or the way his eyes are burning my soul

MISTER 101: Why do you do this?

I was posed the question this morning.. and while its come in different forms before, the way it was presented here struck a chord in me. So I figured it was time to take the chance to explain myself… because ultimately I am sure its something that peaks the interest of many who follow me.


I remember every single detail about that night.

The way he stared at me made me uneasy at first, but after I realized it was an inquisitive spirit and not one that wanted to take advantage of me, I was put at ease. Being a college freshman from a small poor town having never met anyone outside of your bubble can be intimidating you know… 

So when he said: “Come with me, I have something to show you”.. I didnt think twice, because I had this burning suspicion that my life was about to change in an epic way.. and it did. 

It was most likely the space of 45 minute to an hour but it felt like a rebirth and a new beginning of timeline. As though in some form or fashion I broke away from the timeline I was living in and entered into an alternate existence. I felt alive and aware like I never had beforeI had become awakened. 


At that age and the first time away from home you can become influenced by man things. Especially when you basically grew up with nothing… its often sometimes hard to tell whats right and wrong. But there was something most definitely right in the almost daily sessions. The lectures… the teaching.. the observations….. the encouragement. It all came together like a familiar puzzle that you have put together a hundred times, but yet each time still seems fresh and new in some strange way. 

It was made clear to me above all else that the information I was being given was sacred. That it was to be used for ultimate benefit to others, and never to be abused. It was told and retold… emphasized and drilled.. I realized that I was being given the opportunity of a lifetime.

All those hours at the mall watching people… all those nights sitting in the corner taking mental notes as he worked over his subs in scene time.. all those extra hours in psychology and criminology classes for no reason but to learn everything I could about myself and why I was this way. All the munches and presentations and books…. all the time spent with rope in my hands… with another persons trust in my hands… with the power to make or break.. in my hands. 

“No matter what you do, always do it with an ultimate purpose. When she asks “Why?”, always have an answer… when she submits, always be grateful”

Even now I begin to tear up recalling those words being spoken into my right ear and the gentle touch on my shoulder. He was always so gentle with my ignorance… he was always very deliberate with his teachings. 


Its one thing to dream, its another to dare, and its something completely else to dominate. Much like a prize fighter trains for his title fights, I trained for the moment when the reigns were handed to me and I given the humbling opportunity to be in control. 

That first time I snapped my fingers and she shuffled into position was breathtaking. I paused, lost concentration… and felt that tap on my shoulder. 

“Remember… this is a great gift thats been given to you. Treat it that way”

Focus was found again, and as she stared into my eyes my soul devoured everything within her, consumed it and knew exactly what she wanted. All those hours spun into seconds and my awareness burned like a phoenix rising from the dark depths of the ruins of my former life. 

I was a Dom… I AM a Dom… and at that moment I fully came into the realization of the great responsibility placed in my hands, and the restraint with which I was expected to always express. 

Everything was always to be many things… A chance to grow. A chance to teach. A chance to learn. A chance to enhance anothers life and bring about something within them that was much like what he saw in me that night. A chance to make sure that someones like would be set into forward motion and that progress & growth would be ultimate goal. 

“Never abuse this power.. never take advantage of anothers eagerness and hunger to become alive like you had”

And so I always set upon approaching every opportunity with this mantra in mind… yes, her submission is a gift, yes, she needs what I have and received myself, yes, she deserves to come alive.. to grow… to progress.. to be fully alive.


And so through all the classes, the teaching, the meetings and munches.. through all the practical hands on, scene play, and so on… I became who I am.

“Never be complacent. When you stop learning, you have failed me”

These words cut me hard to the bone… even typiing them and hearing them in his voice in my head is like a punch in the gut to even think I would do such a thing. He gave me so much of his wisdom, knowledge and time that I shudder at the thought of ever grieving his spirit. 


“you can never have any judgment… because you will always remember who you used to be”

Growing up I had nothing. My parents were busy, my older brother and his friends got a lot of joy out of making me a punching bag. At school I was ridiculed and taunted. Being fat and awkward and just wanting friends puts a target on your back the size of Texas. 

I was also a target in a different way by one of my brothers friends… and in the coldness of that damp basement one summer day he changed my life in ways that I both regret, feel ashamed of…  and feel blessed for. So then when my uncle did it again in my middle school years…. it seemed normal. 

But theres nothing normal about holding your fathers handgun to your head on a hot July day at the age of 12 and thinking theres nothing left in life. 

It was also at that early age words became powerful, important and valuable in great ways. 

“When you speak make it mean something, make it important. When you present yourself you are also presenting me”

After a botched love letter to a girl I had a crush on in which i misspelled the word “beautiful”, she decided to stand up and read the letter to the whole class and point out my mistakes. From that moment I decided that being well spoken was the key to success, and as such I began a path that not only saw me become a regional spelling bee champion… but also having aced English and rhetoric on the ACT college entrance exam.

I could have wallowed in my misery for those things that happened to me.. which are a minuscule part of my early life. But instead I made a choice.

I chose to do everything I could to get out of where I was and make sure that no one would ever take advantage of me in those ways again. I chose that instead of being codependent and weak and worthless… that there was a greater life outside of where I was and what was happening. 

Venerable actions

When you grow up having nothing, you either want everything or you form a respect for being simple.

In my case it became both and somewhere within my training I figured out that you could have everything you wanted with the most simple of actions. 

I knew that moment had arrived for me the night I was standing in front of a sub who was fully naked and in position… I was fully clothed and drinking tea and staring at her… And… doing nothing else. 

Within 5 minutes, cum had began to run down her inner thighs.

I had embraced the fullness of everything I had been taught. Everything I had yearned for.. all that time spent, those hours of tutelage, all that training had come into full fruition. And all I did was something simple.. drink tea and be myself.

A lot of people mistake my confidence for ego.

A lot of people think that the person I portray on my tumblr isn’t who exists in real life. 

“The respect you earn will be worth the most. Dont ever expect it. Just do what you know to do and it will come natural”

And with simple things, simple living, simple this simple that… everything becomes rather complex. Everything becomes vivid and deliberate. When you come to the table with  no expectations, you are rarely ever disappointed. When you have no expectations, you have no reason to judge. 

And how can I live without judgment… how is it that I understand and seem to be this giant lighthouse for everyone?

Experience breeds wisdom.

Been there, done that.

I know pain.. sorrow.. I know joy.. I know the depths at which life can take a person. I know what its like to want to die… to realize I should live. Ive been there… Ive been there when all hope seemed lost. Ive been there, shaking in the corner after being violated… Ive been there when all trust was lost. Ive been there when the indention of a gun barrell slowly fades from the skin in your temple. Ive been there when she waited a few seconds longer than I did… and squeezed. Ive been there… staring at the medication bottle and wondering what would happen… Ive been there holding a dying person in my arms who looked into my eyes and told me they were sorry. Ive been there when the police arrived.. Ive been there in the dead of night when you sit on your roof and stare at the stars and curse the sky. Ive been there.. on the floor with a bloody nose and sore ribs. Ive been there and watched it all slip away… 

And in every occurrence.. ive always looked forward. Ive always known that there was something better, that there was hope at the end.. its what keeps me motivated and going even today. Through the issues and the pain and the solitude, through the depths of my roadblocks.. it keeps me moving forward.

“Mistakes are opportunities. Always make the best of every one of them”

and so I do. Every mistake is a chance to improve. To be better tomorrow than I was yesterday.. and I do my best to bring those like me along for the journey.

So why do I do what I do?

Because this knowledge is sacred. because a promise made is a promise kept. Because when I was at my lowest, someone reached down into my grave and pulled me out and breathed new life into my lungs… 

I do this because I cannot sit by and watch anyone fall to the wayside. I cannot let those who were once like me be taken advantage of, and abused, and kicked around.. I cannot let this wisdom that was so graciously placed in me just rot away. 

I do this for every little.. and every daddy.. and every submissive.. and every kitten, puppy, piggy, slave, etc that exists within this beautiful culture and lifestyle that I have immersed myself in and grown within and fostered and found to be real and true. 

I do this because no one else will… no one else does.

The posts, the answers, the stories, everything… its all for you. YOU. Not for me… I am second within this great drama that is my tumblr. This is all for you and those will come after. 

Its the reason I read the stories.. because I know you need them for one thing or another. Its the reason I make the posts to teach and educate so you know better.. its the reason I give my time and sacrifice myself to be there no matter what. Its the reason I do what I do.. is because of all of you.

Thats why I am there. Yes there are thousands of you… thousands of strangers who come to me for everything and anything.

I saved someones life this week. I helped another on a date… i helped another choose special items for special time with their boyfriend. I helped someone else prevent an anxiety attack… I helped another prepare for a job interview.. and I did it all because I had to. I did it all because of the spirit inside of me that says I cant not do it….  

I do it all……for you……

…. because it was done for me.


Part 1, Part 2

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Pairing: Lay x Reader

Type: Smut, kidnapping, bdsm, daddy kink, horror/thriller

Plot: Don’t get in a strangers car.

My heart was pounding throughout my nervous system, wrecking my nerves with its onslaught of remarkably powerful beats, all due to the evident fear that chilled down my body and pierced my heart. I couldn’t turn to face him, I didn’t have it in me. Rather than contemplating a smart reply, I was imagining every way this brutal man would defile and ruin me, killing every last drop of life in the bottom of my soul.

I sucked in a harsh breath when I felt his large hand on my stomach, ushering me away from the door. His other hand gripped my shoulder roughly, making my eyes squint in pain. He forcefully spun me around, his eyes a flame, burning a hellish fire into my core.

“You need to understand something,” He started, a smirk gracing his handsome features, “no one is gonna save you.” His hot breath tickled my ear to which he whispered upon, his hands gripping my waist before slamming me against the wall.

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Hatered|| Skate Maloley

It was a typical night. I was hanging with my best friend Stassie, her boyfriend Sammy and our friends. Although I didn’t count one as my friend. Skate Maloley. He was a cocky arrogant asshole. He tried to get with every girl.

I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen and grabbed some more drink. I poured myself some more liquor and took a quick sip. I felt hands snake around my waist.

“I like a thirsty girl” I hear skates raspy voice whisper in m my ear. I purse my lips in disgust. I turn around out of his grip and face him.

“Is that all you think about is sex?” I say.

“Especailly with you” he winks and grabs my ass. His hand didn’t even cover one ass cheek.

“I just love your ass” he says. I smack his hand away.

“Can you not I don’t think you want this bottle broken on your head…thanks” I say and start to walk away but he grabs me and pulls me back spinning me and my drink spills on his shirt. I laugh.

“Maybe next time you won’t touch me"I say and walk away. I sit down next to stassie. About a minute later skate walks in and he is shirtless. I clench my jaw. He was muscular and I couldn’t help but admire his tattoos.

"Like what you see ma?” he smirks.

“In your dreams Maloley.” I roll my eyes. I still managed to get in a few glimses of his tattooed body.


The next night Rupp was having a party at his houseand I was meeting everyone there.
Stassie and Sammy went to go dance a d went to go grab myself a drink. I poured myself some of the purple juice in the punch bowl. I looked up and saw skate. He was talking to a bunch of people. He smiled at something one of them said. His smile was genuine. It was a great smile. But that didn’t matter…he wasn’t a great person. The next thing I knew I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked to see JJ.

“you scared me…” I say. He laughs a little. I watch as skate goes and dances with another girl. I roll my eyes.

“You know i think he likes you.” jj says. I turn and look at him.


“Skate” he says. I can’t help but laugh.

“That’s funny. Guys like him don’t like girls like me”

“What do you mean girls like you” he asks.

“Girls who don’t put up with billshit and don’t always give in to sex. I’m not shallow like all these girls. Besides guys who like other girls don’t dance with whatever that is” I say pointing to them. Besides him….I mean he’s so cocky and arrogant…but he’s smile is warm and the way he talks about his career is attractive….omg what. Y/G get that out of your head. It took me a no it’s to realize jj walked away. I needed to stop watching skate dance with that girl. I walk around and find someone to dance with. I find this attractive guy and we dance together. I felt the heat of eyes burning into my soul. I looked to my left and noticed skate watching me. I shook it off and continued to dance. The guy then grabbed at my ass. I wasn’t all that comfortable with it. I was gin a speak up when I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me away from the guy. When u caught up and looked up I realized it was skate. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“What the hell” I say.

“Your just gonna let him grab your ass but when I do it I basically get threatned but he doesn’t.” he says angerily. I roll my eyes.

“Its not if your business."I say.

"Right because some complete stranger grabbing at your ass is something you want. You had an uncomfortable look on your face…why didn’t you speak up…hell you did to me. Like what the fuck Y/N.” He says still angry. How did he know i was uncomfortable.

“Because I don’t like you. I hate you. Anytime I get to speak up to you is great cause your an asshole. So fuck off skate. This isn’t your problem.” I retorted back. I started to walk away when his hand grabbed at my wrist and pulled me back.

“If you hated me so much then why were you staring at me dancing with that girl. You watched me like a hawk….don’t think I didn’t notice.” he says.

“Because your just using her. It disgusts me.” I say. He moves closer.

“If you hate me so much then why do you still hang around me?” he says.

“I don’t hang around you…i hang around my friends…you just are there…like a disease.” I say. He continues to move closer.

“If you hated me then why are you not moving away from me…why are you letting me get closer” he says. I was at a loss for words. Why was I letting him get closer to me? I looked away from him. I had no answer. His hand grips my face and pulls it up to look at him. I look into his eyes. His eyes were soft and inviting. I bit my lip. He bent down and put his lips on mine. Our lips moved in sync. He pulled away for a few seconds.

“You really hate me don’t you” he smirks. I grab at the back of his neck.

“Let me show you how much” I say pulling him down and kissing me.

A Court of Stars and Fire - Lucien’s Book: Part One

Lucien deserved more than being cut out half way through ACOWAR. I love him too much. He needed his own book; and so, to satisfy my aching soul, I’m writing one for him. 

This is a love letter to Lucien, to Cassian, to Vassa, and Viviane. May all my unappreciated, underdeveloped babies finally get some peace. 

To keep track of this as it updates, you can find it on AO3 HERE


Summary: As Lucien wishes it would all just end, everything is just beginning. With Elain’s prophecy hanging over his head that he will burn his brother, melt Winter, and cut the heart of of Night, all eyes watch him as he finds himself thrown into the role of a High Lord he never expected. With a band of irritable misfits and cranky bastards as his closest companions, he has to find some way to unite them, and all of Prythian, before it is too late.’

Pairings: Lucien/Cassian, Lucien/Vassa, Elain Archeron/Lucien, Lucien (ACoTaR)/Original Character(s), Kallias/Viviane, Feysand, Mesta

Chapter One: Ignition

“I vote we send him to the prison,” Nesta said, unflinching, unyielding as she and the eight High Lords and Ladies stared down at Lucien, who knelt before them in resigned silence.

“Seconded,” Vivianne, the newly appointed High Lady of Winter, said with more ice in her voice than the entirety of her court. Though they had never even met, Lucien could not begrudge her the decision; He knew she saw too much of his brother in him, the one who had played such an instrumental role in the assault of her best friend.

“Nesta, Viv, I know you’ve never taken to him but he-” Feyre began to protest, the only one of the nine who was not seated. Instead her husband sat lounging in his throne, his legs stretched out so his feet rested upon her seat, whilst she paced before them all, frowning at her old friend.

“We punished Tamlin,” Thesan interrupted. “And you made no protest there. You cannot defend this one just because he was your friend. If this is to be a Democracy of justice, none of us can play favourites. Not even his mate.”

Elain, who sat surrounded by the branches and flowers of the Spring throne, had not spoken a word since the beginning of this trial. As unmoving as a statue amongst the garden of her seat, she merely studied him with those intense, beautiful eyes of hers. Though he felt the usual pull of the mating bond towards her, it did little to comfort him. If anything, it only shamed him further.

“I will never forgive him for what he allowed my mate to endure,” Rhysand said slowly, looking to his mate and recently made wife for guidance. “But I know she does not think him inherently bad. Tamlin maimed, killed, and abused hundreds of people for his own selfish needs. Yet we spared him death for his later actions.” No one had spoken of how without Tamlin, Rhys would be dead, but it remained a stiff, poorly concealed tension every time the exiled past High Lord was mentioned. “Lucien helped bring Vassa and the continent to us. He helped Feyre escape.”

“He also aided in the alliance with Hybern, and with his infiltration into Prythian,” Thesan pointed out, no malice in his voice, just hard logic. He shared a look with his lover and Captain, who watched from within the crowd, and returned buffered with fresh confidence in his own intelligence when he looked back to Lucien. “Those who are compliant to the evil actions of others and do nothing about it are just as responsible as those who commit the violations themselves. If we do not punish this man, then this court stands for nothing.”

This court. This Democracy. Lucien had never known the likes of it in Pythian, not even from the history books. Never before had all of Prythian come together in a common cause to pass judgement on the war criminals who had allowed monstrosities to occur during the war with Hybern. Each High Lord and Lady was given a vote, and together, all of the courts would pass judgement on those directly involved in allowing Hybern to slaughter so many humans and fae, and those who had betrayed their own people to the brute force of tyranny.

For his incompetence in protecting his people and his obsession with his own needs over the good of his court, Tamlin had been magically stripped of his title as High Lord of Spring and denounced across the land as a traitor to Prythian. Rumour had it he now dwelled somewhere in the Middle, living as more beast than man.

In his place, Elain had blossomed, quite literally. The moment Tamlin’s ties to Spring had been officially severed, wildflowers and honeysuckle vines and creepers had bloomed across her skin, stretched out from where she stood. Everywhere she went, plants and life and beauty sprung from every crack, filled the ground upon which she walked. Her hair was now wreathed with roses, her neck wrapped in coils of jasmine, and her legs entwined with snaking ivy.

Her powers were not the tradition of Spring, for she could not transform herself or others at will, and yet no one contested that she was the new heir to the court. The Cauldron had given her and Spring a fresh start, a fresh power, one to grow and nurture instead of deceive and manipulate.

All nine of the High Lords and Ladies had agreed on this fate, and yet Lucien was missing one of his biggest supports in this trial. Helion, the man who celebrated knowledge and freedom and love above all else, had departed two weeks prior on urgent business. Apparently four of his most beloved scholars, who were abroad on the continent, had dropped out of contact all of a sudden. Thus he had left to find and retrieve them, leaving Helion at the mercy of the nobility and Nesta.

Nesta was not a High Lady by any means, but she had been chosen as the official embassy of humanity in the Democratic Court’s rulings. And she had always despised Lucien, but more so now than ever it seemed, though he knew not why. From what he’d heard, she’d turned to ice and storm ever since the death of her father, yet he had thought she hated him. Regardless, it did not bode well for him.

Yet Lucien did not care. If he was lucky, he’d be executed. Just living had become so difficult as of late, with his best friend now his enemy, his mate distant and untouchable, and his very purpose in life crushed into the dust of the past. A numbness had settled into his bones and stomach once the war had ended, a drifting sense of… of nothing. Of feeling nothing. Of just wishing it could be over, that he could for once just stop thinking. Stop enduring the empty pit inside his chest, that only vanished when it was replaced by the suffocating sense of guilt and self-loathing.

Now he had come to this, this pathetic shell of himself, he would rather they’d just put him out of his misery. And so he made no protest. Said not a word, just bowed his head and waited for the axe to drop and severe it.

“Whilst I have little fondness for my brothers,” Eris drawled from the far right of Autumn, crowned in the golden oak wreath of his court. “I must say Lucien was never the monster among us. Just ask the seer; She’ll know he hasn’t got the stomach for causing trouble. His biggest crime is being a coward.” Those words hurt the most, not because they were spoken by his blood, but because they were so true. “She can tell you he’s never going to amount to anything, so you’d just be wasting a cell.”

“But is that how we should decide things here?” Thesan retorted, ever the advocate of fairness and what was right. “What people may one day do or not do? Can we really try people based on their capacity for evil, rather than their past tresspasses? This man was Tamlin’s right hand in bringing Hybern here. Can we really forgive that based on intention?”

“If we allow the Fox to live,” Elain said, and her voice, clear and ringing through the hall, the gravity in her tone, silenced them all, even the gossiping crowd. “One of us shall die. And all of Prythian shall be forever changed. Winter shall melt. Autumn’s leaves shall burn. And Night shall lose its heart.”

The silence lasted for too long. Someone should have declared the sentence of death sooner, because before anyone chose to speak, Lucien could feel his skin burning. “Well that decides it then,” Rhys said slowly, his voice filled with fear and protectiveness of his family. “He-” His voice fell short as Lucien became the sun.

It hit him like a tidal wave; one minute he was filled with a lurking, creeping sense of dread, and all of a sudden he was being drowned in heat and light and the sensation of being filled. Light erupted from his skin, hot and blinding, so that all present, even the more distant crowd, reeled back and shielding their eyes. He had no clue what was happening, why it was happening, but he could not control it. A sudden surge of power rattled through every fibre of his being, and for a moment he couldn’t breathe for how much he was, how much he became.  

When at last the light subsided, Feyre was the only one standing, staring not at him, but through him, her face ashen. When she spoke, her voice was filled not with shock, but with deep mourning.

“Helion is dead.”

Bts reaction to you (foreign idol) having a crush on them:

Sorry I delayed the reaction a little, but here it is.


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“She what? Me? Kim seokjin? No way stop fooling with me”
Buys you food everyday as his way of saying I like you back.


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“Really? I was not expecting this…”
would be a little taken back, so he decides to keep an eye on you to make sure he knows how he feels about you.


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*scream* you’ll notice him getting too close with his jokes, always trying to make you laugh. Is genuinely touched.

Rap monster:

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Omg the looks he be giving you like stop it’s burning my soul. Would actually try learning new seductive English words to impress you.


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Shy giggle, would probably even punch the person delivering the news. “Ah what should I do” attempts approaching you in a sexy manner but ends up tripping on his feet. 2 hours later and you are both alone in a cafe and the atmosphere is steamier than your coffee just sayin’.


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His box smile. He is going to ask rap mon to check what you like and everything. Shows up the next day with puppies and bunny slippers. “Giftu for yoo” so cute.


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He’ll act like it’s no big deal, asking the person to stop talking because it is making him uncomfortable, but walks around with a muscle tee, dancing and exercising around you like it’s no biggie.
Darkiplier Theory Time!!

💚Ok so this has been itching at my brain for a while now, but what if Darkiplier has been with Mark way before his YouTube career, I mean all the way back to Marks childhood.

Because recently in Marks new video (Five Nights At Candies3) everything seemed completely fine the game started off great. Of course it had its jump scares and Mark made his hilarious cursing comebacks. But then Mark started talking about nightmares he had as a child. It was kinda strange of Mark just to bring it up out of the blue so suddenly.

(Mark: “I had nightmares all the time as a child. I still do. I do have nightmares”.)

Of course it seems like nothing wrong it’s just Mark talking to us about a past memory to go along with the game but he then goes more into depth with it.

(Mark: “I would have nightmares pretty much every other night to the point where I’ve just gotten used to it so much. It doesn’t phase me, I had nightmares all the time and they were vivid with vividly real like. Incredibly real every single night I would wake up from something scaring me into dreams”)

At first it doesn’t really seem like anything to look into, but why would Mark share his personal memory with us….one word “Darkiplier” We all know that Dark and Anti both thrive off of the energy we bring to the channel. But Dark needed energy and since the channel didn’t exist at the time. Marks happy energy was the only thing keeping him afloat. The Nightmares Mark was having was caused by Dark taking away his happy energy.

Mark then continues on: “I remember one more distinctly than any other it was a pretty typical nightmare. I was being chased by someone with a chainsaw. I must have been like seven or eight at the time. And I was running, but I could see his face very clearly like just a huge angry face just burned into my mind then I woke up”

I did some digging and found that a chainsaw in a general (Dream state) can suggest Saddness in ones life and shows that great change is about to happen . Was this maybe…Darkiplier trying to show Mark in a (Dream) that big change was gonna happen in his life. That Dark would soon take over Marks Body, Mind and Soul?

Mark continues “Could still see that face…that face was literally burned into my eyes. When I looked into the door way in front of my bed…at the foot of my bed. I saw his face”

Was this Dark showing himself for the first time to Marks childhood self. Was Dark just hiding in the shadows just leaving only his face visible so that Mark could never forget him.

And remember what Darkiplier said “I can take you to the places you want to go….and especially the places you don’t want to go”

Have us Fans ever questioned was Dark speaking on a psychical level or a mental? What I mean is did Dark mean he could bring our worst nightmares true and this case Mark could have so easily as a child been open to mental attacks that Dark could have done to him without Mark even knowing it was him.

As the video plays out Mark say “ What’s even weirder is that my nightmares are sometimes recurring. Like I will I’ll have nightmares in the exact same place and when I’m in a dream. I will remember the nightmares but not the fact that it’s a dream. Even if it’s day, I’ll have nightmares in the exact same places that I’ve been to multiple times”

And who do we all know that has the power of time looping “Darkiplier he can repeat a scene as many times as he likes, like in the “Date with Markiplier” video we see Darkiplier looping us back once when we failed to make the decision Dark deemed worthy.

Mark: “I was hesitant to play horror games because they scared me, but in a way they helped me conquer my fear. But there still there all the time.

So Mark has found a way to deal with his fears by playing more horror games, but he says that the Nightmares are still their all the time. Is this maybe Darkiplier waiting for another chance to get out again. Did Darkiplier manipulate Marks childhood self into forming a contracted with him? Has Dark literally been here since the beginning sitting quietly and patiently like a shadow just waiting for Mark to slip up?.

Sorry it’s so long but I hope it was worth it and I didn’t just wast any of your guys time on this, I never did a theory on Darkiplier before so hope u peeps like it. ;) Also if you peeps have your own theory’s about this then plz comment I would love to hear yours. 💚

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I can’t help it…this goes along with the one I posted earlier today based off of the fic She’ll Be Back .

Staring at your body should have been the hardest thing to do, but it was easier than Dean expected. He felt that if he took his eyes off of you then you would disappear altogether. Seeing you gave a sense of comfort now that he had cleaned you up. He spent the time to wash your body and hair, change your clothes, and even stitched up the deeper gashes along your body so it would be ready for when you came back. He could just enjoy holding you and feeling your arms wrapped back around him and not worry about ridding the evidence of the torture you had endured to save Sam.

He knew what you were thinking when you offered yourself up to the demon. He knew you thought that Sam would be more important to keep alive for his sake. It hadn’t been the first time you had sacrificed yourself for one of the brothers. You always said that they couldn’t live without each other, living without you would be easier. They’ve quickly found out how wrong that really is. Living without you would be just as hard as if it had been Sam instead.


“What Cas?”

Even with the added addition to the room, he couldn’t bare to take his eyes away from you long enough to acknowledge Cas’s presence in your shared room.

“It’s been 16 hours. We should make preparations.”

“For what?”

“Dean…there’s no way to find her soul to bring her back. The demon did something beyond even my comprehension. We need to burn her body. What you are doing isn’t healthy.”

For the first time in a day, Dean’s eyes left your form to turn angrily onto his best friend. Standing quickly he made sure to get in Cas’s face, noses inches from one another. Heavy breathing accompanied his entire body shaking with the rage he had tried so hard to hold back.

“We are not burning her! Crowley is on it and I’m not giving up. I thought she was your friend? Why are you so ready to get rid of her?”

“She wouldn’t want to see you like this, Dean. She would want you to let go.”

“Well, you can go to hell. We are not burning her!”

With a heavy sigh Cas regarded his friend before snapping his fingers, vanishing from the room. Dean roughly ran his hands over his face and hair before turning back around, only to find your body gone, the covers still wrinkled from where you had been lying.

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Would that be acceptable?”

…Hades, that’s where she had been all this time, but she was no where near Greece ( she burned in Germany – how did her soul get here anyways?) Breathing in sharply, the former witch of Thurgina eyes the boy who resembles her son somewhat. She tugs at burnt cuffs of her sleeves, while anxiously awaiting his answer. Meeting him had been an experience thus far, but would she truly be able to leave from here….?

“…dear, if what you’re saying is true, then…would I be able to see my so…your father once more?”


The girl that I was at 16, looked for love in all the wrong places. I don’t blame her. She was thirsty for romance. She wanted fireworks and bad boys in ripped jeans, arrogantly thinking she can fix things. She loved with abandon and cried wolves for boys she couldn’t heal. I guess when you’re young, everything is fire; from the inside of your ribs right down to the ways you love someone. You don’t care for “whole”, because pieces are exciting to try to put back together. Somehow, you get hurt enough times to learn that fiery love isn’t necessarily good love. Now, at 25, I am still not exactly sure what good love is. But I look for different things. I look for softness - the crinkles in his eyes when he looks at me, the way he makes a home out of nothing but his arms around my body. The thing is, I learned that you will always burn for love, but it is with a quiet burning when your soul settles on someone else’s - sort of like a calm surrender.
—  A lesson in love // Genefe Navilon
Why you shouldn't date exo

Xiumin: he’s a super clean freak. Like you leave 1 spoon in the sink and he’s like?? “I know you ain’t gon leave all these dishes here"

Luhan: he’s competitive for no reason. He’ll just be like “bet I can beat you down the stairs!”. And now you’re in the er at 9:30pm on Wednesday because Luhan twisted an ankle when he fell down the stairs.

Kris: he’s so clumsy. Like you’ll just be sitting on the floor when all of a sudden the giant just crashes on top of you. He probably tripped on air too.

Suho: you’ll never have alone time with him. Like you’ll just be holding his hand and now kai’s at the door like “hey guys Wyd :^)” 

Lay: he over works himself. You’ll be so worried because he’s constantly working and not sleeping. You tell him to take his ass to bed and he’s just like “its ok babe I’m not even tired”. Then he passes out at his desk 2 seconds later.

Baekhyun: he play too much. Like its 5 o'clock in the morning and baekhyun wakes you up by smacking you with a pillow while he screeches his el dorado high note.

Chen: he’s loud. You’ll be sitting on the couch reading a book and chen comes out of nowhere screaming in your ear, asking what you’re doing.

Chanyeol: he plays his mixtape all the time. And you gotta listen to it. Even if you don’t like any of the tracks you still listening to that shit daily. 

Kyungsoo: he’ll stare at you. A lot. Like you wake up and the first thing you see is kyungsoo’s eyes burning into your soul. 

Tao: he’s always trying to take pictures. So many pictures. He’ll constantly shove his phone in your face. “one more please? It’s gonna be great this time I promise”.

Kai: he’ll never let you win at any dancing game. At first it starts out as just a fun game, but now kai’s knocking you out of the way and getting way to into it. And you’ll just be like “you’re already in exo! Let me HAVE MY MOMENT".

Sehun: he’s very whiny. Like any time he needs/ wants something he whines at you until you get it for him. He’ll be whining in a store when you realize that you didn’t sign up to be in a relationship with a giant man child.


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Paring: DeanxReader, Sam, JohnxPlatonic!Reader
Word count: 2,701
Warnings: Swearing, angst
Request: Anonymous. Hi there I was wondering you could write something where the reader has lived with John and the boys since she was young after saved her from something. But when john makes the deal to save dean, could you write that he saved the reader? Then dean starts to resent her for it because he misses his dad, then maybe she finally gets mad at dean for treating her so poorly so she leaves but gets hurt by a demon or something, then the boys save her and dean confesses his love for her?
A/N: I loved writing this! Thank you so much for the request, and I’m sorry it took a bit :)

“Come on out, sweetheart.” John knelt down, holding out a hand to you. “I ain’t gonna hurt you.” His voice was soft, and caring. You were huddled up in the corner of your closet, gripping your stuffed bunny close, despite your parent’s blood on it. You were sobbing quietly, shaking. “I got the bad guys, okay?”

You finally looked up at him. “Are you like Batman?” You asked quietly.

He gave her a small smile. “Kinda.” He nodded. “I protect people from the bad guys, I just don’t got all the cool gadgets.” He chuckled. “Come on, let’s get you outta here.”

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[It’s a nice day for a chemical wedding. This fic was requested by @superpinkkcat and it will be my first attempt at delving into puddin’s P.O.V a little bit so let me know what you think. I also took the film and the official movie novelization into account and put my own spin on it because I am not completely satisfied with how it went down in the book. WARNING: CLOSER TO THE END OF THE FIC THERE IS MILD SMUT, ANY WISHES FOR EXTENDED SCENES MUST BE REQUESTED. I do take all requests.]

           I counted the street lights as we passed them in one of Mister J’s limousines, Frost was driving. Occasionally I couldn’t suppress the bubble of hysterical laughter, and I could feel Mister J watching me with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. I wanted to be with him always, this mad, twisted, intelligent man. Looking over to him, I put my hand over his where it rested on his thigh and he looked down at me.
           “Where are we goin’ Mister J?” I asked. 
           “To a baptism, doll.”
           I cocked my head to the side in confusion but decided not to ask any more questions. If he explains the joke it’s not funny anymore I recalled him saying once from one of our sessions. I felt his other hand close over mine and a small, almost inaudible gasp escaped me as I met his cool grey/blue eyes. The car had come to a stop and Frost had gotten out to open the door.
           “Do you trust me?” He asked.
           I nodded, letting him lead me from the limo. We were outside an old industrial building but I was hardly paying attention. All I could focus on was his hand clutching mine as he dragged me up a set of not very structurally sound steel stairs and he pulled a pair of bolt cutters out of nowhere. Where could he even have hid those? The chain around the door handles fell with a clatter and he tossed the bolt cutters over his shoulder with little regard for them. And then my hand was back in his and I was watching him, not where he led me. He walked so confidently, he looked so attractive in his sparkly suit, his grip on my hand was strong and he remained silent before letting me go abruptly when we arrived at our destination.
           Looking to him, he just stared back at me and I took that as my cue to take in my surroundings. There was an odd odour in the air but I could not place it. There were unmarked crates around us and a few paces ahead I saw lights, bright lights shining from down below and I moved forward. There was no safety bar of any kind, no barrier to keep someone from just slipping over the edge and dropping down, down, down into the swirling pool of bubbling yellow liquid. Reading the name in stark black letters against the back wall a light bulb went off in my head: Ace Chemicals it said and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm. 
           “I was born down there, baby-doll.” He murmured.
           I looked down into the rows upon rows of chemical vats. Turning to him, I slowly reached out and placed my hand on his chest. 
           “It created you?” I asked.
           “No, no, no, no, no, Y/N. It completed me, honey. Do you want it to complete you?” He purred.
           I nodded and he grinned before becoming serious. “Question, would you die for me?” He asked.
           It seemed like such an insulting question for him to ask. I loved him; I had thrown my life away just to be a part of his because I didn’t want that life anymore. He brought me to that realization; he helped me to understand the joke of the world, the joke of the Bat. People were savages, you take a person into the wild and there are no morals, there is no law, they are just concepts hanging on by a very thin thread within our society. Let a person show you who they really are underneath it all and there is nothing worth saving in that. The bat was blind, ignorant, but we see. Mister J helped me see.
           “Yes,” I said instantly, but he looked dissatisfied. 
           “That’s too easy,” He looked away, thinking for a second before continuing.
           “Would you,” he paused looking at me in a way I had never seen him look at me before and I waited for him to finish expectantly. He looked almost taken aback, distracted, and his eyes flicked to my lips but in an instant he shook his head to clear it and that beautiful look was gone.
           He began again, “Would you live for me?” He asked in his deep gravelly voice. 
           Would I leave Y/N behind, would I leave who I was behind to be replaced with someone new? Someone potentially better? Dying for someone is easy, one shot, one stab, one small event and it was over but that isn’t what he was asking. He wanted to know if I would accept him as he is, if I would live with him and his unpredictable nature, if I would kill, steal, lie, and create chaos with him. He was asking if I would live a life, a mad, euphoric, and bloody life dedicated to showing the joke of human nature with him and there was no denying what I felt. There was no denying what I wouldn’t do for him. So again, without hesitation I replied, 
           “Careful,” He warned pointing a finger at me, “Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly.” 
           His left hand came over my mouth, his tattoo no doubt making a mock smile on my face but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I wanted to fall already, I wanted to fall. 
           “Desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power,” He whispered, his hand moving as his fingertips trailed down my chin, and his index finger touched my lower lip. 
           Warmth spread over me and oh, I wanted him. But he wouldn’t let me, I know he wouldn’t, he wanted my surrender. He wanted me to be reborn, and I wanted it too. 
           “Do you want this?” 
           “I do.” I said with conviction.
           He rolled his neck, pleased with me, but he needed more and I was willing to give it. “Say it, say it,” he growled. 
           “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty,”
           “Please.” I said in a small voice that was half a beg, and half a husky whimper.
           “Oh, God you’re so… good.” He praised me before taking a few steps back.
His eyes burned me, as I looked back down at the chemical pool. I could have just jumped but I wanted to watch him, I wanted him to watch me. I wanted him to see what I would do for him. He gestured to me in a way that said “Go on Y/N, go on baby, and show me how good of a girl you can be”. Spreading my arms out I sold my soul to him as I fell.

***Mister J

           I smirked, looking down at my birthplace where Y/N had disappeared. Well, that’s that. She’s gone, and now I can reclaim Gotham. Turning to leave and return to Frost I paused, her sweet little face appearing in my head and her sexy little voice whispering “I do” as she had surrendered herself to me. It angered me that I couldn’t keep walking. I wanted to pull her out of the vat just to shake her furiously and demand what spell she had cast.          She had something over me, the moment she said those honeyed little words, and disappeared over the edge, she had something over me and I didn’t like it. In fact I loathed it. Rolling my neck in irritation I growled, whipping off my coat and diving over the edge after her. Hitting the chemical pool I felt juiced, I plunged into it like a bullet and my hands found her toned little body and I rose out of the depths of it with her… and she was beautiful.
Her skin was so pale now, so fine. There was no trace of her once golden glow, no; her skin was a perfect alabaster just like mine. Her hair was a beautiful white and she wasn’t breathing. Why wasn’t she breathing?
           Anger flared within me, “I don’t think so Y/N, you do not get to leave me. You chose this; you do not get to die on me.” I growled and my lips covered hers.
           I don’t know at what point it worked but her chest arched as she gasped, her eyes which had once been the darkest of blues now matched my own steely grey eyes. I felt a twinge of something, maybe irritation, or maybe it was the chemicals when I saw her… the real Y/N at last when she grinned, looking at me like I was her God. Her hand came behind my neck, her lips pressing against mine, and that sweet tongue of hers only confirmed how good it was that she was now mine.


           He laughed, holding me in the vat of chemicals. My skin tingled, my mind was in a state of complete and total ecstasy as I laughed with him, clutching onto him as our clothes disintegrated creating a blue and red explosion of colour around us. He looked down at me then, his makeup running down his face and the almost creamy chemical residue covered us both but I had never loved him more. 
“Let’s go home, baby.”
Home. I grinned as he climbed out of the vat, going down the ladder that ran down its side. I followed, turning to him as I neared the bottom and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His fingers bit into my hips and I kissed him as he walked, needing his touch more than air and when we got outside I scarcely heard Frost say “What the hell happened to you two?” 
           Mister J let me down and I turned to Frost, grinning, “Hiya Frosty, Muuuuahhhhh!” I gave his cheek a big kiss before climbing into the car, laughing, as Mister J came crawling in on all fours growling after me. 


           I grunted as my cheek hit the stone wall of the shower, Mister J’s hand wound violently in my hair as he took me without any regard for the term ‘gentle’ but I had no protest, all I could do was moan. No dreams could amount to this, no feeling could ever be as good as how he felt inside me.
           “Say it, say it Y/N” He ground out.
           “I’m yours,” I panted, leaning back so I could cup the back of his neck and I heard his breath coming out in hard, purring growls in my hear. His hand came up to my throat and I gasped, feeling his teeth bite into my shoulder. 
           “Say it, baby, say it!”
           I could barely contain myself, let alone say anything. He stopped abruptly and I tried to move against him but he held me firmly in place.
           “Puddin’” I groaned, needing him to move, needing him to take me.
           “I said,” his hand tightened around my throat and I shivered, on the verge of begging. “Say. It.” 
           “I’m yours, only yours, now and forever.”
           “That’s right baby,” he whispered, and he took me without mercy.

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“It is no trouble,” he answered her softly. “You were caught unprepared by the weather so allow me to lend you my umbrella. And to walk you the rest of the way to your home.”

This world was very agreeable to the Servant’s state. The ample magical energy in the air did well to fuel his self-replenishment. Even so he had been drawn to this place, to this woman as though seeking a Master. There was a powerful flame that burned within her that resonated with the black fire that consumed his soul. The flames of revenge were often drawn to one another. And hers out of all the others burned brightest to his eyes.

Unfinished Business Final


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Warnings: Character Death, Blood, Strong language

Last chapter… there will be a long ass authors note at the end… so basically I love you all, don’t hate me<3

Word count:2505

{previous}{the beginning}

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Naive pt2: Sebastian Stan Imagine

part 1 part 3

The year seemed to go by too fast for your liking. Not only did you compose yourself in your work, but you absolutely had no time for yourself of friends. You were lost in your work as you tried to hide from any issues and lose ties that, that night left.

That night that has haunted your deepest, most private thoughts. There was no way you would ever relive that it have ever bothered you but deep down it did. You were never a girl to sleep around.

But today, you couldn’t run away from your problem. You had to face them head on. Well more like face him on set of Infinity Wars. You only pray to God that he acts like nothing ever happened between the two of you.

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okay so werewolves ot4 where akaashi is younger than his boyfriends so he's still out of control during full moon and his boyfriends're trying to take care of him and control him and soothe his pain caused by shift into wolf. i just love werewolves,so can you write it, please? i love you so much, i will sacrafice my soul really, just please, could you write it for me? i will sing love songs for you or something

“I refuse.” Tsukishima growls, crossing his arms. “I won’t do it.”

“Kei.” Kuroo sighs, “Don’t you remember what it was like?”

I do. That’s why I refuse to chain him up like an animal.” Tsukishima glares.

“No.” Akaashi grunts, the change already causing his skin to sweat, and his eyes to burn, “I don’t…if I…if I hurt you guys…”

“There has to be another way.” Tsukishima watches Bokuto pull the chains tight, locking Akaashi against the radiator in their basement.

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You're Best Friends and He Tells You He Loves You Before Tour but Ignores You When He Comes Back part 3

Part 1

Part 2


“Harry” Y/n whispers, teeth clattering and lips nearly blue as she’s close to crying for heat.
“Harry” she whispers again, her voice mocking a whimper as he continues his soft snoring.
His soft breaths are the only sense of warmth she has. His forehead lay on her chilled shoulder perfectly, where his breath make way to the delicate skin of her arm. She desperately wants to wake him, make him come even closer to her than he is now. She maneuvers herself so that at least one of her legs is covered.
“Hm.” Harry mumbles, his tired eyes barely opening before moving over.
“Sorry, little one. C’mere.” He rasps.
Y/n tucks herself into him, her body fitting perfectly as every part of her body curls around him.
“It’s so cold. What’s gotten this room so cold?” He asks, now finding it hard to spread heat among the both of them.
She clatters her teeth, her body shaking with chills as she mumbles a soft “I don’t know.”
Harry looks over to his night stand, his alarm bright reading 3:34 am. He sighs, rubbing his face with the palms of his hands.
“Love.” He mumbles, turning back to Y/n so that he can wrap his arms around her.
His hand move effortlessly around her hair, twisting strands between each finger, admiring the feel of it.
“How about we get a little warm and head over to the cafe, yeah? They’re open 24/7, and I’m sure they have some heat and tea.”
“I’d love that.” She smiles.

“Great. Come on then. Wanna get you all warmed up.” He says, sliding out of bed in attempt to get ready in the early hours of the morning.

He gets dressed in a dark grey t-shirt and black jeans, ready to slip on his shoes when he notices Y/n still half asleep in bed.

“Watcha doing little one?” He coos, “we have to get you all warmed up.”
She stretches out of her arms, wiggling her fingers as a playful frown appears on her face.

“Come on, then. You’re lucky you fell asleep in leggings tonight.” Harry jokes, lifting her freezing body up against his. He slips her shoes on, as well as his, neatening her hair by stroking his fingers through the strands.

He carries her to the car, making sure he heats her up by warming her seat. The drive is short, but enough to wake them both up, just enough to take their order before feeling slightly drowsy again.
“I’m gonna sit down, yeah? You wanna wait?” Harry asks, arms still wrapped tightly around her.
Y/n smiles, “That’s fine, my love.”
Harry brightens, loving to hear her majestic voice call him such wonderful nicknames. Two weeks since she’s come back into his life, and it’s been two of the best weeks he’s ever had in his life. She’s changed him, and he could never understand how someone so perfect as her can love him as much as she does.
“You’re my angel. My little angel.” Harry says, his eyes staring directly into hers, his passion radiating off his skin.
He kisses her, every inch of his love captivating her soul in such a simple way.
“I love you.” He whispers.
“I love you more. But you go sit. You’re tired.”
He nods, rubbing her sides quickly before taking a seat in the empty cafe.
She sighs, smiling like an idiot as she fiddles with her thumbs along the counter.
“Y/n?” someone whispers.

Her eyes widen when she hears who’s behind them. Her body stiffens, and she can feel their eyes burning through her like they’re made of fire.
She remains still, as if it’ll prevent Derek from talking to her more. 
“Where the hell have you been?” He asks, “It’s been 2 weeks since you ran out and you never came back. No reason, no goodbye, just walked away. Why?”
She musters up bravery, she needs to stay strong. Although Derek wasn’t the one who scares her, she needs to address the situation the best she could to avoid any harm.
She turns around, eyes avoiding them as much as possible.
“Well I—I um—I—“
“Yeah, why, darling? Why avoid Derek here?” His friend asks, knowing eyes sending daggers right through her.
She shivers, intimidated by the man he is. He’s hurt her before, what would make him stop now?
“Love, they’ve called the order 4 times already.” Harry interrupts.
He notices her discomfort, the way her body is shrunken. Fear is filled in her brown eyes, and he’s suddenly aware that it was right of him to come over to her. He steps in front of her, moving her shaken body so that every part of her is behind his large frame. By the way she’s grabbing onto his shirt, he knows exactly who she’s bumped into. He’s been waiting for this day, just so he can beat the shit out of the man who viciously harmed her.
“Who is Derek?” Harry asks, jaw tight and fingers clenched.
“I’m sorry, who are you?” One of the men asks.
Y/n tugs on his shirt, and that’s all Harry needs in order for him to snap.
Harry smirks, cocking his head to the side.

“I’m Harry. Y/n’s boyfriend. And who are you?”
The man laughs slightly, almost as if he thinks it’s a game that Harry is playing. But it isn’t.
“I’m Riley. Y/n’s ex-boyfriend’s friend.”
Harry smiles.
“Well, nice to meet you.”
He sticks his hand out, as if waiting for a friendly handshake. Riley reaches for his hand, shaking it softly. Harry turns serious, his grip on Riley’s hand turning dangerously tight. Harry pull Riley toward him before pushing him onto the floor. He sits on top of him, his knees holding down Riley’s arms as he begins to hit him with no mercy.

“You don’t ever fucking touch her again!” Harry roars, fists colliding with Riley’s face continuously.
“Harry, stop! Can we please just go?!” Y/n cries, covering her eyes so that she won’t be able to see what’s going on.
“Get the fuck off of him!” Derek yells, ripping Harry away from Riley.
Harry squirms to get out of his hold, but doesn’t break away from him. Riley slowly stands from his previous position, spitting out blood. He’s panting, fists clenched as he stays in his place.
“Please stop.” Y/n whimpers, her cries getting more desperate.
“Hold this fucking scumbag back as I knock him dead.” Riley spits, swinging his fist into Harry’s face.
Harry groans, finding it harder to fight back when Derek has such a strong hold on him. There is nothing he can do to get of this position, but he’s not going to let Riley win this battle, even if he is beating him half to death.
“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” Y/n screams, seeing the love of her life being hit until unconsciousness.
She has to help him. She can’t keep watching this.
She places her body in between Riley and Harry. She attempts to grab Riley’s constant swinging arms, and when she does, she loses her drip again.
“STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME!” Riley barks at her.
Just as she begins to grab his arm again, his hard fist makes contact with the side of her face. The impact is so strong that she falls onto the ground. Her face hitting directly onto the wooden floor. She can already feel her eye swelling, and her face is dripping with blood. The entire left side of her face is completely numb, throbbing with excruciating pain.
Something awakens inside of Harry. His demeanor snaps into something poisonous, and before he can even register his state of mind, he is holding Riley against the wall. His hand is held tight around his neck, holding him so tightly that Riley can’t seem to catch his breath.
“You don’t ever hurt her.” Harry growls under his breath, wasting none of his time before bashing Riley’s head against the wall.
He falls unconscious, making Harry back away from his unmoving body.
“Harry.” Y/n croaks.
He whips around, his now gentle eyes falling on her.
His breath hitches in his throat, his bloody fists now shaking. His eyes are wide, tears now building inside of them as he looks at his girlfriend.
“Oh my God.“

perceive | a Fred Weasley one-shot


When people look at Fred and George, they see them as a whole. You can’t have Fred without George and you can’t have George without Fred. But one person didn’t see it that way. She see’s them as just Fred, or just George. She is someone with a fire burning in her soul. She is someone with skin so pale she compared to snow. She is nobody.

As I walked toward my potions class I see him walking in my direction, but of course, not towards me. He walks next to his brother George. I watch him as he’s passing by, but this time it’s different, the earning in my chest isn’t there. Instead it’s replaced by an empty hole, like something is missing from me. Fred looks up and his eyes meet mine. I feel my heart stop but I don’t look away. The look on his face Is unreadable but, non the less, still made me want to run up and pull him into my arms. I break the eye contact and rush off to potions before I’m late, well aware of the pair of eyes following my every move.

I hear my stomach growl so I make my way down to the dining hall to find Hermione because of the hard potions homework Snape had landed us. As I enter my eyes land on Hermione, who is currently talking to Harry. There’s an empty space between her and Oliver Wood so I sit there. As I plant myself there, Hermione turns to say hello.

“Hey Mione, can you help me with this potions homework? I’ve got most of it but I’m struggling on the third question.” I say focusing on getting my paper out of my bag.

“Of course I-” Hermione was cut off by a banging sound in front of me. I didn’t look up due to my concentration on getting my quill out.

“Why does Snape feel the need to give us homework every night? I mean, we get enough homework in all of our other classes. And he knows it too!” I rant out loud. Looking up in exasperation only to realize I have an audience. My cheeks turn red at the two twins that sit in front of me. I smile in embarrassment. George is the first to speak up.

“Hello there.” He says in an teasing tone. He looks over at Fred expecting him to say something. When he doesn’t, George elbows him in the ribs.

“Hi.” Fred and I speak at the same time leaving me a blushing mess and George and Hermione to smirk at each other.

“Hey Hermione, I have something cool to show you in the common room.” George says suspiciously. I look down at my paper when they walk away. Lifting up my head, Fred is still sitting there. Biting my lip, I look back down. I probably look stupid.

“I’m George by the way.” He says trying to make small talk. When he says those words my head shoots up and a surge of confidence shoots right through your core.

“My name is Y/N.” I say, my eyes watching his face closely

“You pay an awful lot of attention to me don’t you?” He blushes at his own statement. I take the papers and put them away in my bag. I lean closer to him and he follows suit.

“Maybe I’m just observant.” I fumble out thoughtlessly.

“The Hogsmade trip tomorrow. Me. You. How ‘bout it?” He gets closer to my face making us a meager inch apart. His eyes flick to eyes to my nose, lips, chin, then back down to my lips for a second. I lean closer so my lips brush against and past his. My mouth twist into a smirk against the shell of his ear.

“See you tomorrow. Fred.” I send a wink at his shocked face before walking off. I grin ear to ear and think to myself, I have a date with Fred Weasley

Snogging, Sex, and Nosy Family Members {Harry x Reader}


Word Count:  2431
Smut: Light - Moderate
Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Potter, James Potter
Mention{s} Of: Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson

Hey guys! So this is an AU / x reader where Harry’s parents & Sirius are still alive! It was requested by @allkindofimaginesmultifandoms!! Enjoy :)


You shuddered in excitement as his hands trailed across your skin. Every time he touched you, you’d tingle, every time he looked at you, you’d melt. He kissed up the side of your neck, leaving multiple hickeys on your jawline. A small sound of pleasure left your mouth. When he unbuttoned your shirt and left small love bites on your chest, you buried your hands in his tangled hair, and dragged your feet along the bed.

He sat up, and pulled you with him, proceeding to take your clothes off. Gently, but not too slowly. Once you were in just your undergarments, he began to take his own off. The way he just pulled the cotton T-Shirt off his back was extremely sexy, and you couldn’t help but let out a sound of approval. He grinned, and proceeded to take his jeans off.

All you could do was stare at his gorgeous body, and take in every inch of his perfection. It made your heart flutter, how he looked at you with those bright green eyes, filled with lust. The way he licked his lips before climbing on top of you was extremely seductive, and you did all you could not to faint at the sight of his beauty.

And then it happened. It was much different than what you expected. It hurt a little, yes, but it felt like fucking heaven. He rolled onto his back, the two of you breathing rapidly. He lifted your hand into his, giving it a slight squeeze. You cherished the little things he did, the way he always made sure you were okay, how he always put thought into everything without even realizing it.

You turned so that you were leaning on your side, gripping the sheets over your bare body. He did the same, and let go of your hand to caress your face with the back of his hand, before giving you a resplendently gentle kiss.

It took a few minutes of staring, before you said anything.

“It was my first time.” You whispered, looking away in embarrassment. Your head dropped significantly, hair covering your face. It felt as if his eyes were burning holes into your soul. It was hard to admit, because of how vulnerable it made you feel. You could feel tears forming in your eyes. Why were you getting so emotional? It was so unlike you to let your guard down like this. Maybe it was the fear of not being good enough. Or perhaps it was because you didn’t want to seem like there was nothing special about you. Whatever it was, it made you feel sick to your stomach.

When his hand creeped over to yours, you did everything you could not to break down. “{Y/N}, look at me.” He calmly moved your hair out of the way, and tucked it behind your ear.

Your shoulders hunched over as you squeezed your eyes shut. Tears streamed down your pale skin, and you shook your head. You could barely breathe properly, your breaths letting out in restrained, soft wheezes.

He sighed, and moved his hands to yours, before kissing your cheek. “Wanna hear a secret?” He asked, his lips slightly making contact with your temple.

You waited a minute before nodding your head and sniffing, keeping your eyes shut.

He kissed down your neck, and bit the back of your ear. “It was my first time too” He whispered, nudging you with the side of his face, and tickling your sides.

You shrieked, opening your eyes, immediately grabbing a pillow to defend yourself. “Harry Potter, Don’t you DARE!” You squealed, attempting to block your sides. He hovered over you, elbows planted on the bed, and gave you a sweet kiss, laughing his pretty little ass off.


You shivered and pulled your coat tighter over your body. It was technically Harry’s, but the two of you shared clothes so constantly that at this point, it didn’t really matter. Today was the day you were going to meet his family. He didn’t exactly like to introduce people to his family, something about them being overprotective, but the two of you had been dating for a year, and since the get-go, his parents had been begging to meet you. He finally agreed, but made sure to lecture them about freaking you out. He knew you were very sensitive, and didn’t want his family to do anything to upset you. You reassured him that you’d be fine, but he didn’t believe you, and insisted on making sure they didn’t do anything weird.

It was Winter Holiday, so he thought it would be a good idea since your Grandma was in Germany at the moment. Your Grandmother adopted you when you were four years old. Your parents had died in a car accident. Your father was muggleborn, so he always liked to do things the muggle way. They weren’t able to get out their wands in time, and died from shock.

Your Grandmother had hated muggles ever since. She would shit talk your father, and anyone who had any relations with muggles. This was one of the reasons why you didn’t tell her about Harry. She couldn’t give a damn about you, and definitely would find Harry revolting. But you loved him, and that’s all that mattered.

As the two of you neared Godric’s Hollow, you couldn’t help but feel a little anxious and sort of queasy. What if his family didn’t like you? What if they thought you were annoying? Or rude? You inhaled, and exhaled, slowly. You had to stay positive, and keep an open mind. You didn’t really know what to expect.

When you reached his front door, he turned to you. “Don’t stress, {Y/N}. They’re going to love you. Ready?”

You bit your lip and nodded, trying to ignore the pit in your stomach.

He opened the door, revealing a living room speckled with vintage items and odd types of furniture. A staircase was set to the side, the fireplace lit with blue fire. It seemed much more welcoming than your own house, where everything was dark, cold, and creaky. Here it was warm, colorful, and interesting.

“Mum!” Harry shouted, entering the hallway to the left. “{Y/N}’s here! Go get dad!”

You stood at the door, watching his mother skip up the stairs.

Harry walked up to you, leaning onto your shoulder. “Stop it, Potter.” You said, emphasizing his name to sound like Draco.

He rolled his eyes and shifted so that he was in front of you. He unbuttoned your jacket, and slid it off your shoulders, and gave you a sweet kiss, (tongue included) scraping your bottom lip with his teeth as the two of you pulled back.

When you turned, his parents were beaming incessantly. The two of them came up to you. “I’m James, this is Lily. Harry’s godfather, Sirius is on his way.” he said, shaking your hand. You could see the resemblance to his father. The hair, facial shape, the nose. However, Harry’s eyes resembled his mother’s. They both had gorgeous green eyes.

“We’ve heard so much about you.” Lily gushed, bringing you in for a hug.

“That’s only because of your constant nagging!” Harry protested.

James laughed. “Well, what do you expect? If you tell Sirius about her, but not us, of course we’re going to nag you.”

You smiled. It was so pleasant here. His parents were very sweet, and your anxiety had somehow disappeared.

Over the next 30 minutes you had learned a lot about his parents. His father was on the quidditch team, and was also a seeker. Lily had actually hated James for the longest time before she fell in love with him. She was always the book smart one, while he was the sarcastic one. Now you knew where Harry’s sarcasm came from. He definitely took after his father, considering he was not booksmart at all and was pretty cocky. His grades were pretty decent, but his quidditch skills were pretty awesome. You learned about Lily, how she was amazing in her classes, about her family who were muggles that called her a freak and treated her like shit.

You felt something soft brush your arm. You looked down, to see a black dog sitting next to you.

You automatically gushed in happiness. “Harry, you never told me you had a dog!” You squealed, rubbing the dog behind the his ears. Harry and his parents exchanged glances before bursting into laughter. You stared at them, confused.

“Well, I see Sirius is here.” Lily managed to choke out through her laughter.

“Wait, Harry, your godfather is a … dog?” You asked, brow raised.

“Actually, an animagus.” A deep voice chuckled.

You turned to see a middle-aged man with long, dark hair and a well-groomed beard. He was in nothing but a thick velvet robe.

You gaped at Sirius, mouth wide open. “I just scratched your godfather behind the ears.”

That earned a laugh from the whole lot. “I don’t really mind, sometimes I prefer my other form.” He said, smiling.

“Any other animagi in the family you’d like to tell me about, Harry?” You joked.

“Actually, yeah. My dad’s a deer.” He said, looking down with a grin.

“Harry, you didn’t tell me that half your bloody family are animals!” You shrieked, facepalming. “For Godric’s sake, I nearly had a heart attack!”

Harry just continued to laugh even harder. At this point, he was rolling on the floor, gasping as if he was struggling to breath. After a few minutes, he sat up, breathless, giving Sirius a high-five. “Nice one, Padfoot.”

Sirius smiled. “Not as nice as your girlfriend. I’d say she’s too hot for you.” He said, winking my way.

You felt yourself flush. You never really thought you had very good looks. Your eyes were a boring {Y/E/C}, and you didn’t really have much going on.

“Yeah, way out of your league. How’d she end up fancying ya?” James joked.

“The same way mum fancied you. She didn’t really like me at first because y’know, my ego is apparently “too big”, but she eventually warmed up to me.”

Lily just shook her head and rolled her eyes. “You two better not do anything that you might regret.” The air suddenly felt heavy. “Like, you know, sexual things.” She said.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Aw come on, if the boy wants some action, I don’t see the problem. Plus, they’re of age to consent.”

Lily just sighed. “That’s what Lucius told Draco, and look what happened there.” It was no secret that Draco and Pansy had sex in 5th year. Pansy ended up pregnant, and Draco got in huge trouble with the Ministry.

You and Harry abruptly made eye contact. You had used protection, so you didn’t have to worry, but what about his parents finding out?”

“H-Harry, can you show me to the bathroom?” You asked, your eyes pleading.

Thankfully, he caught on, and replied. “Oh, er, sure.”

The two of you made your way up the stairs. Once you had reached the hallway, you pulled him into the closest room.

“Harry, what if they find out?” You whispered, brows furrowed.

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“But what if they ask?”

“We’ll tell then the truth, then” He whispered back.

You felt like you were suffocating.

“Okay.” you barely managed to get out.

You followed Harry downstairs, but almost crashed into him when he stopped. You went to say something but he put a finger to his lips, signaling your silence. You understood he wanted to eavesdrop, so you nodded, cupping your ear to help you listen.

“Oh, they totally fucked.”


“Lily, did you not see how they looked at each other when we mentioned Draco and Pansy? It’s obvious that at least something happened. Plus, {Y/N} kept turning red.”

“Sirius is right, Lily, they probably did. I mean, we don’t know for sure, but come on… They both stopped talking when we mentioned it.”

“I hope not”

Harry nodded to you, and you continued your way downstairs, making your coming obvious so they would have time to shut up. You sat a little bit closer to Harry this time, not making eye contact with anyone. You felt a burning in your throat, and you were shaking very slightly out of anxiety.

You could feel the presence of their lingering eyes, before someone finally spoke up.

“So, how did it happen?”


“Well, someone had to ask!“

“Bloody fucking hell, you and James are gonna be the death of me.”

“Let the boy answer my question. When did it happen?”

“When did what happen?” Harry asked in an almost-convincing tone.

“Your passionate love making, of course.”

You looked up to see Lily smacking Sirius in the head, while he grinned like a child

You broke into a grin. “Don’t you know, Sirius, Harry only passionately makes love with his enemies. Draco Malfoy, for instan-”

“{Y/N}! I do not make love to that fucking oaf!”

“That’s right, because I’m the one you-” you paused, mid-sentence. Fuck. You were mentally stabbing yourself in the head.

Sirius’s face lit up like a lamp. “I told you, Lily! I told you! What did I say?” He put his hand up for a high five. “That’s m’boy!” Harry grinned and high-fived him back. Gosh, boys were immature. “How was it?” Sirius asked Harry.

“Well, I mean pleasant. She’s like an angel, but damn, she’s a loud one.”

You raised your eyebrow. “Says the one who was groaning so loud all of Gryffindor probably heard you!”

“I was not!” He protested!

“Was too!” I argued back.

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was n-” Lily cut him off. “Okay, instead of focusing on how loud each other’s pleasure noises were, why don’t we focus on the important things?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, did you two use protection?”

“Oh yes, I made sure the thread count was above 1000”

You glanced over at James, who was bright red, covering his eyes, and failing at the poor attempt to cover his own laughter, and then over at Sirius who fist bumped Harry, and then you.

Lily was endlessly lecturing the two of you, occasionally screaming at Sirius and James for making sarcastic remarks. Everytime she would turn back, she’d see the both of you snogging each other, scowl, and return to her lecture.

In the first time for a long time you felt truly happy, truly welcomed, and every aspect of it was perfect.

seasidevocalists  asked:

Youngjae's new instagram pics. Legit when I saw it I thought, "I've seen God."



And then he blessed us again!!!


He is so stunning and so beautiful and so cute all at the same time and I cannot believe how blessed we are to get to see this perfection!!! Not to mention, two pictures at once??? This Angel of Sunshine is spoiling us!!!

Really though, he’s been spoiling us and doing a number on my heart (a.k.a. ruining it, making me weak, shattering me, and leaving my heart an exploded mess) with so many of his selcas lately!! I mean,

WHAT IS THIS??? His flawless jawline!!! His soft cheeks!!! His precious ear!!! His lovely mole!!! His pouty, pink lips!!! The mole on his neck that I am totally weak for!!! His cute little nose!!! All in one picture!?! 

AND THIS PICTURE MAY BE SUPER BLURRY, BUT THAT GAZE!!!! BURNING INTO MY SOUL!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! And his lips are way too nice looking here agdafkhkag…

AND THEN AGAIN HERE!!!!! THAT STARE!!! MAKING ME WEAK EVERY TIME!!! Honestly… I have seen God because that gaze ended me. But look at those cheekbones!!! And the way his hair falls into his eyes!!! Help me. I can’t even breathe right now. He’s too attractive.


And then, help me understand how he can go from that HOT-AS-THE-ACTUAL-SUN look to:


He is honestly the most amazing, beautiful, perfect blend of the cutest and most precious Sunshine, and the most stunning, gorgeous, and handsome Sun, and his selcas, especially these new ones, are such an example of it. I actually lost my breath when I first saw the newest ones… I’m just so overwhelmed by his perfection!!!