or they are supposed to be cool like cold

Small, slightly obscure, but really cool thing that happens in episode 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice that I don’t think a lot of people caught:

The snow.

They probably weren’t watching the weather forecast there in the first two shots, they were watching the news. This cold front came literally out of nowhere, as, like the announcer says, it was supposed to be a perfect day for hanami, ergo going for a picnic to watch the cherry blossoms. But instead, lots of snow.

Now, for those of you who live in colder areas, like myself, you probably just went “well, unseasonal snow happens sometimes, I remember once we had snow in mid-May.”

For those of you who live in warmer areas, you probably went “idk how snow works, so I guess that sounds legit???”


Snow in April on fucking Kyushu is beyond ridiculous, okay. They barely even get snow in the actual winter months. This is happening on April 11th - or even later - and they should be having temperatures in the 15-20°C/60-68°F range - or maybe even higher. And they probably were, before this. That’s why Yuuri’s so surprised and confused.

So why would they even bother including this?

Victor. It’s all about Victor.

In part, I suspect it’s a literary/poetry reference, even if I can’t quite place it, because “he came from the north, bringing ice and snow” is something of a universal literary image.

But mostly, it’s because, in Japanese, when someone does something highly unexpected and uncharacteristic, like, say, me cleaning my room, you express your surprise by saying “wow, does this mean it’s gonna snow tomorrow?”

And it didn’t just snow. It snowed a lot. It’s a reference to how ridiculously unexpected it is for Victor to wanna coach instead of skating himself, for him to show up in Japan out of the blue.

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List A Edition

Acidikinesis - Control Sloth

  • I have a personal vendetta against someone wildly more successful than me so I’m trying to make them lazy.
  • You don’t know how to relax so I’m literally filling you with laziness but you just won’t stop.
  • I work at an animal shelter and I sometimes make the animals fit what people are looking for by removing or adding laziness. You haven’t lived until you saw a cat with 0% laziness.

Aciukinesis - Control Sharpness

  • Did you know that most man made spheres are still more jagged than the earth itself? You haven’t experienced softness until you felt a perfectly smooth ball. There’s also not a lot of traction so please cup it in your hands.
  • I’m one of the only chefs here that doesn’t have some sort of hot or cold ability. But me being very clumsy, the ability to make all my knives dull saves my fingers a lot.
  • I keep making all the knives in the kitchen blunt so I can watch my parent-in-law get frustrated and lose their dominance over me.

Aerokinesis - Control Air

  • I can control the air but that doesn’t do a lot so I just got a few wind turbines for my property, so I get power for free. It’s a small win, but I like it. 
  • Sometimes I go to the beach and set up a kite rental booth while making it windy. It doesn’t make much but it helps with rent.
  • No one thinks that controlling air is that cool of a super power until I take it out of their lungs.

Aestatekinesis - Control Summer

  • I hate sweating so I made this summer really mild but it’s affecting my town’s farming economy.
  • I forgot that Alaska’s still supposed to be pretty cold in the summer and I may have made the ice caps melt a little more.

Aggressiokinesis - Control Anger

  • I work in tandem with a crisis clinic and so far, there isn’t a patient I can’t calm down.
  • My anti-aggression dog classes are the best in the business. I even stop by pet shelters.
  • I just love watching these people tear each other limb from limb with blind rage. I’m gonna be sad to see you go though.

Aidoskinesis - Control Humidity

  • One of the only things good about my powers is that I can make my boss’ office so humid they have horrible hair and sweat stains for their meeting with corporate. 
  • My greenhouse is always at the perfect humidity even in the dead of winter.
  • I’m gulty of making someone so humid they’ve taken off their shirt before. It’s a blessing.

Alcokinesis - Control Alcohol

  • You always get too out of hand with your drinking so I just take the alcohol content out of your drinks.
  • My coworker bugs the hell out of me and they’re going in for a company-wide drug test today. I made their breakfast have a healthy amount of alcohol.
  • It’s very fun to see someone pantamime being drunk when they think they are when in actuality I’ve taken all the alcohol out of their drink.

Amokinesis - Control Love and Desire

  • Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?
  • As a joke I was going to make my classmate fall in love with whoever came in next but you did and now I’m very jealous.
  • I make people forget about me when we break up so it’s easy on them but I can’t get rid of my own love for them, even when there’s no chance of getting back together ever now. 

Anthracokinesis - Control Coal

  • I like being alone so I move to Centralia and just turn off the surrounding coals when I’m walking over them. It’s very quiet but very smoky. I need to leave town to buy a gas mask.
  • I bought a bit of land and made a little mine before buying a truckload of coal and just stiking it in the walls. Then, I compressed it all into diamonds.
  • So my parents gave me a little tough love as a child and gave me a piece of coal one christmas. I’ll admit, I was a naughty child. But that piece of coal made me learn of my powers. It’s the only piece I’ll never manipulate anymore.

Antikinesis - Control Antimatter

  • No you can’t come to my antimatter dimension. It’s very private.
  • I think we had a good run, I’m just gonna get a black hole in here real quick.
  • I always wanted to visit Chernobl, good thing I can just sort of turn off the gamma radation and go for a walk. 

Argentokinesis - Control Silver

  • Whoops I’m in werewolf country better make all my clothes and stuff have silver mesh.
  • “Yes this is genuine gold” I say to someone when I took the silver content out of a ring.
  • So I don’t have the best impulse control. I made my rude neighbor’s prized dog into a silver statue and now it’s like… eighty sets of flatwear.

Arthrokinesis - Control Joints

  • I may be a very inactive person, but damned if my joints ever pop. I’m doing sprints anytime I feel like it.
  • I got too excited testing how much I could let my joints move and may have dislocated by shoulder. 
  • Yes, I tried to suck my own dick. Yes, I should have realized that there is actually bone stopping me from bending my spine like that. Don’t laugh at me.

Asterokinesis - Control Cosmic Energy

  • I’ve ascended to be the god of the universe and all I want to do is to stop being in charge and just have some time off for once.
  • I saw how much earth was desperate to meet other beings so I made some closer planets support life. 
  • I’m not just some giant being in space. I’m a regular person. I buy groceries, collect rocks, and I’m desperate for people to never know I made them. 

Astrakinesis - Control Astral Energy

  • I am nearly constantly disassociating. The good news is that I have like thirty dream selves I can be while the others go on autopilot. 
  • I can see spirits so I just deal with ghosts for a living. Most of the time they’re just confused.
  • I can work as a medium for ghosts to talk through but you roleplaying with your dead datemate is the last straw.

Astronkinesis - Control Remnants of Cosmic Substances

  • I realized that in my lifetime I would never see a mission to a star so I made some much closer to us.
  • I don’t feel like this world’s really going anywhere. I’m just gonna supernova the sun next weekend. 
  • My tarot card readings are always perfect and I sincerely want you to leave the country.

Atmokinesis - Control Weather

  • I am the best weather forecaster the world has ever seen. I work for a small town in rural country though. I think I have five hundred viewers on a daily basis? 
  • I always make sure my neighbor’s/parent’s/friend’s/etc farm gets the best weather.
  • My entrences are always punctuated with lightening and I love it.

Atomkinesis - Control Atoms

  • It’s like 3-D printing, only much better. Check out this awesome watch I made.
  • I hope you like nuclear wastelands, because that’s what you’re getting.
  • Surprise, your house is full of radon gas!it’ll stay that way until you do what I say.

Audiokinesis - Control Sound 

  • Nothing quite like a day of absolute silence when you have an audio processing disorder.
  • Movies are very fun to watch when I can make one character silent and just ad lib the dialogue.
  • The fact that I can chat style silence someone is the best.

Aurokinesis - Control Aura

  • I can see how people act before ever talking to them, that’s why you’re the only one in the room I’m going to talk to. 
  • Where I live, auras are very important. So I can easily hide among them as someone without giving an inkling of malice.
  • I personally hate you so now you get too radiate bad energy until you apologize. 

Aurokinesis - Control Gold

  • I’m allergic to what they use in fake gold but I have no money for good jewelry so I just make it gold after I buy it for cheap. 
  • It’s not quite the Midas touch, but I’ve pulled that prank before. 
  • I make golden jewelry and sculptures by making them out of clay/wood/etc and turning them into gold for huge profits.

Autumnuskinesis - Control Autumn

  • My hometown capitalizes on my love of pumpkins and sweater weather by becoming a destination for those looking to beat the heat but don’t want to own a down jacket. 
  • I can make things rot. So I rotted my neighbor’s garden a week before harvest. 
  • I make autumn immediately follow winter so now the world’s harvesting systems are fucked because I get pollen allergies. 

Avarikinesis - Control Greed

  • I’m trying to make the world fair by taking all the greed out of high-ranking officials but sometimes that was their only driving force and they have no actual job experience. 
  • I made someone comically greedy because being a superhero in a town in which no banks need protecting is boring.
  • I want so desperately to not have to take greed out of anymore people. It’s getting so tiring. I need to go on a vacation. 

Avikinesis - Control Avains

  • Having hawks fly to my aide when my boss was giving me shit in the parking lot was definitely a sweet move.
  • I may live in this cottage alone, but these birds are more than enough company. One of them just told me about someone who ate shit on pavement last week in a city ten miles away. It’s awesome.
  • “Bats fly, right? Why can’t I control bats?” “Please just let me do my work.” ‘What about bugs?” “Please go home.” “Do flying fish count?”
away from the sun

soulmate au 

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and soft angst
word count: 20.409
warnings: none
author’s note: this story involved a whole lot of research involving many topics (read on if you want to find out hehe). I tried to represent them in the best way I could, but there are probably a few inaccuracies, so I apologize in advance for that. anyway, this is just another long plot with a bit of cheese on the side. please enjoy :) 

Once every five years, when the June solstice arrives and graces the sky with the midnight sun, a comet dashes by.

It is more than just a blinking light that moves at an unhinged speed. According to what you’ve heard, it looks like it stills in the middle of the vastness of space, and its tail flickers and shimmies in long tendrils of vibrant colors full of meaning — a subtle force that speaks to the humans who look up to the stars and set their eyes on the glowing meteorite, unique but just as intense for every single gaze. It speaks of soulmates and fate, of heavy truths and indelible bonds.

Each person sees a different pool of colors. You’ve heard more than a thousand stories, of people who saw the colors of the fireplace and others who were seized by the soothing hues of woodland during dawn. You’ve read about colors that go from the red blush of a beach beneath the sunset to the ivory traces of a wintry hill covered in thick snow. The colors do not give them the name of their soulmates, but once they find their other half, they will see those rich tones reflected in their lover’s eyes.

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I’m lolling at all the people acting like Scanlan did absolutely nothing wrong when he left and was 100% the victim and has nothing to apologize for.

Scanlan had every right to leave the party and frankly I’m glad he recognized that he needed to leave and he needed time to get his head on straight. I’m really glad he was aware of that.

That doesn’t excuse the fact that he left by burning every bridge he had access to and he did it by insulting them with shit that objectively wasn’t true (Scanlan reducing the Feywild arc to “Vex’s daddy issues” was a crueler thing to say than literally anything Saundor said to her, especially because it came from someone she saw as a surrogate father).

Did Vox Machina do Scanlan wrong? Absolutely. 100%. They hadn’t been listening to him, the prank was mean and inappropriate, and they did give up quite easily whenever he lied to them (I find it difficult to blame them for that, but I can see why Scanlan would be upset about it).

But you can’t pretend Scanlan is an innocent little puppy who is completely blameless in this entire thing and Scanlan has yet to apologize for that fucking garbage he spewed at them. He apologized for leaving which was never the problem.

And good god, “They brought Kaylie to see his dead body, which he didn’t want!” How the fuck would they have known that? He never said a goddamn word to any of them about Kaylie except that he was worried about her when she got out of Westruun and Pike knew he wanted her to take care of Kaylie in the event of his death. At what fucking point were they supposed to intuit that he would be ashamed for Kaylie to see him like that?

And as for Percy’s ice cold burn on Scanlan, I don’t know if you guys noticed but during Scanlan’s story, he was talking about how he told Kaylie all about himself. How he opened up more to her than anybody else. And that’s cool and great and all, but he never indicated that he asked Kaylie about herself.

You know. The thing Scanlan was mad at VM for. For focusing on themselves.

Percy’s point was that either Scanlan didn’t ask (which he didn’t have to, Kaylie had already told him) or that even if Scanlan had asked, he apparently didn’t care enough to remember. He care about Kaylie, definitely, but not about her mother, who was definitely important to her.

It was also in no small part a burn on Sam Riegel himself. Sam had Scanlan care enough about VM to remember the names of their family members, but only because Sam had a cheat sheet he printed up because Sam definitely wouldn’t have remembered them himself. Taliesin correctly guessed that Sam wouldn’t remember a name mentioned once by Matt more than a year ago and called him out for it (and in fairness, I don’t think Taliesin remembered it either - I spotted him on his phone before he said it.)

At any rate, the situation isn’t black and white. Vox Machina isn’t entirely in the right. Scanlan isn’t entirely in the right. Scanlan has so far only apologized for the things he didn’t need to apologize for.  The twins have waved off Scanlan apologizing for things he does need to apologize for, and Pike, Percy, and Grog just don’t want to fucking hear it either way.

It’s going to take more than one episode for this to get smoothed over, assuming it ever does. I for one am excited to see where it goes.

super cool character headcanons meme

send me a character and i’ll tell you:

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to
  • the game they'd destroy everyone else at
  • the emoticon they’d use most often
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up
  • their favorite kind of weather
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle
You know what I’ve realized? The fact that we can’t unfeel something. We just get used it. Like suppose we’re sitting on a cold surface, it’s cool at first but then it starts getting warmer. It’s not that the surface suddenly got hotter, it’s just that we got used to the coldness. Or when someone gets stabbed with a knife. It hurts at first but then the pain disappears. It’s not that the knife is gone, it’s just that our body gets used to the knife piercing our skin. And now that I think about it, you know when you’ve been sad for so long that suddenly you don’t feel anything anymore? Not happy, not angry, just nothing. It’s not that the sadness is gone. It’s just that we’ve got used it. Or when someone keeps treating you like complete shit and after a while, you just don’t acknowledge it anymore cause you’re used to it. And that’s just really fucking sad. The fact that we get used to something so much that we completely forget it’s there.
—  3 am thoughts // D.P

bailci  asked:

solangelo first kiss? (where neither of them have ever kissed anyone before)

read on ao3

It’s during the summer. Another one of those days when Will drags Nico outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D.

Nico complains, because of course he does, but really he doesn’t feel any sort of reluctance. Even when the sun burns his legs, because they’re clothed in black jeans, and he has to squint when looking up at Will. Because he’s tall, and the sun is bright, and it kind of obscures his vision.

Not that he mentions that part.

“So what’s your actual plan here?” Nico asks, trying not to flush because Will’s hand is tight around his wrist, pulling him forward. The two of them are making their way through the Camp Half-Blood grounds, and when you get past the cabins and the hoards of people just arriving back for summer, there is so much green.

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Like Silver Glass

Part Two to this Part One!

ITS FINALLY HERE! The much awaited second installment to the Merman!Bucky fic that was originally a drabble, then grew to become a series is finally updated haha! I’m truly sorry for making you all wait so long, I’ve been in a weird funk lately which is why none of my fics have been updated and why I’ve been pretty silent over messages! Forgive me? Anyway I hope you enjoy xx

{also this music vid was inspiration for this part xx}

Chapter II - Wet Sand, Dry Sand 

Something calls for you. 

The wind whispering through the open window washes over your hot skin, brushing sure fingers through your loose hair and kissing your sticky temple, pressing cool palms to your burning cheeks and caressing its invisible lips against your ears. There’s an elemental inhale and –

The world narrows then stills. 

Thick silence engulfs you, like your head slipping underwater; your eyes softly close at the esoteric sensation swirling in your chest – ink in water, magic in blood, staining your insides. Awakened by the touch of invisible tender fingers your soul floats to a place far away, below crashing waves and rocky cliffs, down down to secret depths of blue darkness. Only once you’ve reached this place, sense the yearning that throbs under the deceptive layer of quiet peace, only then does the wind sing it’s song to you.

Go to him, it lulls in your ears like waves lapping at the shore, Go to himGo to him…Come to me, the wind hushes now with a new twist in its tone, Come to me

From the clench of your heart you know that the voice the wind carries is his. Basking in the brilliant belonging of his call you open your eyes and know that your soul is no longer yours. You feel it, feel him, in the very core of your being. There’s an elemental inhale and –

You go to him.

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anonymous asked:

got any headcanons about the batboys and their sleeping habits? :)

Dick Grayson is the sprawliest, floppiest sleeper in the world. He sleeps on silk sheets and rolls around the whole night and he hugs his pillow and probably tries to hug his mattress, and, when he’s sleeping alone, it is about 50/50 whether or not he will wake up with his head at the correct end.

I think he has a habit of overworking himself, especially when it comes to proving something to Bruce, but he’s getting better at actually listening to his body when it needs sleep. (Barring a crisis, of course.) These days he’s at a point where he’ll sometimes sleep a couple hours before patrol if he needs it. He is a big believer in naps.

I think he sleeps late, but is actually a morning person too, so he goes directly from “no don’t wake me I’m asleep” to “what’s for breakfast how’d you sleep do you wanna go outside do you think I should get a haircut??” 

Dick’s also the second heaviest sleeper out of all the Bat dudes.


Jason Todd is probably the most responsible Bat in terms of getting the right amount of sleep. When he’s doing well, I think he probably gets 6+ hours a night. 

How he sleeps really depends on how he’s going, in terms of stress and nightmares and how much contact he has had with Bruce, Batman, or the Joker recently. During his bad times, depending on his nightmares, I think he’d go long stretches without sleeping out of fear and sheer stubbornness. But that happens pretty rarely, and I think these days Jason tries hard to take care of himself.

Once he’s asleep, Jason’ll pretty much stay put for the whole night. He doesn’t roll around too much, but he does avoid sleeping on his back. His pillow almost always ends up on the floor.

As a kid Jason was probably a really light sleeper, but I think these days he sleeps a little more heavily. For a Bat, that is.


Tim is really bad at sleeping when and where he’s supposed to. He probably gets, like, 0.5 hours a night and tries to tell himself that it’s enough. And while he can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, that skill is not as helpful as you’d think. (I bet Tim would get really tired of waking up cold and bewildered with full-body muscle-cramps.)

When he’s in a bed, he’d be a pretty restless sleeper, but probably starts off on either his stomach or curled on his side. But he’s definitely one of those people that flips their pillow all night to get the cool side.

He’s definitely, definitely not a morning person. Can’t form words, probably has a couple different burns from sleep-making himself a coffee. I think he’s a heavy sleeper in the mornings, but in the night he’d always wake up at any sound.

If there was an award for best/worst bedhead, Tim would win.


Damian’s a tough one. I think he was probably a very light, very, ah, efficient sleeper in the League. But now that he’s comfortable in the Manor and feels relatively safe there, I think how he looks at sleeping would change. I love the idea of him sleeping like a regular kid, face smushed into the bed, arms flung out on either side, maybe mumbling into the sheets. Probably kicking out every now and again.

He probably used to get up a few times a night to check on Bruce, and also the perimeter, but that would be happening less and less. Especially because Alfred probably makes sure to let Damian see him set the alarm at night. Plus, y’know, Titus. 

And it’s pretty clear that Damian is not a morning, day, or evening person. Waking him up will get you the same scowl that any other interaction will get you, just with the added bonus of pillow-creases and embarrassingly flat hair. 

I do think he’s still a very light sleeper, but that will probably change the longer he lives at the Manor.


Bruce is a giant baby who is in constant need of a nap. Legit though, he probably wouldn’t be grumpy any more if he just got a solid night’s sleep. He takes up literally his whole king bed when he sleeps and he resents anyone touching his blankets for any reason, yes, Alfred, including waking him up.

He sleeps very late into the day and his sheets probably have to smell like lavender or else he pouts.

He is (somewhat ironically) the heaviest sleeper of the bunch.

“He isn’t the same. His eyes have grown cold and hard, like ice. He’s lost his spark. He’s lost who he was. He doesn’t know who he’s supposed to be anymore. A brother? A lover? A best friend? A soldier? A flirt? A son? He doesn’t know. He feels lost, and confused, and forgotten. He no longer knows the warmth of a family. He’s doesn’t remember his mother’s voice and it terrifies him. He misses his mother. He misses you all dearly. He misses what we used to be. Defenders of the universe sounded so cool at first, but then…” There was an inner sigh, and the paladins could feel her sorrow. “Help my cub, please. Help him find what he’s forgotten. He isn’t happy anymore. He is not the boy I picked up on earth, he’s not the friend you had at the garrison, and God knows he’s not the soldier he thinks you want him to be. He’s your comrade. He’s family. He’s blood. Save him.”

(I don’t know why I wrote this?? Too much time in the langst tag.)
(This is blue speaking btw)


Felicity: “That’s what I came here to say to you.”

Oliver:   “We’re usually on the same page.”

Felicity: “About a lot of things.”


Oliver was running through the forest. Everything was on fire. Thick smoke from the burning trees threatened to choke him, but he had to keep going. She was waiting for him. Oliver believed with all his desperate heart that she was still alive somewhere in the conflagration. It would take her from him if he succumbed to the heat and flames. He had to keep running.

“Oliver, you’re too late,” Chase’s voice suddenly echoed in his head. “You can’t save her. She is burning up. She is in agony, a charred blackened thing dancing in agony.”

Oliver tried to block Chase’s ghostly declaration. No, he told himself. She’s still alive. Chase is dead with a bullet in his head. She is safe.  His belief in that was unwavering. She would find a ways to survive.

Oliver increased his pace, running away from the dark phantoms in his head. The terrain was rough and uneven beneath his pounding feet. Burning branches were scattered all around him and he had to jump over them, ignoring the flames singeing his beard and eyebrows. A falling ember landed in his hair and Oliver slapped it away as it were a pyrotechnic insect. He didn’t know how long or how far he had run, but Oliver would sprint a million miles if need be to reach Felicity, to feel the cool relief that she was alive and safe.

He reached the top of a rise and Oliver’s heart stopped. Below him was a large meadow. It stretched out, seemingly to infinity. All of it was a raging inferno. Oliver felt the heat of it like a hot wall of madness reaching out to claim him. A scream was building from the bottom of his soul as he realized he found what he was running to.

A hundred feet a head, Oliver saw bodies on the ground. They were burning. He recognized John first. His leather jacket seemed to  have melted, creating a horrible second skin, blackened and oozing blood.  Rene and Dinah were next to him, clutching each other in a death grip, smoke and ash hovering over both of them. He saw Curtis, Lance, Slade , Samantha and Nyssa. All of them were lumps of charnel flesh.

Oliver frantically began searching for Thea and finally spotted her sitting up against the base of burning tree stump. She appeared to have welded to the bark. And next to her, stretched out on the ground, lay Felicity. Except for a few wisps of her beautiful blond hair, she was an unrecognizable mass of brightly burning flesh.

Oliver let out a soul wrenching scream, a sound that could tear down mountains and shatter the earth. “Noooo…” his voice wailed. “Noooo…”

As he continued staring at Felicity’s remains, she suddenly sat up and turned her smoldering face towards him. “Oliver, you’re too late,” she screeched at him. “You weren’t fast enough. Look what you did to me…”

Oliver came awake; the echo of his scream still bouncing off the Bunker walls. He was covered in sweat, as if the heat from his dream had followed him into wakefulness. Lying on his cot, Oliver’s breathing was rapid and his heart was beating hard enough to cause him physical pain. He lay there for a few minutes and tried to erase from his mind the horrible images he dreamed about. Finally, his breathing shallowed and his racing heart slowed down. A chill covered him like a cold blanket as the sweat on his body began to dry in the humid air of the Bunker.

When the last remnants of his dream left him, Oliver felt a cool relief and certain knowledge. Everybody was safe. Felicity was alive and back in his life. The team was safe. They had defeated Chase. William was safe and back in his life. Oliver clutched onto this reality as he lay in the darkness.

He supposed that Slade had earned some gratitude for leading all of them to the series of caves that provided shelter, a safe haven from the inferno Chase created with his bombs. Oliver still didn’t know how to feel about Slade. The man had so altered his life, bringing Oliver to the brink of apocalypse when he killed his mother, when he tried to burn the city down—and when he held a sword to Felicity’s throat.

Did he redeem himself of those sins by saving everybody Oliver loves? Maybe. Maybe Slade also saved himself. Maybe after three years in a hole, Slade had found his own answers. Maybe he, like Oliver, had quieted the darkness inside him. Yes, a lot of maybes. Nothing is certain. Sometimes forgiveness is a hard road to travel. And maybe that was something else he owed Slade—through forgiveness comes peace.  Oliver felt that peace when he gave Slade his freedom.

After the flames of Lian Yu died down, Oliver used the radio on Chase’s boat to call for help. Lyla’s voice was frantic, asking if John was safe. Oliver told her he didn’t know if any of them were safe or even alive. He asked her to send a rescue team and have them start searching the island for survivors. Lyla said she would fly the plane herself.

Oliver rolled off the cot and touched the good, safe floor beneath his feet. He stood in the darkness and felt a sudden, strong need to be with Felicity. Prompted by his nightmare, Oliver felt it was time to reach out to Felicity and have that talk he told her they would share.

He got dressed and left the Bunker, to face his redemption and his destiny.


Felicity came awake with a jerk, her legs kicking out beneath the green blanket covering her. She wasn’t sure if she had yelled out as her dream released her. The Loft was quiet. Samantha and William apparently were still asleep downstairs. There were no running footsteps coming up to see if she was okay. Felicity glanced at the illuminated alarm clock on the table next to her bed. It was 3:11am.

She lay there, and as she had every night since returning from Lian Yu two weeks ago, she thought about Oliver. After she suggested to him that Samantha and William stay at the Loft until they had some time to decompress and figure out what was ahead, Felicity thought it would be awkward to invite Oliver over to rekindle their romance. She wanted him with her. She wanted to feel him, to hold him close. She could still feel his arms around her, his kisses and his tears on her face when he saw her safe in that cave.

The dream that woke Felicity up tonight was the same one she had been having since coming home.  In it, she was hunkered down in the cave, worried about Oliver to the point of going mad. She could hear the burning and crackling of trees outside. A strong smell of charcoal drifted down into their shelter and Felicity was terrified that Oliver would risk his life in the flames trying to reach her. And then she heard movement at the mouth of the cave and he was there. He was smoldering and his Green Arrow suit had melted off his body. He was covered in burns, a naked decimated Greek statue barely alive. She jumped up and started running to him. But before she could reach him, Oliver burst into flames and fell into a pile of ashes on the cave floor. Her heart burst…and then Felicity would wake up, alone and scared and feeling a deep need for Oliver next to her.

She got out of bed and stood in a pool of moonlight coming through the window. Maybe it was time to go to him. Maybe they needed that conversation he promised her on the island. She told him she didn’t want to regret not kissing him. But that wasn’t the only thing. She regretted all the time they spent apart, the time they could have spent repairing their fractured relationship. Felicity knew, on a rational level, that going in separate directions was necessary, that the individual growth they were striving for was a mirror they could look into and see the truth and wisdom of what and where they needed to be in their lives. Oliver was looking for forgiveness and redemption. He was looking to reclaim the dedication and passion that inspired him to put on his hero’s mask and make a difference again. And Felicity was looking…well, after that brief time together under the salmon ladder, she was looking for the happiness and trust their lives encapsulated before he lied to her. She was looking for a way to move forward.

The only thing, Felicity told herself, is that her moving forward without Oliver seemed to be an impossible task—because he still had her heart. The chance to have love again in her life (with Billy or anyone else) was not realistic if her heart wasn’t in it. Yes, she was fond of Billy, and maybe if she wasn’t with Oliver every night crime fighting, she and Billy might have found something to sustain a long relationship. Of course, Chase made that academic when Billy died. Felicity was fooling herself though with Billy. She just could not let go of her and Oliver’s history.

Felicity suddenly felt a strong need to see Oliver. Should she call him this late? Or maybe she should just get dressed and go to the Bunker. Knowing Oliver, he would still be up, probably searching for any nefarious activity in the city.

She started to get dressed, making up her mind to go to him. She quietly left the Loft and went to face her destiny.


Oliver was about to cross the street to the Loft when the door to the building opened and Felicity stepped out. She saw Oliver and stood still on her side of the street. Oliver was similarly motionless. They stared at each other and the night was witness to two souls uniting on the same wavelength.

“Hey,” Oliver called out.

“Hey,” Felicity answered.

“I was …I was thinking about you,” Oliver told her.

“Yeah?” Felicity responded. “I was thinking about you too.”

Their smiles brought an ethereal light to the night, enough for them to cross the street and meet in the middle.

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some billyjason headcanons for the soul because those two deserve some love

•jason 100% pretended not to know who billy was. he’s had a crush on billy forever but he has to act cool and stuff so he pretended
•yeah billy listens to country but jason stans twenty one pilots so who is more cringy
•billy asked jason out you can take this from my cold, dead hands
•billy is a marvel/star trek fan while jason loves transformers so their date nights are usually just them eating pizza and watching scifi
•jason and billy: holding hands at school
billy: jason is my boyfriend

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(( Sure, anon! >w< You have a great weekend too! ))

You kinda know everybody in your cohort, after a while.

Law school breaks people. You get your kids who barely cope, your kids who don’t cope, and then your star pupils who practically coast on godly winds of triumph. Most people are dangerously teetering between those three positions at all time, like a circus seal on an over-sized beach ball.

It’s really smart, though, to figure out who’s who in the beginning, and get a read on if the girl next to you is going to be crying in the bathroom after an exam or if the guy in front of you might study while high as a kite.

“Who’s he?”

“Who’s who?” Gilbert asks him, glancing back and raising a brow.

“The guy in the back.”

Gilbert turns and looks again, this time really peering where Alfred’s gesturing, and then his eyes light up. “Oh, him? I dunno. Maybe he’s new.”

Alfred frowns. “You can’t just be ‘new’, dude.”


“I doubt it.”

“Whatever,” Gilbert says, amused. “You heading out or what?”

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who was bothered by how Azriel was portrayed in ACOWAR? I mean, he suddenly turned into a muscle-head that easily lost his temper and then he was doing things that upset Mor and then he was all sassy and funny and THEN he walks like some Byron-ish hero, dripping with blood with torned wings (that was supposed to be THE most hurtful for Illyrians) like... Where is the shy, intelligent, calculating, calmly dangerous bat I fall for?

Hmm, I was actually really pleased by Azriel’s portrayal. He was a bit one-note in ACOMAF to me, which is likely why I didn’t connect with him as much. But we got to see other sides of him in ACOWAR–I absolutely loved his snark and his stone-cold determination (the latter I think was especially in-character based on ACOMAF). I think the moments when he lost his cool were understandable (two females he cared about deeply–Feyre and Mor–had both been humiliated and he snapped), even if they put Mor in a tough spot or come from his rather unhealthy devotion to her. We all know that Azriel is like Rhys is his utter commitment to fighting with everything he has, so again, I thought his behavior in the final battle was also consistent with his character. The shy and polite side was still there, but we got to see more of him, and I like that quite a lot.

A Girl Worth Fighting For. Ch, 8.

A/n: What time’s it? 12 am? Okay. Posting this a day early because just now I’m realizing I won’t be home all day for b/c of the Superbowl. So this one goes out to all the people being bombarded with that.

Summary: Trapped in Purgatory, the Reader meets a vampire by the name of Benny who wants nothing more than to help her. But she doesn’t trust him, and he definitely isn’t telling the truth…at least not all of it.

Chapter summary:Dean isn’t having it, whatever happened in those woods between you and Benny he’s gonna figure it out. And when he does? God help him. OR Three pigs and a problem.

Based on these two songs: Ride- 21 Pilots (For Benny), and Don’t Hurt Yourself - Beyonce (For Reader).

Pairing: Benny x Reader. (Slight Dean x Reader.)

Word count: 2,394

Warnings: Cursing, Angst, like MAJOR angst, I really let loose on this one guys I’m proud. Fighting, Someone is an Idiot.

Ch,1 , Ch, 2 , Ch, 3 , Ch, 4 , Ch,5 , Ch,6  , Ch,7

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Dean’s POV

I’m just tipping my head back to sleep when I see you push through the woods and into the clearing. It’s dark, but that doesn’t cover up the fact that you look like you’re about to sucker punch someone. Or maybe Stone cold stunner? No, Batista bomb. You’re definitely a Batista bomb kinda girl.

“What the hell are you giggling at?”

I have to force my cheeks to stay down. “What? Nothin’.” Change of subject. “Where’s Benny?”

You shrug. That’s it. No answer, no ‘how the hell am I supposed to know?’ , just shrug.

Oh-Kay?” I shift so I’m at least partially facing her and prop my leg up. Gotta be cool if I’m gonna. “You okay, Y/n?”


“You sure?”

Yes.” She’s like a viper. You blink a couple of times and turn away from me. I’m not stupid.

“Y/n,” I scoot closer and manage to get my hand on your leg. “What’s wrong, sweetheart, hey—look at me.” I hook my finger under your chin and when you look at me it’s like I can just feel my heart punch itself.

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SHINee in Toronto

Okay so I wasn’t gonna submit a story cuz I was like maybe some fans were gonna bless me with their SHINee experiences and make mines look LAME but all I see is BTS and EXO and GOT7 so let me tell yall about my main kpop group, SHINee! I present to you this extremely long post about my SHINee in Toronto experinece!

Okay so first off, I live in Virginia in the US. My older cousin actually surprised me with SHINee tickets for my 21st birthday which was earlier this month. I broke down crying when she told me we were going because I thought I’d never see my ultimate kpop group since the US tour consisted of Dallas and LA. I tried to get over it cuz I had BTS tickets (which I gave up to travel to Canada… sad but worth it). So anyways, I traveled to the magnificent country of Canada the day before the concert and saw the Niagara Falls and all that fun, touristy things. 

Alright so the day of the concert, I’m hella lit. I was going to the concert with my cousin, her best friend, and her best friend’s husband (They’re such goals. She sucked him into the Kpop world and now he’s a Kpop fanboy). So my cousin’s best friend and I are on stalker mode. We lit walked around Toronto from 9am - 3pm looking for SHINee cuz… ya know. We didn’t find them but I did go up the CN Tower (Which is the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere. I’ll add the picture I took from the top!) and I experienced the greatness that is Tim Hortons. Amazing place, honestly. So like I said we didn’t find SHINee. However, as we were walking past the venue, girls who were handing out lighsticks told us they were at the Niagara Falls and we were just like oh great… we missed them by a day!

So we go back to our hotel and start to get ready for the concert. I spend like an hour on my makeup which my cousin nor her best friend could understand but like… it’s SHINee… my ultimate bias Kim Kibum is in SHINee? Like? What did they want from me? So I went what I consider, “all out” on my makeup. I was pretty cute, if I say so myself. So after getting ready, we head back to the venue (all in walking distance) and the line is getting long cuz it’s like 5pm and doors open at 6:30. There were super long lines at the park across the street for stuff we didn’t know so walked over there instead cuz who’s gonna wait in that long line for the venue? I told them we should’ve waited as I’ve experienced five kpop events before but no no, we get out of line and go to the park. I didn’t complain too much though because I got like three SHINee light sticks, a photo card, a banner, fan chant sheets, etc. So after that we head back to the line at the venue cuz it’s about 6pm but again, they don’t wanna stand in line because it was getting too cold for them. So we head to a coffee shop across the street and stay there until like 6:20. 

Here’s where I wanted to tell them I told them so because when we got back to the venue, the line was wrapped around the building and they were pissed and I’m just like… I told yall but okay. So we stand in line for an hour and a half. Yes, we stood out in the cold until 7:30 when they let us in. Mind you, the concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but I guess they were still setting up? So we get inside, I’m super hype now but my cousin and her friend have to use the bathroom and I’m just like cool okay because once they let us inside the venue the doors to the auditorium were still shut so (: 

So the bathrooms were like downstairs and we go there and since I didn’t have to use the bathroom, I walked off a little to check out the venue and stood beside a friendly security guard. Idk if she was friendly or not but she didn’t tell me to go away cuz she was blocking this door or whatever. So I’m standing there and this other girl who I remember seeing outside is standing with me and suddenly we hear singing? And it’s one of SHINee’s songs and it’s Jonghyun’s voice… COMING FROM THE BLOCKED DOOR! So I turn to the girl and I’m like… “Do you hear that? Does… does that sound live to you?” and she must’ve thought the same thing cuz she’s freaking out and the security guard is SMIRKING AT US and so to confirm my suspicious, we hear Onew’s voice break at one part of the song and now I’m freaking out. I recorded some of it but you can barely hear it because the girl and I were too busy fangirling. So after it’s over, I go back to where the restrooms are and tell my cousin and her friend what happened and they’re mad and I’m just like :) sucks for yall.

SO FINALLY!! We get inside the venue AND PLEASE tell me why I have the best cousin in the entire world?! I was FRONT AND CENTER at the stage. I was within the first five rows from the stage. I literally cried at how close I was and because… SHINee. So I couldn’t take any pictures or anything cuz this one rude security guard threatened to confiscate our phones like we’re in fucking high school or something. And they actually did remove people from the audience who got caught taking pictures or recording and I won’t about to lose my possible only chance and witnessing Kings so nah. No recording or pictures from me.

Okay so here’s the actual good stuff. I mentioned Key was my bias right? I never thought Key would be interested in me cuz idk… he doesn’t give me that vibe he likes black girls so I threw all hope of our imaginary relationship out the window. Until that night that is… So at the beginning, they were introducing themselves and Key is talking and the venue is dead ass quiet except for Key. So my rude American self, I literally scream out, “KIBUM I LOVE YOU!” And lit EVERYONE turned around to look at me. Like EVERYONE, my cousin, her friend, her friend’s husband, the security guards, the people in front of me, SHINEE! Like everyone looked at me. And I’m shocked cuz I’m usually a quiet person. When I yell, people tell me it’s like I’m talking normally lmao. So KIBUM abrubtly stops talking and LOOKS AT ME for like a whole three seconds and looks like he forgot what he was gonna say but he remembered and continued his speech so I’m still shookt cuz he ACTUALLY HEARD ME! 

So the concert goes on, I’m jamming out, and Minho makes his way over to my side of the stage and he’s looking at me and he nods his head at me as if to say, “what’s up?” and I thought I imagined this but apparently not cuz my cousin turned to me and was like, “Did Choi Minho just nod at you?” and these two girls in front of me actually turned around and GLARED at me and I’m just in my head like chill, I don’t want Minho. Key is my man. Speaking of Key, he comes over to my side of the stage every now and then and at one point our eyes lock and he SMILES AT ME and I’m shookt cuz Kibum you don’t know what you do to me holy shit. And this happened during a majority of the concert and my cousin is eyeing me and I’m just like, “Nah he’s not smiling and looking at me. Leave me alone.”

SO during the times he smiled at me, I’m oblivious and don’t smile back so I’m under the impression he’s smiling at the girls in front of me. So at the end of the concert, when Jonghyun was talking, my eyes were like glued to Key as if I’m trying to take as much of him in as I can before I won’t see him in person for another 1,000 years. SO please tell me why he turns his head and boom, our eyes LOCK AGAIN!! And he’s not smiling at me this time, he’s just staring with this blank stare at me and I’m giving him the same facial expression back. So then I decide to test if he’s really looking at me (though it was obvious but stuff like this doesn’t happen to nobodies like me. I’ve met Jackson twice and he still doesn’t love me.) and I smile the biggest smile I can at him and HE IMMEDIATELY SMILED BACK AT ME! Like holy shit, it was the brightest smile and the same smile that made me fall in love with him five years ago! And my cousin is nudging me and pointing at Key and the girl in front of me, whew, IF LOOKS COULD KILL!! And I’m just in a trance cuz, Kim Kibum of SHINee noticed me and now I can die happily.

So besides Kibum and Minho, Onew got really close to us at one point that if I stretched out my hand, he could’ve literally grabbed it. My cousin’s friend caught a ball that Onew personally signed (I’m still jealous), Jonghyun winked at the two girls in front of me and I swear one of them almost fainted, and Taemin is literally so shy and a sweetie. He’s adorable. I had a fun time and now I just gotta find a way to get Key my number and we’re good. Lmao.

I'm here now // Daryl Dixon

Note: excuse the messy format, my internet won’t work on my computer so I had to write this on my phone so I wouldn’t let anyone down :)

Info: reader comforts Daryl after the loss of his brother

Warnings: swearing, death
Merle and Michonne were missing and no one knew why. There was a panic, and urgency to find them for what they didn’t know. Yes, in hopes of walkers not getting them but still, it was such an odd pair to both go missing so sudden. Rick had a different attitude towards the situation, like this wasn’t supposed to happen.

She stood by her boyfriend, Daryl, along with the others. They all stood in a semi circle around Rick and Hershel. Everyone held nervous faces. The cool fall air rushed by and y/n grabbed herself tightly to keep from the cold. Daryl looked at her and wrapped his poncho around her. She gave him an appreciative smile. Even though Daryl was missing his brother, he didn’t neglect y/n.

Little to y/N’s knowledge, Daryl knew why they were missing as well as Rick, Hershel and Glenn. Daryl knew he couldn’t just leave on a whim, especially without telling the group and more importantly, y/n. He hoped maybe Merle would come to his senses and bring Michonne back but doubted it.

—How are we going to find them?—Carol asked.

—I’ll go— Daryl jumped at the opportunity.

—Daryl— y/n sighed nervously not wanting him to go.

—I’ll be fine, don’t ya worry—

Y/n looked to Rick wanting him to deny Daryl’s wish to go out. She knew far too well that he wouldn’t care what he said and would go anyways, that was his brother.

—Go, but be back for dark. If you don’t see them before that you come back here, got it?— Rick told Daryl.

—Yeah— Daryl looked down with a nod.

She looked back up at him, his tan face covered in little facial hair and dirt. She smiled looking at him, everything about him was just so pretty. She moved his hair from his eyes and pressed her forehead to his, she stood on tippy toes.

—If you don’t fucking come back, Daryl-— she started to speak, his hands clenched his face right to get her prematurely ended speech in.

—Don’t worry yourself. I’ve done this time and time again, I’ll be back before dark—

—Promise you won’t leave us again?— she looked into his blue eyes.

—Yes, of course. Trust me— he spoke before kissing her.

—I love you— she whispered.

—I love you too— he replied and pulled away.

She watched him walk to his bike and get on. As he revved the engine, he looked back one last time at y/n waving him off.
Dark had come, Michonne was back but Daryl wasn’t. Y/n waited by the gate for a while but Rick sent her to her cell. He didn’t want her to hear anything or not get enough sleep.

She sat up in her bed she shared with Daryl in the silent night. Darkness was all around except for the little but on moonlight that made it through her curtain. She stared blankly at the curtain, tracing patterns and finding faces and shapes in the swirls.


She jumped at the voice but saw it was only Rick standing in her doorway.

—why don’t you try and sleep?— he suggested.

—I can't—


—I can’t do anything without worrying. I’ve tried. I’ve tried reading and drawing and praying and counting sheep, it doesn’t fucking work. He hasn’t been out those gates since he left us for Merle and I didn’t see him for days, do you see why I’m worried?—

—I am too, but I believe that he’ll come back, for you—

—We all thought that last time— she spoke bitterly at the memory.

Y/n and Rick must’ve so distracted with their own chatter and thoughts that they didn’t hear Daryl’s bike or his footsteps from the stairwell. He walked past Rick without a word and sat on the bed. She could tell something was off and waved Rick away behind his back.

—Daryl, babe, talk to me— y/n spoke softly, stroking hair away from his face.

She now sat in front of him.

—it’s nothin, I’m home, that’s what ya wanted, right?—

—Yes, but I love you and want to know everything. So tell me, what’s wrong, please— she pleaded looking into his sad eyes.

She thought of the situation in her head while waiting for his response. Merle was from Woodbury, so was Michonne. Michonne killed governors daughter. Merle and governor were close. Merle and Michonne left. Michonne came back, Merle didn’t.

—Merle?— y/n asked.

She struck a nerve. Daryl nodded trying to keep composure but quickly unraveling. Y/n took his big frame into her body, his head on her shoulder as he cried.

—He was turned. He was one of them, y/n. I-I had to finish it. My own brother, alone— he sobbed.

—I’m here now, baby— she coaxed him —I’m here now—


WidowReaper Week. Day 1 — Catalyst

It truly does not make sense. Even with the silence filling her one ear and the echoes of gunfire, she shouldn’t be… feeling like this.

A voice of a ghost is cut off as his commlink shatters. The last of his ghostly image disappearing down a dark alleyway, trying to lose the three thugs wielding knives and pistols, still flashes through her mind. Every other second. Slow, and fading, but suddenly there. Like her heartbeat.  

Muttering a curse in her mother language, she grapples from the rooftop. Her arms swing her to the next building as her fingers tap her helmet. The vision letting her see four red figures through a wall, mingling in a narrow side street.

Rolling to a stop, she positions her sniper in one swift motion. The view is narrow as her sights tries to focus on a target without Reaper being caught in the crossfire. Breathing slowly, her cold skin matches her cool heart. Her finger is steady and waiting for the moment to strike. The swift movements can only belong to him as a few shots from his guns dispatch one enemy, but a thug slips behind. Reaper is oblivious to the dagger rising above his head.

Her lungs expand, pausing as her sights settle on a tattoo peeking out from the thug’s neck.

Reaper doesn’t flinch at the bullet flying past, only finishing off the target in front of him. He straightens up. The bone white mask easy to see through the scope as he looks back at her.

Straightening up, she extends her arm to launch a hook forward. The steel claws catching the edge of a roof before she jumps. Swinging and controlling her descend with precision, she lands on the street. Already moving towards him as the wire recoils back into the launcher around her arm.

“You would have been killed,” She starts, voice low and dancing along with her smooth accent. The dark man turns to face her, throwing aside his guns before tilting his mask the slightest degree.

“I had it under control,” he growls, deep and echoing ghoulishly.

This is only their first mission. Mistakes shouldn’t be happening, and her body shouldn’t feel so caught on the edge. Her ribcage seems to be pressing against her lungs too lightly, her cool heart trying to pump against the cold.

“Then I suppose I didn’t have to stop that man from jamming a knife into your spine.” Sharp, and almost amusing. Her voice speaks a joke she can’t quite find the punchline to.

His hands still, the fainting wisps of smoke rises from under his cloak. Pressing the fact he is less than human, but more than anyone could know.

Maybe her cold hands could touch the edges of his red soul.

Gracias.” He coughs out the word so quickly it sounds more like a huff of air then actual letters.


His mask flashes in the darkness, sharp claws curling into fists as his shoulders lower. “Thanks.”

She switches the weight on her legs and presses the butt of her sniper into her hip. Her blue lips slowly part as her chest lets go of the pressuring building inside.

“Don’t do that again.” She says, reaching one hand forward. He stills as her fingers twine over his claws. Loosening the fist and linking their forms in the darkness. Gently, her thumb smears away a blob of blood on his knuckles. Her skin sense the burning heat that radiates form his skin. Not quite alive, but not quiet dead.

“Come,” She orders, but speaks it in a whisper. Turning, her arm does not pull him along but he keeps the same pressure in her hand. Following, and allowing her to touch his fingers. The thought of letting him go causes a light shift of weight to her lungs. A feeling she does not rejoice in. Keeping him close, they snake through streets to return to their hideout.

Her skin is cold.

Her heart barely beats.

Her lungs hold still.

But her chest lightens at his touch.

feeling whole

Malec soulmate au for @shadowhuntersaumondays, thanks to the brilliant @achilleanragnor for helping💜 (read on AO3)

Alec can’t believe his luck, not only did he discover a small cozy café, he also met his soulmate there.

It is a regular Monday; Alec was dead tired on his feet as he usually is without his morning coffee. However, this time he doesn’t have time to make his own coffee, needing to be at work earlier than usual. So he opts to run into the first and best coffee shop he could find. Little does he know someone else has that very same idea, one might even call it fate.

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portraitoftheoddity  asked:

Sickfic prompt: No Rest for the Wicked [Loki]

There had been a time, in his youth, when Loki had been prone to sickness. One illness seemed to follow on another, especially during the summer months, leaving him shivering and sweating with fever while his agemates cavorted outside. 

(Loki supposed that made sense now, why winter should be the season for others’ to fall ill, while invariably his worst fevers were in high summer.) 

But that was in the past. It had been many years since Loki had been that sickly child, and he had grown stronger, better able to hold off illness. 

He blamed Midgard for ruining his streak. 

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