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Northeast Montana, 2017

because it was pretty last minute and we’re bad at planning it wasn’t until we were about to get onto Road To The Sun after eating supper that we learnt from locals that it was still closed for the year. Snowed over. 

This caused a three hour re-route. A good portion of which was on what is now and forever known as DEATH ROAD. the locals told us not to go that way but what do locals know that we don’t. /fp

leading up to it were signs that in hindsight accurately describe the experience. intermittent pavement, they said. we laughed, like what the hell is that. 

turns out it’s very very bad road carved into the side of a mountain with a very deadly drop inches from the road. it was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. unfortunately there was no where to stop to take pictures that didn’t mean sure death so here are a few from the other side of the mountain once you’ve cleared the death road. 

ps. always listen to locals. don’t be dumb like us and find yourself almost at dark on very bad roads hanging off the side of a mountain in a strange country. 

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So if Zen is suppose to be the love for mc why is seven canon end? O.o

VERY GOOD QUESTION. I can’t believe I’ve never explicitly addressed this.

Also before you guys start reading this, I’d just like to say that this is probably the most I’ve thought and worked for a post, so it would be so nice if you guys could voice out your own opinions and tell me your take on this.

Firstly, I’d like to debunk something that to this day, a lot of people still believe. This is regarding the 707 Reset Theory.

Most people believe that Seven is actually the true ending based on the main game because out of all of the RFA members, he breaks the fourth wall the most. This leads us to believe that he is aware that it is a game. From here, the theory branches out to say that Seven actually loves you in every route and has to suffer through watching you fall in love with all of these other characters before you finally get to him.

The theory caused the creation of many beautiful fanart and excellent mini-fics and headcanons about our darling 707, and because of this, we all slowly stopped seeing it as just a theory. After all, it is very convincing. Even I believed it for a long time.

Some people raised the theory that the other characters also loved MC in every route, another convincing one being that Jumin is also aware of the reset, but ultimately the 707 Reset Theory remained the most popular because his route is the suggested last route, and his good ending allowed us to access the Secret Endings. But at the end of the day, just like all the other theories regarding MysMe, this is not canon. Cheritz has never confirmed it.

This means that the 707 Reset Theory is just a popular theory.

Moving on to the DLCs. The Christmas DLC, in my opinion, was pretty light-hearted. There isn’t anything particularly eye-catching that could bring rise to a theory.

Then, we get the Valentine’s Day DLC. They’re After Endings of the main routes. Nothing much can be said about this DLC either, but some people did start to get suspicious about Seven’s character in his After Ending. Irrelevant to the points I’m currently trying to make, so we’ll save that for another post.

Finally, we have the April Fools DLC, which totally caught us off guard because we thought it would be another light-hearted DLC. Instead, we’re given the Epiphany ending, where it is confirmed that among all the RFA members, only Zen is real, and he is trapped in another dimension where he can never get to you. He then confesses his love for you. Because this is a DLC where you don’t get to choose you’re own route, it becomes canon that no matter what, Zen is in love with you.

This one ups the 707 Reset Theory because 1) Zen does the ultimate fourth wall break and 2) he outrightly confesses his love for you through the screen. No hinting, no beating around the bush, just straight up “I love you”. And we have to take note that he doesn’t say this to the MC. He says this to you.

He genuinely loves YOU, in the form of MC or the player.

I’ve tried to come up with my own conclusions based on this fact, and here’s what I have.

It’s very obvious that the MC in each route has a different personality. For example, the MC in Zen’s route is slightly different from the MC in Jaehee’s route. Each RFA member falls for an MC with a particular personality. However, by addressing YOU, Zen is ultimately saying that he loves you as the player, and not as a character in the game.

MC is a bunch of different people in different routes. She loves different people in different routes. She’s just a puppet. Zen even says in the Epiphany ending that he knows all your answers are pre-determined. It’s clear he didn’t fall for the character in the game. He fell for the girl playing the game.

So you know what? Maybe Seven is the true end for MC, a game character. But you, the player, you’re the true end for Zen. Does this make sense?

This isn’t the end of what I’m trying to say. Let me continue with the April Fools DLC.

This DLC also allowed Cheritz fans, those who’ve played Nameless, Dandelion, and Mystic Messenger, to make connections between these three games. From here, we realise that the 707 Reset Theory isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right either.

Yes, Seven is aware that it is a game. That is why he breaks the fourth wall. But it’s not necessarily because he’s the canon end. It’s because he is a wizard. He represents the game maker. We are given evidence of this multiple times in chatrooms when he talks about being a wizard. This wouldn’t make sense if you don’t know the background of the other Cheritz games. It all links up.

Taking elements from the 707 Reset Theory and the newest Zen theory, there is a huge, HUGE chance that Zen is the canon end. Again, this is not confirmed by Cheritz, so it remains a theory just like the 707 Reset Theory, but as of now, it is the best-supported theory and quite frankly, it’s the one I believe.

Very long-winded because I wanted to cover a lot of things in this answer, but to summarise, Seven isn’t the canon end. None of them are the confirmed canon end. However, the most possible canon end currently is Zen. This could change in the future if Cheritz decides to release more MysMe DLCs, though I doubt they will any time soon (not huge DLCs at least) because they’re currently working on The Lynn Project.

Speaking of which, this is also something I think we should all take note of. The Lynn Project, which is the current game Cheritz is working on, was actually started way earlier, I think in 2015. However, Cheritz put it on hold because they decided to create and finish Mystic Messenger first. There’s got to be a reason for this. I’m sure The Lynn Project will answer even more of our questions. After all, all of Cheritz’s games link up, which I really applaud them for. What amazing storytelling.

So yeah, there you have it. Nothing is set in stone. Unless explicitly said by Cheritz or stated in the game, all the theories we have so far are just speculation and we’re all just trying to contribute more and more evidence to the theories we support to make sense of the game.

I’ve read a lot of Mystic Messenger theories, and I’d have to say that the best one I’ve encountered is this theory, which links all three games together and supports the “Zen loves you in every route” theory. It explains a lot and is very well-evidenced.

I hope I’ve answered your question sufficiently. I kind of went all over the place but it’s the only way I can really explain this :)

Swallow me whole

How could you miss!?

Playing the first game of a homebrew version of the Pokemon Tabletop United my buddy set up. There’s Daliah with her Dratini, Lynette with Piplup, Johnny (me) with Cubone, and our GM in charge of five (5) Pidgey I stirred up on Route One. Daliah managed to catch one, three were scared off, and the last one I was trying to catch for myself.

Johnny:  "Cubone use Bone Club again!“ *rolls attack*

DM:  “Ya know, I’m gonna give that to ya cuz it’s paralyzed … and it’s knocked out.”

J (ooc):  ”So I get a mercy catch right?“

DM:  "You catch it”

J:  *rolls anyway* …. [Nat 1]

[The party laughs]

DM:  *distracted*  “Wait, what did you do?”

Daliah (ooc):  “He rolled a one.”

DM:  “You could have walked up to it and bopped it, but you had to roll …”


German-Russian suspect bombed soccer bus, then blamed Muslims, investigators say

  • A 28-year-old German-Russian man was charged Friday with bombing the Borussia Dortmund soccer team bus on April 11. 
  • German officials said the man aimed to profit financially from the tragedy and blame Muslims for the fallout, the Associated Press reported.
  • The suspect, identified as Sergej W., allegedly planted three explosive devices along the team’s bus route and left several notes at the crime scene suggesting Islamic terrorists were responsible. 
  • Just days before the attack, he took out a loan to bet Borussia Dortmund’s stock shares would drop — a likely scenario if any of the team’s players were severely injured or killed, prosecutors said.
  • German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called the scheme a “particularly perfidious way to toy with people’s fears,” according to the Associated Press, hinting at the widespread fear-mongering aimed at Muslims that has gripped the globe in recent months. Read more (4/21/17)

the difference in gameplay i felt in automata was pretty intense cuz while playing as 2b it’s like “don’t worry i got this” while feeling really bad every time i saw 9s get punched across the room cuz he wanted to help, and then when playing as 9s it was a lot of panicked “i don’t got this” while feeling blessed every time 2b just sliced apart hostiles whenever she felt like it.


The Difference Between Us is an upcoming My Little Pony fan game about Fluttershy on her first date with Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy never knew that Pinkie felt that way about her, and she struggles to figure out what she wants and how she feels about Pinkie as she finds her way through the date.

There are three main routes through the date, and each route has three endings, all with several different variations depending on your prior choices. There are no bad endings, just different ways of exploring a new relationship and the new feelings that come with it. All of the mane six as well as the cutie mark crusaders make appearances to offer advice, hang out, or even put on a show. And all along the way, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will be telling stories, sharing secrets, healing old wounds, and, hopefully, growing closer.

Coming soon!


lmao the difference between when i drew nate last year and when i drew mark today

Hey yo big psa! Game Theory dating simulator news and looking for help!

so for those who already know this (and those who don’t), I’ve been working on a side project for a very long time now, and it’s been on hiatus for almost a year but now I want to get back into it!

I’ve been working on a Game Theory fan game/dating sim/visual novel called Love Theory, and I’m looking for another person to help me write it! Currently I only need one other person on the dev team, as I am doing all of the art and coding assets.

If you are interested in helping me, please message me! However, you must-

  • Have a decent background and productive ability in writing and storytelling
  • Know that this is a fan project and for fun, so I can’t pay you, sorry! (theres no deadlines haha)
  • Be avaliable for voice calls over skype and discord
  • Be comfortable with sharing your email address with me

If that’s all good and fine, message me!! <333 I can’t wait to get this out there and work with other GTLive and Game Theory fans!

And for shits and giggles and so y’all know what you’re getting, here’s a short plot synopsis!

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Has anyone ever wondered why A Date with Markiplier even happened at all?

I wasn’t really focusing too hard on them earlier and was instead enjoying myself in watching all the other non-Dark endings that this date had to offer.  I still think Dark had something to do with starting the date in the first place, but at this point I just assumed it to be pure headcanon at this point…because I still kinda want to believe that he’s pure Yandere.

But then I lingered on it for a long while.  And thought of a fun question.

What if A Date with Markiplier was a way for Dark to…say…examine us?  Test us?  See if we’re close enough to Mark to try and directly sabotage us from him?  He doesn’t seem to like Mark all that much, so it wouldn’t be all that new to try and take things away from him.

And the thing is that we don’t have to be tested on all that much.  All he needs to know is how smart we are and how invested we are in keeping our date intact.  And you can do this with only one choice.

Say we [DON’T PAY] for the meal.  All this tells Dark is that we’re not invested as much to cover for Mark’s idiocy, and hence we’re not “worthy” of direct contact because at this point, we wouldn’t really care about him showing up anyway.  He’ll only manipulate when needed, after all.

But then he decides to have a bit more fun into it…and then another option shows up to us.

If we [ATTACK], well, we’re competent enough to defend ourselves but not invested in Mark enough to be considered a “loved one”.  This is the route where Dark truly leaves us alone, and the three endings that one can obtain from this option bears little to no Dark influence at all.  I mean…unless you assume that Dark is an alien and not some weird metaphysical being…but that’s pulling strings at this point.

But when you [DON’T ATTACK], that’s when Dark finds the ultimate joy.  You’re apparently just as dumb as Mark, which means you’re probably just as fun to mess with on repeated measures.  So at the pure dumbest, Dark decides that maybe it’s time to play around with you.

Originally posted by septicpotato

You’re now a completely different form of interest to him now.  You’re not trapped in a rewinding loop, to the point where the only way to break out of this loop is to either kill the source (which in this case is Mark, due to him being in the same body at this point, hence the [MARK DED AF] ending), or go to a completely different metaphysical entity entirely to get him to break you out, hence Warfstache.

All right.  [DON’T PAY] and face the consequences.  Got it.  But let’s back up a bit and actually [PAY].

This gets Dark’s interest.  He now sees you as invested in this date and considers you a potential “interest” for manipulation.  So now it’s time for him to peek his head around the corner.  See if you will be interested in meeting face to face.  Because hey, manipulation is best when you think you made the choice yourself.

But he’s a bit more forceful than just dropping the choice in once.  Remember: [HORROR] is the only choice in the visual novel that you can access twice without any weird rewind shenanigans. 

Once you [LEAVE], the option to even see Dark is gone.  You somehow got out of there, or maybe he lost interest in playing with you (I mean, he’s not rewinding time here, so that’s counting for something).  You’re now left with two options: say [YES] and reveal the world to be another play (which…paired with this option, actually makes sense), or say [NO] and basically reveal that the date was kind of a waste of time for you.  Sure, Mark was invested, but you certainly weren’t.

But then you decide to play all the cards.  You’re emotionally invested in Mark to keep up a good date, but just intrigued enough at the strange skeleton poking his head out of the ground.  Smart, yet invested.  Dark decides that you’re probably very worthy of manipulation, because you’re just at the right level of investment…

And then you choose [HORROR]

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And then you finally meet.

Stranded // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan (M)

Originally posted by vladilife

Pairing: Jackson x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut // Threesome

Summary//Request: wonderandneverlandtrip said: Could you possibly do a mark x reader x Jackson smut from got7 ? I love your writing btw 🙊❤❤

PLEASE READ: I have written a continuation of this scenario! If you would like to read it, you can~ I’m Okay With That // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan

A/N: Please be advised this scenario is rated mature // Threesome, car sex, oral.

If you hadn’t of been in the company of your two best friends, Mark and Jackson, today would have officially been the worst day ever – period.

All three of you were en route back from a weekend getaway with the rest of the boys. You, Mark and Jackson were in the old red Volvo, while the other 5 took the jeep – currently miles ahead of you. Unfortunately for you three, Mark had accidently ran over some idiot’s broken beer bottle left lying at the side of the road, causing the front left tyre to completely burst flat. To make things worse, upon getting out of the car and examining the flat tyre, Jackson then informed you both that there was no spare in the trunk – completely adding insult to injury. Mark called JB, telling him of the situation.

“Well, I can’t come back for you guys because there’s no room for you – it wouldn’t be safe. You guys are gonna have to wait until I leave the other boys home and then come pick you all up. I’ll be about 4 hours – so just stay put.” JB instructed Mark upon him calling, leaving the three of you stranded at the side of the lonely, barren road as you all sat in the car – eating the food left over from the trip and watching the sun as it set in the distance.

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Can you make a master post for all of your travel times posts?

coming right up!

travel times in thedas masterpost

there are quite a few, so i suggest crtl + f / cmd + f to search the page for your destination!

by game


by character

duncan’s route to all the origins
cousland’s route to ostagar
hawke’s escape from lothering
sebastian’s journeys around the free marches
danarius’ route to kirkwallincludes two possible routes
hawke’s route to chateau haine
lavellan’s route to the conclave includes three possible routes
trevelyan’s route to the conclave
the inquisition’s route to skyhold
banished wardens’ route to weisshaupt

by route

adamant fortress to weisshaupt
amaranthine to denerim
amaranthine to the dragonbone wastes
antiva city to denerim
antiva city to val royeauxincludes two possible routes
cumberland to vyrantium
cumberland to ostwick
cumberland to seeker fortress (hunterhorns)
dalish camp (origins) to ostagar
dalish camp (origins) to mont-de-glace
denerim to dalish camp (origins)
denerim to haven
denerim to lothering
denerim to soldier’s peak
gherlen’s pass to kinloch hold
haven to skyholdafter ‘in your heart shall burn’
haven to val royeaux – new!!
highever to denerimincludes three possible routes
highever to haven
highever to ostagar
jader to haven
kinloch hold to amaranthine
kinloch hold to highever
kirkwall to amaranthine
kirkwall to chateau haine
kirkwall to cumberland
kirkwall to cumberland (alternate route)
kirkwall to highever
kirkwall to jader
kirkwall to ostwickincludes two possible routes
kirkwall to seeker fortress (hunterhorns)
kirkwall to starkhaven
lavellan clan camp to haven – includes three possible routes
lothering to dalish camp (origins)
lothering to kinloch hold
lothering to ostagar
lothering to redcliffe
minrathous to estwatch
minrathous to kirkwall – includes two possible routes
minrathous to vyrantium
nordbotten to weisshaupt
ostwick to halamshiralnew!!
ostwick to haven
ostwick to seeker fortress (hunterhorns)
redcliffe to gherlen’s pass
redcliffe to haven
redcliffe to honnleath
redcliffe to ostwick
redcliffe to west hill (storm coast) – new!!
seheron city to qunandar (par vollen)
skyhold to adamant fortress
skyhold to crestwood village
skyhold to cumberland
skyhold to dalish camp (inquisition)
skyhold to din’an hanin (emerald graves)
skyhold to estwatch – includes two possible routes
skyhold to fort connor (hinterlands)
skyhold to halamshiral
skyhold to hargrave keep (fallow mire)
skyhold to haven
skyhold to jader
skyhold to minrathousincludes three possible routes
skyhold to ostwick
skyhold to redcliffe village
skyhold to rock top ridge (hissing wastes)
skyhold to sahrnia (emprise du lion)
skyhold to solasan (forbidden oasis)
skyhold to south reach
skyhold to suledin keep (emprise du lion)
skyhold to the storm coast
skyhold to therinfal redoubt
skyhold to val royeux
skyhold to wycome
starkhaven to hercinia
starkhaven to kirkwall
starkhaven to markham
starkhaven to ostwick
starkhaven to tantervale
starkhaven to wycome
vigil’s keep to amaranthine
vigil’s keep to the black marsh
vigil’s keep to the knotwood hills
vigil’s keep to the wending wood
weisshaupt to val royeaux
wycome to denerim
wycome to estwatch
wycome to havenincludes three possible routes
wycome to jader
wycome to kirkwall

other map fun times

route not here?

latest version of this postmost up-to-date, check here for more routes!
da travel tagall routes & da travel discussions
commission a route! routes from $3

UPDATED 02.01.17

Frequently Asked Questions!

Below you will find a list of questions and answers that we’ve addressed time and time again. Please be sure to read over the FAQ before sending in an ask. To find your specific question, you can use the CTRL+F keys to find a keyword relevant to your question.

Will the game be free?

Yes. Yes, it will be. Where can I play the demo? Please check out our DEMO page for all the latest downloads.

Will there be an option to turn off the voice acting?

Our programmers will work to implement this feature.

Will this character be included in the game? Will they be a date option?

The answer to this can always be found on our Crew page which can be found on our blog! The Crew page shows which characters are available to date.

Is there a minimum age requirement to work on this project?

Yes, you must be at least sixteen years of age or older. Please keep in mind that if you are cast, you will be working with a crew that mostly consists of adults.

Will there be NSFW content?

The base game will be kept PG-13 so it’s safe for minors to play.

Will Asriel, Chara, and Frisk be aged up?

Yes, they will be aged up. Their routes will also be friendship-only and years have passed since Frisk first fell into the Underground. They have been highly requested since the beginning of this project and as main characters, they will be included no matter what.

Will the main character be Frisk? Will they be gendered?

The main character will not be Frisk or an OC. They will remain gender-neutral.

Will Frisk have a gender?

Frisk will remain gender-neutral! We are trying our best to be respectful and will be using the canon pronouns for each character!

Can I play this game on my Youtube channel?

Please do! We encourage you to play this game and share it with all of your followers.

I want to contribute to this but I’m unable to! Can I send in donations or pay for the game?

This is a not-for-profit project. We cannot legally accept money for our work on this game due to copyright laws. We are extremely appreciative of any and everyone who has inquired about donations!

Do you need help with this game? I want to help!

Thank you so much for your interest! If we need need new members, you can find our open applications on our Applications page!

What OS will the game be available on? Will it be available on mobile?

The game will be available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If we decide to release it on mobile, we will say so in an announcement and on the FAQ.

Can you include characters like the Mad Dummy, Temmie, Monster Kid, etc? Would they be voiced?

Non-essential NPCs may be included in the game but we will not be adding any new characters to the main routes. Any characters that aren’t part of the main routes will not be voiced.

Will the game be translated into other languages? What languages will it be translated to?

We would like to translate the game but that’s something to be worked on only after the initial game is completed.

When will the game be completed?

We currently do not have an estimate for the completion date of our game. Please be patient with us. We are constantly working on new updates, demos, and extra content to provide you guys with while we work towards a finished product.

What sort of routes will there be in the game? Can I just be friends with the characters?

Our game will have three types of routes! The routes will include Platonic, Romantic, and Heartbreak.

Can we ship characters? If you don’t date one of them, will these characters get together?

While we did entertain this option in the past, we’ve decided against implementing this feature.

Will there be AUs in the game?

Unfortunately, we will not be working on any extra in-game such as AUs or translations. It’s extremely work-intensive and we’re focusing on getting the game out as soon as possible!