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Jaal: Ryder, sing me a human song. I wish to know more about your culture.
Ryder: I will sing you the song of my people. *clear throat* Some-
Jaal: *tearing up* beautiful…

Here’s an unfortunate story for you: Last year my sister got a puppy and named it Pre after the runner Steve Prefontaine. Now I don’t think I can introduce her to game grumps because it would ruin her dog’s name as it has for me (see every instance of someone shouting “I’m gonna pre, dude”). At the time I wanted to say something but I didn’t know how

Honestly, it’s my own fault getting pro-Trump rhetoric on yesterday’s post for having tagged it “Trump” as a warning to my followers, so as much as I think the people responding to it are shit I understand that they have nothing better to do with their sad, pathetic lives than troll the tag. I’m ignoring most of the other replies, because I know any other reply will delight them and prompt yet another round of “LOL triggered liberals” or whatever.

But I am fucking FURIOUS at the accusation of antisemitism.

It is abhorrent to me, as a Jewish woman, to see one of my people’s most holy places being visited by a man who endorses the worst and least-holy behaviors as a matter of daily course, who routinely defends actual antisemites in his cabinet, and who tacitly endorses racist and antisemitic behavior from his followers. Because the Wall actually means something to me- something I don’t expect a man who planned to spend 15 minutes at a Holocaust memorial before cowing to public pressure to understand, never mind his supporters.

To accuse anyone (but again ESPECIALLY A JEWISH PERSON) of antisemitism for this is, in and of itself, an act of antisemitic violence.

(Warning to my followers: Before you click over, please know this person’s blog has a NSFW sidebar of a naked older woman, and their posts are nothing but extremist conservative talking points and porn.)

The most insulting and unbelievable part of the “Beyoncé was never pregnant” conspiracy is that people think that instead of wearing a dress that was just loose enough to bunch up when she sat down a certain way she what?

Decided to use a cheap, easily folded, Lifetime-movie-prop-style fake baby bump. Y'all really think the bitch paying $10,000+ on WIGS bought a plush pillow at Dollar General and stuck it up under her clothes for nine months??????

You think that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, someone with a borderline disturbing perfectionist and obsessive, detail-oriented nature, wouldn’t think to pay to get some shit that wouldn’t collapse if she *sat down*????

Guys, you do know Branch can cook right???? There’s gonna be a new Trolls Novel line based on them AFTER the film by David Lewman and the second book in this series is about Branch and Gristle planning a celebration. This book will be out on the 27th of July (which is still a long way) BUT I HONESTLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK

I didn't, but I wish I had.
  • Case worker: Mom is very worried about how she is spending her days and not comfortable with her going to work with you. Can you tell me, broadly, what you do?
  • Me: I'm an astrophysicist. I mostly study the big bang and the formation of the Milky Way. Basic science stuff. And my husband is an archaeologist, so Katniss has been helping him organize dinosaur fossils.
  • Case worker: Did you ever get her school books?
  • Me: Nope, but when I was her age I was definitely in a sex ed class, so she's doing a report for me on the female reproductive system. When that's done she's going to make up an educational poster about different kinds of birth control and whether they protect from specific STDs. Katniss is very into calligraphy and art so this should be a great project for her.

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The Engineers being white skinned aliens is not whitewashing. The lack of diversity in the film is enough. Why would fictional origins of humans need to be accurate? If you can't even stand aliens with white skin, you might have issues with race.

Honestly I have a headache right now so fuck off anyone else want to do the tedious work of explaining why this was gross be my guest. I’m tired.

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