or the trolls

the homestuck kids as music genres

John: trance
Rose: witch house
(Grimdark!Rose: artcore)
Dave: vaporwave
Jade: happy hardcore
(Grimbark!Jade: industrial hardcore)

Jane: future bass
(Crockercorp!Jane: speedcore)
Roxy: pc music
Dirk: outrun/synthwave
(Hal: glitch hop)
Jake: eurobeat

I think the fans are doing extra shipping for no reason. They’ve been shipping Daryl and Carol for seven years now and I don’t think anything’s happened. We just had an episode and we were already running through the field with flowers and having a picnic. It’s crazy, man. People take it and run with it. Obviously, there’s a relationship there. Romantic? I don’t know.

Khary Payton talking about Carzekiel (x)

PS for people who didn’t get it: The question Brandon gave him was if Carzekiel was romantic or if people were doing “EXTRA shipping for no reason” and he said people were doing extra shipping for no reason cause people already shipped Carol and Daryl for years he was not saying y’all should stop shipping Caryl but instead saying nothing happened between Carol and Ezekiel except forming a connection and there is nothing to ship.


Anna Kendrick has a casual singing problem.

Dear everyone slut shaming Sophia,

Can you not? You don’t know what is actually happening. And blowing up her twitter won’t change anything, other than the fact that you’re so insecure about your own life you need to bother her about hers. Please let the woman live. Thanks.

Every Sophia fan that’s sick of your bullshit

RIP Kahaley-Khaz Modan (US) - She was a wonderful person and friendly companion to spend time with. I raided with her in Warlords and partly into Legion and she finally succumbed to a brave, many-years-long battle with cancer.

I still cry sometimes because it’s so weird thinking that someone you interacted with on a nearly daily basis is now gone. Cherish your friends and hold them close. We love you Kahaley, and we will miss you. Rest easy.