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It had been an ordinary day when the two met: not too cloudy, not too sunny. A day when people wandered the streets for no particular reason or passion. A day Tomura could blend in, get his fucking groceries, with his hoody pulled over in casual slacks, nary a need to brush his hair out from his eyes … or so he thought.

He found himself standing at the crosswalk, hobbling out to pass only for cars to honk at him, forcing him to take a step or two back. Fucking cars. He was about ready to give one a hole if they didn’t –

A large, firm hand clapped his shoulder.

“Sir?! May I be of assistance?!”

Tomura turned to see a tall, upright U.A. student with blue hair, glasses, and a rigid jaw line. A fucking U.A. student was bothering him –? He opened his mouth, but the brat continued.

“I’ve seen you around before!”

Oh no.

“I’ve even seen you walking  to your apartment complex before, sir!”

Tomura’s fingers twitched. He couldn’t have an ordinary day without getting rid of a witness –?

“I can help you across the street, if you’d like, sir!”


He slouched forward a little more, the bangs still obscuring his face. “… Excuse me?”

“I’d be happy to help the elderly, any day!”

He’d been mistaken for an elderly man!

“Wait, no, no –!” Tomura rasped, but it was too late: he found himself thrown over Tenya’s shoulder, locked in a grip vice he could sadly not twist himself from – not even to disintegrate the absurdly sickeningly brazen child.



Tomura might have screamed.

But he wouldn’t admit it.


Tomura found himself in front of his flat in 19.6 seconds flat. Unfortunately, in the screeching halt and being set back onto his own two feet, the contents of his grocery bag spilled in front of his door.

“I AM SO VERY SORRY, SIR –!” Tenya bent down, scrambling to pick up everything from the spilled bag. He stood up, continuing to apologize before daring – actually fucking daring – to reach a hand forward to brush back stray strands of Tomura’s hair.



“You are no elderly gentleman!” Tenya gasped.

No fucking duh!

He so badly wanted to disintegrate this child. For fucking pulling him all the way across town on a shitty whirlwind ride … but then he’d have to answer to Kurogiri about the missing U.A. student. And he didn’t fancy being scolded right now.

While Tenya uttered a plethora of apologies, Tomura opened his apartment and stepped inside. He didn’t expect the child to follow him in, but considering the child picked up his fucking groceries –

“AH! I see you are a fan of video games, as well!”

Suddenly Tenya was shifting through the shelves of video games, having the fucking nerve to alphabetize them in front of Tomura. Tomura didn’t like it: he had them ordered the fucking way he wanted them to be – why wasn’t he kicking out this kid already -

Tenya stood straight, pulling out one such video game with a pushed smile. It was a racing game. Tenya’s face darkened, the entire mood of the room dropping below zero.

Behold, hero!” Came the icy laugh. “You have nowhere to run! The Insidious Ingendium shall destroy you! FWHAHAHAHAH!

Was that … was that just a villainous impression?



Tomura began to pick at his neck in the awkward silence, which the tall blue haired boy had no cue in on. The kid had … a bizarre sense of humor. But strangely, it erased part of his urge to utterly destroy something or another. He looked back at the game Tenya was holding.

Jokes, narration … maybe he’d make a good video game partner.


Times like this, however, with the absurdly annoying tall brat blocking his screen with some ungodly rigid posture – how on earth did that kid stand so straight? Tomura only ever wanted to slouch! – he could hardly resist the urge to let his five fingers do some dirty work.

“Shigaraki!” Tenya boomed. “I had carefully alphabetized your video games, and they are out of order not ten minutes later!”

Tomura felt his face tighten, the skin of lips cracking. “I needed fucking Call of Duty.”


I fucking hate myself.


eyy new animation thing

Thicket needed a Halloween costume pic, so here she is as Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch (she’s dressed as the 1986 version American version) as it was and is still one of my all time favorite Halloween movies!