or the three routes

I am proud to have been involved in silent, petty cooperation.

I work overnights, and whether it is a cause or an effect, I hate people. My route home involves a three-lane one-way street crossing another three-lane one-way street which comes from the right.

On the day in question, I was in the center lane, crossing the intersection on a green light. Suddenly a white sports car from the other street takes a right turn without stopping for the red light, cuts across the far right lane of my road and into my lane. I nearly rear-ended him, slammed on the brakes, and liberally applied the horn. He then zipped back into the far right lane, cutting off a small bus for a local preschool next to me, who also has to slam on the brakes. Sports car zigged back into my lane, then zagged back into the far right lane.

At this point, I was pissed. I sped up to keep pace beside him so that he couldn’t jump back into my lane, and the school bus sped up to ride his bumper. An SUV in front of me and another car in front of the sports car slowed down to keep pace with the rest of us.

With silent, petty cooperation, we kept him locked into one lane for almost a mile until he made a right turn!

the difference in gameplay i felt in automata was pretty intense cuz while playing as 2b it’s like “don’t worry i got this” while feeling really bad every time i saw 9s get punched across the room cuz he wanted to help, and then when playing as 9s it was a lot of panicked “i don’t got this” while feeling blessed every time 2b just sliced apart hostiles whenever she felt like it.


The Difference Between Us is an upcoming My Little Pony fan game about Fluttershy on her first date with Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy never knew that Pinkie felt that way about her, and she struggles to figure out what she wants and how she feels about Pinkie as she finds her way through the date.

There are three main routes through the date, and each route has three endings, all with several different variations depending on your prior choices. There are no bad endings, just different ways of exploring a new relationship and the new feelings that come with it. All of the mane six as well as the cutie mark crusaders make appearances to offer advice, hang out, or even put on a show. And all along the way, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will be telling stories, sharing secrets, healing old wounds, and, hopefully, growing closer.

Coming soon!


ladies and gentleman, jaehee ‘i’m not gay’ kang

2017 Fate Anime Projects

So if anybody is like me and is a little overwhelmed with all the new fate announcements, I’m going to try and break it down.

First off, we have Fate/Grand Order:

This actually already came out (12/31/2016) but figured it’s basically the start of the new year. This is a television anime special one off thats 1hr and 14min by Studio Lay-duce. 

The synopsis of this series basically goes: After the disappearance of a future timeline confirms the end of humanity, the organization, Chaldea, orders a “Grand Order” (heh, get it?) to find and destroy what will apparently end the human race as we know it. 

Next we have Fate Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel (Part 1):

This is the first part of a three part series about one of the three routes of Fate Stay Night. (I know, its a lot) If you haven’t seen either Fate Zero for Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blades Work, PLEASE DO!! The movie will be made by Ufotable but no release date has been announced yet. 

The synopsis for this movie is: Shirou Emiya enters the world of magus after accidentally joining the Holy Grail War. What happens afterwards is just pain and suffering.

After that there is Fate/Extra:

This is going to be an anime series produced by Shaft. No information about release date or how many episodes have been announced yet.

This show also has the Holy Grail War although to my understanding its virtual? Also the big twist is that the main character has no idea what’s going on or how he got there and is thus chucked into war. (Good luck bro)

Another anime series is Fate/Apocrypha:

Again, no news has been announced for this series. The studio will be A-1 Pictures.

This series is parallel to Fate Stay Night, so happening at the same time but different universe. Instead of every man for themselves, this Holy Grail War is between two factions, Yggdmillennia and the Mage’s Association. 

Lastly, there is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie:

There is no information whatsoever about this LOL so it might not even be for 2017…

This movie takes place after 4 anime seasons. This is an alternate spin off of Fate Stay Night that has… magical girls??? That’s really all I seemed to get out of it but Illya is alive and happy and that’s really all that matters.

More news to come in the February 2017 issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Newtype magazine, which has a really cute cover of Saber :3

By all rights, Hannibal should have been both too silly and too violent to sustain itself for more than a few weeks. But it got richer, more assured, and more audacious as it went along, always taking the most surprising, at times circuitous route toward a destination. The show ran just three seasons but took such great strides that by the end of season 3, viewers might have felt as if they’d been watching the serial-killer equivalent of one of those evolutionary charts that starts with a razor-toothed fish and ends with a man in a suit carrying a briefcase.
Type-Moon MC Guide 2015 (Part 3)

Last time we had the special titles, now we have the most awaited MCs of Type-Moon’s most popular franchise: Fate!

Meet the main contenders of the Holy Grail War in all the different Nasuverse universes:

Updated and edited

Fate/Stay Night (All 3 Routes):

Protagonist: Shirou Emiya

Deuteragonist: Rin Tohsaka (relegated to a tritagonist in the other routes outside hers, but overall, she’s this)

Heroines: Saber (Fate), Rin Tohsaka (Unlimited Blade Works) and Sakura Matou (Heaven’s Feel)

The bulk of Fate Stay Night’s plot relies heavily on protagonist Shirou’s conflict with his ideals, his relationships with the three main heroines, and his dream of one day becoming a hero of justice or an ideal hero to everyone. While you have the power to influence Shirou’s decisions, namely which route to pick among the three and which girl he should pursue, or better yet, how not to land in a Bad End (unless you want to see all those wacky Tiger Dojo antics, which you can only watch if you deliberately get Bad Ends - we all know you do -), most of the decisions in the VN are heavily reliant on you acting like Shirou and not as yourself, which is proof that Shirou is not your average run in the mill vanilla self-insert MCs in VNs nowadays (trust me, some of the “rational” choices there in the game are guaranteed to net you Bad Ends). Regardless of what anyone thinks of him as a character, it’s generally agreed that Shirou is one of the, if not the most complex MC in VN history.

On the other hand, while we all know that Shirou is the overall narrator and main character of the popular VN Fate/Stay Night, since it centers on his growth in different ways in all three routes (UBW being my favorite overall), Rin is the second most important character in the whole VN and I’m saying this not because I’m biased towards her, but because compared to Sakura and Saber, whose roles may be minimal outside their routes, Rin’s importance in all three routes never diminishes, regardless of her not being the main heroine of Fate and HF. There’s also the fact that her development heavily mirrors and runs parallel to Shirou’s in the entire VN, developing alongside him even outside UBW, and that she’s the narrator and MC in both the Prologue and the Epilogue of the game. She gets to narrate several times in UBW too. Love interest in the route or not, she’s definitely the main heroine here, even if Saber’s the poster girl for the series (Dang you Takeuuuuchiiiii!!!). 

By the way, they’re also the selectable main characters in the FHA mini-game Capsule Servant, so there.

Them aside, Saber gets the bulk of the focus in the Fate route, relegating Shirou’s MC status to that of a supporting protagonist (he’s still the main POV, but doesn’t quite have the hand on the plot compared to the next two routes), while Sakura is the main love interest in Heaven’s Feel, as the “princess” Shirou has to rescue amid the gray morality he faces there and the dark machinations behind the HGW.

In Fate/ Unlimited Codes, literally everyone in FSN (except Kuzuki for some reason tbh) is the protagonist, unlike Melty Blood since FUC is an alternate retelling of FSN in each of the characters’ POV.

Fate/Prototype and Fragments of Silver and Blue (prequel):

Protagonist: Ayaka Sajyou (Fate/Prototype) and Manaka Sajyou (Fragments of Silver and Blue prequel series)

Before Shirou, Rin and gender-flipped King Arthur existed, there was the shy but strong-willed Ayaka Sajyou and her Servant, the actual male King Arthur, Saber. Being Rin, Shirou, and Sakura’s prototype (being the main character with a penchant for attracting people of the opposite gender without really trying, she’s Shirou. Backstory, magical potential, relationship with her Servant, and personality-wise, she’s a fusion between Rin and Sakura), it would’ve been interesting to see if Nasu actually went through with this project before FSN. Would’ve been fun, I guess.

Then there was her crazy older sister, Manaka Sajyou, who is the main villain of the main series and the villain protagonist of Prototype’s prequel novel, Fragments of Silver and Blue, who serves as Ayaka’s Saber’s original Master there. If you gotta ask who she was prototype of in FSN, I’d say she’s a mix between FSN!Illya (inability to grow, plus her sweet childishness and sociopathic personality but without her heroic and sympathetic traits), Dark Sakura (her scary, psychopathic personality, insanity, and her connection to the Greater Grail. Unlike D!Sakura though, Manaka was already purposely and intentionally evil from the start whereas prior to darkening and after a series of breaking, Sakura was corrupted whereas Manaka didn’t need to be). If the novel’s anything, Manaka, powerlevel-wise, is, according to Nasu, omnipotence in human form. Poor Ayaka has a lot of problems in store for her.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya:

Protagonist: Illyasviel von Einzbern

Deuteragonist: Miyu Edelfelt

It’s a world where Illya gets to finally live a happy, normal (well, not for long) life in contrast to her FSN counterpart whose life was anything but unicorns and rainbows, what more could you ask for? 

Because their backgrounds are staunchly different from one another, the Illya in this verse is much more relaxed (well, if you don’t count her exasperation sometimes to her friends’ hijinks), is happier (yay!), is actually a regular (by a certain definition) kid instead of the experimented homunculus we all love, and is much, much more genuinely heroic than FSN!Illya, who is more than happy to give you one horrific Bad End to the next (she is heroic though, but is much more sociopathic than Prisma!Illya). She’s also a Magical Girl here, so yay!.

As for Miyu, she makes an awesome foil to this verse’s Illya and their relationship as friends is really sweet. Without spoiling much of the plot, let’s just say that Miyu here is the Fate! equivalent to PMMM’s Homura Akemi with a dash of Fate from Nanoha mixed into her. In the Fate ‘verse? She’s basically Sakura backstory-wise while she has bits of Alice’s (from Mahoyo) personality down.


Protagonist: Kiritsugu Emiya

Deuteragonist: Kirei Kotomine

Tritagonist: Waver Velvet

(All three are at the center)

In this story, we get to see how big of a contrast Kiritsugu was to Shirou back before the events of FSN happened as an ally of justice despite having nearly the same dreams and ideals with each other, and wow, what a difference it is (if you don’t count the Mind of Steel Bad End in HF and his other, possible future self that is *wink wink*)! Fate Zero shows us the inevitable tragic outcome of events that led to Kiritsugu’s ideals betraying him and ultimately destroying him by the end of Zero’s HGW and before the very start of FSN’s story.

Kirei gets to be the main antagonist and deut as well for being in direct opposition to Kiritsugu and the role his growth plays in the story (oh, you get to see how Team Yuetsu’s formed too). From passive foe with deep-seated issues he himself can’t even comprehend, to ironically a conscientious, sociopathic villain who takes glee in seeing people suffer before him, Kirei’s actions and machinations throughout the entire plot move the story along while building up a climactic climax and destined clash between him and Kiritsugu.

And finally, Waver’s character development here serves to give us the more traditional and heroic coming of age story in contrast to his fellow MCs above who followed a more nominally heroic, and in Kirei’s case, descent into villainy route. The story puts in a lot of focus on his relationship with his Rider too, and I’m glad they did ‘cause they delivered their development well. Oh, and he pops up in the epilogue of the 2015 UBW anime too as a special cameo.

Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC

Protagonist: Hakuno(M)/ Hakunon(F) Kishinami

Deuteragonist: The Servant of the player’s choice: Saber (Nero), Archer (EMIYA), Caster (Tamamo no Mae) and in CCC, Gilgamesh

Compared to most silent MCs in their position, the Kishinamis of your choice have an actual personality and you don’t have to fill in the blanks yourself to imagine what they’re like, even though you don’t get to hear or see them speak in the entirety of your playthrough (you do get to see what goes on in their heads at least). 

As for the Servants, well, let’s just say that their backgrounds and relationships with Hakunon/ Hakuno are of equal importance to the game’s plot.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia:

Protagonist: Bazett Fraga Mcremitz and Servant Avenger (Angra Mainyu)

Heroine: Caren Ortensia

Putting aside the SOL scenarios in FHA which focus more on the FSN crew having fun, we have the main plot of Bazett, an Enforcer from Mage’s Association who wakes up under strange circumstances with no recollection of the events that happened to her prior to the events of the 5th HGW whatsoever. Discovering a mysterious entity known as the Avenger-class Servant, or simply Avenger, who happens to look exactly like a darker version of a certain MC, Bazett finds out that every time she and Avenger die, time would always rewind itself to the first day of the events of FHA, creating a time loop with some deviations in the events that occur each time. In the midst of it all is Caren Ortensia, a mysterious nun who appears in Fuyuki to serve as Kirei’s replacement as both local priest and overseer. Just what is her connection to that fake priest? To find out, play the game, or, watch Carnival Phantasm.

Fate/School Life:

Protagonists: Kane HimuroYukika Saegusa and Kaede Makidera

This comedic 4-koma series follows the lives of the track trio, and tells us what they did while the 5th HGW was taking place in FSN. Hilarity ensues.

Fate/Strange Fake:

Protagonist: Literally all the contenders present, but Gilgamesh and Enkidu get emphasized focus here

Both the novel and the manga have no real set main protagonist in this Fate entry since literally everyone gets the limelight and their own personal chapters with them as the main character, but Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s stories are given the bigger spotlight here, at least in the earliest chapters.


Protagonists: Ruler (Jeanne d’ Arc) and Homunculus (eventually, Sieg)

The events of Apocrypha revolve around the battle between the Red and Black factions, and while the moral alignments between each side would vary, it’d be a bad idea to make any of the members of either team as a central protagonist without any biases on the side they’re on whatsoever. So the best choice for central protagonist/s would be someone from a neutral faction. This is why the Ruler faction, consisting of Ruler herself and the homunculus Sieg, are the main POVs and the main contenders of Apocrypha’s take on the HGW. Seeing the events of a War they’re not supposed to have direct participation in (Ruler’s job as an overseer of the War prohibits her from directly interfering in it unless the Grail is endangered) through their POV is a breath of fresh air.

Fate/Grand Order:

Protagonist/s: Shirouko and Rin-kun, I mean, Gudako and Gudao (Ritsuka Fujimaru for the male protagonist in the First Order anime)

Heroine/Deuteragonist: Mashu Kyrielite

Okay, those aren’t their official names, but that’s what the official 4koma and promotional materials called them so we’re sticking to them alright?

So the mobile game follows their exploits as the new members of the organization Chaldea, and they’re tasked to save the future from its foreseen inevitable end by competing in many different HGWs throughout different timelines. They also have the ability to summon more than one Servant too (that is if Kirei doesn’t spook you, otherwise…). Always faithfully by their side is FGO’s main heroine Mashu Kyrielite, their beloved kouhai who is fused with an unnamed Servant who wields a large and powerful shield in combat, using that Servant’s skills to fight and to protect the protagonist/s in battle.

Welp. That’s everyone folks! Tell me if I’m missing some people or otherwise. Toodles!

Theory: “Rika was the first MC”

There is a Theory in the fandom of Mystic Messenger [and perhaps less known] is in which it says that Rika was the previous MC. How can it be this possible? 
Rika was someone who played so many times in Jumin, Yoosung and V route, but she decided to do the last route with V and after that she could not restart again, because of this, her data was lost and remained as another character of the history. Because she played a lot of times on those three routes, she was closer to them as a character (Jumin’s best friend), (Yoosung’s cousin) and (girlfriend of V, because she was on the route from which she could no longer leave).
Her data were corrupted and could no longer be MC, which is why her role was given as an antagonist character with the creation of Mint Eye, which is practically the same as the RFA, to create a party, to make happy everyone.

But Rika could not allow it to be replaced, For this, when she’s creating the other organization, she wanted to take the other members of the RFA with her, one of the reasons she washed Saeran’s Brain, It was because she could not stay with Seven (since he is the “True Route”) and because of that she took his brother, also explains why everyone in the RFA loved her.
She stayed with Rika’s name because she knows she would not be MC anymore, and it was because she could never go back to her previous one, her mind began to collapse, wishing for a perfect world in which she looked like The savior, as was her role originally as MC, as the savior of the RFA.

lamento guide: equal points on all routes

This is your friendly neighborhood Konoe RPer with a short guide for how to get an equal number of points for all three routes (Bardo, Rai, and Asato) in Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-.  Reason I did this?  The common route is unbelievably long.  It took three days alone just to finish that and even unlock Asato’s route.  After studying the walkthrough .pdf that came with the game, I managed to pick out the right choices to ensure you can get an equal number of points on all three routes!

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