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So I’m gay. What of it? What are you gonna do about it?

okay but i want to know about the conversations that 100% happened between eva and noora after she came back from london and found isak home alone with a hot boy and then when said hot boy spent two nights in isak’s room a week later

and I’m back to this again. I really hate doing this and you all know how much I hate asking or even admitting these things but I’ve just the final blow and I need help.

obviously I receive money from student finance to help me with uni, but with my last payment I needed to help my mum out with some serious issues at home. obviously she owes me that money but she isn’t happy about it. I’ve had to find over £600 to pay for my accommodation next year and whilst my mum has (unhappily) helped me and my nan has given me all she has, ive still run across major issues. I can’t get my passport renewed in time for the signing of my contract so I’m having to find £35 in order to buy a provisional license as proof of ID. 

and of course the final blow is that my mother will not help and has turned nasty again. I don’t want to get into the details of what has been said but I need this flat so I don’t have to go home (though my best friend has said I can stay with her if it gets that bad). the icing on the cake is only that my laptop has broken as well. its been a hellish few months and any help would be appreciated. I have a paypal here (paypal.me/izzybiwood) and every little helps. I’m not asking for a massive amount, even just a few pennies would be amazing tbh, or even just a signal boost!

as always I can pay back in anyway possible and I get money at the end of April if anyone would like to be repayed 💖🌹🏵


                                                                  Nemesis (n.)
                       1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome;
                                                           2) A person’s undoing;
                                                           3) Joshua Templeman.


Bossuet: Does that mean you can be my favorite?!

Joly: Of course!

As for the rest of us…Grantaire likes Vincent Van Gogh, Bahorel likes Muhammad Ali, Jehan likes Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein, Combeferre likes Bill Nye, Courfeyrac likes pretty much everybody,

Bossuet: And Enjolras has already answered this question over here.