this result is the Non EX0.L. Altho it’s not many of them but I find it interesting that Non EX0.L take an interest in kd. These were some responses from the Non EX0.L.

º im not ex0.l anymore and if it weren’t for kd i wouldn’t be here (in the fandom)
º just kai.soo-l. im not into kpop or ex.o anymore… i just exist here now just for kai.soo. tho i still go to ex.o concerts but just to see kai.soo.
º I’m not a EX.O fan but I believe Kai.soo are dating 
º not really an ex0.l i literally only went to ex0.rdium to see them both c: 
º …I’m a bt.s stan irl 
º Im an ar.my but i’ve been shipping kai.soo almost since the beginning :) they are The only ship that I actually believe is real

The ‘Not Stated’ subcategory is self-explanatory. I believe it doesn’t affect the result that much.

2nd Category: Bias

Ks bias and ji & ks bias share the 1st spot on the chart with a total of 33 responses, respectively. I find it quite shocking. I expected that there would be more of ks bias since I’ve only heard many kd shippers are ks bias.

It is expected from my pov that there aren’t many kd shippers that biased ji, which I also find it interesting. Perhaps this has anything to do with his popularity among ifandom? Or they are more of them that ship other otp like se.kai etc? Mybe his past dating scandal affected stans in some way? //shrug.

The least frequent answers fell under ‘Others’; consisted of those who doesn’t bias ji and ks, bias all ex0 and not stated specifically.


As per stated in the title, the result represent kai.soo shippers and supporters. This is not a proper survey since the data are varied and I’ve only managed to extract few points when they could have been more. So take this survey as it is~ Anyway, it was a fun mini survey and I also had fun analyzing the data! Click ‘Keep reading’ to check out all of the responses.

That’s all for now. Thank you and have a nice day :)

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I wish Ladies Code had a bigger fandom. I WISH more than anything for these girls to make it huge. Their accident doesn’t define them, and they’re not letting it stop them reach for the sky. They have continuously brought out hit after hit. Not a single one of their songs is bad. They also sound amazing live, and the choreography is always so cool. Stan. Ladies. Code.

The types of stans in panic! fandom, a summary
  • Brendon stans: Brendon Urie!!! Daddy!!! Who is Ryan Ross?
  • Ryan stans: I love and support Ryan Ross with my whole heart but I wish he'd return from war
  • Spencer stans: Look at this speb. He is softe. Everyone should love and support each other <3
  • Brenties: what has Brent Wilson ever done wrong? Name one thing? Oh, he stole money from a fan once? Name two things Brent Wilson has ever done wrong
  • Jon stans: peace, love, happiness, and flip flops for all worldwide
  • Dallon stans: when will the tyrant urie pay our dad more than a leaf, that is not enough to nourish his family
The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/19/2017

Alrighty, fam. Today is the second official Riverdaily Rundown. Isn’t that exciting? I’m excited. 

‘cept this one ‘bout to be short as fuck ‘cause nothing legit happened today. It’s cool though! I got some cute aesthetics and gifs wrangled up from today!

So we got a lot more pictures of the cast filming, today! Technically, some of them are pictures from yesterday, but they went around the fandom, today! So, ima mention ‘em anyways.

One of the photos running around featured Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) in their “loner-weirdo nobody understands me” outfits (x). 95% sure that Toni’s jacket is not a Serpent Jacket, but I’m wrong more often than Donald Trump so who knows? Not me. @sprousehart-stan

There was also a video of Toni and Jughead near motorcycles. In fact, Jughead was on a motorcycle in this vid-

Sorry, I forgot what I was saying. The image of Jughead Jones on a motorcycle killed me for a second. Anyway, Juggie might get a motorcycle. He could just be testing one out, but I’d really like to think he gets one this season. CLICHÉS BE DAMNED! (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Here are a few other pictures from filming including Lili and KJ! (x) (x@sprousehartinvestigation @when-they-go-low


There’s a video of Lili leaving the set that one fan captured. Some of the fandom (not necessarily on Tumblr so it doesn’t really matter) is claiming that Lili was really rude for ignoring them. I ignore people on a daily basis and no one calls me rude. Not sure why they’re calling her rude when she waved to them. Probably because drama sells, kids. Drama. Sells.

Video (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

A fan hailed Cole down while he was driving to say hi and get a picture for his Camera_Duels instagram. While they failed to make it onto the page, they were rewarded with a great picture of Cole looking super confused with a toothpick sticking out of his mouth. (x) @hotsforbughead

In unrelated news, Cole may or may not have an oral fixation. Actually, he probably just wants to torture all of his fans. 

Cole, it’s working. 

THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS BACK! Cole posted a new, gorgeous photo on his instagram, today! If you haven’t done so already, stroll right on over to instagram and send him some love! If you don’t have an instagram, get one

Or take a look at this (x) post that @ruverdale shared. 

Lili blessed us with her insta story by posting her cute, but tired (probably?), face. She also gave us some info into where they’re filming! A HAUNTED HOUSE?! (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

@lilireinhart if you’re looking for extras, I’m pale enough to play the ghost. Hit me up.

Lili was also an angel for confirming that we won’t have to suffer through Jake Paul’s acting! Pretty much, he won’t be playing Betty’s brother like the rumors said! Sending you blessings, girl! Thanks for not letting the fandom get into a screaming match of hypotheticals! (x) @eedaasif 

Again, the Varchie side of the fandom was quiet! So sad! Also Cami and KJ were pretty quiet on social media! Hopefully this means they’re enjoying themselves and not that they’re exhausted from working too hard!

@veronicadvalle made this amazing gif (x) of Varchie though, so I’m not feeling too sad. (JK I’m still sad as fuck lol). 

Sprousehart Update!

Some fans on twitter claimed that they saw them in Whistler on a ski lift! (x) (x@freetimefase @wrightst3

Who knows if it’s true? Not me, I’m just the dumbass who compiles all this shit.

Content Creators

So since the show still isn’t out, we’re all basically living off of what Content Creators feed us. So here’s some new content!

@gogenevieveart gave us even more art of Mama Cooper and Mama Blossom. Thanks, girl! It’s so cute! (x)

@annsolnceva posts amazing fan art as well! I’m not going to link to any of it because they’re all so cute! I can’t choose just one!

More aesthetics! (x) (x@fiendfyrx @harlenquinzell

Text posts I relate to on a spiritual level! (x) (x@bettyluvsjuggie @riverdalevoid

Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened today! That’s a lot longer than I thought it would be! Cool.

Now, I’m off to get a lawyer to sue Cole Sprouse (and the entire Riverdale Cast) for killing me. See ya later!