or they could be

Imagine hugging Shawn and burying your face in his tshirt. He smells like a perfect mix of his cologne and clean laundry and him. You feel the muscles in his chest contract as he squeezes you slightly. In his arms, you feel so safe, and loved, and like everything just might be okay after all.

Kyungsoo has come so far.

He’s no longer that shy guy hiding in the corner, seeming almost expressionless and off putting. He interjects in conversations now, adding flavor with his humor and quick wit. He’s no longer just a singer. His vocal range and stability has well surpassed his “What Is Love” days. He models well. His photo shoots are filled with breath catching expressions of his beautiful face. He dances well. He not only keeps up with the main dancers of Exo but adds his own touch to every move, every technical tick. His acting is amazing. His range is wide and only growing, and he was awarded for it multiple times. He’s opening up to us and growing and expanding with each and every passing day.

I’m so proud of him, and so very greatful I get to see every new side of Do Kyungsoo.

When I was in middle school, my bus was extremely packed with kids. We’re talking 3 to a seat. So it was hard for me to find a seat if I didn’t rush to the bus as fast as I could. Sometimes it didn’t work and I’d struggle to find seating because seats were taken or kids who had room to move wouldn’t move. I was a really tiny person so I didn’t take up that much space, anyways. So I always found it frustrating that no one would move over.

But there was this one girl who was always so mean to girls she didn’t deem up to her standards or who weren’t her friends. She was always in peoples faces and wasn’t scared to be absolutely ruthless to them. I remember avoiding her typically. I wasn’t a specific target of hers but I knew to keep my distance, because I knew she’d be mean to me if I got too close.

One day the bus was so full and she was taking up one whole seat by sitting perpendicular to the bus seat, so her legs were all stretched out. I begged to sit next to her and she wouldn’t let me. I ended up somehow squeezing my way onto the seat. Next thing I knew I was pushed all the way across the isle cuz she had forcefully kicked me off the seat with both of her feet.

I always remember that instance when I think about her. I never held anything against her personally but I just knew she was awful when we were younger.

But what I am upmost flabbergasted about is how she is now. She’s a medical assistant at some clinic. She has a baby boy and a boyfriend who is the child’s father.

People are going to be trusting her with small medical procedures and information, and they will never know how horrible she was as a child. What in the world made her want to help people and be a trusted advocate for their health?? She adores her son is apparently a very good mother.

Her facebook bio says “live laugh love”. Like, do you ever go back and realize how mean you were to me? How mean you were to other people? And I know for a fact she had her own hardships but you aren’t “taking no shit from anybody” by bullying people. Which seemed to be her theme for being so awful. I knew a lot of girls who used that idea as a reason to be so mean to people.

I don’t really know how to sum this all up, but I guess it’s just interesting to see from the perspective of the bullied, to see their bully aim to help people later on. Which I’m glad about, I hope she does well and is successful. I hope she can provide for her son, and I hope her family is happy. I really hope she’s risen above her younger self, too. I guess it’s just that image of her kicking me off the seat will always linger around my perception of her.

fanon pynch

ronan *staring at adam*: you could make a religion out of this

canon pynch

adam *staring at ronan*: you could make a religion out of this


“See I can reach you!”
“You’re literally standing on my foot,” he laughed.

Thank you @yandesurei for the prompt! Sorry the colouring is not great I tried so many other things and it was one of those days where no matter how you coloured it just did not work XD. Hope you still enjoy cause it was super fun to draw out.